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2 Florida teens arrested for allegedly planning “Columbine-style” school shooting

  • Two teens were arrested in central Florida on Thursday for allegedly plotting a “Columbine-style” mass shooting, ABC News reported. 
  • The pair has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and is currently in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • According to a press release issued by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, two male students, aged 13 and 14, were arrested on Thursday after “law enforcement and school officials learned of and intervened in a plot to initiate a mass shooting at [the Villages Charter Middle School]." 
  • The release also noted that the tip was the result of rumors spreading among students. 
  • Some witnesses told authorities that a few students had been warned not to come to school on Jan. 27, according to the sheriff’s office.
  • On Wednesday, the 13-year-old, who allegedly planned the attack, was stopped by authorities as he arrived at school. 
  • The teen later "acknowledged conversations involving the plot” and referenced the 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. 
  • Firearms were found in both students’ homes. Read more

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day my language arts teacher got proposed” to by one of his students. Seriously this actually happened, the guy that asked him had one of his friends write out a “proposal” for him and got down on one knee during first period and “proposed” to him and gave him a Hershey’s kiss as a “gift” (my language arts teacher rejected him).

I fucking hate America.

There are all kinds of posts about the Canadian prime minister attending the pride parade–And it’s beautiful. But there are still some asshat Americans who are like, “Pfft. Hillary Clinton’s done that shit for years.”

But… look at her.

She looks. So. Happy.

Now, let’s take a look at Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, in the same scenario:

Here’s the difference between the two:

Justin Trudeau is marching in the pride parade because he’s proud of the people there.

Hillary Clinton is marching in the pride parade to get popular like some white bitch in middle school.

Take note:

Hillary hardly touches anyone or anything. She barely shakes a person’s hand. She is surrounded by body guards and isn’t touching a single symbol that shows what kind of event she’s in. There’s barely any pride imagery in any of the photos of her. I doubt the US has less rainbows at their parade than Vancouver, so my only conclusion is that Hillary doesn’t want to be associated with LGBTQA+.

Trudeau is running, high-fiving, hugging, shouting, smiling, and waving a rainbow flag like there’s no tomorrow.

Notes: The what’s, when’s and how’s!

Notes are a basic requirement if you’re looking to forge good grades during the school year, but sitting, hunched over your papers for hours on end never seems to be worth it in the end. Most people feel like their notes do little or nothing to help their overall grades so, I’m here to fix that! Here are some types and tricks that I, and other people I know, use to make our notes worth the time and effort!

1. Color coordinate! If your mind is the type that associates color with information, it might be a good idea to try writing down notes in different colors! For example, for vocabulary, write it in blue and for dates, write them in green! Your brain will start associating those colors with the information written and help you remember it better! And plus, it will look super pretty!

2. Don’t rush your notes. Neat handwriting will save your time and energy when you’re trying to study because it will prevent you from wasting time trying to figure out what the heck you even have written down.

3. Color coordinate pages. Buy small post-it notes or something of the same idea and stick one of, say, pink, to the page of notes you wrote and another one of the same color to the page in your textbook that it corresponds with! That way, if you get lost reading over your notes, you can easy find where the notes were taken from and read into them more!

4. Do not write everything down. Seriously, don’t. It’s no use to you if you have the entire textbook re-copied into your notebook. Write down key names, events and definitions, as well as anything else you think may be on a test, and leave the rest! You don’t want to be writing your notes all day and you certainly don’t want to waste the time re-copying a chapter you already read.

5. Read the chapter first. Read the chapter(s) you were assigned once over without stopping to make sure you stay concentrated on it. Taking notes while reading disconnects you from the material and makes it more difficult to retain the information. So, read over the chapter once and then go back and read it again, this time taking notes while you do so. It may take a little extra time but it’s worth it when you realize you actually understand and learned something about the material you just read.

6. Abbreviate, abbreviate, abbreviate! Figure out which words you can shorten (such as because to bc and, for example, things like Bank of the United States can be shortened to BUS) and use symbols (such as arrows, equal signs, the & symbol instead of the word) to maximize the speed at which you write (if you’re taking the notes during a lecture this is a super helpful thing to do!).

7. Keep the highlighting to a minimum. It’s not hard to fall into the habit of highlighting everything on the page while reading. We’ve all been there, but the most important thing to remember is that while everything might seem important, highlighting should be reserved for the really important stuff, not just the kind of important stuff. Overdoing it with the highlighting just makes the things your reading even harder to take notes on, harder on the eyes and just down right a bit more confusing than it should be.

8. Pick your writing instrument wisely. If you find that your handwriting tends to be messier when you write in pen, write your notes in pencil, and vise versa! Also, if you’re prone to making mistakes while writing, make sure you use a writing utensil that’s erasable (erasable pens are a life saver if you prefer pen but make a lot of mistakes)!

9. Start on a new page. Start each class, lecture or topic on a new page! It will prevent your notes from blending into one another and it will make it easier for you to find the notes you’re looking for on future occasions.

10. Make a Table of Contents! This definitely doesn’t work for everyone (I’ll admit, it worked for me on rare occasions) but it’s definitely helpful! Write a number on the bottom of each note page and write it next to the notes title, topic, etc. in your table of contents! It makes it a lot easier to find the notes you want, go back and add things, etc!

11. Make note of repeated information. If your teacher, professor, or textbook, even, repeats a date, event, topic, etc., there’s a reason for it! It’s either going to be on a test, or it’s something you’re going to want to remember when exams roll around! So figure out a method that works for you for marking this information for the future (like drawing a box around it or a star next to it)!

12. Leave space. If you miss something during a lecture, powerpoint, etc., leave a space in your notes where that information would have gone and ask someone what you missed at a later time! Don’t interrupt people trying to ask them what it was, just remember that you need to find out and ask later on.


Some study sheets I made for exams coming up :) Sorry I haven’t posted in a while !! As you can see my final exams are called SOL (Virginia) and my eighth grade science Sol is all three years of middle school

*New Homework Policy*

Dear Parents,

After much research this summer, I am trying something new. Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year.

Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early.

Mrs. Brandy Young

damn. we want Mrs. Young to be our teacher. but is her research true? that depends

Fandom:     DRRR!!
Pairing:       Shinzaya
Rating:        G? PG? Who knows!
Notes:          Middle school canon divergence.

“Orihara-kun?” Shinra questioned, a little confused to see his friend-in-name-only staring at him from the bedroom door. “Shouldn’t you be at school? You’re going to miss second period.”

Izaya’s smirk faltered as he entered the room, not being even slightly prepared enough to see his friend’s pale face smiling up at him.

It had been four days since Nakura had attacked them, and since Shinra had taken the stabbing in his place. Being questioned by the police had been a walk in the park compared to the horrific replays he was burdened with once he closed his eyes, and it had taken a lot more sneakiness than usual for Izaya to sneak out of his home.

“Didn’t you hear? I’ve been suspended.”

“Oh, well, I guess that makes sense. You did tell them you stabbed me.” Shinra chuckled, as if the idea of Izaya ever hurting him was absurd. Unfortunately, laughter really wasn’t the best medicine when it came to stab wounds, and the action had him wincing and clutching his side. “Weird, isn’t it? Since you saved me from-”

“Don’t.” Izaya took two steps toward Shinra’s bed as he reached out a hand. Regardless of who actually thrust the knife into Shinra’s side, Izaya was indirectly responsible for it.

“-from a lot of blood loss.” Shinra finished his sentence, a strange smile on his face as he ignored Izaya’s hand dropping back down. “You aren’t a hero, Orihara-kun. Me, on the other hand… I saved you, didn’t I?”

“…I don’t… understand…” Likely because it made absolutely no sense. “That-”

“To look good. I didn’t do it out of any sort of love for you, don’t worry! Besides, isn’t that what friends do?”


“I guess it makes me your best friend, huh?”

“Shut up.”

Despite the earlier punishment Shinra received for laughing, he couldn’t quite stop himself from doing it again. He laughed a little too heartily at Izaya’s strange expression, the chuckles mixing with his groans of pain as the stitches in his side felt close to bursting.

Without realising, or even thinking, Izaya approached the bed quickly. His concern served only to fuel Shinra’s laughter, his hands awkwardly reaching to press on Shinra’s as they held his stitches together.

“Stop it, you’re killing me!”

“Shut up!”

“Orihara-kun, you- haha! You really should see your face!”

“I told you to shut up!”

“Do you really feel this bad? Haha! I guess you really do love huma- mmph!”

Shinra’s mocking was cut off by a desperate kiss, Izaya’s teeth clanged against his painfully as their lips moving hesitantly against each other. It was strange and awkward, as if both of the boys were attempting to recreate what they’d only seen in movies.

After a few long seconds, Izaya pulled away, resting his forehead against Shinra’s as he looked at the others closed eyes.

“You aren’t just another human, Shinra.”

The words were whispered quickly, as if it took great pains for Izaya to make the admission. The bespectacled boy opened his eyes just in time to watch Izaya’s back leave the room, and he found himself thankful as he didn’t know just what to say in reply.

The only thing he knew for sure was that Nakura was possibly the unluckiest kid in all of Tokyo.


~(a lil less than kin & less thn kind)~

Doodled the Trash Prince of Denmark, who I can never stop imagining as a middle school scene kid . Note: the “Dø or Die” shirt was inspired by a post joking about how those #aesthetic text things like to replace the letter o with ø to make things sound cooler when actually it’s just creating new words! Also that “dø” means “die” in Danish as well, so very appropriately Hamletty. @fantasmaglory