The Thaddeus Merritt Trio performs “Latin Goes Ska” by The Skatalites.

See their debut performance Weds night at Middlesex Lounge. You know Thad as the bass player for Westbound Train, Void Union, and The Toasters. Details here.

Porkslap Me!

A couple of nights ago, I had this delicious beer - Porkslap. I saw the beer listed on the menu at Middlesex Lounge and asked the bartender what sort of beer it was. He described it as a “farmhouse ale” and I’m not a beer aficionado, so I was thinking to myself, What the fuck is a farmhouse ale?

The bartender saw the perplexed look on my face and brought out the beer to show me. Within seconds of seeing the can I said I’d take it. Apparently no one’s ever been sold this quickly on that beer before.

And it was great. Delicious. A perfect pale ale.

And, I mean, how can you not love this beer with its packaging?

7/14: PARALLELS, Andrea from BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT, ADAM PC + RUBY RIDGE @ Middlesex Lounge

Somehow, for all the time we’ve spent there, Ruby Ridge has never actually played at the Middlesex before. All that changes next week (August 14th) when we play there with Parallels (ex-Crystal Castles, from Toronto), Adam PC and Andrea from the group Bright Light Bright. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Here is the event page and a writeup from Vanyaland.

20 questions

last night I was in a long line for the bathroom, and the guy in front of me kept turning around to tell me how badly he needed to use the bathroom. so I finally said, “Let’s play a game to distract you - let’s play 20 questions.” He didn’t know how to play so I told him that I’ll think of an object and he has 20 questions to guess what that object is. I told him to start asking questions.

“What day is groundhog’s day?” he asked.


FRESH VID: Funeral Cone

Putting the FUN in FUNERAL, Massachusetts based weird rockers FUNERAL CONE are a force that cannot be contained. They stomped onto the scene a few months ago and they will not be stopped! Known for their pre-set antics (including exercising and attempting to play each others’ instruments) and their curious brand of punk rock, it is impossible to ignore this band. Every time I see them they get better and better, and I feel lucky that I was able to snag one of their tour tapes, currently only available if you’re seeing them play on the west coast this week…But don’t fear, it is also being released as a 7″ which you will most likely be able to get for the first time at their welcome home show on April 28th at RADIO (with THEE MIGHTY FEVERS from Japan, THE MONSIEURS, and WHITE PAGES). FUNERAL CONE never cease to satisfy my need for different punk, it’s hard to be bored when you’ve got FUNERAL CONE! Here is a recent video of the beginning of their set at Middlesex a couple of weeks ago.