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100 Days of Booklr, Day 17

I just saw a posting for a library aide in a middle school and it’s the PERFECT job for me, getting to work in a middle school like I always wanted to but in the library instead of as a classroom teacher (my sister’s a school librarian, so I know I don’t want to get my MLS to be a librarian).

You guyssss. I miss middle schoolers. I love YA books. I have relevant school and library experience. I want this jooob, send me positive vibes!

Library Books

Hi, folks, I sure could use some help. I have about 20k to spend on library books for Middle School kids. Is there a book you remember from that age or High School that you could recommend for me? I’ve spent the last 16 years of my life as an Elementary School Librarian, so I’m quite out of touch. Now I’m going to be be an Elementary AND Middle School librarian. I appreciate your help! I plan on a research project focusing on the Civil War in North Carolina, so please rack your brains for Civil War material as well!

going to used bookstores is like shopping in nostalgia like “omg i remember reading this in 2006 in the middle school library and kind of liking it i better spend $2.99 to have a physical reminder of that moment”

anonymous asked:

i just thought someone should kno this. so i was talking to my old middle school librarian and speaking to an eighth grader who i saw rereading the books, when she overheard us, she pointed to the new books section, where new copies of the books sat. she asked me if it was a good series, and i said 'yeah absolutely!' and she said she would read it. i totally forgot about the smut in empire of storms until two minutes too late. those books; in a middle school library. oh my god.

Who in the world put those books near 6th graders…that's about to be hella awkward… 


Redbubble made new changes to their sticker section and I’m in LOVE! Seriously, I love these soooo much more than the old stickers they had. The good thing about these is that they are pretty cheap. So if you can’t afford a mug or phone case, you can still get these super awesome stickers. I’m going to end up buying all of them omg. haha. 



True things about me that always seem to shock and/or amuse people:

  • I’m over six feet tall (six feet even according to some doctors, six foot one according to others)
  • Including stepsiblings, I have 13 brothers and sisters
  • I’ve never been to the dentist
  • I grew up on a farm in rural Tennessee and was often late to school because a cow was chilling in the middle of the road
  • Didn’t have access to internet until I was in college but always had a computer. Was able to beat spider solitaire in under 3 minutes
  • Broke a state record for reading and single-handedly got my middle school library funding, got to take a special trip to an arcade, met NFL football players, and the school paid me $100 every six weeks for a year
  • Once fell from the top of a 50 foot tree, stood up, brush myself off, and walked up to my dad with my leg twisted at an odd angle. Leg was somehow not broken
  • At age 5 I inherited a nearly immortal pony that had a talent for escape, an ageless cat, a dog that refused to die, and they all died within a week of each other when I was 17
  • While poison ivy gives me a mild rash, I’m not allergic to poison oak- discovered after a horse escaped and butted me into a patch when I tried to put him back in the barn
  • Once stopped a coyote from getting a puppy by yelling NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKER and making it run back into the woods
  • Ran over a copperhead den with a riding lawnmower and rode the mower back to the house, shrieking, while snakes were literally shooting out of the ground like some kind of horrible cartoon

Non-YA Rapid Fire Reviews

  • For Hearing People Only by Matthew S. Moore and Linda Levitan: Q&A on deaf culture. Super informative, easy to navigate, strong opinions. I’m told it’s a little outdated especially concerning technology, but overall would recommend. 
  • My Brief History by Stephen Hawking: Autobiography. Really wanted to like it, but never got engaged. I kept thinking it read like something I’d find in a middle school library for an biography project. But if you’re doing a biography for school on Stephen Hawking this right up your alley!
  • Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience by David Wallace Adams: Add to the long things-i-never-learned-in-school list. Excellent story telling, which feels weird to say about a history book. It is such recent history and we’ve completely glossed over it. Definitely recommend.