Benefits of the Reciting of the Holy Quran

1- Reciting the Holy Quran entitles you to be among the rememberers, the obedient, the humble ones, the delivered, the jurisprudents, and not the unmindful. It will entitle you to the reward of the charity of a Qintar.

2- Whoever recites a verse from the Quran, ten good deeds will be written for him and ten bad deeds will be written off.

3- Whoever recites the Quran only by looking at it and not by heart, will benefit from his eyes and will diminish the chastisement of his parents even if they are unbelievers.(Ibid.,p.853)

4- Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it, not reciting by heart, will torment Satan.

5- Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it will not only enjoy the reward of recitation but also his looking at the Quran is a kind of worship. In this relation, Abu Tharr reports: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say: ‘Looking at Ali ibn Abi Talib is worship, as the looking kindly and mercifully at one’s parents is worship, and the looking at the Quran and the Ka’ba is also worship.” (wasa'il shia vol 4 p. 854)

6- Reciting every chapter of the Quran, as mentioned in Usool al-Kafi, has special benefits such as being safeguarded against certain diseases and the torment of the grave. Increased sustenance, relieving of pain, happiness, reward of a martyr, forgiveness of sins, safety, and entering paradise are other benefits.

In travel news....

I’m still traveling the world one country at a time. I was in Lebanon in late February/Early March. And I’ll be in Portugal and Malta in 2 weeks time. So, I thought I’d share are some of my travel pics from Lebanon and some from my trip to Costa Rica in October. (I haven’t unloaded any pics from my Nikon so all the Lebanon pics are from my iPhone, tho the Costa Rica pics are from a professional photographer)

^This is Byblos, Lebanon. And this was the old castle there. The vie from the top of it was spectacular.^

^Another shot from the top of Byblos Castle.^

^The old Souk in Byblos. I bought so many souvenirs here.^

^A shot of the city of Byblos. I LOVED it there. Of all the places I visited in Lebanon Byblos was my favorite.^

^I believe this is Jounieh. I was driving to Byblos.^

^Downtown Beirut^

^Lebanon from the plane.^

^White water rafting in Costa Rica. This was the most fun yet most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Everyone on my side of the raft actually fell out at one point. I’m happy I tried it but I’ll never be doing it again! lol

^Ziplining in Costa Rica. This was super fun! And despite being a thousand feet from the ground it wasn’t as scary as I imagined.