bored and saw this so. yeah.

nicknames: Aaron is technically my middle name? so kind of? People at Pole dancing call me Panda to the point where I’m not sure how many know my name is Aaron, though to be fair, I don’t know a lot of their non-pole names. so.

time right now: 9:52 AM
last thing i googled: heather matarazzo
fave music artist: Lake Street Dive, Daveed Diggs, Of Monsters and Men, The Civil Wars
song stuck in my head: Saving All My Sinning by Lake Street Dive  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMCrtWhVP7Y
last movie i watched: Logan and Beauty and the Beast back to back. It was everything I wanted it to be.
last tv show i watched: Brooklyn 99. 
what i’m wearing now: Steel toed shoes, jeans, socks, underwear, undershirt, button down black/white/red checkered shirt. rings. glasses. Probably soon safety glasses and a hairnet.
when i created this blog: 2011? Dunno. my gf at the time made me. I’m not mad.
what i post:lol. dunno, you tell me. Some fandom stuff. HP, LotR are probably the most. Usually just reblog things my friends post. Also a lot of feminism and female oriented things. The internet gods actually send me female oriented products ads.
do i have other blogs: Nope
do i get asks regularly: Nope, but feel free
why did i choose my url: 271 is my IS number, and I had a thought that I’d post funny “adulting” things but turns out I just neglected many of my goals oh hey that’s an adult thing. *sigh*
gender: lol. I am not bothered by any assignment other than “Male” or “guy” so. Frustratingly underdeveloped?
hogwarts house: HUFF PUFF BEST PUFF
pokémon team: Instinct. Though I’ve stopped playing…so.
fave color: Probably purple. A really really dark purple.
average hours of sleep: 5 on the weekdays, as many as I can on weekends.
favorite characters: but from what. Luna, probably. Rosa and Holt. Tobias.
dream job: I don’t know. Something that’s easy and makes a lot of money. lol. but like, if money were not a concern, probably something dance related. Or just a giant home for lost dogs and cats. But mostly dogs, I am allergic to cats. Maybe also a home for lost children, but there’s a lot more paperwork there.
number of blankets i sleep with: 1 unless cold winter, then 2. also 3 pillows. in case that was a followup.

uncharted 4 storytelling tropes

OKAY SO i literally cannot get over how many of my favourite tropes/storytelling techniques were used in uncharted 4. i love this game so mucH

  • double meaning - the title of the game (”a thief’s end”) refers both to the end of nate’s story and avery’s demise. it’s a simple trope but i still love it. and it completely stressed me out in the lead up to the game’s release because i thought it meant nate was going to DIE. fight me naughty dog.
  • non-linear timeline - again, a simple trope, but one of my faves. naughty dog has done it before and it’s always cool. starting us in the middle of the action and then throwing us back in time is a great way to grab our attention and then ease us into the narrative. plus i’m a complete sucker for childhood flashbacks.
  • unreliable narrator - FRICK i love this trope and i love the alcazar chapter. even though i thought sam was shifty right from the start, i assumed the alcazar story was real because we’d physically played it. if we hadn’t witnessed the “prison break” firsthand there’s no way the audience would have trusted sam AT ALL and naughty dog absolutely understood that.
  • character development barometer - i love the concept of demonstrating how much a character has grown by introducing another character who kind of represents what they used to be. and that’s pretty much sam’s role in the game (apart from being the catalyst for another adventure)
  • hopeless boss fight - both times nate goes up against nadine he gets his ass kicked, and the only reason him and sam escape the second time is due to a collapsing building. there is literally no way nate could win a fair fight with nadine and it’s obvious as soon as you enter combat. i love it. kick my ass nadine
  • showing not telling - “the brothers drake” is such an amazing chapter oh my god. apart from the drake family feels, the way that naughty dog constructed and fleshed out evelyn’s character with minimal information just blows me away. exploring that house and slowly piecing together the story of its owner is one of the highlights of my gaming life tbh.
  • parallels - there were SO MANY PARALLELS IN THIS GAME OH MY GOD. and if there’s one thing i love, it’s parallels.
    • nate opening the crate on jameson’s barge vs. nate opening sir francis drake’s coffin in the very first uncharted game
    • elena talking about her article and nate staring at the photograph vs. nate gushing about avery and elena staring at nate
    • elena’s reaction to nate’s lie vs. nate’s reaction to sam’s lie
    • sam shielding nate from rafe vs. sam shielding nate from evelyn
    • evelyn pushing away her loved ones vs. nate pushing away his loved ones (although thankfully not to the same extent)
    • sam’s (and to a lesser extent nate’s) obsession with the treasure vs. avery’s obsession with the treasure

Pray for this queen, she attempted suicide yesterday and social media was blowing a “cheating scandal” out of proportion right in the middle of it. I honestly didn’t buy it because even though I don’t know her personally I just feel like she’s not that type of person she’s so genuine and loving it hurts to see someone like her break and try to hurt herself, the fact that social media just focused on her “cheating” pissed me off. I never get into the drama of social media it’s just a bunch of bull shit even when it’s one of my faves I don’t contribute to it because whatever it may be it’ll blow over and no one will care then. I love you Kehlani💕👑 please stay with us