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so theres this FUCKING AMAZING AND ODDLY ACCURATE movie that was released in 2016.“Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life”. It deals with some insane shit many middle schoolers go through. i watched as a “reward activity” on the last day of 8th grade. it got cheers, sobs, and all around agreement THAT EVERY U.S. SCHOOL OFFICIAL NEEDS TO WATCH IT. It deals with school administration’s useless fucking rules and dress codes that suffocate children’s creativity and individuality. It shows what a principal will do, has done, and can do, to get perfect scores. Perfect scores that hinder a child. Perfect scores that turn us into mindless rule following robots. It shows the impacts of standard tests, both on teachers who agree with them, those that don’t, and the children being turned into robots from them. It shows how much a teacher that actually takes the time to understand and involve their kids can alter a kid’s life. IT ALSO HAS A PLOT ALONG WITH IT FOR A SHITTY FATHER, A MOTHER STANDING UP TO SAID FATHER, THE LOSS OF A TEEN DUE TO CANCER, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; Rules Aren’t For Everyone.

so yea… even if you have no relation to the majorly flawed U.S. School system, watch it. It’s from a kid’s perspective that actually is in the system and is so accurate in it’s own goofy way. Especially parents and teachers- y'all in for an eye opener.

how am i still getting notes on old ass posts all like “ACTUALLY girls not liking pink IS misogynistic and they need to be reeducated about what it means to be a girl (:”

i could accept this a lot better if i ever saw this kind of ire directed at the girls who bully other girls for being insufficiently feminine… but obviously they’re the rare exceptions that prove the feminine-girls-are-more-feminist rule, whereas gender non-conforming girls are menaces who simply hate their betters

He's Always Like That

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Charachters: Reader x Betty x Archie x Jughead (platonic) 

Word Count: 664

Warnings: None

Anon Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is friends with the core four and she is a freshman. And people like Reggie and Cheryl pick on her so they protect her. Sorta like a reader protection squad 

A/N: So i guess a lot of you want a part 2 to “I Shouldn’t”… So I guess I’ll get to work on that. Look out for it within the next few days! <3


Being a freshman was scary. For one thing, high school was totally different than being in middle school. There were different rules and expectations you needed to live up to in order to be socially accepted. There were new conditions to be met if you wanted to blend in. 

For example, you had to dress in a way that wouldn’t get you made fun of. You were a loser if you didn’t wear a a touch of makeup that could hide the little face demons that would pop up every once in a while. But even though you did all of these things, tried to blend in to the crowd of students, you were still always picked on. By Reggie Mantle. 

The oh so perfect jock who could find every single one of your flaws. It didn’t help that he was your brother, actually… it made it worse. He knew more things about you then you liked to admit. 

But the sucky thing was, he used those flaws against you. Of course you couldn’t go to your parents, they’d just tell you to stop tattling on your brother and kiss off. No matter how much he put you through, he wouldn’t quit. Teasing and tormenting, every day and night. That was another suckish aspect of your life, his torture would always follow you home where you couldn’t hide.

 One day, he was in a particularly grumpy mood and just wouldn’t stop pestering you while you were trying to get to class. “Reggie stop.” You grumbled as you tried to pick up your pace to get away from him. He only laughed and grabbed your bag, ripping it from your shoulder. You turned to grab it back but he only held it higher than you could reach.

 "Damn it Reggie, just give it back!“ You yelled as you tried jumping for it but he only held it out of your grasp as he giggled. "Please Reg, just let me get to class.” You said as you tried reaching for it again. “Hey Reggie, why don’t you quit being an ass to your little sister and give her back her bag?” You heard a stern female voice say. 

You both looked to see Veronica Lodge staring at the both of you with her arms crossed. “Oh, and what are you gonna do doll face?” Reggie remarked as he still refused to give you back your bag. Veronica opened her mouth about to speak when Archie, who had happened to hear her while walking through the hallway came by and grabbed your bag from Reggie’s hand. 

He handed it you and then glared at Reggie as he walked off. “T-thank you.” You yell after him as he turned to you and winked. Reggie groaned as he walked after him. “Come on Arch! You’re just ruining all the fun.” He yelled. You turned to Veronica who was now accompanied by Betty.

“Thanks Veronica, don’t mind my brother, he’s always like that.” You said as you shrugged your bag back over your shoulder. “No problem, so he’s always picking on you?” Veronica asked. You nodded. 

“Well, how about you hang out with us? We’ll make sure Reggie doesn’t bother you anymore. In fact, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and I were gonna go to Pop’s later. Do you wanna join us?” Betty asked. “Wait, you’re inviting me to hang out with you guys? But I’m just a freshman, don’t you guys wanna hang out with other people your age?” You asked with an eyebrow raised.

 Betty and Veronica both shrugged. “You seem chill, so Pop’s after school ok?” Betty said as she started to walk off with Veronica to their next class. “S-sure.” You answered back, entirely grateful for what they were doing.

From then on, when Reggie started to tease you, one of your four new friends would help you out and it was awesome. Now you could actually enjoy your freshman year without worrying abut your dick of a brother.

ok but do you ever think about jd at the other schools. like. little jd having a hard time making friends and following rules, middle school jd struggling in his classes and slowly starting to crack under pressure, freshman jd not having any way to release his anger and getting into lots of fights because of it, and then the jd we see in the musical, who’s just done, just so far gone.

Native American ppl: how do we feel abt mohawks? My bf and I were just talking abt it and his middle school actually implemented a rule that only Native American ppl can wear Mohawks. Is it cultural appropriation if a non-native person wears it? I will only accept answers from Native American ppl on this btw

A teacher stopped me in the hall today to tell me that my skirt is inappropriate and that I should “probably” change. My fingertips don’t even reach where the skirt ends and I wore spandex + tights underneath. It’s getting kind of ridiculous that I can’t even wear a skirt that abides by school dress code because it’s deemed “inappropriate” to show off some leg hidden beneath tights and a skirt that is longer than dress code length. I don’t know about you, but if some weirdo preteen boy gets nasty thoughts about a girl wearing a skirt and sweater than he needs to get a warning from teachers, not me. And if it makes girls uncomfortable that I’m wearing this, then maybe they should learn to leave people alone and let them wear what they want. It was insulting to have a teacher stop me in the hallway and tell me that MY clothing that ABIDES BY DRESS CODE is INAPPROPRIATE. I think the school system really needs a reality check: Making girls change clothes on a daily basis isn’t going to make them into young ladies and isn’t going to change teen boys/teachers prevented minds. It’s teaching respect for everyone and yourself that makes the difference, not degrading a freshman girl over a skirt.

What To Wear To Convince Your New Boss You’re An Adult But Still Look Like A Super Cool Millennial

So, you and your suit you got at The Limited have made it past the interview process and finally landed a soul-sucking corporate job. Yay! You have a cublicle and everything! But, wait. Before you start imagining the taste of that good ol’ break room Folger’s, you have to address the way you dress.

Unless you’re working for a super-cool start-up, you’re probably surrounded by super professional people who won’t really appreciate you throwing a cropped blazer over a bandage dress and calling it business casual. But you don’t wanna look boring, everyday. After all, what if Jacob in the mailroom invites you out for happy hour? Do you really wanna dress to impress in chinos? No. You don’t. That’s why I’m here to help.

Update the tried and true pencil skirt + white blouse combo with a printed or brightly colored skirt. Make sure your skirt is knee length and not more than 5% spandex, to keep it professional, but also, don’t be afraid to go for assymmetrical hems, unique textures or details like a self-tie belt. Finish the whole thing with a nude pump or flat. 

If you’re a truly stylish Child of the Internet, you’ve cultivated a wardrobe of too-short tops and are struggling to find something you can tuck in as per the dress code packet HR gave you on your first day. Rock a crop top during business hours by hiding your inappropriate and distracting one-inch sliver of tummy with high-waisted big-girl-trousers and a blazer. You’ll be ready to get go get cosmos with Wanda from finance right when the clock strikes 5. Just don’t wear anything too low-cut or high-cut for that matter, otherwise the jig is up.

Can you wear leggings to the office? The answer is yes, but, you’re going to have to go back to middle school rules and make sure the shirt covers both your crotch and butt. Go with an oversized blouse and a cool loafer and take the butterfly clips out of your hair so people stop asking if you’re an intern.


I wrote this poem with my eyes closed, while trying to fall asleep. I have a habit of letting something beautiful hit me when I’m so very close to escaping the pain.

I cannot escape her.

I watched far too many horror movies as a child. The monsters never scared me; only the people who ran from them. I lived my middle school days by the rules of the horror genre – never saying ‘yes’ to sex or drugs; never letting myself split up; never closing my eyes and shutting down, telling the world 'I’ll be right back.’

I survived high school, barely. They say the body count is always bigger in the sequel, and it’s true. I walked down halls that thinned like vibrant paintings in the rain. I couldn’t get the tune of a friend hanged by his own guitar string out of my head. I convinced myself I could bring him back if I listened to his lyrics a little closer, his melody a little louder.

I cannot escape her.

I knew I’d become an adult when I started hiding from the monster in my head, instead of laughing at the idea of evil that could never be outrun. Rather than claim victory for surviving, I’ve found nothing better to do in life than punish myself to prove I can take the pain.

I am the woman in the bathroom with a butcher’s knife and a vacant stare, cutting away the beautiful gardens cultivated by my parents to show the world that I am not ugly inside. The red I wear will never catch her eye like the shades of doubt she has painted me.

I am ashamed for accepting that I should feel a need to change the color of an ocean.

Close your eyes. If you refuse, scream it to me and I will fade from the spotlight. I will hide behind curtains like comforts, because it should not be my body language that your heart tends to. The way my eyes shine genuine or my lips curl 'round stressed syllables could never move you like these words.

I cannot escape her words.

Put your hands in your pockets and imagine yourself falling slowly forward into hands that will never let you down. Remember this feeling – and my words – when you doubt that you can shift the tides of oceans with your heart.

She is my moon, and I am the monster; and I can not outrun her, even with the most perfectly placed.

Generalization of School
  • Middle school: you are going to use cursive every day in high school
  • High school: don't write in cursive it's hard to read
  • Middle school: you need to know your times tables and be able to do math on paper for high school
  • High school: just use a calculator
  • Middle school: you need to learn how to organize lockers for high school
  • High school: AHAHAHA like you have TIME to go to a locker
  • Middle school: dress code is going to be strictly enforced in high school
  • High school: wear whatever the hell you want, we don't have time to chase you around
  • Middle school: don't break any rules in high school or you will get detention
  • High school: *teacher lets kids chew gum, text, come in late, not do homework*

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all the kids in small citizen's class think bahorel is So Cool & of course they all love him so he tries to start a first grade fight club with the kids & enjolras is like oh my god they're six bahorel at least wait until they're in middle school

“The first rule of Fight Club is don’t let Camille’s father find out about Fight Club no seriously he’ll shut this down.”