S1E09 - The Trump Card

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Multi-million dollar business icon Donald Trump is running for president. Is the American election cycle ready for this new, unconventional political play?

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1. Do you agree with Trump’s political views?
2. Can Trump win the Republican primary?
3. Can Trump win the general election?
4. Would Trump make a good president?

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| Episode Panelists |

Timothy Middlemas
Physics - Harvey Mudd College
Claremont, CA

Jordan Bahr (@PianUkePlayer97)
Broadcast Production - Missouri State University
Springfield, MO

Zachary Reger (@ZacharyReger)
Documentary Journalism & Philosophy - University of Missouri
Columbia, MO

Alex Dostaler (@AlexDostaler)
Broadcast Journalism - University of Missouri
Columbia, MO

01 07 2015 - RBR New Client - Triton Minerals Ltd

01 07 2015 - RBR New Client - Triton Minerals Ltd

GCS Hire New Client - Triton Minerals Limited

1 July 2015


(ABN 38 115 857 988)



Ian Macpherson - Executive Chairman Richard Carcenac - Executive Director Ian Buchhorn - Non-Executive Director

Senior Management

Andrew Ford - Chief Operating Officer

Sam Middlemas - Company Secretary

Capital Structure Issued Shares: 248.3M Issued Options : 11M Performance Shares: 60M

Market Cap at 30 June 2015 : $4.5M

Website : www.rubiconresources.com.au

For further information, please contact:

Ian Macpherson

Executive Chairman

Richard Carcenac

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 61 8 9214 7500

Fax: 61 8 9214 7575

Email: info@rubiconresources.com.au


 Australian-based developer of the world’s largest flake graphite deposit in Mozambique, Triton Minerals Limited, engaged Rubicon Resources Limited as their preferred service provider of an extensive range of support services in Mozambique.

Triton Minerals Limited (“ Triton ”) have engaged Rubicon Resources Limited (“ Rubicon ”) as their Mozambique preferred provider of support services in the rapid development through to production of Triton’s three graphite projects (Nicanda Hill, Ancuabe and Pemba).

Rubicon, through its Mozambique subsidiary, PacMoz Lda has been engaged to provide Triton with a broad range of in country support services including: business administration (bookkeeping, all aspects relating to securing and maintaining licenses and permits, company secretarial); Human Resources (recruitment, contract management, training, immigration and payroll) and legal support.

Rubicon intends developing a medical services business in Pemba, Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique, which will be able to provide further support to Triton and Rubicon’s broader client base with the provision of pre-employment medicals and periodic medical support. Rubicon is also assisting Triton with logistical services as they head rapidly towards production.

Richard Carcenac, CEO of Rubicon Resources said: “We are pleased to formalise our relationship with Triton as it executes its Mozambican strategy of developing this world class flake graphite resource and beneficiating some of the product locally. It is especially rewarding to work with a management team who understand Mozambique as we do, and who remain committed to creating wealth and prosperity not only for their shareholders, but also for the citizens and communities of Mozambique. Rubicon Resources differentiates itself in Mozambique through the way in which we service the needs of our clients while focusing on local content and the development of local Mozambicans. This agreement is the first of several exciting opportunities we will explore with Triton.”

Triton Minerals’ CEO & Managing Director Brad Boyle said: “Triton is developing the world’s largest flake graphite deposit, in Cabo Delgado province of Northern Mozambique at Nicanda Hill. Triton is transitioning from an explorer, to developer and ultimately a manufacturer of low cost and high quality graphite products and this can be a very challenging process for any company.

The formation of this strategic partnership with Rubicon provides Triton with very strong support in an established, professional and accredited Mozambique team of service providers.
PacMoz is widely acknowledged for their in country expertise, established affiliations and infrastructure and this provides Triton a greater level of comfort and support, whilst helping to minimise the normal challenges faced by companies during the mine development phase.
Triton’s strategic plans dovetail seamlessly with Rubicon’s services strategy in Mozambique. The services agreement concluded above is but the first of several mutually beneficial business arrangements being considered by both companies to ensure that each party can concentrate on its core capabilities, maximising efficiencies and shareholder value.
The support provided by Rubicon will be invaluable in helping Triton to reduce a number of keys risks facing the Company and we feel will be a competitive advantage, as we fully utilize the established PacMoz network to assist with the continued swift development of the graphite projects.”


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