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Actual--Quartermaster’s 00Q rec list:

A collection of amazing works that deserve all the praise. Warnings are added to fics with major concerning aspects, however, be prepared for canon typical violence and sexual content in pretty much every fic– I mean, this is James Bond, he’d manage to get into a knife fight even in a coffee shop AU.

Quriosity by dr_girlfriend

Words: 80495  Chapters: 33/33

Bond finds himself increasingly curious about his enigmatic Quartermaster.

“Your prior hotel is no longer secure, I will direct you to a new location. Your luggage has already been transferred. A field agent and medic from the Diréction Générale de la Sécurité d'État will be waiting at the side entrance. I have cleared them both personally.” In contrast to his crisp dry English, Q’s pronunciation of the French words was fluid and flawless, the throaty tone of the fricatives sending a surprising jolt of awareness straight to Bond’s cock — all the more remarkable given his degree of blood loss.

“You’re wasted on Q-branch, you have the voice for a phone-sex call-in line.” The words slipped out of Bond’s mouth without forethought, although he had plenty of time to think in the sudden pause that came afterward and stretched on for endless moments. Bond hadn’t realized until now how Q was always there, with an immediate reply. In all their banter Q had never before been at a loss for words. Ever.


I reread this fic at least once every few months, it’s that good. I have it saved in the pdfs on my phone for car rides and vacations. This fic stays so true to the characters, with everything from Q’s unceasing exasperation to Bond’s cheeky carelessness. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that it doesn’t follow my “Q is a Holmes brother” headcanon. Honestly, if you haven’t read this fic yet, it’s probably the one you’ve been looking for.


Human Error by thejabberwock

Words: 86107   Chapters: 14/14

007 is the perfect assassin, an artificial intelligence with the ability to think for itself. Human emotions were never meant to be part of its programming, and Q was never meant to be anything more than its creator.


Okay, this was so good, I had to contact the author (@bondsboffin) in the middle of it being written. I was going out of my mind. Bond is so complex and the style is just so intriguing. Honestly, this is the kind of fic that will make you roll on the floor in angst.


Blue-Eyed Monster by Only_1_Truth

Words: 118362   Chapters: 23/23

Yes, this version of 007 was a terrifyingly smart agent, and M wondered long and often whether it had been a good idea to promote him to the position. Usually, the title was the dangerous part - being 007 meant deadliness - but this time, M feared that a certain man with ice-blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair had dragged in more danger to the title than it had previously possessed

Enter MI6’s new Quartermaster: an unassuming, bespectacled genius with no mind for subterfuge but plenty of genius behind a dry smile. Curious 00-agents and young boffins don’t always mix in predictable ways…


This made me cry the first time I read it. Full of humorous chess games, dangerous double 0’s, and domestic (well, at least as close as possible to anyway) Bond. A wonderful Skyfall rewrite.


Beautiful Creatures by 1MissMolly

Words: 63151  Chapters: 30/30

“You smell good,” Q’s drunk words were slurred and raspy.

“I’ve been told.” James smiled at the young man.

“Stay here, I want to snuggle.”


“Snuggle, be my teddy bear.”

“What!? I could blackmail you for that comment.” James joked but Q was already snoring lightly. His arms still wrapped tight around James neck. The older man gave in, convincing himself it was only because Q wanted him there. James own wishes and desires were not pushing him to lay beside Benjamin. The reason he was here, he told himself over and over again, was to protect the quartermaster. His scent and angelic face had nothing to do with it. At least that what he tried to tell himself.

Bond discovers that his quartermaster is an omega, which would be fine, except someone is murdering the omegas that work for MI6.

Very slow build of coworkers to friends to something more. Working together to fight against the monsters in the dark.


Warning: A/B/O fic. An extremely well done one at that. Despite the summary, Q can hold his own, which was awesome to read. A complex plot and amazing development, overall a great read.


Brevity and Opulence by loveindirtytrenchcoats

Words: 7777   Chapters: 1/1

There’s no time to grab anything to defend himself with, because the first hinge on the door snaps open with a bang, and the second follows on the next hit. The door rips backwards, thrown to the floor by the same man Q had been in the ski lift with, who smiles menacingly and draws a knife from his jacket. The Quartermaster wonders how long it will take for James to realise he’s missing.

Before the henchman even gets in his first hit, Q knows it’ll be too late.


Short and sweet, a fix-it fic for Spectre. The best fix-it fic I’ve read at that.


The Love Song of James Bond by Fightyourdragon

Words: 103853   Chapters: 17/17

“Knowing your history, and adding to it the fact that I am not entirely unaffected by sharing a bed with you, I think it would be pointless to pretend that we are going to able to share this house for the next two weeks without fucking over every available surface.” Q smiles at the look of shock on James’ face. Clearly he hadn’t been expecting such a direct approach and Q presses on before he has a chance to recover. “However, when it happens it will happen on my terms.”

There was definitely a significant gap between the time Bond was breaking down over M’s death in the chapel to the time a confident Bond walked into Mallory’s office to accept his newest assignment. What, or more importantly, who, put him back together again? Basically, lots of porn with plot.


Warning: BDSM. A majority of this fic is two idiots on an island, fucking and making friends with the old couple who own the local pub. It’s the most weirdly domestic thing I’ve ever read, and its beautiful.


Bal-Chatri by Kryptaria

Words: 46402   Chapters: 14/14

Rising through the ranks at MI6 is enough to erode anyone’s ability to trust. The agents of the Double O program all take paranoia one step further, elevating it to an art form. But everyone needs one person to trust – even James Bond. Now, Q just has to figure out how to convince him of that.

Bal-Chatri: A versatile trap used to humanely catch all types of birds, including birds of prey.


Warning: BDSM. Part of a three part series, and, honestly, it’s beautiful. Q is patient and kind, and together they work through Bond’s problems.


Synchronicity by stereobone

Words: 7600   Chapters: 1/1

It goes on like that for months, and then Q realizes that James Bond is “hanging out” at his flat.


Another short and sweet fic, and actually the softest thing I’ve ever read. James is just so gentle and Q treats him like he deserves. Good rainy day read.


Return the Conquering Hero by 1MissMolly

Words: 41596  Chapters: 14/14

Bond and Trevelyan are sent in to rescue a mysterious hacker out of a corrupt prison. They don’t know who sent them in or how to get the young man out. But the longer they stay in the prison, the more Bond becomes attracted to the young hacker.


Warning: major rape/non-con elements, but nothing truly horrid happens to our boys. Not the most satisfying ending but lovely nonetheless, one of those fics you wouldn’t mind a sequel to. Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love Alec Trevelyan being included? Because this pushes all those buttons.


Redamancy by opalescentgold

Words: 80627   Chapters: 7/8

If you write something on your skin, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well.

James doesn’t quite fall in love over physics discussions and cheeky book quotes and coding and riddles inked onto his skin, but he comes close.

And then he actually meets Q.


It’s not finished yet, I know. But, this fic is so good, I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure I read it in under two nights (that’s with a full time job and full time school). This fic highlights the true discrepancy in age between Bond and Q, and is a whole lot of angst at points, and it’s delightful.


Distraction by Pasteles

Words: 269   Chapters: 1/1

James Bond is an impatient bastard.


Putting this in here because my lovely @actual–007 wrote this for me, AND I OPENED IT WHILE I WAS AT CHURCH THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But, it’s lovely and so is she.

anonymous asked:

I have the hardest time ending my stories. Beginnings are fine and middles are managable...but when it comes to ending....I never seem to know when or how. Part of me just never wants it to end till I get bored and suddenly want it to end with no idea how or a good place or maybe not end it till everyone is dead and there is absolutely nothing left to possibly tell because the world is gone...but that's no good. Advice for ending and how and when?

Thanks for your question, darling!  I totally understand the pressure of crafting an ending.  A novel’s conclusion forces the reader to assess the whole story from top to bottom – the themes, the message, and the resolution of all the plots and subplots.  And the more you love your story, the more difficult it is to let go.

It’s hard to tell you where to end your story without knowing anything about your story, but I can tell you a few things your ending will need.  This should help you narrow down your options :)

Traits of a Strong Ending

  • Reward – Whether your ending is happy or sad, it should give the reader some sort of reward for their patience and dedication to the story.  The reward should be based on the journey of the story: for instance, a story built on character development shouldn’t end with all the characters’ deaths.  However, reward does not always mean success.  A good example is School of Rock, which doesn’t end in the stereotypical “victory,” but still rewards the reader through the character development and relationships cultivated.
  • Character Change – A strong ending will not only include, but showcase the development of the main character/s, bringing it to a resolution or at least giving hope for more development to come.  If your character has spent the whole story learning to be brave, the ending should show how far they’ve come – a display of bravery.  If your character’s journey involves their mortality, or their dedication to a cause, or their love for someone, a death or self-sacrifice ending may be more appropriate.
  • A Question – Endings should provide plenty of answers, of course, but they should also prompt the reader to question something.  If your story is big on politics, morality, or beliefs, it should leave the reader questioning their own politics, morality, or beliefs.  If your story revolves around a character or a place or a mystery, the reader should have something to wonder about that character, place, or mystery.  This is key to making sure your story sticks with readers long after it’s finished.
  • Familiarity – If your characters spend the whole story in a few key settings or activities, this should be tied into the ending.  A story that takes place in Washington D.C. for twenty-four chapters shouldn’t end in Honolulu; a story that revolves around drama and humor shouldn’t end in a grotesque horror scene.  Never do I stan for strict genre-keeping, but the ending should resemble the rest of the story in some way.  Otherwise, it will feel disconnected and surreal, leaving readers feeling hungover.
  • Finality – The ending of your story needs to be clearly the ending, even if nothing strictly “The End”-like happens.  This is one reason why Friends and Parks and Recreation, both character-centric comedies, score very differently on their endings.  Friends had a definitive ending that gave viewers closure, while Parks had a painfully open ending with no landmarks – nothing you could point toward and say, “This is what happened in the last episode.  This is how it ended.”  Whatever you do, however you end this story, end it.  Don’t let it feel uncertain.

That’s all I’ve got, but if you still need help, you can send us another ask with more information :)  Until then, I wish you good luck and a happy ending!  Or a sad ending.  Or a bittersweet ending, but you know what I mean.

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

I trust you

Summary: the reader watches a scary movie with Bucky, but after a bet things escalate pretty quickly. 

word count: 2267

Authors note: GUYS I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!! I don’t know how I did it; but its THE perfect mixture of smut and fluff!! 

You were excitedly making your way to the compounds living room, expecting everyone else to be at the bar. When you walked into the room you saw Bucky sitting on the couch, absentmindedly flicking through channels.

When you entered the room he picked his head up, “Hey doll, what’s up?”. You still got butterflies in your stomach each time he called you that, even if you knew it was just a name.

You raised at eyebrow, “Aren’t you supposed to be at Mels with the rest of them?”. You watched that infamous smirk of his form upon his lips.

Leaning back into the couch he said, “You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re excited to see me doll”. You rolled your eyes, hoping it would hide your blush.

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anonymous asked:

Do you read Trek fanfiction? If so do you have any Spock/Kirk recs?

Do I read fanfiction? Oh sweet summer anon, yes. Yes I do. Far too much. I’ve been going through as many Spirk fics as I can for a few weeks now so I def have some recs lined up for you…

I’ll go ahead and say this now before someone asks me; yes, I prefer TOS as a whole over AOS in terms of actual media (AOS has quiet a few issues) BUT as far as fanworks go? (Fan art, fics, edits, ect.) I have no preference at all. A big part of why I love Star Trek so much is how multifaceted it really is? There are canon multiverses and that’s so amazing for fans to play with, and I genuinely enjoy all the different takes that people come up with. Plus I love my Jims equally. There will be no HazelvsBlue discourse found here, folks.

Anyway here are my two favorite fics that I’ve come across so far:

AOS: The Sum of Both of Us - Jim Kirk is nine when a massacre on Tarsus IV leaves him without a family and without a home. Spock is twelve when a strange boy in the desert saves his sehlat. Families aren’t born; they’re made.

TOS: Sha Ka Ree - The year is 2258. Jim Kirk is a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Farragut, Spock the science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. When the ships come together for a priority landing party, these two strangers find themselves fighting against the odds for a chance at life in an alien world, and the only way they’ll make it through is by relying on each other.

Okay now I’m putting the remaining recs under the cut before this gets way too long. 

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Supernatural:  10 Things I Learned From Tonight’s Episode.

Season 12, Episode 12:  “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

*SPOILERS!  (Duh.)*

1.  Blatant Tarantino references are abound, and I love every second of it.

2.  Dean is persistently uncool with anyone hitting on his man.  

Check out them Rage Dimples. 

3.  Dean has a unique approach towards “teaching Cas to flirt.” 

I.e. unabashedly flirting with him himself.

4.  It’s been shown time and time again that keeping secrets on this show is never, ever a good idea, and it almost invariably leads to someone almost dying.  And yet, everyone inexplicably continues to do so.

Evidently, it runs in the family.

5.  Nevertheless, Mary canonically considers Cas to be part of her family, takes shit from no one, and it is beautiful.

6.  Even after all these seasons, Supernatural still knows how to make my heart stop.

And hurt like a bastard.

7.  Cas has now canonically told Dean he loves him.

Moreover, it was immediately followed up by “I love all of you,” implying that the first one was addressed specifically to Dean. 

Also, the simple act of a male-presenting character saying “I love you” on this show is a tremendous step towards emotional health for everyone involved. 

8.  Dean unarguably loves Cas back.

Dean refusing to leave Cas behind (even at the possible cost of his own life) is all I’ve ever wanted from this show yet it makes me want to rip my lungs out every time I get it.

Also, look at his face.  This is the face of a creature with zero sense of self worth realizing he means something to his family and friends.  Just, fuck me up, SPN.

9.  I was sure this ep would end in tragedy, but instead it ended with Dean tenderly escorting his recovering boyfriend home.

God bless you, Andrew Dabb.

10.  Castiel, Angel of the Lord, is one of the most dynamic, three-dimensional, and genuinely altruistic characters I have ever seen, and every time I think about him and how far he’s come I get an ache in my chest because it’s so damn beautiful.  

Nothing to add here, just my incoherent wailing. 

Rating:  11/10.  This episode is everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Excluding an explicit confirmation of gayness (which would always be ideal), it was a perfect tribute to the enduring love between Cas, Dean, and his human family.  Well done, SPN!     

GIF credits: @flydestiel, @lowsodiumfreaks, @novaks, @bennylafitte, @codestielckles, @ahoyspn, @angvlicmish.

hey just wanna say before Forces is out…regardless of how it turns out, whether it’s amazing or whether it’s a let-down, I will always remember how proud and happy I was of Sega for introducing the Custom Character creation. Personally, I don’t see it as ‘just fan-service’, it feels like they’re acknowledging and validating a huge and wonderfully creative part of the fandom, backing them up and giving a huge middle finger to the haters.
It was a brave choice and a fresh idea. Good game or not, I’ll never forget the sheer joy that announcement brought to me and so many fans.

Voltron with everything my friends and I have said (Part II)
  • Hunk: Guys, I love the weather today. It's like the first day of school again. Meeting beautiful people again. *sighs* So melanchonic
  • Pidge: It's fuckin windy af
  • ...
  • Keith: Hey, I'm at soup. Want some stuff?
  • Lance: What? You are? I thought you were staying home?
  • Keith: bitch, you just fuckin ruined the joke
  • Lance: okayokay *rewinds time* what kinda stuff?
  • Keith: Gay shit.
  • ...
  • Allura: Be alert for the drill, everyone
  • Hunk: Pssst, Pidge, I smell like maple syrup and pancakes
  • Keith: I liek hippos
  • ...
  • Shiro: My life has meaning once again, thank you.
  • Keith: I was awoken by the sound of mockery? where is it? where is thy object of ridicule
  • Pidge: *shows a picture of Shiro twerking*
  • Shiro: My life has no meaning again.
  • Lance: Good day!
  • Shiro: absolute cunt.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Lance: when the bitch is so hot, you call her HOTDOG
  • Keith: When the bitch is so hot but skinny af, Hotdog in a stick
  • Pidge: But when that bitch has the good booty, Hotdog in buns
  • ...
  • Allura: This family needs jesus
  • Pidge: God is dead.
  • Keith: The pugs have killed him
  • ...
  • Lance: *sends a pic of a teddy shark*
  • Lance: God himself, life change event
  • ...
  • Zarkon: *talking*
  • Shiro: *pulls a middle finger*
  • Everyone gasp
  • Shiro: *makes a peach sign*
  • ...
  • Allura: I'm usually that person who has no fuckin idea what's going on
  • ...
  • Lotor: You can't disappoint your family if you never made them proud in the first place.

-this is a fanfiction about harry and it’s going to be different, i know some people won’t like it but if you do please read on-

description- “when will you understand that I don’t love you, I never will”

part 2: https://imagines-s.tumblr.com/post/164939964312/unworthy-chapter-2-this-is-a-fanfiction-about

“Harry stop!” I screamed as Harry threw cake batter on my hair.

“Never!” He shouted while rubbing it all over me. I laughed as I tried to get away from his strong grip on my arm. We had just stopped watching a cooking show on Netflix and decided that it was a good idea to try and bake something ourselves. Spoiler, it wasn’t. We didn’t even know how to start. Now I was in the middle of a food fight with Harry and batter all over my hair. As I was trying to grab batter to throw at Harry the phone ringed. “I’ll grab it!” Harry exclaimed while running to his phone that was on the couch. I smiled at his cuteness as I watched him run to his phone.

“You’re so cute” I said to him and he blew me a kiss. I looked at the kitchen and realized what a big mess we had made and decided to start cleaning up. As I was cleaning I heard a loud thump coming from the living room. “Harry what happened?” I asked smiling thinking that Harry had slipped and fallen. Knowing how clumsy he is it would have been possible. I started to worry as I didn’t get an answer back and walked to the living room. “Harry?” I questioned. When I walked into the living room I saw Harry on the floor with his head between his knees crying, his phone on the ground next to him. I immediately kneeled down next to him and asked him what was wrong. When he didn’t respond I grabbed his phone to see who had called, it was Gemma his sister, she was still on the line. “Hello” I said.

“Mila is that you?” Gemma asked sobbing. I immediately began to worry. What could have happened?

“Yes, It’s me Gemma It’s me. What happened, Why are you crying?” I asked impatiently, worry lingering in my voice.

“It’s my mom, she passed away.” Gemma sobbed. I gasped. I couldn’t believe it, Anne passed away. A tear ran down my cheek as i realized why Harry was on the floor crying.

“Gemma, i’m so so sorry for your loss, I can’t believe this happened. Me and Harry are going to take the next flight back to England. Once again sorry for your loss.” I rapidly said as I hung up the phone. I didn’t know what to do. I had never been through this and didn’t know how to help Harry. I kneeled down next to him and rubbed his back, he was still crying. Seeing him like this was horrible I couldn’t even begin to imagine what Harry was going through, I didn’t want to see the love of my life in so much pain. Harry was always really close to his mom, he would tell me stories about his childhood and how his mom was always there for him. You could tell he really loved her as his eyes lit up anytime he mentioned her. “Harry, i’m sorry” I said to him while rubbing his back. He continued crying. We stayed like that for about 10 more minutes until he finally spoke.

“Leave me alone” Harry said harshly. His head was still in between his knees and he didn’t look up at me when he spoke. I decided it was best for him to have some time alone as he was going through a hard time. I went into the kitchen and grabbed him some water and cookies and put it next to him. It hurt me seeing him like this but there was nothing I could do.

1 year later

Harry hadn’t been the same since that night. I had fallen asleep and by the time I woke up he was gone. The water and cookies I left him were still in the same spot untouched.
I called his phone multiple times that day but he never answered. I even called some of his friends to ask if they had seen him but they had no idea where he was. It was 2 days later when I found out Harry had taken a flight to England to visit his sister. Gemma called me telling me that he was fine and wished to be left alone. She asked kindly that I would stop calling him. It hurt knowing Harry didn’t want to talk to me. He was the love of my life and I would have done anything to get him back to his old self.

He came back 4 months later after management had told him to. They said that things would work out after he came back home and that things would be back to the way they were after some time alone together, but they weren’t. Harry never talks to me anymore. We live in the same house and he can’t even look at me. I try to talk to him but he just shoves me away. He only ever talks to me when it’s necessary or when we have to do something for publicity. He looks at me with cold eyes, as if I did something to him. I would never hurt Harry, I would never leave him, even if he always left me.

it’s a perfectly nice space day at the space castle when suddenly everything is shaking and falling apart as the roar of a pissed off lion reverberates through the corridors. the noise comes from the infirmary. the hangar and the infirmary have become one room now, as have the other rooms between them, courtesy of large lion-shaped holes connecting them. one of the cryogenic pods is lying in the middle of the room, clearly having been ripped from its station. wires are still sparking from the destroyed machinery. the fucking red lion herself is hulking over two shivering figures on the floor, her lower body still in the dance hall, her tail in the kitchen.

everything is quiet.

a part of the metal ceiling crushes down.

Coran screams.

Allura shuts down.

Shiro cries.

Pidge and Hulk deal.

everyone screams when the red lion opens her mouth to fire up a heat beam. blankets and canisters of hot spacegoo soup are set flying at the shivering duo in the middle of the room. the screaming continues.

Lance and Keith learn that making out against an active cryogenic pod is never a good idea.

Effy Stonem Back to School Guide

This is mainly based on Effy in school in season 3 and season 4. All pictures are not mine, however all of the edits are so if you use any please give credit! Hope you enjoy, if you have anymore questions my ask is always open :)


Here is a list of all outfits Effy wore to school that I recreated. But, Effy basically wears the same type of clothes no matter where she goes. So if you want more inspiration you can find more outfits on my outfit recreation page which can be found here.

Also here are three outfits for school that I created inspired by Effy’s style: 

What would Effy wear to gym class?
This is probably the time where she would wear leggings. Go for black leggings, a graphic muscle tee or tshirt, and converse. 

How can I wear Effy type clothes if I have a strict dress code?
Modify the outfits to your dress code! You can replace fishnets and sheer tights with darker matte tights, leggings, leather/disco pants, or jeans. Look for longer dresses and skirts. You can also cover your shoulders with a flannel, leather jacket, denim jacket, and cardigan.

How can I make my school uniform more Effy?
Focus on jewelry and shoes! For shoes stick with combat boots and converse. Wear lots of jewelry such as gold and silver long necklaces and black plastic bracelets, chunky bracelets, and studded bracelets. Occasionally Effy wears hats like a gray knit beanie and black fedora, so you can also wear those!

School Supplies

We only see Effy wear two types of bags; a black and white tote and a leather purse. Now in the world of Skins, that size of a bag might work, but I prefer larger backpacks that will fit all of my supplies. Here are some Effy inspired backpacks! Also here you will find Effy school bag essentials.

 Effy strikes me as someone who doesn’t bring a lot of supplies. Just very light weight items that are necessary for school. Most of her supplies have black and white geo print on them. Here are some more inspired items.

In the show we only get these short looks at Effy’s locker. The only stuff she has in there are a few pictures and her books. Out of experience this is the best way to go. The more stuff you have in there (like a locker shelf, mirror, magnets, containers, etc) the harder it will be to clear out at the end of the year. So like Effy keep it simple!


Season 3:
Effy’s makeup in season three was more intense (although not as intense as her party looks) and more put together. Usually she would use a black pencil liner to line the top and bottom of her eye, put on a good amount of mascara, and top that of with a little gray eyeshadow. For the days she’s feeling more girly (picture on right) add some lip gloss and some blush. 

Season 4:
In season 4 Effy became more vulnerable and it shows in her makeup. Her dark makeup that she used as a shield became lighter. For me, I think this a better everyday makeup look since its easier and doesn’t take as much time. She still uses a black pencil liner but only a little on her top lid and on top of that the only thing she wears is mascara. 


These are the main hairstyles we see Effy wear at school. On the left she keeps her hair down and naturally wavy but she takes the front hair pieces and pins it back in a slight poof. In the middle she keeps her hair down with it parted to the side and straightened. Occasionally she’ll wear this style with a headband. On the right Effy’s wearing her hair down and parted to the side, it is also in its natural curl, but for those with straight hair like me it’s probably a good idea to invest in a good curling wand or braid your hair the night before.

Gym hairstyles
Although we never see Effy in gym, I would assume she would wear her hair like this. The middle picture shows her hair in two messy fishtail braids, if you don’t know how to do this style, there are a ton of great tutorials you can find on youtube. The other two pictures show Effy with a ponytail. It’s almost the same style as the left picture above, but this time instead of her hair down it’s up. Also she keeps a few strands of hair out. 


Would Effy join school clubs or sports?
Effy isn’t the type to really join anything. But please don’t let that stop you from trying new things and doing what you like. Colleges/universities love to see students participating in extra curricular activities. So please please please don’t not join clubs or sports just because Effy wouldn’t. 

How can I act like Effy at school?
Walk the halls with confidence. Observe and know what’s going on. And don’t give away too much about yourself. Ultimately when you’re a teenager it’s the time to figure out who you are. So getting inspiration from someone like Effy isn’t always a bad thing, just don’t try to be an exact copy of her and don’t adopt her bad traits.Take her confidence and brains!

Would Effy get good grades? Would she raise her hand? 
Effy is smart. We know that because she was in a private school that would expell her if she didn’t meet grade expectations. The reason she didn’t get good grades in season 4 was because she was really struggling with her mental illness. Short answer, yes she would if she is mentally well. Effy is quiet and observant she’s not really the type to raise her hand unless she needed to leave the room. But hey, if you know the answer to a question and you’re not afraid to raise your hand go for it! 

What would Effy eat for lunch?
I think she would eat something really simple. In Naomi’s episode in season 3 we see Effy eating some sort of a sandwich. Besides a sandwich she would probably also have a bag of chips and for some reason I’m thinking an apple haha. Go for what you like to eat just keep it simple!

What books would Effy read for school?
We see Effy reading “Georges Braque: A life” by Alex Danchev and “The Demon Headmaster” by Gillian Cross (but that’s a children’s book). In school the skins kids were reading “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Also Effy in season 2 read greek myths to Tony, you might be able to get away with reading that. 

Again if you need help with anything specific or feel as if there is a topic I didn’t cover feel free to leave me a message. Soon I will have more back to school advice from my personal experience on my own blog so keep an eye out for that :)x


Word Count: 1,427
Genre: I wouldn’t call it angst but also not fluff so middle ground i guess?
Member: Wonwoo (ft. hip hop unit)
Requested: Requested by @thatweirdotahlia, you’d asked for either wonwoo or minghao and i ended up doing wonwoo cause i felt like it fit better, also this ended up being a really good idea and i might make a second part soon lol
Prompt: 13. “Humans are idiots.” and 17. “If you can’t wake up from the nightmare, maybe you’re not asleep.”

“What the actual hell is going on right now?” you asked yourself as you sprinted from one house to another, following some guy you had literally just met. All you know is that you woke up in the middle of some place you had never seen before, and it was dark. Not pitch black like it would be at midnight, but an eerie dull grey lightening that was unlike anything you’d ever seen before. There was no sun, no stars and no moon, so you couldn’t tell if it was morning or night. You had stood up from the ground you found yourself laying on only to hear a loud yell and soon enough you were running for a reason you knew not. They chased after you, what you could only assume to be weapons in their hands. Dogs, or the closest thing you could compare to dogs, chases after you, their teeth snapping at your heels as you ran. Only socks covered your feet, and the loose oversized t-shirt you had worn to bed the night before wasn’t cutting it against the cold weather outside. At least you had worn leggings to bed last night… or was it last night? You had no clue when it was, you were to concerned about getting away from the people chasing you. You had just dodged behind a house when someone reached out and grabbed you, pulling you a sharp ninety degrees that you wouldn’t have been able to make while running that fast. You were amazed you didn’t just fall and get dragged along as the hand pulled you. You looked at the hand gripping your arm, and followed it all the way to its owner’s face. It was a guy, a very handsome and very tall guy. He wore a light grey shirt that fit loosely to his body, and long white pants. As the two of you ran full speed between the dark gaps of the tightly placed buildings, his light brown hair became a complete mess. Why he was pulling you along and where to you had no idea. Why he wasn’t chasing you like the others was just as confusing. This must be a nightmare, you thought to yourself as you ran, your heart pounding in your throat and your feet barely touching the ground. It’s the only explanation, this is just a very traumatizing nightmare. 

You couldn’t hear the creature’s loud growls anymore, you couldn’t hear the loud yelling of the hoard of people that were once chasing you, it was much darker than before. You had absolutely no clue where you were, or who you were with, but what you did know was that you couldn’t freaking breath. You heaved over, resting your hands on your knees and coughing, gasping for breath. The tall guy let go over you and ran his hands threw his hair, pacing around a little. 

“What were you doing out there?! Are you crazy? Do you want to die?!” He questioned sternly in a whisper, not wanting to draw attention to himself. What a realistic nightmare Jesus. You thought to yourself, glancing up at the pacing guy. 

“Where… where am I? Who the heck are you?” you asked back, utterly confused. You stood up and looked around. You had somehow ended up underground maybe? You didn’t remember going underground…It must be the effects of the nightmare. 

“This place doesn’t have a name… it doesn’t deserve a name.” He answered, a darkness covering his face. 

“What about you? Do you have a name?” You asked, standing up straight, already finding something off about this guy. He looked at you for a minute. 

“Just follow me.” he mumbled. 

“And, why should I? Just because this is a dream doesn’t mean i have to trust everyone.” you stated.

“Do you want those people to find you again?” he questioned coldly. You swallowed, casting your gaze down to the cracked floor, then followed him.
You don’t know how long you walked, or where you were walking too, but you could tell you where going down, down to something, and that you wouldn’t be able to make it back by yourself. You had taken to many turns on the way down you had lost track a long time ago. The guy in front of you seemed to know full well where he was going. When you finally came to the opening of the long tunnel system you were shocked your brain could come up with something so amazing in a dream. It opened into a large cavern, dim lights lighting up just enough to see everything. Small huts lined the outside, slowly building inwards, but still leaving paths to navigate around each hut easily. It was like a small village underground. In the middle stood a large well, a dim blue light hanging over it, casting strange shadows everywhere.

“What on earth…” you whispered to yourself as you followed the guy into deeper into this small village. He took a few turns then walked up to one of the larger huts, and pushed the dark wood door open, gesturing for you to walk in. You were hesitant at first, but you’d come this far, if he was going to do anything it was too late. 

When you walked in, you found it much more homey than you’d imagined it to be. The dim, blue toned light stilled filled the hut, but a nice rug was laid out, and a small heater stood in the corner, making the entire hut warm compared to the frigid outside. There was a table, and then a few seats here and there, a few other doors that lead to who knows what, and then a ladder to what you assumed would be bedrooms. 

“Everyone come here!” The guy said, speaking louder than you’d ever heard before. His voice was strong, smooth and calming. You felt like you could listen to him talk forever and never grow tired of his voice. Footsteps filled the house and soon three other people emerged in front of you. 

“This dream is something else…” you whispered, staring at the three other attractive boys in front you. The tallest one had messy black hair and wore a tan sweater that was fraying at all its edges, as if he wore it every day, but his black pants didn’t look in such a bad shape. Next to him stood a guy with a greyish blond hair and wore a red turtleneck with red pants. Not what you had expected from anyone but he surprisingly made it work. The last guy had a head of dark brown hair and wore a blue patterned sweater that was clearly too big for him. His black pants looked a little too big as well, but he stood with confidence and a gaze that almost demanded your full attention. 

“Wonwoo, who is this?” The blue sweater guy asked. Wonwoo, who had lead you this entire time but spared to tell you his name, glanced over at you and raised an eyebrow as if to tell you to introduce yourself. You looked back at him for a second, but finally gave in. 

“Uh, I’m (y/n). Who are you guys? And where the heck am I?” you asked, wringing your hands together and looking around. 

“I’m Seungcheol,” the guy in the blue sweater introduced, then pointed to the guy with the greyish hair, “this is Vernon,” and then pointed to the tallest of the four, “and this is Mingyu. Of course, you know Wonwoo.” You looked over at Wonwoo and raised an eyebrow but he quickly glanced away. 

“What kind of freaking nightmare is this? Why haven’t I woken up yet if I know it’s a nightmare?” You asked, gaining blank stares from the four guys. Wonwoo let out a sigh. 

“If you can’t wake up from the nightmare, maybe you’re not asleep.” he said, and then in hit you. 

“Hold up, you’re telling me this isn’t a dream?” you almost yelled. The four of them looked at you with grim faces. 

“We’ve all be there.” Mingyu spoke up, trying to help. 

“How long have you guys been here?” you finally asked after a long time of silence. 

“Seungcheol has been there the longest,” Vernon started up, “about 6 years, Wonwoo and Mingyu have been here for 4 years, and I’ve been here for about 3 years now.” You could barely stand. 

“Why are we all here?” you asked with a shaky voice. 

“Humans are idiots.” Wonwoo said with a scowl.

Falling Out, Falling In (part 3)

One | Two | Three | fic tag

There’s something new in Chat Noir’s smile recently. An extra spring in his leaps over the city, an extra surge of power in his already impressive strength. The sight of this new something in him is an elixir in Ladybug’s own veins, and she has never ever felt so miraculous.

They are a team–have always been a team–but now their attacks are increasingly effective, their movements even more seamless than before. Her scruffy cat of a partner has always been elegant, even on their first day; when she was still Mlle. Maladroit and tripping over her feet and accidentally hitting him with her bandalore, he was already practically an expert with his baton and was leaping off to save Paris. Even then, he saw her as confident, strong, and reliable, and he played a big part in her decision to keep fighting. Even then, he was already a wonderful, beautiful, selfless dork.

It just took her all these years to realize just how, exactly, she feels about him.

She loves Chat Noir. She always has.

And knowing that he feels the same–surely, he must feel the same–sends her into a tumultuous state of giddiness, something she never quite felt when she was head over heels for Adrien.

She doesn’t begin to stumble over her words this time, thank goodness–it isn’t the best of ideas to be swooning over her partner while in the middle of a fight against an akuma, after all–but she is tumbling, soaring, cartwheeling into a well of emotions she’s been running from.

She relishes every single utterance of “My Lady”, melts every time he gives her that wide, toothy grin. She has to fight down a blush every time he scoops her up in his arms, face all serious and determined, not putting her down until he’s sure she’s safe. Even his puns makes her heart skip a beat now, imagine that; it is only because of muscle memory that she manages to roll her eyes and keep herself from smiling too much.

His every smile, every laugh, every pout and parry and “Pound it!”– She ingrains them in her memory, stitches them into her heart, keeps them close for the next time he tries to flirt with her again.

It’s been a while since the last time he joked about them being perfect for each other. Sometimes she wonders if she had dismissed his advances too many times.

But no, she thinks. He still calls her his lady, still looks at her with fondness in his eyes. He still laughs when she jokes with him.

The next time he tries to kiss her hand again–surely her tenacious kitty will try again–she won’t resist him.

Next time, she’ll pull him close and meet him.

Every King Needs a Queen

Chapter 1: The Raid

Titan’s Secret Safe House, Location: Classified

The tall and dense clumps of the lush, green blades of Elephant Grass blew gently with the light breeze. Water from the nearby river acted like a natural mister, cooling down the visitors that stood nearby in a small clearing of Bermuda Grass. One was a middle-aged woman with pale-grey skin that reflected off the vicious sun’s rays. Her long, violet hair fell well past her shoulders and bellowed at the ends due to the wind. Her long blue cloak whipped with the wind, exposing her leotard and long, black boots. Across from her stood a younger version of what could have been the same person, had it not been for the little girl’s green chakra, cloak, and the specks of emerald invading her amethyst eyes.

The two faced each other, the youngest standing in a fighting position with her arms up in defense and her little legs standing firm in the soft grass, her dark green boots standing out against the lighter yellow green ground. The elder stood with her arms at her side, and her blank stare pointed towards the child.

“Are you ready, Arella?” The women asked in her typical, monotone voice.

The little girl nodded her head, some of her long, violet locks falling in her face, forcing her to blow them away with a huff. “Ready, Mother.”

“Go!” A blast of obsidian magic was sent barreling towards the small child. The girl reacted instinctively, a black shield forming over her crossed arms. The blast was strong, strong enough to push the girl a couple steps back, but not enough to break her shield. A few heartbeats passed while Arella’s mind tried to catch up with what was happening. With a grunt, she sent a pulse of her own magic back at her mother, breaking the stream of opposing magic and sending the women back a couple of feet.

… Rip her apart …

There it was again.

Arella shook the voice off, getting back to her training exercises.

Arella was about to send another blast at her mother, but she got her attention, “Use the items around you! You’ll expend less energy that way!”

“Oh yeah,” Arella retracted her magic, then re-extended her emotions over a few large rocks around her. They floated into the air and began dancing around her mother in an almost playful, teasing manner. At first, she thought Arella was simply playing with her powers, but that theory was shot to hell when the rocks began shooting at her one by one. Arella giggled a bit watching her mother deflect her attacks, so she sped up her attacks … faster … and faster …

“Arella!” Raven was beginning to become exhausted, the large rocks coming at her from every angle. “ARELLA!”

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 harry potter moments

Can I do top 7???

omg but seriously like I said the other day when someone else answered this THIS QUESTION IS SO HARD TO ANSWER BUT THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME. Okay I’ll do my best to choose 5 that I think sum up my beautiful black haired boy perfectly!!! 

1. ‘Hagrid,’ he said quietly, 'I think you must have made a mistake. I don’t think I can be a wizard.’ This beautiful child just flat out can’t believe that there could be something special about him. When you look how Voldemort reacted when he found out he was magic ’I knew I was special. Always. I knew there was something’ and then at Harry, who thinks it must be some sort of joke, it’s so sad. Harry was raised to think he was inferior and hopeless. Even though strange things had often happened to him he couldn’t really let himself believe that he was special. Harry’s struggling with his doubts about his own ability right from the beginning, he was never arrogant and he was never full of himself, as one certain potions master liked to believe. 

2. When Harry uses sectumsempra on Draco. Harry’s a reckless person who often acts before he thinks (which is sometimes awesome sometimes not so awesome) and him using a spell that could be dangerous is a good example. Draco was in the middle of attempting to crucio Harry and he panics and shouts out this curse that he had no idea what would do in return. I love this part because the way Harry acts afterwards said everything about his character. He panics straight away, he is terrified at what he has done and what’s happening to Draco. He’s horrified by himself. Harry is not a bad person. He doesn’t want to see people suffer and he especially doesn’t want to be the one hurting them if he can help it. The fact that Harry was so surprised by what the spell actually did too said a lot as well, Harry so blindly trusted and loved that book, he even said the book had become a sort of guide and a friend to him. Like his father, Harry’s blind love and trust got him into trouble. 

And also, right after this, ‘ROONIL WAZLIB, THAT’S MY NICKNAME’ is the most hilarious and perfect thing ever o m g. 

3. Harry in Dumbledore’s office at the end of OOTP. ‘I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANY MORE-‘ This part is heart breaking. I can feel my heart breaking with Harry’s every time I read it. This is the first time we ever see Harry really, really lose control. This boy has gone through the absolute worst shit all his life. The whole year he’d been going through the trauma of dealing with Cedric’s murder and Voldemort being back and he wasn’t looked after properly. Don’t ever tell me Harry was a ‘whiny brat’ in OOTP. Ever. He went through hell and he had to deal with it by spending the summer locked up with no contact or information with his world. After everything he’d gone through that year he loses Sirius. Losing Sirius breaks Harry and the way Harry reacts in Dumbedore’s office is so gut wrenching. He fucking said he doesn’t want to be human or alive anymore oh my god. But then Harry gets it together, he deals with it as best as he can and he carries on. Because he’s a fighter and he’s amazing and he’s Harry James Potter. 

4. Harry forgiving Ron when he leaves. I love this part so so much because their friendship is the.most.important thing!! Harry and Ron mean more to each other than anyone. Harry loves Hermione but she isn’t Ron. Harry even said that hearing Ron’s voice gives him the strength to stand up after being in the icy water. The three of them have the most beautiful friendship and they all needed each other to function properly, Harry and Hermione could barely bring themselves to talk when Ron was gone. 'it was only now that Ron was here again that Harry fully realised how much his absence had cost them.' Ron comes back, fully aware and sorry for his mistakes and Harry forgives him almost instantly. He doesn’t hold Ron leaving against him and he loves him no less for it. It’s a mark of how strong their friendship is on both sides. This line is my favourite 'above all, Ron’s return, made Harry so happy that it was quite difficult to maintain a straight face.' 

5. Harry in Kings Cross. I just love everything about this whole part, it makes me so upset but so happy and I just love Harry. He’s got the choice, to move on, to join Dumbledore and his parents and Sirius and all the people he loved so much and lost. And he chooses to survive. He wants to keep living. Harry has more reason than anybody to choose not to keep going but he does it. He knows he’s got work to do and he fucking does it. What a god damn hero. Give me Harry James Potter or give me nothing. 

'Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.' 

HARRY LIVED WITH SO MUCH LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE. Harry represents EVERYTHING the whole series is about and I just love him so much H a r r y JAMES  POTTTERRRRRR. 

anonymous asked:

Hiya, Ashlee! Could I bother for just a second? I'm having quite a bit of trouble writing lately; I have an idea set for what I want to write, but I just can't get the juices flowing enough to press my fingers to the keyboard and make progress. There are somethings I REALLY want to get to, including a huge project I want to get moving, but I can't shake away this block holding me back. Do you have any tips on how to break away and get to writing again??? Thanks! -That sweet Anon from earlier. :D

Hey sweet anon!! You’re not a bother at all, I’m actually flattered you’d even think to ask me. :)

I understand perfectly well what a bitch writer’s block can be. I have a few different methods I use to break through it, so I’m just going to throw them all at you in no particular order and hope that one of them helps. 

Disclaimer: some of them will be contradictory because every case of writer’s block is different and what works one time might not work another. Also take everything with a grain of salt because a) I am sadly not a professional author, b) I am probably terrible at giving advice and c) it is very late and I may or may not be high on cold and flu medicine. 

Let’s go!

  • That scene that you can’t get out of your head? That one exchange of dialogue that keeps echoing through your thoughts, even though you have absolutely no idea who’s saying it or why? That little spark for your big project that makes you get butterflies in your tummy, the idea that started it all? Write it down. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need any context at all. Don’t bother about stitching it into a larger plot or universe right now - just get it on the page. Yeah, it’s not going to sound as good on paper (or screen) as it does in your head, but it’s no good to anyone if you just keep it up there. The important thing is to just start writing. Worry about everything else later, and just start with what you have. You never know what could flow on from there.
  • But Ashlee, I hear you say, What if I don’t have any scenes or dialogue yet?! Never fear! If all you have is an idea - not even a plot, just a raw, basic, idea - you’re still good to go. 
  • Grab yourself a nice big piece of paper and write your idea down in the middle of the page. That’s right, we’re going to mind map this bitch. I find it helpful to use different colours for different things - one colour for character ideas, one colour for plot ideas, another for sub-plots, another for backstory, etc. etc. Apart from that, there’s no order to this part. Literally scribble all over the page, wherever you like, whatever comes to your mind. If one idea links immediately to another, sweet, draw a pretty coloured line between them and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, it doesn’t even matter. You’ve got plenty more paper to fill, so just leave that lonely little idea floating there in your cloud and move on to the next one: they’re all going to link up eventually, so don’t feel bad for it. 
  • Once you’ve got your awesome multicoloured mind map, step back from it and admire your handiwork. Look at all those words on the page! You did that! You deserve a cookie. Go get a cookie and then come back to your pretty mind map. It’s time to turn it into some not-so-pretty documents.
  • Group ideas based on colour and type them up into separate documents: At this point I normally do one for characters, one for plot and one for whatever the hell else I wrote down in my initial creative frenzy. 
  • Let’s start with the character document. I love characters. I especially love my own characters. They’re like my babies. (My teenaged, fictional babies.) But at this point in the process I don’t give them very much attention. I write down what I’ve got - usually a physical description, age, what their main goal/motivation is and some defining features that have bearing on the plot (eg. selfish, over achiever, etc.). 
  • And then I leave them alone. I’m a big believer in letting characters grow and develop over the course of the plot, so I don’t like to cram too much information on them immediately. Some people fill out massive character forms, but I’m not about that. If I know I want them to start out one way and end up a changed person by the end of the story, of course I write that down. But it is literally in the form of: “Starts out selfish. Develops heart/conscience. Sacrifices own happiness/original goal for others and ends up getting happiness through that act anyway.” Bam. Done. No more detail needed right now. Say bye to your babies and move on.
  • The plot document is next! You’re going to use a lot of headings and bullet points here. Probably. I do, anyway. Now is the time for me to introduce my good friend - outlining! (Outlining and I are actually not friends. We’re more like begrudging students who got paired up for a group assignment and really don’t want to work together but know that we have to in order to get a good grade, so we’re all passive aggressive and complain about each other to our friends for the whole project but end up pulling it together at the end and getting a pretty good mark. But whatevs.)
  • Take the points from your mind map and put them into a rough chronological order. After that, try to fill in any gaps you have, but don’t feel too bad about empty spaces. If you need to write “Something awesome happens here and they escape” just go ahead and do that. No one will judge you. Once you’ve got a big, very rough plot outline down, the fun really begins. 
  • Take that outline and break it down into three acts. Beginning, Middle, End. Simple, right? Now take each of those sections and break them down into chapters, where one big plot point/event/development occurs each chapter. Underneath the chapter number and the summary of the plot development you just assigned to it, break it down into three scenes (by scenes I don’t necessarily mean scenes, like how they use the term in screenwriting, I more mean it in the sense of pacing/emotional beats). In these scenes it’s good to make notes of any new characters or plot developments being introduced.
  • Here’s an example from the first draft of the outline I did for my novel.
    ACT I:
    Chapter 1: Introduce Jenna, Harper, Elle and Gabby as they move into their new dorm for their final year of school, and Jenna finds the weird old book.
    Scene I: Jenna saying goodbye to her dad, moving in with the girls and giving a basic rundown of how things work at this school/are different from what she’s used to.
    Introduce basic physical descriptions and history of the girls.
    Introduce Jenna’s dad being a professor on a research trip, hence the boarding school.
    Scene II: As Jenna’s unpacking and putting her stuff away she discovers a secret compartment in one of her drawers, inside of which is the book with notes about a storm and a shipwreck.
    Scene III: Jenna’s first day of classes.
    Establish Jenna as a good student.
    Introduce Bill the prefect.
    Introduce Chekhov’s Gun!!!!
  • You see some scenes are more detailed than others. I haven’t gone into what each scene really entails, and I haven’t even got a Chekhov’s Gun yet, I just know that I want one. Because Chekhov’s Guns are one of my favourite tropes and I love them. But anyway. The point of this outline isn’t to be super detailed and to have your entire story worked out - it’s simply to give you little breadcrumbs that you can follow when you get lost. They’re just jumping off points that remind you of all the bases you need to cover. 
  • If you have any snippets of dialogue or specific ideas you know you want to include, they’re just added bonuses you can put in their corresponding scenes. 
  • Don’t panic if you don’t have enough information to do an outline like that for your entire story! At first I actually only did an outline like the one above for Act I. Act III got a single paragraph summing up how I wanted the story to end, and Act II only got a few disjointed sentences with lots of question marks at the ends. But it didn’t matter, because I had a starting point, and as I wrote other stuff came to me and it got easier to fill in the gaps for the rest.
  • If you’ve made it this far go get yourself another cookie, because you’re being a real trooper. 
  • As you write, if you come to a scene that’s not working, skip it. Move on. Come back to it later. Maybe you don’t even need it, or maybe you just aren’t looking at it the right way at the moment. Whatever the case, let future you deal with it and just jump ahead for now.
  • If you want to go ahead and write random scenes in no particular order at all, do it. I do it sometimes, and store them in a separate document until I get up to that point in the manuscript. Then I copy and paste them in, do a bit of tweaking and reward myself for how much my word count just jumped with very little effort from my present self.
  • If neither randomly writing nor outlining is helping you, go ahead and step back from the project a bit. Go get another cookie. Go sit in the sun. Go for a drive with the windows down and try to find the exact words to describe how the wind feels against your face. Do not feel guilty for this. Everything is research.
  • When you come back, you don’t have to dive straight back into the proper writing. Make a playlist for your story. Choose a fancast. Make edits. Go searching for random prompts that don’t match your plot at all but will be a good exercise in character. Not everything you write has to have the goal of being in your final draft.
  • That’s a really important thing I’m going to emphasise: Don’t look at this with any sort of finality. First drafts are always crap. They’re meant to be crap, it’s why they’re called first drafts. A lot of the words you write today are not the words that are going to get published, so who cares if they don’t quite flow? They’re there, you wrote them, and that’s all that matters.

I have no idea if this makes any sense at all - I definitely went off on a few tangents - but I hope that you find something in there that can help you get past writer’s block. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments, and good luck with your projects!!

Be Mine

A/N: We’re gonna pretend that Valentine’s Day wasn’t two weeks ago. ;) 

Be Mine // Jensen x Reader

Words: 3846

Warnings: Feels! This is an actor request, just as an aside. 

Request: Basically it was like it’s valentines day and Jensen has JJ for the day(he&dan divorced so split custody?)&he takes JJ to a restaurant and the reader is there with some friends or something and she’s going to the toilet and Jensen asks her to take JJ in&just check she’s okay since he can’t go in with her. she brings JJ back out and Jensen thanks her,they get to talking and flirt but have to leave&later that night they meet at the same takeout few dates in she spends more time with JJ and she…….JJ adores the reader and after one day with them the readers getting ready to leave and JJ whispers to her dad that’s she’s super pretty and she wants her to stay. Also could the reader be friends with Gen and Jared and she’s the person who they wanted to set Jensen on a blind date with and vice versa. Like maybe she’s round at there’s and describes her date to them or she visits in set or something please?

– – – – –

You’d known Gen long enough to know that smile. The smile that Jared had eventually grown to copy. It was The Smile, a facial expression that foreshadowed some sneaky thoughts.

“Whatever you’re thinking, it’s a no,” you laughed at her that morning. The moment she’d met up with you at the café, The Smile had been plastered on her face, eyes shining mischievously as the two of you walked into the line to order some iced coffees and scones.

It was a relatively warm day despite being stuck in the middle of February, so you’d traded in your light jackets and boots for a cardigan and flats. That was the good part about being in LA. You never worried about the weather.

“Y/N, you haven’t even heard me out yet!” Gen laughed, hitting your shoulder playfully. “Jared and I have this really fun idea…”

You groaned playfully, stepping forward as the line got shorter, shaking your head before she could finish. “I know what you’re gonna say. That it’s Valentine’s Day and I should be setting up a date with some guy, blah, blah, blah. But I just want to spend the day with people I love.”

The cheesy speech hadn’t worked. You knew this because The Smile was still there, no signs of leaving, and that’s when you knew that Gen was really being serious about whatever crazy idea was in her head. She had made it a personal mission to set you up with someone because she was dying to go on double dates with you, though she’d given you space about it until now. This must have been a big deal.

“I know how you feel about Valentine’s Day but we had a really fun idea! And before you say no, I swear that we’re really good with blind dates—”  

“No!” you giggled, shaking your head immediately following those dreaded two words. “I literally cannot think of a single blind date that has ever gone right. Sorry, Gen. I’m treating myself to a wonderful night of chocolates and gossip.”

The two of you got to the front of the line after a few more seconds of teasing and you insisted on paying for Gen’s order, just to change the subject. She was always in a fuss about being the one to pay for you. It worked, though, and you enjoyed the rest of your brunch with lovely stories about the latest shenanigans her kids had gotten into together.

– – – – –

Just because you didn’t have a date for today didn’t mean you couldn’t dress up and have a friendly date with your favorite girls.

You’d taken time on yourself since it was never a bad day to look good, and by the time you finished and headed out, you were running late. And if you hadn’t been running late, you wouldn’t have opened up the text from Jared, a vague one that only asked you which restaurant you were going to.

Our reservations for 10PM got cancelled…which one are u at?

Suspicious, but not too suspicious. If they did get cancelled, you wanted to help. So you told him without a fuss; it was only 7:30, so you wouldn’t be raining on their date. The latest you’d be there would be 9 when you’d be saying your goodbyes.

The drive wasn’t so bad and you managed to make it without being too late. Everyone was already at the table and had gotten their drinks, but no meal orders yet.

“Hey, I need to tell you about what Hannah’s ex-boyfriend did,” your best friend grinned after all the hellos were passed around.

The server came back and asked you for your drink and order, then it was right back to the gossip and the funny stories, all a bit more entertaining because of your margarita.

– – – –

Basically finished with your dinner, you opted for a quick trip to the bathroom, and your best friend tagged along with you to finish her crazy story about the job interview she’d just gotten through earlier in the week. Everyone else at your table had quieted into more serious conversations, which meant that your goodbyes would be said probably as soon as you were done in the bathroom.

Damn, we’re lame, you thought to yourself. It isn’t even 9 yet and I’m already throwing in the towel.

It was in the middle of your friend’s story that you noticed a familiar face in a corner booth, but a group of people all standing up to leave blocked your vision before you could get a good look at who it was. Gen and Jared popped into your head, oddly enough, but you hadn’t seen them. Just a reminder of them or something.

“And then boom! The cappuccino machine in his office literally just fell apart and a bunch of it landed on me,” your best friend declared, jolting you back into the conversation. “He felt so bad about it and I think that’s part of the reason why I got the job.”

You laughed subtly, about to push open the door to the bathroom, when you felt a light tap on your shoulder. Your friend went inside, completely oblivious to your lack of following, and you turned to come face to face with that familiar figure from earlier.

His face was strong and a little embarrassed but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why he was reminding you of Gen and Jared. Stupid margaritas. It took you even longer to process that he was holding an adorable little girl, who was looking at you with wide eyes.

“Hello,” you greeted him gently, still confused and trying to pinpoint his face.

“Hey…you’re Y/N, right?” he greeted you back, and his voice finally made him recognizable.

“You play Dean!” you blurted out, finally remembering him, and gave him a sheepish grin as you bit your lip to quiet down. “You’re Jensen. Sorry, I was trying to figure out where I knew you from. You’re a friend of Jared and Gen.”

He gave you a grin that elicited a nice blush on your cheeks, one that wasn’t from your margaritas, and you cleared your throat to make it less awkward for you, turning to look at the little girl on his hip.

“This must be JJ,” you smiled, giving her a little wave that she returned shyly, and Jensen snapped out of whatever trance he was in and nodded quickly.

“Yeah, this is my valentine,” he told you, then nodded towards the bathroom, looking a little hopeful as he spoke. “Do you mind doing me a quick favor? I can’t exactly step into the ladies’ room without getting smacked in the face, and I know for a fact that the men’s bathrooms are way too traumatizing for a little kid. Can you just check on her, make sure she’s not in need of a change? I’d owe you one if you could.”

You were already holding your arms out for the little princess, nodding along to whatever he said as she snuggled into your arms. “I’ll make sure she’s nice and clean for her valentine,” you teased him, grabbing the diaper bag he held in his hand before disappearing into the bathroom.

By the time you got in, your friend was already done and checking herself out in the mirror along the wall, reapplying some makeup as you wandered towards the biggest stall where there’d be a changing pad. She gave you a weird look when you entered, immediately setting her eyes on JJ.

“How long have I been in here?” she joked, making a silly face at JJ to make her laugh, then continued to primp herself before she had to go back out. “Or did you just decide to start snatching up babies?”

“Shut up,” you snorted, closing and locking the stall behind you and setting JJ down. She was wearing one of those “pull-up” diapers, clearly trying to be potty trained, and you faltered for a minute to figure out what to do.

When was the last time you’d even held a kid?

“No potty,” JJ declared, cute as can be, and you laughed with her a little as your slightly out of whack maternal instincts kicked in. You checked for wetness, any stinky code brown warning signs, but found that she was fine.

“We’ll change you just in case,” you decided, sliding her out of her frilly skirt with hearts doodled all around it, and did the deed as quick as you could, hoping that she wasn’t giggling at your clumsiness.

You only briefly checked your appearance in the mirror, a quick flash of Jensen’s shy smile in your mind, and your friend was waiting for you by the door with a knowing and smug smirk as you walked out with her, Jensen still waiting there by the bathroom doors with his arms folded over his chest.

He brightened when he saw you come out and took JJ from you, hauling her bag over his shoulder as he began his thank you speech. You tried your hardest to ignore your best friend’s clearly taunting smirk, but felt your lip quiver up in a smile for a split second as Jensen went on about “owing” you a favor.

“Those two were supposed to meet me here like, half an hour ago,” he rambled on, now talking about Jared and Gen, and you scrunched your nose up in confusion.

“What?” You checked the time on your phone. It was barely going to be 9. “Jared said he and Gen had reservations for 10 o’clock.”

“What?” Jensen echoed, already pulling out his phone, probably to dial one of them. The gears were already starting to turn in your head but you kept your mouth shut.

Without thinking much about it, you followed him to his booth, playing with JJ as he tried to get a hold of the two masterminds. He got Jared’s voicemail, Gen’s voicemail, and then gave up and was about to text them when you saw two familiar people walking towards you.

“Oh, look who it is,” you said loudly, making JJ and Jensen both turn their heads.

Gen and Jared both had The Smile on their faces, positively beaming as they sat down at the booth, with Jared next to Jensen and Gen next to you.

“Hey! What a great surprise, I’m glad you two met,” Gen squealed, looking between you and Jensen brightly before taking JJ from your arms.

Jared was just as much of a little shit, already saying great things about Jensen to you and vice versa, but you didn’t get a chance to rat them out. A text from your phone vibrated in your pocket and you took it out to reveal a message from your best friend, just tables away, saying that everyone was getting ready to leave and asking if you’d left with the “yummy single dad.”

“Oh, look at that. I’ve gotta run,” you grinned, shooting Gen a look before she stood up to let you out of the booth. You took a chance at ruffling Jared’s hair, something you were always trying to do to him, and gave Jensen and JJ a smile and a goodbye before stalking off to your table, thinking of all the ways you were going to hold this against those meddling Padaleckis.

All of your friends were already finishing up their drinks and ready to go their separate ways, so you quickly said your goodbyes and gathered your things, taking one last sip of some water before heading towards the doors.

Out of habit, you turned to catch a glimpse of the meddlers one last time, and managed to catch JJ waving goodbye with that big grin of hers, showcasing some baby teeth. You could almost hear her laugh as you left, and you definitely felt someone’s green, green eyes on your back as you fell into the chilly night air.

– – – – –

Mistake number one of the night: driving yourself to the restaurant. You’d only had a couple of margaritas but you were never one to drink and drive, so you’d been trying to sober up by taking a small walk. It was nothing you hadn’t seen before but you were still fascinated by it. LA could do that to a person.

Your hands were shoved into your pockets as you made your way back to where your car was parked, now feeling fresh and sober, ready to go home and binge on desserts and sappy movies. There was a takeout place you frequented just across the way from the restaurant you’d been at earlier, who happened to have some pretty delicious cake, and made a pit stop there before heading to your car.

A bell dinged to signal your entry, thirty minutes till they closed, and you wandered to where the cash register was to place a quick order of cake and a bottle of water. There weren’t many people inside but you saw someone leaning against the wall, waiting on their order presumably, and this time you didn’t forget who owned those intense eyes.

“Jensen?” you called softly, getting his attention, and he perked up a bit at the sound of your voice. He looked up from his phone and instantly smiled at you, eyes glittering in a way that reminded you of Disney movies (maybe you were still a little buzzed…), and he was quick to meet you for a hug. It was soft and he barely squeezed you, but you felt your heart swell.

“What are you doing here?” he asked with that smile still stuck on his face.

“I’m here for the cake, what about you?” you grinned, leaning against the wall with him now.

He shrugged and gave you a wolfish smile, tucking his phone away to pay all his attention to you. “You have horrible taste in restaurants,” he joked with you, nodding towards the one across the street. “I could barely swallow the steak they had in there so I’m still hungry. This is my rebound place.”

You laughed at the term, turning to take a quick glance out the window, and then turned to flash him a snarky grin. “Everyone knows not to order the steak there. Try the lobster next time, it’s heaven.”

“You’ll have to show me all the good stuff next time,” Jensen agreed, and the way he said it made your cheeks flush with color.

The two of you talked idly until his food was ready and someone came up and handed it to him in a plastic bag. Your order was still being processed, most likely, and your face fell at the idea of Jensen leaving you there. Something about him made you want to talk to him for as long as you could, like you could never know enough about him, and when you saw that he looked like he didn’t want to leave either, your spirits lifted just a tad.

“So, any fun plans tonight?” he asked, clearly fishing around, and you shook your head a little too quickly.

“Nah, nothing like your fun day with JJ,” you smiled. “Tell her I said hello, by the way. She’s a cutie.”

“Thanks, and I will,” Jensen promised with a nod. The two of you turned when your name was called, a person coming over to deliver you a small bag with your cake inside.

It was coming, that goodbye was coming, but you wanted to avoid it for as long as possible. Jensen walked you out, still talking animatedly as if the night would never end, and you walked slowly to where you were parked, until there was nothing left to say.

“I better get back to JJ,” he told you after a few more minutes, and you ducked your head and nodded once in agreement.

“Yeah, I should…start the drive back home,” you replied vaguely, earning a small smile from him.

“Hold on a second,” he blurted out as you unlocked your car, and you whirled around, hopeful and bright-eyed. Jensen walked over to you, phone in his hand, and held it out to you expectantly. “Maybe I could call you sometime? Grab that lobster we talked about?” He was grinning, a shy one that was nervous around the edges, but he looked nothing but relieved when you grabbed his phone from his hand and punched in your number for him.

“Sometime soon,” you whispered, pursing your lips together to hide that impending smile, and Jensen took his phone back from you when you were all done.

“Have a good night, Y/N,” Jensen called softly as you opened the door to your car, and you waved at him as he started walking the opposite direction, both of you still smiling even when you looked away.

– – – –

Gen was already waiting for you by the time you made it to the café, ready to start your weekly brunch to catch up on the minor things that had happened. She looked sheepish as you greeted her, both of you walking inside to wait in that ever present line.

“Sorry about Valentine’s Day,” she said immediately, turning to you as she bit her lip. “I know blind dates aren’t your thing but Jared and I just thought that you and Jensen would—”

“It’s fine,” you said, waving her off as a grin swept over your face. “But I need to tell you about the date. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it.”

Gen brightened up immediately, clasping her hands together in excitement. “A date?!”

You went off into the details not a second later, talking animatedly about what you’d been Jensen without actually revealing his name to her, but you trailed off when you saw the look on her face, like she already knew all of this.

“And then you went to get a carton of ice cream to share and you showed him your apartment,” she finished, eyebrow raised, and you instantly turned a bright red.

“How did you know? I was gonna surprise you!”

“Jensen literally talked nonstop about it,” Gen laughed, pushing you lightly as you approached the counter to place your orders. There was only one more person ahead of you, ready to pay. “I can’t believe you made me apologize if you guys ended up going out anyway!”

“He did?” You couldn’t help but be giddy about it. “What did he say?”

“Same thing you’ve been raving out,” she smirked. “He also conveniently forgot to mention that it was a date with you. Did he really find your old photo albums and make fun of your school pictures?”

“Sure did,” you nodded, laughing together as you placed your orders. This time, Gen won the fight about paying, and you didn’t stop her or change the subject. Even she could tell that this was a new you.

– – – –

If there was a perfect time of day in LA, it was a tie between the time just before the first rays of sunlight broke out, and twilight. Those were the two times you liked to go out running the most and you had been looking forward to it today after Jensen was done working.

He’d been busy all day with promotions and interviews for the show and you’d offered to keep an eye on JJ for the day, since this was his weekend with her, and it had been a day full of fun with her as you both followed him around backstage whenever he had free time. It was one of those rare days that you got to see him in action, something you and JJ both loved, but you had to leave eventually, joining Gen and her little boys for a quick playdate before making it back to Jensen’s home.  

“Sorry I’m late,” he called when you heard the front door of his townhouse open and shut a few hours later, and you gasped playfully with JJ when you realized he was back. “Traffic is nuts out there.”

He first greeted JJ, who tumbled over to him with a squeal, and he picked her up and kissed the top of her head like you’d seen him do countless times before. It was still just as cute as the first time and you waited patiently for him to walk over and press a kiss to your cheek, both of you grinning ear to ear.

“We had a fun day,” you told him, winking playfully to JJ, who laughed a little in response. “I’ll let you two have some down time, though. Have a good night, I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast.”

You let JJ extend her arms out for you to grab her in a final hug, and while she had her head buried in the crook of your neck, you leaned in to peck Jensen on the lips quickly as a final goodnight.

“No,” you heard JJ whine, pouting when she lifted her head up to you. “Pretty Y/N can’t go.”

It melted your heart and you nearly broke right there for her, but you were still in those new stages with Jensen, not knowing whether or not it was okay to spend the night or not.

Jensen cleared his throat but he was looking right at you, nudging you gently with a small smile. “Even JJ likes you too much,” he whispered, but not quietly enough. JJ nodded in agreement, tightening her grip on your neck, and your smile was so big that it almost hurt.

“Well, if you guys are into taking a quick jog…” you started, and you mentally swooned at the way Jensen’s face lit up.

“What do you think, J?” he asked the cutie on your hip, and she was just as excited as he seemed to be.

It wasn’t long before Jensen had let you change into some really old clothes he still had lying around, clothes still too big for you, but you let it slide and rolled the sweats until they fit snugly around your waist.

You were just in time to revel in the peak of twilight, with Jensen by your side and JJ in her stroller, and the three of you settled for a brisk walk instead of the run you’d been anticipating. It was still perfect, though, and your hand found itself entangled with Jensen’s halfway through. It was always the small acts that he did that made you fall for him even more.

“You always make everything fun,” you sighed as his house came into view, and Jensen was clearly about to make some witty remark when both of you heard JJ pipe up.

“Pretty Y/N has to stay!” she called from her place in the stroller, and you turned to smile coyly at Jensen, butterflies rolling in.

“I think Pretty Y/N’s staying for a while,” he answered, never taking his eyes off of you.

As usual, Jensen had a way of saying something so that it made your heart flutter. You’d stay as long as he wanted you to.  

Ideas for a middle school gsa

Hi everyone! So as you may have heard, I’m helping to start a GSA at the middle school I teach at. Now, I’ve never even been on a GSA before (my high school never had one) So I’m a little in the dark.

So, people who have been part of a GSA in some way: what are things we should know? Good activities or resources ? Tips and tricks?


Pairing:  Steve x Reader

Warnings:  None

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Word Count:  2922

Author’s Note:  This was one of the fics I was in the middle of writing before I went on a break, and was the only one I could pick up again and finish.  Enjoy!

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Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you


“Pleasure to meet you, (Y/N), I’m Steve Rogers.  Welcome to the team.”

“Glad to be a part of it.”

His eyes, his smile, even the way he held himself when he was around you.  He was just… perfect.  Steve Rogers. Here you go again, (Y/N).  You thought to yourself.  Falling for someone who will never love you back.

You knew it wasn’t a good idea, and was sure it would hurt you in the long run, but maybe… just maybe, you’ll finally find someone who loves you back.

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