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What if a strain hit fushimi and pum Middleschool!fushimi and his all wtf wheres misaki whos this people, and its all distressed and doesnt trust anything they tell him so Munakata takes him to Yata to take care of him since he wants to be with him, what reaction would they have? & to turn back to normal fushimi has to be honest about his feelings, like maybe Yata actually told them after a while that theyre not really friends anymore so fushimi is all sad, thank you for your time ridia-san;;

Poor Fushimi, he got hit by the angst Strain again. He gets hit by the power and turns into his middle school self and is both confused and suspicious at all these weird guys in blue surrounding him. I feel like Fushimi would likely catch on that something is strange pretty quick, not just because of all the confused people standing around acting like they know him but I could see him catching sight of like a newspaper and realizing that the date is wrong from what he remembers and he demands to know what’s going on. The alphabet squad takes him to see Munakata since Fushimi’s probably like ‘you guys are idiots, let me talk to your boss.’ Munakata is quite amused by pouty middle school Fushimi and assures him that this situation is temporary and he will certainly do everything in his power to make sure Fushimi feels comfortable until things settle down. Fushimi just wants to see Yata, and Munakata gets this keen interested look as he says that can be arranged.

So poor Yata ends up being blindsided as he gets escorted into Scepter 4 headquarters, Awashima having called Kusanagi to ask a favor. They only told him that it was something with Fushimi and Yata’s sort of trying to act like why do they need him if something’s wrong with the stupid traitor while at the same time being secretly super worried that something happened and he’s totally going to kick all their asses if Saruhiko’s gotten hurt (not like he cares or anything, of course, he’s just going to kick their asses because he is, okay). Munakata walks up to welcome him and Yata just freezes as he catches sight of middle school Fushimi trailing behind him. Fushimi’s immediately like “…Misaki?” and Yata doesn’t know what to do, because it’s Saruhiko but at the same time he’s not sure what’s going on. Munakata calmly explains that it’s a Strain thing and that Fushimi was asking to see Yata so Munakata thought perhaps it would be beneficial for Yata to take charge of Fushimi’s care while Scepter 4 goes about trying to remedy the situation. Yata can’t refuse with middle school Fushimi just looking at him like that so he nods in agreement.

They go back to Yata’s place and Fushimi notes that it looks like only one person lives there. Yata kinda laughs a little nervously, like yeah you stay at the dorms with those blue guys. He doesn’t mention that they aren’t friends anymore but Fushimi’s kinda looking down all gloomy because he’s probably figuring it out. Yata tries to make him something to eat and is trying desperately to make small talk and it’s all awkward and weird, Yata caught up in his memories and how much he misses the Saruhiko that was his friend, and Fushimi probably assuming the worst and thinking the reason they aren’t living together now is that Yata didn’t want to be his friend anymore. Yata tries to say something friendly to Fushimi as he makes him some lunch and Fushimi finally tells him to shut up, this act is embarrassing and he doesn’t like that stupid Misaki is trying to hide things from him. Yata freezes for a minute and then sighs and sits down, admitting that yeah, he and the current Fushimi aren’t friends anymore. Fushimi doesn’t look at him as he stands up and says that’s fine, his voice tight, and then Yata grabs him by the wrist to stop him. Yata gets all upset as he admits that, okay, maybe they aren’t friends now but he hates that, he misses being Fushimi’s friend and being close to him and he only wants to know why Fushimi left. He doesn’t know if this Fushimi is just a change brought about by a Strain or some kind of real time travel but if it is he wants Fushimi to tell him before he leaves this time, so that Yata can fix things before they get this far. Fushimi stares at him wide-eyed and maybe mumbles something about how he doesn’t know why things changed either because as he is now, he doesn’t ever want to leave Misaki’s side. Yata’s eyes widen and that’s when Fushimi poofs back into his current self. Yata tries to talk with him but Fushimi blows him off as he turns to leave, telling Yata that he doesn’t intend to stay stuck in the past and that this is the person he is now, so Yata should stop thinking of him as someone who was his friend.

"Of Falling Feathers"

Middleschool!SaruMi Soulmate AU for SaruMi Fest 2016!

Anime: K
Pairing: Fushimi Saruhiko x Yata Misaki
Rating: Teens
Summary: Yata Misaki always had this unexplainable fear of women, but even so that never stopped him from dreaming of a married life with his future wife. Since he was a kid he’d been waiting for that one perfect moment to meet her, where time would stop, and the people around them would disappear. Where the world would close in on just the two of them, and magical white feathers would float about in the air. So, when time finally did come for him, it was everything he wasn’t expecting. “Why is he a guy?”

Mirrors: FFN | Ao3

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Middle school!misaki accidentally tells saru he loves him so much!! Would saru accept misaki-chan's love? (( i need fluffy middle school!sarumi s o ba d))

Middle school Fushimi probably wouldn’t quite know what to do there, since Fushimi’s not exactly well-versed in people confessing their love to him. I imagine Yata just spits it out without thinking, like they’re just hanging out and playing video games and being cute friends and then Yata’s just like “Saruhiko, you’re so cool that’s why I love you” and immediately he smacks his hands over his mouth because he didn’t mean to say that. He quickly tries to qualify it, like he didn’t mean love love (even though he totally did but he doesn’t want to upset Saruhiko or mess up their friendship) he just means that he loves Fushimi as a friend because they’re best friends and everything but yeah he loves Fushimi as a friend, that kind of love okay. Except he’s totally blushing, which Fushimi notices, and he’s stuttering a little and basically trying to not have a big giant obvious crush on Fushimi. Finally Fushimi takes pity on him and just shrugs like okay, what’s the problem then. Yata attempts a nervous little ‘you don’t think it’s weird?’ and Fushimi just tells him to stop being such an idiot about it, are you going to keep playing or not. So Yata’s all happy because he hasn’t ruined their friendship and he kind of leans on Fushimi while telling him how he’s the best and Fushimi tells him to move back because being so close is annoying except he’s not looking at Yata the whole time because his face is all red. Maybe they’re having a sleepover and later as they’re falling asleep all drowsy Yata mumbles another little ‘I do really love you though okay’ as he’s falling asleep. Fushimi doesn’t answer and Yata finally falls asleep, and that’s when Fushimi opens one eye and just whispers 'you too’ into the silence.