middle school is terrible for everyone

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i wonder... how would kuroo react if he had a sister who happened to have a crush/be dating daishou (or just someone from the snake team), do you think he'd let his personal rivalry get in the way or would he try his best for his sister's happiness?

- Its evident to everyone in Tokyo that Kuroo and Daishou have a huge, obvious love hate relationship with each other. It started in their last year of middle school, when Kuroo’s school and Daishou’s had a week long, colab training camp up in the mountains. Kuroo hates to admit it, but when he was 14, he had a terrible angst phase. He’d purposefully let his bangs fall further down into his eyes, he’d huddle up in the farthest gym corner and mutter things like, “I hate everyone here, I want to go home” and “everybody here is irrelevant, this is pointless”, and live and breathe the epitome of a Hot Topic novelty shop. Miraculously, at the same time, Daishou was going through a similar phase as well, and they bonded over their mutual, negative hormone build up. The reason as to why they aren’t friends now is well… it brings back bad memories. Just looking at each other coughs up a negative wave of nostalgia, and let’s be real, nobody likes thinking about their middle school emo phase.

- The moment his sister, his precious, beloved little sister first brought up the fact that her third year boyfriend was visiting over the weekend, he was already a bit skeptical. Even if his sister was a second year, and a one year age difference wasn’t really a big deal, his skin still crawled at the fact that she was dating somebody his age. She had talked about how he was a volleyball player too, a wing spiker, and immediately Kuroo was trying to think back to every match he’s played in the past three years because God, he’s definitely met his sister’s boyfriend before. He began to pray it was Bokuto, the most decent guy for someone like her, but it couldn’t be, because Bokuto would’ve told him. In the midst of all that thinking, not once did he ever care to think, Daishou Suguru.

- Although, the moment he arrived at his house the day he had come over, his arm slung over his sister’s shoulders and a stupid smile on his face, Kuroo would lose it. He would be torn between vomiting all over him, or throwing a chair at the snakes head. Although, before he could do either, he left the room. He’d lock himself in his room and tug at his hair, asking God why, out of all the wing spikers in Japan, why did it have to be him?

- His mother would call him down for dinner although he would just say that, “He thought he made it pretty evident that he couldn’t look at this guy without vomiting, let alone eat at the same table as him.” It would be his mother who would get mad at him, telling him to get over his petty hate infatuation and just face the guy, already. Kuroo refused, though, and got a curt slap upside the head, and even then, he wouldn’t budge.

- After dinner was said and done and Daishou had left, he’d go batshit crazy on his sister, asking her how she failed to include the fact that she was dating his tweenage nightmare. He started getting skeptical, asking her if she knew about the whole hate relationship, and that’s why his identity was remained anonymous for so long. He’d be shitting bricks, and his sister would find it hysterical.

- It would remain like this for the first couple of months in their relationship. Constant bickering between the two boys when they had the chance and his sister, ever so ‘innocently’ sitting in between it all and laughing. It wouldn’t be until their fifth or sixth month dating until Kuroo finally let his guard down a bit.

- He couldn’t deny his sister of her happiness, especially when her happiness treated her right. Even though Kuroo has had his conflicts with the guy in the past, he couldn’t deny the fact that deep down, Daishou was a pretty good guy. Sometimes, he’d catch him off guard smiling down at his sister fondly, grabbing her hand and kissing it softly and muttering a quick, ‘I love you’, that he thought nobody else could hear, but Kuroo heard. Sometimes, his sister would come home with a big bouquet of flowers and flushed cheeks and squeal about it with their mom for hours before the excitement of it all seemed to die down.

- He couldn’t bring himself to apologize to Daishou though, this was still war, dammit, and there was no way he was ever letting his defences down. The moment he causes his sister any pain, Kuroo’s ready to attack. Although, every so often, he’ll smile at the guy, give him a high five, or something, and the shocked expression on his face is worth being nice, even if it is just for a split second.

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I've never seen KHR before so I'm a bit confused about the image of someone 'biting them to death'. When you say that does the character mean comical gnawing or more along the lines of ripping their throat out? Because it's phrased in a way that sounds comical but the phrase itself sounds kinda threatening

Oh god, how to explain Hibari to a non-KHR fan. Um. 

(It’s terrible that I can’t think of a single damn way that doesn’t make him sound insane.)

Technically what he says is “I’ll bite you to death”, and it’s kind of his thing? He’s a super-devoted prefect at Namimori Middle School and anyone who breaks school rules, damages school property, crowds him, or just generally annoys him (which is…pretty much everyone, tbh) gets bitten to death, aka beaten within an inch of their life by his tonfas. It is absolutely definitely a threat, but overused enough to make it humorous because he says it for everything

My Social Anxiety

I can’t start a conversation, you have to or there wont be one. this makes phone calls and texting extremely difficult. I’ve lost contact with many friends that way. I dread ever having to ask people questions. I think what if everyone looks at me. That’s another thing, eye contacts the worst. In middle school I lived far away so I would always be 10 minutes late for first hour, when I walked in everyone would look at me, I eventually start just skipping and going in the bathroom until first hour was over. The teacher found out and told everyone in class. That made my year terrible. I absolutely hate when people ask me why I’m so quiet , I freeze up and don’t have an answer. It feels weird to say I have anxiety so I just shrug my shoulders. I hate confrontation with other human beings it makes me very uneasy. When I’m with a group of friends and other people are around I can’t speak. I don’t know why but I can’t. I recently moved away to a different school, I’ve been there for almost two years now and still haven’t made friends. So I skip lunch because picking a table to sit at makes my anxiety spike so i go to the art room and paint. There nothing worse for me than the feeling that someone talking about you. Im so thankful the internet is a thing. It the only place I felt free to just speak.

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Akane (nekoma) headcanons

  • Akane is so excited to have Alisa as a new friend! She thinks Alisa is very beautiful and wants to grow up to be 180cm too
  •  taketora regretfully has to inform her that she is not half foreign like Alisa, and she will probably not even get to 165cm let alone 180cm
  • akane is convinced if she drinks enough milk and runs everyday, she too will have long gorgeous legs
  • alisa is very supportive of this idea even though she knows itll never happen
  • akane comes to hang out alot at the haiba household and she thinks its amazing how everyone in the family is HUGE
  • since alisa is in college and akane in middle school, they will often have study sessions because akane is unfortunately, as terrible as taketora in the maths department. lev likes to pop in constantly
  • lev and akane become literally the BEST of friends and they trade numbers and text memes and just random things in general
  • alisa thinks this development is absolutely adorable and encourages lev to hang out with akane on their own once awhile
  • he is extremely protective of his lil sis and doesnt want her to be ‘tainted’
  • if anyone would be tainted it would be lev because akane is a little mischievous devil
  • lev is very overzealous and somewhat pushy, but he is extremely innocent and akane thinks its hilarious to tease him
  • she finds a way to tease everyone on the team to fluster them, and succeeds brilliantly
  • she, personally, feels like kenma’s blush is a gift from god
  • akane has is pretty good friends with everyone on the nekoma team; she particularly likes kuroo because she thinks his bedhead is “ an amazing feat of science” and frequently takes selfies with him
  • shes ended up on everyone’s snapchat stories at least once, if not several times
  • kenma barely uses snapchat besides snapping hinata, but he lets akane use his phone a lot to play games and stuff so she adds things to his story all the time
  • kenma feels like he probably should be disgruntled by this at least a little, but he just cant find it in himself to be annoyed with her
  • akane is graced with the huge honor of being able to sit next to and watch kenma play games
  • the team even lets her practice with them sometimes; they think she could go far with her absolutely brutal plays
  • akane is the most adorable thing in the world and the boys are compelled to protect their ‘ little sister ‘
  • protect akane yamamoto at all costs
  • bow down nekoma’s princess

round 6 of assorted headcanons!! also, pokemon go is supposed to launch in japan soon (it got delayed due to a leak or something?) so i had some headcanons for those.

  • kuramochi actually knows how to play violin well. his mother made him learn as a child and he had some natural talent. he quit as soon as he joined the baseball team in middle school and if anyone asks he most certainly does not know how to play.
  • once the team went to a karaoke bar and when it was eijun’s turn to sing everyone groaned bc they thought he was a terrible singer and would sing some bad pop song. he actually sung endless by sakanaction and he was amazing.
  • during his previous vacations, furuya spent literally all of his time practicing at home. when furuya went home to hokkaido, the golden week after spring koshien, he was secretly hoping to run into hongou and constantly went on runs around komadai. hongou was nowhere to be seen. he gave up after two days but ended up running into him when his mom dragged him along on a grocery shopping trip. hongou was with his parents and didn’t acknowledge furuya at all.
  • since chris has completely healed and is playing baseball again, the team tries to go see his games as much as possible. they even ditched school for it once and got in huge trouble with both chris and coach kataoka.
  • eijun has declared that he wants to get into chris’s college, join the baseball team there (bc let’s be real any team with chris is probably amazing) and form a battery with him. miyuki is jealous but hasn’t even realized he’s jealous and has trouble accepting any of eijun’s requests to practice.
  • when pokemon go was finally launched in japan, kataoka has to confiscate the boys’ phones bc they were too busy playing pokemon go during practice. eventually they reached a compromise. instead of running laps around the field, they can run laps around tokyo while catching pokemon like that and if the app doesn’t track enough kilometers by the time they get back, they have to run laps around the field. they tend to get back pretty late.
  • even the managers have started to join them on their runs.
  • eijun runs around tokyo with a phone in his hand and two tires around him. he looks like a huge dumbass.
  • sometimes the boys run into narumiya or shun or other boys from rival schools who are doing the same thing while playing pokemon go. half the time they end up looking for pokemon together.
  • sometimes the boys even run into some of the former third-years who are going to uni in tokyo.
  • eijun is the kind of person who catches every single pokemon no matter how weak it is for the exp. he’s part of team valor.
  • furuya is TERRIBLE at throwing pokeballs so he’s always out of them. he’s part of team instinct.
  • haruichi is the first one in the team to catch a pikachu. he’s part of team mystic.
  • if miyuki finds a rare pokemon he tells everyone BUT eijun where it is. he’s part of team mystic.
  • kuramochi is so into pokemon go he’s constantly running into people or buildings on his runs. he’s part of team valor too.
  • raichi doesn’t have a smartphone and sanada actually isn’t that into pokemon go, so he lets raichi play. it’s a win-win situation bc raichi gets to play pokemon go and sanada doesn’t have to run (raizou found out early on that the kilometers recorded on the app were raichi’s so now sanada has to run laps around the field while everyone else is running around the city).

The thing is, my gender dysphoria has shaped so much of who I am. I am an awkward, reclusive person because most social situations felt absolutely terrible to me–when I was in all-girls’ spaces, which was common in kindergarten through middle school, I felt terrible and gawky and wrong and like a total interloper, which I didn’t realize was due to the fact that I literally didn’t belong in an all-girls’ space. Interacting with boys also felt weird, because until high school or so, boy-girl interactions always play out with the palpable awareness that the other person is, literally, The Other.

The only way I could cope was through utilizing all of the feminism and Girl Power that I could understand as a young kid. I was a one-person ambassador showing everyone all the things that a woman Didn’t Have To Be, utilizing all the rage of the bookish tomboy that there ever has been. I still miss, sometimes, feeling that I was sticking up for women by defying people’s expectations for me. I thought I was the only girl on my middle school’s mathlete team. It kind of hurts to know that that was an all-boy team after all–it hurts because…because young girls deserve better than that.

I can’t write any more about this because it’ll trigger my dysphoria something fierce. 

I had a conversation with my mom yesterday about growing up.

I’m in that awkward, adult but not really stage; out of college but not really in a stable job or knowing what I want to do with my life that I know so many of you are in right now. It’s super frustrating and scary and confusing and all sorts of negative adjectives.

Well my mom told me something that made total sense. We’re in the middle school stage of adulthood.

Remember middle school? Fucking middle school? It’s that transition between being a child and a teenager. Everyone is transitioning at different times, some people are happier/more mature than others  and some people are really struggling. But everything is  awkward and confusing and terrible, just like being a young adult.

It’s going to suck, there’s no denying it. But there are some gems. You might meet life long friends, find a skill you’re really good at, at the very least, realize what you don’t want to do when you grow up.

And we’ll make it through this. It’s going to be a couple of years of our lives that will make us cringe when we look back on them. But we’ll learn a lot about ourselves and about life and in the end, be better, happier people.

We made it through middle school, we can make it through this.

Everyone is only into the idea that their grades “don’t define them” only when they’re getting bad ones. At all other times, we’re happy to trumpet someone’s 4.0 as proof of his or her brilliance/dedication/morals.

There is a middle between the extremes, you know. Grades give little to no context and are thus a terrible source of holistic information and are by no means proportionate to your worth as a person. But do they say something? Yes. Is there a good reason why grad and professional schools look at them? Yes.

I don’t think this is that hard of a middle to agree upon.

A small list of things I have done drunk

-walked home naked
-thrown up in an ihop at 8 am
-escaped the cops by jumping out of a second-story window (twice)
-used acrylic paint to paint a guy’s car yellow in the middle of the night (he was not happy in the morning)
-stole a cat (from the guy whose car I painted, on a separate occasion)
-convinced a group of people at a bar that I was a lawyer and gave everyone terrible legal advice
-found myself in the middle of a forest fire
-ran into a group of dudes from my high school and forced them to give a presentation they gave in AP government where they rapped about the constitution.
-fell down the side of a mountain (twice, 3 years apart)
-fought a guy for making a rape joke and won
-emailed my professor and asked him to drive me to class (he said yes)
-slapped someone in the face with a flip flop

Umm I’m pretty glad I’m a quote “weird girl” tbh like… It was terrible in middle school, it wasn’t much better in high school, by college it started to be good, and now that I’m nearing adulthood it’s like … Hell Yes…. I love being gay, I love being an artist, I love being A Little Off in a lot of ways, i love being uncool, I love not being everyone’s cup of tea. I wish I could’ve known it was gonna be okay. I wish someone had told me that while I was a young teen. Someone probably did, and I just didn’t believe them! Idk I just like being me like… It’s not all easy and it’s not all fun, but a lot of the time growing up has felt like all the suffering of younger me is finally worth it bc I got a really strong sense of identity out of that! It’s cool to learn to love yourself after spending so long hating yourself tbh.

To everyone who is super passionate about music (or anything really, but I say music Bc that is personal to me) and you have had a teacher tell you that you can’t play music

My god don’t listen to them. Keep going. Keep learning from people who aren’t actually terrible. Keep working at the things you love.

My high school choir teacher told me because I was “sensitive” and because of my body type I wouldn’t be successful singing. But I loved singing. I kept going. Now I’m studying music in a great school I love, I’m going to be working with an opera company in New York this summer, and I have never loved music more.

Please keep going. Your passion is worth ten times more than the terrible things one teacher tells you.