Porkslap Me!

A couple of nights ago, I had this delicious beer - Porkslap. I saw the beer listed on the menu at Middlesex Lounge and asked the bartender what sort of beer it was. He described it as a “farmhouse ale” and I’m not a beer aficionado, so I was thinking to myself, What the fuck is a farmhouse ale?

The bartender saw the perplexed look on my face and brought out the beer to show me. Within seconds of seeing the can I said I’d take it. Apparently no one’s ever been sold this quickly on that beer before.

And it was great. Delicious. A perfect pale ale.

And, I mean, how can you not love this beer with its packaging?

March 7th: Fedavees with Colleen Green @ Middlesex, Central sq Cambridge

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get yer datebooks out. our buddies at primordial sounds are making it happen: their first release on vinyl will be a fedavees 7", for which 100 covers have been hand-colored by a random cast of hooligans, non-artists & friends that have saddled up to johnny allen’s bar at zuzu over the last few weeks. these guys are local heros and this 7" is gonna be a gem.

release show will also feature sometime-local lo-fi lady colleen green.

wednesday march 7th at middlesex lounge in cambridge

fun times / free entry / 21+ duh

listen to fedavees / listen to colleen green /get more info heyear