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Because no one’s got down that perfect sarcasm like Loki. 😂😍
But serious this is STILL one of my favourite scenes EVER!
I am protesting… I think they should make Avenger emoticons! 😐 I want a Loki emoticon!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

Imagine: meeting Frigga with Loki by your side

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You swallowed nervously as you adjusted you green Asgardian dress, wishing you felt more comfortable in it.  This was your first visit to Asgard, and right after you arrived, Loki rushed you off to a guest room so you could prepare.  You had come to formally meet his mother, but here you stood, wishing you could go back to Midgard.  You loved Loki dearly, and knew that meeting Frigga was important, but still… you were a tightly wound bundle of nerves.  Frigga was the queen of Asgard, so surely, she expected someone more exalted than a Midgardian hero to be her adopted son’s companion.  You had spoken to Jane about Frigga before leaving, and while Frigga sounded like a wonderful woman, worry still flooded your mind.  What worried you most of all was the risk that Odin would be present, and his opinion would influence Frigga’s.  You had no doubt that Odin would disapprove of you, but you were aware of the animosity shared between him and Loki, so Frigga was the only one you intended on meeting.

You were drawn from your thoughts as your door opened, to reveal Loki in his classic Asgardian outfit.  You smiled at each other, and he walked towards you to wrap his arms around your waist.  He was such a cold and cruel man when you first met, but now, he was a crystalline oasis in your dangerous world, and you were very much so the same to him.  You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and leaned against his chest, wishing you were better prepared before meeting his mother.  He softly ran his fingers through your hair, knowing you were concerned.

“All is well, my darling… Frigga did not scorn Thor’s science woman, so I have no doubt that she will accept you in kind.”  He reminded, and you nodded lightly, before he took your hand to lead you through the numerous palace halls.

You took a deep breath before entering the throne room, and you tightened your hold on Loki’s hand.  He was amused by your worry, but he also was aware that meeting your significant other’s royal family would be difficult for someone average.  He would never truly call you average, but you did have a far more humble upbringing than him.  You came from a middle-class Midgardian family, and he and Thor were the only royals you had ever known.

“Ah, Loki, my son.  It is so good to see you once more.”  Frigga stated as she approached the two of you.  She shared a brief hug with her son, before turning to you.  You kept your posture perfect and bit your tongue, not wanting to say anything foolish.  “And you must be the woman I’ve heard countless tales about.  Lady [Y/N], correct?”  She continued, and you glanced at Loki in surprise.  A soft blush dusted his face, but he smiled at you with pride.  You focused back on the queen, and smiled softly at her.

“[Y/N] is fine, my queen.  It is an honor to meet you at last.”  You stated courteously, and you bowed your head in respect.  Frigga chuckled and placed one hand on your shoulder, and you looked at her with confusion and curiosity.

“You are Loki’s beloved, so there is no need for such formalities.  I am Frigga to you, if you are [Y/N] to me.  Now,” she proclaimed, before putting one hand on Loki’s back and one hand on yours.  Frigga started to lead both of you through the palace, fully intending on spending the day with -she desperately hoped- her future daughter-in-law.  “Tell me, have the two of you discussed living arrangements?  Loki’s quarters are certainly spacious enough for two.”


“Until It’s Gone” (Pt. 5)

Hey!! Hope you guys like this next chapter! I’m kind of just allowing this story to do what it wants. :)

One year.

It had been one whole year since you’d left Asgard. Since you’d left Loki.

On Earth, it was apparently a custom to celebrate the new coming year with exploding lights and drinks that tasted rather like the spirits on Asgard… only somehow better. Men and women danced to strange music while dressed in what you presumed passed for “formal” attire… on Asgard these women’s dresses would, you believed, shock even the most promiscuous of your people. Aside from the strangeness of some of their celebratory customs… you couldn’t help but feel delight in celebrating the romanticized idea of the past year falling into history, as the new one provided a blank canvas for every Midgardian, and evidently Asgardian, on which to start their new lives.

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midgardian-hero  asked:

Hello! Would you mind recommending a few of your favorite Snamione fics? I just recently started reading HP fanfiction and I was completely caught off-guard by how much this ship resonated with me. I haven't read the books, so movie!verse would be preferable. :D

Of course I can recommend some of my fabourites Snamione fics for you ! It’s sooo good to know that you started reading HP fanfiction and joined us, Snamione shippers :D

So my absolutely favourite writer is my dear friend, Andrea - her stories are the best : full of many different emotions described in a incredible way :)

#1 Unquestionable Love

#2 Unquestionable Love : The Prequel

#3 Unquestionable : The Untold Stories

#4 The Awakening

And just all of her stories !

My other favourite fics :

#5 Unintentional Inveiglement

#6 Yea Though I Walk

#7 Meaning of Sacrifice

#8 Cleaning Cauldrons

#9 Post Tenebras Lux

#10 Redemption

If you wanna something more or just wanna talk about Snamione or ask something ? You can always write to me :) :*

Sparks Flew - Chapter Ten

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

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Hey! I had the idea to create a page on the stories/dreams of Tom Hiddleston.
If you have a story, a dream or if you met him one day and you want to be
on this page for talk of your story, write me, it will be there.

You can reblog if you want to share.

> Petitefangirl :

Oh gosh. I haven’t had a story in a while, but the first story I had with Tom, he was Loki. I was on a secret mission and it failed because Loki interfered and he kidnapped me. He kept me in Asgard and I don’t exactly remember why, but he was protecting me. It was glorious.

> Anonyme:

I had a dream where Tom was crouching over me on my bed, kissing and licking/biting my neck, it felt so real! I woke up shortly after and tried to go to sleep. When I was beginning to fall asleep again the feeling of him doing that to my neck came back in full force. Sadly, that woke me up again and I never got that feeling again.

> Anonyme :

I had a dream about Tom as well :) in the dream I went to a friends’ awesome party and after a while we ended up playing 7 minutes in heaven! (a bit childish now I know lol) Tom and I ended up in the closet and made out, and when time was up and we went back to my friends he pulled me to sit in his lap the rest of the time! :)

> Euphi:

I had a dream that my other half had arranged for Tom to turn up at my birthday, but then I was sick in front of him… even now, knowing it was just a dream, I can’t get over the embarrassment. xD

> Anonyme: 

I had a dream where me and Tom were the King and Queen of a sky kinhis where bird wings. It was a while ago and that’s all that I remember.

> Anonyme : 

I had a dream once, where a friend and I were filming something in some store and I look over and it’s Benedict Cumberbatch in his Sherlock outfit and I tell my friend “Go tell him we need a british person for our film!” and as soon as my friend leaves I see loki (tom in loki costume) walking from behind one of the isles and I started crying and he came over and hugged me and said that him showing up was his birthday present to me.

> Hiddlescookie:

OMG I recently has a wonderful dream where I wandered inside a beautiful mansion and found a huge ballroom. I walked down the spiral staircase and when I reached the bottom I was wearing an amazing dress and dance shoes and when I looked up, Tom was there all dressed up in a tux and smiling at me AND THEN WE DANCED THE WALTZ askjdhakejfhsjkdgfshdkj OMG it was perfect!! :3

> Anonyme: 

In my dream Tom and i didn’t even interact really. I saw him with a little boy, about 4 or 5 years old, with blonde curls and a wide smile. He and Tom were playing and laughing, and at one point the little boy wrapped his arms around Tom’s legs and Tom lifted him above his head and swung him around. they were so cute together and i swear the boy was Tom’s son. anyway thankyou :)

> Truedreamersneversurrender: 

Oh! Oh! I had a Tom Hiddleston dream once. It’s kind of long, but to shorten it up… he took me to his apartment and whispered seductively into my ear “You know what the british have? fast wifi.”…. I don’t even know why. o.0

> Midgardian-hero: 

I wrapped a blanket around me and opened the door and he looked down at me with that sympathetic eyebrow like ‘why the hell aren’t you dressed?’. Jerk. It was probably Loki disguised as Tom, making my clothes disappear. Trickster indeed. I had a dream where Tom knocked on my bedroom door to wake me up (I have no idea why he was there). He asked if he could come in and I realized I didn’t have any clothes on, so I was freaking out and looking through my drawers for something to wear, but for some reason they were all empty. I could hear him ‘ehehe-ing’ from the other side of the door. It sucked. I wanted to see him so badly.

> Anonyme: 

I dream of him only once, and I was really happy because, dude, Tom Hiddleston, and he was my best girlfriend. But then he said some line from Mean Girls and killed me.

> Buqy: 

In my dream tom was speaking french idek all the celebrities speak french in my dreams > Anonyme: I once had a dream where I met Tom, and at some point later on he was singing and playing guitar to me, it was amazing *-*

> Anonyme: 

I had a dream where I and tom had sex.

> Fuckinghiddlesbatch: 

I’ve had several dreams where i ask tom out and he rejects me. he’s always nice about it (“i’m flattered, but i’m not interested” etc) but it’s always a bummer..

> Indecisiveheartandsoul: 

I had a dream I was in a movie with him and I had a big death scene in his arms and he was crying a lot and after the director yelled “CUT” he helped me up and we were hugging and crying.

> Jordimeryle:

I had a dream that I was interviewing Tom in his Loki costume, but he was walking around barefoot. Like…why, brain? Of all the places you could have kept bare…

> Hiddles-and-a-cuppa-tea: 

One time I had a dream that Tom was sitting on a chair in my livingroom and I was standing next to him, he looked up at me with a slightly provocative smile and I sat on his lap and started kissing him — it felt so real it was the BEST dream I’ve ever had!! But it only lasted less then a minute and then I woke up :/

> Anonyme: 

I had a dream where Tom and Benedict were snuggling on the couch watching movies and feeding each other popcorn and sweets.

> Anonyme: 

I had this one dream where me and Tom were in a flower garden and he held my hand and giving me flowers while complimenting me.

> Anonyme: 

Hello love! I was having a terrible day and in my dream Tom just held me while I cried and I fell asleep in his arms

> Anonyme:

I once dream that I just feel on the street in london in the rain, and he helped me up, another one was I met him in the cinema, and I snogged him ! :D :P

> Anonyme :

One time I had a dream where Tom & I were in a play together and my character was supposed to secretly have a crush on his. I just remember thinking “Pfft, this’ll be an easy role for me!” XD

> Perfectlyrandomlycammie:

A different dream was where he did take me out to lunch at the mall. We ate burgers in the food court then decided to go window shopping. We talked and went to a lot of stores but we only bought ice cream and chocolate covered pretzels for a snack. He was just in his normal blue shirt and jeans this time, but still it was like two friends hanging out at the mall. He said he wanted to have dinner with me at a restaurant.

> I-said-kneeeeeeel:

Hi :) this is my dream. So basically I didn’t know where I was, i think at somewhere like historical monument. I was taking photos when someone in my class told me “Hey it’s Tom Hiddleston”. I ran there and I saw him, standing above everyone and a cold look at us (scary) But after a little speech, he gets down, with a smile and ignored every one, even.. fans, and walked towards me and hugged me so tight, i couldn’t say a word! my face buried in his chest (the shirt was soo thin omg that was hot)

To Be a Suitable Bed Partner

By: midgardian-hero 

PROMPT: Someone wanna write a story where the reader sleeps, cuddling their favorite plush and Loki gets jealous of the reader’s plush?

The tossing and turning from his side of the bed was growing steadily obnoxious as the minutes passed. He would kick one leg out from under the covers and drape it over yours, pulling your lower half closer to his for a few moments before deciding to turn away from you with a sharp jerk, taking the bulk of the sheets with him.

“Are you alright?” you murmured, lifting your head an inch from the pillow to cast a blind glance in his direction.

“Humph,” he grunted in response. 

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