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MIDI Monday: Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

We here at NetscapeNav like to appeal to the nostalgic bone in all of you by choosing songs generally from the late 90s because the 90’S RULE* but that doesn’t mean the world of MIDI is a dead one. So to prove that point here is Lana Del Rey because midis are truly timeless.

*as people who lived through the 90s and remember most of them we can say they we’re alright, “90’s kids” we are not. Except if you call yourself a 90s kid, then you know YAY 90s R DA BEST!!!!!!!!**

** We are never above pandering to any group who may love us. 

Enrique Iglesias

MIDI Monday- Enrique Iglesia - Bailamos 

I was reading an article recently about Enrique Igesias’ surprise spanglish hit Bailando and it got me thinking about how I should post it for MIDI Monday as you know a sign of unity. But after searching for a long time (about 5 minutes) I realized I couldn’t find a version I didn’t have to pay for. So instead here is his 1998 hit from the Wild Wild West OST (and also partially in Spanglish!) Bailamos! I mean it’s a conjugation of the same verb anyways right?


Midi Monday: Kool & the Gang - Celebration

So it’s been awhile hasn’t it? This is the first real midi monday in close to a year. But don’t worry in that year we’ve not ceased from exploration and have amassed a substantial amount of content to share with all of you. More importantly have worked on new ways to expand this humble little Tumblr into something better. So it’s a celebration! in midi form because no other form would do. So stay tuned.