Obama and the rest of the government needs to grow a fucking pair and eliminate ISIS. Will innocent people in the Middle East die? Absolutely, and that is tragic. But take a good hard look at who’s being killed right now. Innocent people die every day, and we need to get over that fact at times of terror and attack such as now, because while ISIS is still around no one is safe. Not the innocents in the Middle East, not people in France, not the English, not Americans. 

One of my favorite quotes from Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor is when he talks about the innocent lives lost during war.

“And if the liberal media and political community cannot accept that sometimes the wrong people get killed in war, then I can only suggest they first grow up and then serve a short stint up in the Hindu Kush. They probably would not survive. The truth is, any government that thinks war is somehow fair and subject to rules like a baseball game probably should not get into one. Because nothing’s fair in war, and occasionally the wrong people do get killed. It’s been happening for about a million years. Faced with the murderous cutthroats of the Taliban, we are not fighting under the rules of Geneva IV Article 4. We are fighting under the rules of Article 223.556mm — that’s the caliber and bullet gauge of our M4 rifle. And if those numbers don’t look good, try Article .762mm, that’s what the stolen Russian Kalashnikovs fire at us, usually in deadly, heavy volleys. In the global war on terror, we have rules, and our opponents use them against us. We try to be reasonable; they will stop at nothing. They will stoop to any form of base warfare: torture, beheading, mutilation. Attacks on innocent civilians, women and children, car bombs, suicide bombers, anything the hell they can think of. They’re right up there with the monsters of history.”

Innocent people will die. But a lot more innocent people will die if we let ISIS keep roaming the earth. Obama thinks we have “contained” them? Look again. Look at what happened in this very city last year. Look at what they’re doing in the Middle East. Beheading people? Setting them on fire? Drowning them? Pushing homosexuals off the top of buildings? Yeah, that sure is the life. They are far from being a “JV team”. Something must be done because they won’t stop. Maybe England is next, maybe America. Something has to be done. These politicians need to get the fuck over global warming and other SJW “issues” because we have a slightly larger problem on our hands. 


Why Doesn’t the Media Care About Dead Palestinians?

“Abby Martin remarks on the latest violence in #Palestine, including Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets in #Gaza.”

Please watch this. Finally a news outlet saying it like it is.

When we on the broad liberal-left have one of our quadrennial debates about whether to support the sellout Democratic presidential nominee or cast a “strategic” vote of protest for a Green or other third-party candidate, the debate is almost entirely about the personal and political merits and demerits of the two individuals. And the two usual tentpoles of the conversation are that the putative nominee is a timorous corporate hack who won’t come anywhere near bringing about the needed fundamental change, and that, yes, the nominee may well be that, but he or she is in numerous ways far better than the Republican alternative and thus the “lesser of two evils,” in the argot.

“But the right way to think about one’s vote for president is to think about the presidency not as a person, but as a thing—a huge, sprawling, complex, cumbrous, many-tentacled thing. The executive branch is a corporation. Or, if it makes you feel better, a huge nonprofit. It’s thousands of people doing thousands of things: big things, like setting Middle East policy, and small things, like making sure a few painters in central West Virginia are getting a fair wage for federal contract work.

"And on this score, the differences between the two major parties are vaster than vast. This maybe didn’t used to be so, back when there were actual moderate Republicans. But now? With the Republican Party controlled by the radical right, a Republican presidency doesn’t mean merely that you’re going to have to see that distasteful reactionary with the cracker-ish accent on your TV screen for the next few years. It means that thousands of people are going to be making many thousands of deeply reactionary decisions, across all federal agencies and departments. This stuff doesn’t make the front pages. It rarely makes the news at all. But it goes on, and it affects all of us every day: decisions about civil-rights and environmental enforcement, about the protection of public lands, about the ethical questions raised in scientific research, about the safety of consumer products (and now financial instruments, thanks to Elizabeth Warren), about which polluting or swindling corporations to investigate and with how much zeal… You get the picture.

—  Lesser-Evilism We Can Believe In

The idea that civilians with guns could stand against the US military is moronic. First off, you libertarian nut jobs, the military has these things called tanks, planes, artillery, etc. Do you actually think your precious little AR is gonna do shit? The US military can easily defeat a bunch of civilians. How do you think we won Vietnam? Eradicated all terrorist groups in the Middle East and then set up lasting democracies which are now flourishing 1st world nations? Once again, civilians with guns could never defeat a formal military.

(No offense, this is my opinion please respect it) Am I the only one tired of the European/American settings in AC? Seriously we had 3 games set in Europe (II, Brotherhood and Unity) and 2 games set in America (III and Rogue). I only wish to go back to Middle East settings and an Asian setting would really be nice.

Via Chris Suellentrop of the New York Times: Casting the Single-Player Movie Star

Acting in video games is experiencing one of the biggest shifts in the medium’s short history, and Mr. Spacey’s performance in Call of Duty — a multibillion-dollar first-person shooter series that began with World War II, roamed into conflicts that resembled the contemporary Middle East and is set to blast into the future — provides some of the clearest evidence for how it’s changing.

For years, voice acting and physical acting — the movements of a character’s body — were performed separately in video games, sometimes by different people. An actor’s voice would be recorded in a booth, similar to how an animated movie would capture voice work, and then the character’s physical actions would be recorded on a set using motion capture.

“That process is outdated and gone,” said Michael Condrey, the chief operating and development officer for Sledgehammer Games. “Your voice and body move together in a very natural way.” When you separate and then reassemble those elements, he said, the character that you see on screen can be pretty creepy looking.

This is a really great look at how far video game acting has come. I remember when it was a milestone to have some voice acting – usually paired with horrendous writing. Now Hollywood actors are giving full performances that include motion capture work as well as lending their voice. But people like Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale prove that there is real talent in the industry outside of the Hollywood guest stars. I can’t imagine what it will be like in 5, 10 or 15 years.