Giddon and Bitterblue sitting in a tree...

Gideon holds Bitterblue’s hair while she pukes

Giddon tucking Bitterblue into bed

Bitterblue telling Giddon to stab her and then admitting it would be a pity if he died

When Bitterblue looks into Giddon’s brown eyes, she feels less alone

Bitterblue wanting to kiss Giddon and thinking about whether he prefers men or women when they talk about his home in the Middluns

Bitterblue never lying to Giddon

Bitterblue going to comfort Giddon when he looses everything

Giddon bearing his soul to Bitterblue

Bitterblue being heart broken that Giddon’s gone, and the first person she thinks of when trying to cope with her trauma

Bitterblue writing to Giddon just because it comforts her

Giddon giving Bitterblue a green blanket because it reminds him of home

Bitterblue running to Giddon when she hears about his estate

Giddon slapping Saf for disrespecting Bitterblue

Bitterblue not offering Giddon a lordship because she knew it would upset him more

Giddon tempting Bitterblue with cake just to make her go to sleep

Giddon not wanting Bitterblue to spare his good mood because her mood matters more

Helda being worried about appearing indecent should Bitterblue go sledding in the middle of the night with Giddon

Giddon furious that Bitterblue should have to hear about how her father raped and abused her mother

Giddon being safe

Bitterblue asking Giddon to come back after going to Estil

Bitterblue crying at the thought of Giddon leaving

try to tell me again how they’re “just friends.” i dare you.