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What if middle school Sarumi gets sent to the future and spend the day spying on their older selves on a date while trying not to get caught

Aw, this would be cute. Maybe they get sent to the future due to some strain power but no one realizes it at first, like they’re found by some of the Scepter 4 alphabet squad wandering the streets together a couple hours later and brought in. As they’re being taken to Munakata Fushimi hears a couple of the squad members saying his name and is all suspicious, like how do these people know him. When they meet Munakata Fushimi demands to know what’s going and Munakata just smiles brilliantly as he informs them that they are currently in the future and that Fushimi in fact works at Scepter 4. Yata’s like wait where am I and Munakata doesn’t answer, just noting that future Fushimi-kun is actually out right now so the kids will have to remain at headquarters until Fushimi returns for safety reasons. They’re escorted out of the office by one of the alphabet boys and maybe given like an empty dorm where they can hang out together but Munakata won’t let them have a computer because of the whole ‘could find out things about the future and change the past’ bit. Yata and Fushimi aren’t gonna stand for that though, Fushimi decides they should sneak out and try to find their future selves. As they’re carefully making their way out Yata overhears someone saying that Fushimi’s down at the park so Fushimi decides that’s where the two of them will start.

So the middle schoolers head towards the park, talking with each other about the situation because Fushimi doesn’t entirely believe this is the future and he doesn’t trust that sparkly guy at Scepter 4 either. Yata agrees and says that guy gave him a weird feeling. That’s when they hear someone yelling and it sounds just like Yata. Fushimi and Yata head towards the sound and there’s their future selves, walking side by side, Yata’s holding some kind of medal and bragging about how awesome he did in that skateboard contest, didn’t you think that trick was cool Saruhiko. Fushimi clicks his tongue and acts like he wasn’t even watching but Yata’s all I know you were cheering me on. Fushimi starts to reply and then stops, looking sharply towards the bushes where middle school Fushimi has just grabbed middle school Yata and is forcing him to stay down and keep quiet. Regular Yata asks what’s wrong and Fushimi shrugs, saying it’s nothing and can they just go on their date now. In the bushes the middle schoolers look at each other blankly like ‘date?’

From then on the two kids tail their older selves as the regular Fushimi and Yata proceed to have a nice date. They go to a cafe first, middle school Fushimi drags Yata into a booth at the back of the cafe where they can kinda see their older selves and the two of them keep their menus up constantly because regular Fushimi keeps glancing around suspiciously at random intervals (meanwhile they also have enough pocket money to get themselves a nice parfait that they split). After that it’s off to the game center, middle school Yata is super excited to go over there and Fushimi has to remind him that they’re trying to be stealthy here. Meanwhile the whole time middle school Fushimi keeps feeling his heart pounding a bit every time he looks at Yata and then at their future selves, like he’s realized more than Misaki has that their future selves are dating and part of him can’t really believe it, that in the future he and Yata will be together like this. Part of him wants to tell Yata what’s going on and how Fushimi’s felt all this time but even with all this evidence in front of him Fushimi can’t bring himself to believe it so he says nothing, just watches as his future self and Yata’s future self hang out together and have all these casual loving touches and looks and it’s like something middle school Fushimi can’t even fathom right now.


Sarumi Fest 2017  Day 5  (July 11)

Theme: Comedy

That time when they Saruhiko was asked to play Juliet during middle school. And because Saru wouldn’t take anyone other than Misaki for Romeo, Misaki tagged along… This is Saru getting too into it during practice ^^” Makes you wonder if it will come out as the tragedy it originally is though…

(Yep It’s my crappy art! Deal with me! XD)

It was my first time drawing Saru in a dress it was refreshing xDD

「See? You gotta do it like that, Saru!」

The counterpart of the last picture ♥ Fun fact: I didn’t even had to try that hard because my flexiblity is just sooo much better than my girlfriend’s. She tried really hard tho and um well - eheh, she did her best (ゝ ◡・)♥ oh this in character-ness

Jenny as Fushimi Saruhiko

myself as Yata Misaki

series: K PROJECT

edit by me

photo by Dino


Srsly Can you believe it’s actually this big? I can’t believe that I’m going to let this precious go~ ; v; haha…
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Saruhiko idly playing with Misaki's long hair <3

My first thought with this was middle school Sarumi but imagine post-ROK this happening too, since even with his bangs short the back of Yata’s hair is still fairly long. Maybe it’s been something Fushimi’s always liked a little, playing with Misaki’s hair – when they were in middle school sometimes he would idly find himself wrapping a strand of Yata’s bangs around his fingers. Like imagine them sitting on a train together, one earbud in each ear and a sleepy Yata leaning against Fushimi as Fushimi stares out the window but one hand is playing with Yata’s bangs. Normally Fushimi isn’t big on touching or being touched but there was something calming about touching Yata’s hair, just a couple fingers stroking the long bangs. Fushimi himself never even realized how much of a calming influence it had on him until the day Yata asked Fushimi to cut his bangs short after they joined Homra and suddenly there’s Yata talking about how his hair kinda looks like Mikoto-san’s now and isn’t it cool, and Fushimi idly reaches out to touch and realizes that he can’t run his hands through Yata’s bangs anymore. He doesn’t know why that stings, but it does.

Then post-ROK imagine the two of them moving in together and maybe they decide to have a movie night, sitting side by side on the couch in the dark with popcorn between them. Fushimi has no idea what they rented because he doesn’t really care about movies but he’s not watching it anyway, paying more attention to the way Yata’s expression changes, excitement and interest and cheering for the hero. Fushimi’s got one arm resting against the back of the couch and maybe Yata moves a little closer to get more popcorn, his shoulders against Fushimi’s as he tries to point out something cool onscreen. Fushimi shrugs and tells Yata to stop talking throughout the whole movie but there’s no real bite in his voice and as he tries to focus on the screen his fingers start idly playing with the back of Yata’s hair, running through the long tousled strands. Yata doesn’t say anything but then maybe when the movie ends he admits that he kinda missed that. Fushimi assumes he meant watching movies together but Yata shakes his head and looks a little red as he admits he always noticed that Fushimi used to play with Yata’s hair a lot back when they were kids and when he got his hair cut he always kinda regretted that Fushimi stopped doing it, Yata likes the feel of Fushimi’s fingers in his hair and it was nice, to be sitting there side by side again while Fushimi plays with his hair.

Title: Pieces

Fandom: K Project

Summary: Everything broke, after all, and it wasn’t like he had an attachment to such sentimental things anyway.

Notes: Inspired by Misarumi’s heartbreaking bit of headcanon.

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What if a strain hit fushimi and pum Middleschool!fushimi and his all wtf wheres misaki whos this people, and its all distressed and doesnt trust anything they tell him so Munakata takes him to Yata to take care of him since he wants to be with him, what reaction would they have? & to turn back to normal fushimi has to be honest about his feelings, like maybe Yata actually told them after a while that theyre not really friends anymore so fushimi is all sad, thank you for your time ridia-san;;

Poor Fushimi, he got hit by the angst Strain again. He gets hit by the power and turns into his middle school self and is both confused and suspicious at all these weird guys in blue surrounding him. I feel like Fushimi would likely catch on that something is strange pretty quick, not just because of all the confused people standing around acting like they know him but I could see him catching sight of like a newspaper and realizing that the date is wrong from what he remembers and he demands to know what’s going on. The alphabet squad takes him to see Munakata since Fushimi’s probably like ‘you guys are idiots, let me talk to your boss.’ Munakata is quite amused by pouty middle school Fushimi and assures him that this situation is temporary and he will certainly do everything in his power to make sure Fushimi feels comfortable until things settle down. Fushimi just wants to see Yata, and Munakata gets this keen interested look as he says that can be arranged.

So poor Yata ends up being blindsided as he gets escorted into Scepter 4 headquarters, Awashima having called Kusanagi to ask a favor. They only told him that it was something with Fushimi and Yata’s sort of trying to act like why do they need him if something’s wrong with the stupid traitor while at the same time being secretly super worried that something happened and he’s totally going to kick all their asses if Saruhiko’s gotten hurt (not like he cares or anything, of course, he’s just going to kick their asses because he is, okay). Munakata walks up to welcome him and Yata just freezes as he catches sight of middle school Fushimi trailing behind him. Fushimi’s immediately like “…Misaki?” and Yata doesn’t know what to do, because it’s Saruhiko but at the same time he’s not sure what’s going on. Munakata calmly explains that it’s a Strain thing and that Fushimi was asking to see Yata so Munakata thought perhaps it would be beneficial for Yata to take charge of Fushimi’s care while Scepter 4 goes about trying to remedy the situation. Yata can’t refuse with middle school Fushimi just looking at him like that so he nods in agreement.

They go back to Yata’s place and Fushimi notes that it looks like only one person lives there. Yata kinda laughs a little nervously, like yeah you stay at the dorms with those blue guys. He doesn’t mention that they aren’t friends anymore but Fushimi’s kinda looking down all gloomy because he’s probably figuring it out. Yata tries to make him something to eat and is trying desperately to make small talk and it’s all awkward and weird, Yata caught up in his memories and how much he misses the Saruhiko that was his friend, and Fushimi probably assuming the worst and thinking the reason they aren’t living together now is that Yata didn’t want to be his friend anymore. Yata tries to say something friendly to Fushimi as he makes him some lunch and Fushimi finally tells him to shut up, this act is embarrassing and he doesn’t like that stupid Misaki is trying to hide things from him. Yata freezes for a minute and then sighs and sits down, admitting that yeah, he and the current Fushimi aren’t friends anymore. Fushimi doesn’t look at him as he stands up and says that’s fine, his voice tight, and then Yata grabs him by the wrist to stop him. Yata gets all upset as he admits that, okay, maybe they aren’t friends now but he hates that, he misses being Fushimi’s friend and being close to him and he only wants to know why Fushimi left. He doesn’t know if this Fushimi is just a change brought about by a Strain or some kind of real time travel but if it is he wants Fushimi to tell him before he leaves this time, so that Yata can fix things before they get this far. Fushimi stares at him wide-eyed and maybe mumbles something about how he doesn’t know why things changed either because as he is now, he doesn’t ever want to leave Misaki’s side. Yata’s eyes widen and that’s when Fushimi poofs back into his current self. Yata tries to talk with him but Fushimi blows him off as he turns to leave, telling Yata that he doesn’t intend to stay stuck in the past and that this is the person he is now, so Yata should stop thinking of him as someone who was his friend.

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Yata and Fushimi fake dating? Maybe in middle school for added best friend fluff?

Maybe they decide to do the fake dating thing to keep the scary girls away from Yata? Maybe like their second year in middle school (since that seems to be the year LSW jumped right over) they end up in the same class as some really popular girl who just for fun decides she’ll ask Yata out because he’s unpopular and then she can string him along and dump him and won’t that be funny. So she goes right up to and confesses her fake feelings, Yata of course freaks out because Girl and doesn’t know how to let her down gently because he doesn’t want to hurt a girl’s feelings. The girl demands a response and finally Yata just stutters out that he can’t date her because he’s already going out with someone. The girl asks who it is because no way weird annoying Yata Misaki is dating a girl. Yata looks around wildly for something to use as a plausible response just as Fushimi walks in, without in any way thinking it through Yata grabs his arm and is like ‘Saruhiko! I’m dating Saruhiko.’ Fushimi is just like ‘you’re doing what now’ while the girl just stares at them speechlessly because that actually makes sense. So she gives up and goes back to her seat, Yata gives a relieved laugh and Fushimi asks what all that was about. Yata tells him and then Fushimi calls him an idiot because that girl’s in our class, she’ll figure out we aren’t dating eventually. Yata realizes he’s made a tactical error but then figures well, okay, just pretend we’re dating then. Fushimi refuses, already half-ignoring Yata and staring at his PDA instead. Yata begs him to help, like come on because otherwise she’ll ask him out again and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and all. Fushimi still refuses until Yata lowers his head against the desk and mutters that maybe he should just go tell the girl yes then, it probably wouldn’t be so bad dating a girl and going out on dates together and all. Fushimi suddenly goes really still and then he quietly says that well, okay, why not, we’ll pretend to date. Yata’s face brightens as he thanks Fushimi, Fushimi tries to act like it’s not big deal but he keeps glancing at Yata from the corner of his eye.

So in order to make this work they have to keep it up for the whole school year. In some ways it’s not hard at all because after all they hang out together all the time anyway so that’s no problem. But Fushimi points out that real couples do more than that, right, Yata goes bright red and starts stuttering before Fushimi rolls his eyes and is like I’m not talking about that kind of stuff, Misaki (this isn’t an R18 doujinshi, after all). And that’s how Fushimi gets Yata to make him lunches for the rest of the school year. Yata wonders why he’s the only one making the lunches and Fushimi says that since Yata has a girl’s name he should be the one doing the girl’s part and making lunches, Yata’s like fuck you now eat your heart-shaped bento already. He fills it with vegetables the next day as revenge though. One day the girl says loudly to no one in particular that she’s not sure if Yata and Fushimi are dating after all, Yata gets worried so Fushimi kinda looks away all forcibly nonchalant as he mentions that couples hold hands too, and kiss. Yata can’t quite handle kissing yet but he goes with the holding hands first and they start walking home together hand in hand. Yata thinks that Fushimi’s hands are really nice, they’re soft and the fingers are so long and he starts playing Fushimi’s hand a little until Fushimi asks him what he’s doing and Yata immediately goes all red and quickly says that nothing, he’s not doing anything he just thought Saruhiko had nice hands. Fushimi clicks his tongue but he can’t meet Yata’s eyes.

Then one day they’re eating lunch outside under the trees and they see the girl walking towards them. Yata wonders what they should do and that’s when Fushimi just leans down and kisses him on the mouth. Yata makes a little sound of surprise but Saruhiko’s mouth is really warm and he closes his eyes a little and leans into it. Once Fushimi pulls away they’re both breathing a little hard and Yata asks what the fuck that was, Fushimi says it got her to leave, didn’t it. Yata smiles all innocently like oh yeah, it did, good plan Saruhi—wait wait what the fuck you just stole my first kiss! Fushimi rolls his eyes and says fake kisses don’t count, Yata’s a little wary but if Saruhiko says so. He flops back down on the ground and stretches out with his eyes closed, reassuring himself out loud that yeah, that’s right, fake kisses don’t count, and he doesn’t see the way Fushimi’s eyes darken or how Fushimi keeps pressing a hand to his lips. Finally at the end of the year as they’re walking back home on the last day of school Yata says that well, I guess we don’t have to pretend to date anymore. Fushimi looks at him and their eyes meet and Yata finds himself frozen in place as Fushimi leans in close, the space of a breath the only thing between their mouths…and then Fushimi moves away and clicks his tongue, calling Yata an idiot and that this whole fake dating thing was stupid anyway. Yata’s a little confused because he could’ve sworn Fushimi was about to kiss him but he recovers and just laughs about it, like well we’re done with that now so we can go back to being friends like normal, let’s go back to my place and play video games. Fushimi quietly says 'just friends. Right.’ and his hands clench just a little as he follows after Yata.