This beautiful vintage small hand woven rug is a fantastic piece of displayable art that could be used as a rug for your floor or wall hanging.

the colors are absolutely stunning and vibrant. The rug is in excellent condition for a vintage item with no rips, tears or fading.

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Lethargic, Charitable, Mellow

Portrayal: Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road, J. Edgar, The Great Gatsby)
Age: 40
Occupation: Accountant for Office Expo

Relationships: Antje Lane (wife); Alvin “Lefty” Lane (brother); Ivy Lane (sister-in-law)

Arthur is horribly, terribly, mind-numbingly bored. He works for a company that distributes office supplies to mideastern business parks; Arthur is in charge of budgeting staplers. A few months ago, he accidentally transferred $500 into the wrong account. When nobody noticed except for himself, he thought up a scheme that could change his life forever. Every week Arthur transfers a few more funds from the stapler division to an account which is linked to his own personal finances. He does it more for the thrill than the extra paycheck. In fact, after cashing his first stolen check, he donated it all to a homeless shelter in Columbus. He’s thinking about giving the next sum of money to his sister-in-law who is raising his niece and nephew on her own ever since Leon’s death.