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One Direction Preference : Your Child Gets Jealous Of Him Being Gone On Tour All The Time (Teenage Kids) *Requested*

Louis: “Dad, why are you leaving again already? You just got back two weeks ago!” Your fourteen year old daughter, Brittany, asked her father. “You just got back!” she said again and Louis sighed as he answered his daughter. “It’s my job, Britt!” “You always say that!” she screamed. “You’re always gone performing around the world, leaving me here at home. I love mom dearly but have you ever thought about how much i want my dad home too? You’ve already missed so much of my life dad. I think the fans know more about me and my accomplishments than you!” “That’s not true.” he says and Brittany crossed her arms. “What’s my best friend’s name.” Louis sighed. “It’s Cora.” Brittany was full out crying now. “Her name is Lucy dad, see, you don’t even know me.” She then walked away leaving Louis in a state in which he didn’t know what to do.

Zayn: “Where’s dad?” your fifteen year old son, Justin asked you and you finished taking clothes out of the dryer and once your son saw them, he knew what was up. “He’s leaving for tour again?” You nod. “Yeah, he’s upstairs, doing something to get ready.” you reply and Justin ran up the stairs and saw Zayn sitting at his desk, scribbling some notes down on his notepad. “Dad?” Justin asked and Zayn looked up. “Yeah?” “Can i go on tour with you?” Zayn sighed. “You have to stay here with your mom.” “Why can i never go on tour with you? Are you ashamed of me as your son?” Zayn dropped his pen. “Of course i’m not.” “Then why can’t i go with you? I know how to protect myself, i want to go. I’m tired of you always leaving me and mom alone! You always leave and it’s just me and her. All of my friends talk about cool things they get to do with their dads and when they ask me about you, i can’t tell them anything cool because you’re never home to do anything with me. Do you ever think of your son before your fans dad?”

Harry: When Harry walked in the door, coming home from a long tour, he did not expect to see your teenage daughter, Lea, waiting up for him. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” She was angry. “Dad, you said you’d be home on time, but you weren’t.” “What are you talking about?” he dropped some of his bags as she stood up. “Dad, you missed my last ever softball game of high school. You missed my graduation rehearsal, nearly missed my graduation, it’s tomorrow by the way if you didn’t know. Also, you missed Zoey’s middle school graduation. Christian wanted you to go on that camping trip with him, but you weren’t. Mom’s been going through hell trying to keep up with us all and we’re trying to make it easy on her, but it’s hard when you’re on tour, not even calling to check up on things, see what we’re up to, what’s coming up next. I’m tired of you going on tour and forgetting about the rest of us dad, you may be able to forget about us, but you have no idea how hard it is to forget about you. Good night dad.”

Niall: “So, how was everyone while i was on tour?” he asked at the head of the table and your four year old son, Zevi, was all too happy to tell his father about the new friends he had made at school but your teenage daughters Brooklyn and Ariana, didn’t want to talk to their father about anything. “What’s wrong with you two?” he asked and you were about to answer for them, nicer then what they were going to be, but you were too late. “Oh i don’t know dad, maybe living the lives we have that you don’t seem to care about.” “What makes you say i don’t care?” he asked starting to get angry and Brooklyn stood from the table. “Maybe the fact that i got pregnant and we called to tell you and you never called back and i know for a fact you got the message because Uncle Liam called to congratulate me and tell me he was scared because i was so young, but he’d still help, Uncle Harry, Louis and Zayn said the same thing. My uncles said something dad, but not you, my father.” Ariana decided it was her turn. “When you’re on tour dad, do you consider the fans your family and forget about the one you helped create? Do you even think of us when you’re gone? I can tell you right now, i don’t know about mom, but to me, Zevi is the only one who’s happy about you being back home.”

Liam: Having a son barely into his teenage years was hard enough but when you had to deal with him by yourself because Liam was gone on tour, you wanted to lose your mind. You were more then happy to see that Liam was home, but not your son, he was not happy at all, he was jealous. “Were the fans happy to see you?” he asked Liam the day after he came home and Liam nodded. “They were, why?” “Because i’m not.” Liam could’ve sworn he felt a piece of him break. “Why not?” “Because you’re always on tour and not home with me. I know it’s your job but dad, mom can’t do everything and right now, i need you to help me and you’re not here to help me through it. Mom’s been trying her best, but i need you here, i don’t need you on tour away trying to make other people’s day. I need you here to make mine, you’re never here anymore. I want my dad back.” he said and with his weird state, your son wanted to break down and cry and you gave him a small hug and Liam had long ago stopped eating his food, focusing his attention on his son. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Brandon.” Brandon stood up. “Yeah i’m sorry too. I’m sorry my mom’s doing more for me then my father is.”