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Jimmy Eat World - The Middle


Just read: After several months of on-and-off reading, I have finally finished Mélusine by Sarah Monette. It is very much dark fantasy and I generally find that to be draining so it takes me longer to read books of that genre. The book switches between two perspectives, Mildmay and Felix. I really enjoyed the writing style and how different the two characters sounded in their narration. One thing that I disliked at the beginning but didn’t mind as I went on was that the perspectives generally switched every few pages and sometimes every few paragraphs. I think that the book was best done that way but it was hard to get used to to begin with. For most of the story, Felix is insane and that greatly impacts his narration. Monette also drops us into the middle of this fantasy world with very little context or explanation, which I usually enjoy when done right, but there were some concepts I was still confused on by the end of the book. Overall, I enjoyed this one, despite my complaints. I liked the story and the characters quite a bit. It seemed like there was a lot of thought put into the systems of magic and I’m very interested to see where that will go as the books go on. As a warning, there is a graphic rape scene and a lot of abuse. 

What’s next: The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale! This book includes the first three installments of what was a ten part series. I’ve read Wicked Gentlemen and The Lord of the White Hell: Part One by Ginn Hale before. I liked Wicked Gentlemen a lot and I loved the whole concept of Prodigals. I wasn’t so keen on The Lord of the White Hell but it’s a two part series in what is supposed to be just one story and so it may just because I stopped before Part Two. I’ve heard that this one is really good, so I’m hoping that I enjoy it!

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Coup d'état in Venezuela

This is important and needs to be broadcasted all across the globe. This should be trending. Please reblog.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court actually took over the responsibilities of their Parliament, making it powerless. Maduro, the Venezuelan president, is said to have ‘couped himself’ by the opposition (who were majority in the parliament).

As you may know, the South American nation of Venezuela is going through a horrible economic and social crisis. Necessity products can’t be found there, money is basically useless, public services are shit. The government repressed all forms of protests, even the more peaceful ones. This, using the Supreme Court to dissolve the Parliament, is the final straw.

As a fellow South American (Argentinian), I empathize with their situation deeply, so I’m asking you to share this because the world needs to pay attention. Something needs to be done.

The people need to rise up, and the international community must support them through their transition into democracy. They need medical, financial, and all kinds of aid. Let’s stand by them.

The Signs as Popular Pop Punk (emo) Songs

Aries: Ocean Avenue Yellowcard

Taurus: Mr. Brightside The Killers

Gemini: Sugar We’re Going Down Fall Out Boy

Cancer: The Black Parade My Chemical Romance

Leo: Misery Business Paramore

Virgo: I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! At The Disco

Libra: Perfect Simple Plan

Scorpio: Numb Linkin Park

Sagittarius: All The Small Things Blink-182

Capricorn: Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day

Aquarius: The Middle Jimmy Eats World

Pisces: Fat Lip sum 41

100% these Paris students would rise against injustice, bigotry, and fear.

La Résistance.