midi clorians


Luna in the Moon, what did I got myself into?

Well, okay, it’s not like this movie is a complete waste. There’s still g…well, alright things in it. The pod-racing sequence is pretty neat, and the sword fighting is quite good, the music is on the level of the other movies, and I think that Liam Neeson guy carries his performance quite well.

But, what is with that Jar Jar Binks guy, the endless political debates, the unbearable accents, the excessive amount of slapstick, the wasted villain, the forced story, it all feels…it feels wrong! It feels like more than half of what’s in this movie doesn’t belong to Star Wars. Gone are the charismatic characters, the likeable protagonist, and the flow. This movie drags on its belly weighed down by too much CGI and an ego the size of the Death Star.

I’m not wowed, not at all. I don’t even know if I want to watch the next ones.