Things I will miss about Dubai over the summer

Things I will miss about Dubai over summer in Belgium

I’ve only been in Dubai for a few months and I’m not really ready to leave yet. Dubai has really been growing on me. Of course I will be happy to see everyone back home but here are a list of things I will miss. The Sun The Pool The beach My Tan The possibility to have delivered and eat anything you crave from anywhere in the world just an app away Our big fancy car Mc Delivery that delivers in…

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Middle Eastenders

whatever the continuing drama that makes tensions rise between Iran and the west, we can be sure that if an invasion of Iran occurs then the reasons to convince other countries to join would be that: if Iran gains nuclear capabilities then other countries in the middle east will try to develop their own.

If this excuse for invasion is used the public should remember 2 things:

A very similar excuse was used for the Iraq “war”(I use quotations because when the attack on Iraq was imminent in 2003 the invading countries broke the law because their grounds for war were unfounded, they only got away with it because every other country joined in as well LOL that is a simple class room rule- if everyone else is doing it then it don’t matter if I do it)

The threat of terrorism will undoubtedly be raised in SPECULATION to a middle east nuclear arms race our leaders will claim that the threat of attack is growing and we must protect our citizens- if they want to protect their citizens do something like making fast food illegal not start another war which will help radicalise and SEGREGATE another generation.

The other possibility of a cause of invasion would be that if Israel launches a pre-emptive strike against Iran and if Iran retaliates this will force America to protect Israel as the military might of Iran is greater than Israel but not Americas. Whatever the reason this will be a clear example of order out of chaos.