middy draws


Im a slut for concept images someone stop me.

I have to say, the beetle crawling series by gh0stlychances is hands down my favorite au/fic to date. I saw the concept images for oso and g o d i have to draw these <3 I just love this alteration of him so if i end up drawing me more i reGRET NOTHING *dives out window*

“It’s me, Ryan,” Gavin cries, and his voice is breaking a little, but his eyes are furious, “How could you think I’d ever hurt you? Could ever betray you like… like that-”

“Because I never thought you’d do this,”

I FINALLY DID IT *dies on floor* major thanks to angel for helping me with this <3

But yes Trust is an amazing story you should all read!  ive been a huge fan of Whalehuntingboyfreinds work and looking forward to every new update that i had to make fanart since ive been meaning too for a while >w<

Now to cry over feels and wait for the next chapter

All hail the Wild king…

MAN this took ages to do, started the sketch on my stream and just ended up colouring the whole thing~

Wild King! Gavin is from Whalehuntingsboyfriends story Where the Lost Go which has to be one of my favorite stories to date with just how stunning the suspense and emotions are built up~ Cant wait for the sequal!