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They were skating the victory lap, holding hands as usual… but they drifted, their clasp grower looser as they separated.  As they corrected course to skate together again, this is how their hand hold had transformed.

Sooo a few days ago I was browsing @madmadameem‘s blog, and I came across this post by moongoonking (sadly their blog has been deactivated //WEEP), and then I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

Enjoy Demon Hunter Vol’jin.

I see him as being much more pissed off about everything and pretty crude after he gets out of the twisting nether or W/E and in general just NOT GIVING A FUCK about much anymore, but after getting reacquainted with everyone he slowly goes back to the Vol’jin he used to be, if a bit more cynical.

Also see him as being quite self-sufficient so he made all his armor / his weapons because why the fuck not.

“Unshaded” version here if you wanna see it.

I spent way too much time on this RIP - I also might polish it up later but WHO KNOWS I have so much other stuff to do //weeps

◎ - finds the other injured (w/ doctor!jin)

Although Seokjin was in a profession that involved him needing to save lives, that doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to getting hurt. If anything, the amount of times you found himself getting injured would be shocking for someone in the medical line (especially if his juniors found out, the look on their faces would be priceless because of how much Seokjin chastises them for getting a ‘paper cut’).

Hey, but what happens at home, stays at home.

Seokjin was a great boyfriend. Not only was he great at what he does (and loves), there came with a plus point when he’s adventurous with food. In both processes of eating and cooking - which benefited you in terms of your love for eating.

Another bonus mark?

“Ah, shit,” A hiss can be heard from where you’re seated before you glance over your shoulder to see Seokjin sucking on the side of his middle finger. He has the knife set to a safe distance away and you chuckle, ditching your magazine to waltz your way into the kitchen where Seokjin stands. As he tends to rinsing his finger, you’re quick to situate yourself beside the counter where he’d need to come face to face with you as he wipes his hands.

He’s unfazed, merely blinking at you when you enter his line of sight and you hop on the white marble surface before beckoning him over with a hand you have on his shoulder. He moves without a word, allowing you to situate him between your legs as you remove the bandaid with much expertise. Seokjin can only conjure up a meek thank you when you tend to the small cut and plant a kiss after.

Tilting your chin up, your smiles link and Seokjin uses the same hand you handled to lure you in with a light cup by your temple to kiss you in gratitude. He leans back to see you sheepishly grinning at him, legs swaying as they thump gently against the cabinets that it replicates the sound of his heartbeat to being content with you.

Then it picks up the pace slightly, jumping in joy when he says: “Thank you, doctor,”

That cues you to fold your arms with a nod and the proud push of your lips forward, “You’re welcome, fellow citizen. A tough job, but nothing too big for me to handle,”

Seokjin plays along, more so when he knows he gets to see that smile on your face linger for a longer time.

“Oh, my dear saviour. What would I ever do without you?”

You send him a wink with a chuckle, and Seokjin returns it almost instantly, both hearts elated as they bask together in the peaceful Sunday afternoon.

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so this is all assuming starco is endgame and that the show is set to end at season three: do you think they'll be together at some point in the season, or in the series finale? i'm all for the big romantic kiss at the very end, but it's also very exciting and refreshing to see the changes in a relationship when it is officially made romantic. thoughts?

The only parallel I can think of is, as usual, “Kim Possible”.
As satisfying those kisses are, in hindsight (as in “5 seconds after the show has ended”) I realize that it felt like a middle finger. I’m not a fan of this trope and I’d rather have the relationship explored a bit more.

Granted, it’s hard to write romance in a kids cartoon, but I feel like Star and Marco’s relationship wouldn’t change much: they’re already very close and arguably act like a couple. Thinking that romantic!Starco may become canon in the Season 2 finale is not completely out of nowhere, given the build-up.

I’m very hopeful, but also very biased.

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I've quite a few things on ace rings and I've been wondering where people get theirs and what they're for? When I searched briefly for ace rings it was just a bunch of rings with playing card symbols on them.

Ace rings are a black ring worn on the middle finger of the right hand, intended as a way to show people In The Know that you are ace, though they’re not widespread enough to be universally recognized even by other aces. You can find them just about anywhere–I have a somewhat elaborate one from etsy, a plain hematite one from amazon, and even a black spinner ring for when I need something stimmy. If you want one, you might have better luck searching for “black ring” than “ace ring.”



It’s such a nice day outside, so Eva is getting lots of play time with the Big Stick, blissfully unaware that her lymph nodes have swelled up again… meaning that she has failed the CCNU treatment she recieved not even two weeks ago. This could be her lymphoma finally giving us the middle finger of chemo resistance, and maybe it’s time to look into palative care…or her oncologist might have another trick up his sleeve that we can try. I won’t find out until I call them tomorrow with this update. Right now, Eva is acting normal, and wants nothing more than to play and eat… so I’m not gonna give up on her just yet. She’s still got fight left in her👍👍👍🐶❤

Ash heard Johnny shift a bit, somehow terrified he’d flee. Before she realized what had occurred, she was on her feet. Standing, she faced the gorilla who stood rather awkwardly at the doorway; his large hands still a bit proffered as if still holding the case. Her body moving of its own accord, she grabbed onto one of his hands in some desperate attempt to keep him here.

For whatever reason, she really wasn’t sure.

Perhaps enough time for her heavy tongue to begin working again so she could at the very least utter some form of thanks. Johnny’s fingers slightly twitched under her own when she ended up grabbing his index and middle finger in her tiny fist.

“Thank you.” Ash managed to mutter out; the gratefulness echoing through her quiet voice and it seemingly calmed any confusion on his part.

Johnny looked a bit shocked at her voice at first; not speaking as his face fell for a moment to look at their conjoined hands for a split second before his brown eyes met her icy blue yet again. This time, a laid-back smile was quietly bestowed upon her. So taken aback by his toothy smile, she didn’t even realize when he grasped her hand back by curling his unbound fingers around her paw.

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Mano to the left is mano fico:

The fig sign is a mildly obscene gesture used in Turkish and Slavic cultures and some other cultures that uses two fingers and a thumb. This gesture is most commonly used to deny a request.

Another use of this gesture is for warding off evil eye, jealousy, etc.[where?][1]

In ancient Rome, the fig sign, or mano fico, was made by the pater familias to ward off the evil spirits of the dead as a part of the Lemuria ritual.[2]

The hand gesture may have originated in ancient Hindi culture to depict the lingam and yoni.[1]

Hand to the right :
Mano Cornuto

The mano cornuto is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. Manomeans “hand” and corno means “horn.” The charm represents a hand gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. The reference is to the horned head of an animal.

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Jeez man...Now I'm just thinking about Richter dying...What were his last moments like? What thoughts were running through his head? Cordelia? Karlheinz? His unfulfilled ambitions? Maybe he felt even more bitter and angry at the world. Maybe he just felt dead inside and took his death as the last in long series of suffering. Maybe he was laughing, because at least it was finally over now. He was just cackling and giving a middle finger to the world. Maybe he cried. What do you think?

richter, right before death: did I leave the oven on?

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Hi! Can I ask a scenario where Hanamiya want to cuddle (tired) and his s/o tease him because he is generally not like this~

“I told you that an all-nighter before a big match would be a stupid idea, and now look at you-” you chuckled, leaning comfortably against his lying muscular frame.

“And I told you I’m fucking exhausted so could you please shut up and let me sleep?”

As usual- (well, as usual this situation could be with such an out of character Hanamiya), said captain was refusing to admit that his intent was a cuddle- not sleep- yet, for some reason, the word was censored in his mouth; too sweet for him to feel comfortable saying.

“Alrighty then,” a large, mischievous, smile formed on your face as you easily rolled away from him to the other side of the bed, “I’ll be off now.”

He groaned slowly, raising his middle finger at you, “that’s not what I meant- get the hell back here.”

“But Makoto~”


“I’ll come back when you admit you want a cuddle.”


“C'mon-” you teased merrily, one arm reaching out to brush his hand before being retracted swiftly.

“Shut up,” he growled before adding, “I get it- I’ll say it. I just want to…”


“Kill you.”

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Do any of the mods have bad habits? I chew my thumbs when nervous, I've drawn blood a couple times that way. ~ mental illness cocktail anon

I bite my nails, pick at my skin/scabs, I have one finger that’s got a burn scar all the way around it until the middle of the finger and I bite it all the time, and I constantly lick/chew my lips unless I have gum (which is almost never)

idk apparently there’s a lot of chewing/biting going on

~Mod Damien