middleham jewel

In 1985 the Middleham Jewel was found in the grounds of the castle by a man who was using a metal detector in the area. The Middleham Jewel is a mid-15th century 68 gram gold pendant with a 10 ct. blue sapphire stone. One side of the diamond shaped pendant is engraved with a representation of the Trinity and the other with a Latin inscription indicating that the pendant is a charm against epilepsy. The sapphire may represent heaven. It has been acquired by the Yorkshire Museum in York for £2.5 million.

External image

Front and back of the ‘Middleham Jewel’ a gold pendant found, via metal detector, near Middleham Castle in 1985. Dated to the 15th century, the era when Richard III was the lord of Middleham, the jewel was clearly a piece of very expensive jewelery that must’ve belonged to a member of the nobility. The pendant, topped by a sapphire, is decorated with images of the Trinity, the Nativity, prayers and saints. It also opens at the back and may well have contained the relic of a saint. It is now in the collection of Yorkshire Museum.