middle progeny

cforbes-progeny  asked:

❤ ━ do you have any crackships for your muse(s)?

MUN RELATED: send me one ( or more ) of the following.

hahahaha oh man you’ve opened a can of worms. #DONTJUDGE


  • stefan and matt (because I CAN. that’s why)
  • stefan and vicki (because of how he was like her mentor when she turned it was so nice)
  • stefan and elijah (it’s just too cute they’re so moral and they just wanna be good) 


  • lexi and klaus (IDK WHY i just have this NEED to try them)
  • lexi and matt (i relly relly like matt)
  • lexi and tyler (bc shes so level and hes so hotheaded and like she can calm him down and …. yeah im trash like that)