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calzona :))) & crowen.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it      

calzona are my babes. like, i can’t even express how much they meant to me as a baby wlw trying to come out & not really even knowing what i was feeling, let alone how to verbalize it. i had actually quit grey’s in the beginning / middle of fourth season because i just wasn’t into it, but a friend sent me calzona videos when she found out i loved otalia & i was hooked right back in. arizona was an instant fave, but let’s be honest, callie was so badass & their chemistry was just incredible. actually, had amelia not come onto the scene, i was ready to give up on grey’s again after they broke up because they truly were my biggest otp & i was shattered by their split. at the same time, though, i always held out hope for them somewhere deep down, & if i’m being honest, i’m probably always going to headcanon them finding their way back to each other somehow. i love them & will love them until i die.

crowen……. haha ha haaaaa. oh god. remember this is a meme, so i’m not intending to spread hate or anything. i respect the crowen fandom. you do you. i’m not here to fight. i love you guys. i just don’t love your ship. at all. i love cristina. i love owen. i really, really hated them together. i could not reconcile how different they were. i respect that they loved each other, that it was an intense love. but i also felt it was toxic in a sense because they were so different in what they wanted from their futures & i could never see it working out. i didn’t like who they were with each other or that one would have to change to stay with the other. especially after the whole abortion storyline… they were pretty much a notp for me. i hated them & i was really glad when cristina left to pursue her dreams, as it felt more true to her character than to stick around for owen or to stick it out through a relationship that probably would have ended up making her miserable. again, no disrespect to crowen fans. this is just my opinion.

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1) Spell your name with song titles:
Karel Van Egmond Hertog Van Gelre - Heidevolk

I Ain’t Superstitious - Megadeth

The Crunge - Led Zeppelin

The Deepest Place on Earth - Endstille

Elegy - Fleshgod Apocalypse

Needles - System of a Down

Message in Blood - Pantera

I Belong To The Stars - Rhapsody

Knights of Taragon - Freedom Call

2) Why did u choose your url:
Cause I like cats. Though I’m probably gonna change it cause “Daddy doms” are always crawling up my ass.

3) Middle name:

Pass on this one. I’m burying my real name.

4) If u could be a mythological creature?


5) Fave colour:

6) Song u like right now:
Kind of a loaded question, but the song Secret Life by Wisdom really speaks to me.

7) Top 4 fandoms:
Metal, and a couple of others that i’m gonna keep to myself lmao.