middle one is my fav omg

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Hi! I noticed you watch like, TONS of great tv shows, and I usually find out by your tags and such, but do you have a list of recommendations, your top favourites?

I have so many favorites, so i’m just gonna make you a list of everything I can think of.

(I’ll put a * up if there’s LGBT content in the show, prominent or not)

Here’s a list of what I am watching right now/am waiting for new episodes of, in no particular order.. that I can think of:

  • The Fosters (Freeform)*
  • The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)*
  • The Bold Type (Freeform/Hulu)*
  • One Day at a Time (Netflix)*
  • Couple-ish (Youtube)*
  • Brooklyn 99 (Fox/Netflix/Hulu)*
  • Wynonna Earp (Syfy/Netflix)*
  • Supergirl (CBS/ now theCW)*
  • You Me Her (HBO/Netflix)*
  • Legends of Tomorrow (theCW/Netflix)*
  • iZombie (theCW/Netflix)
  • Dear White People (Netflix)*
  • Crazyhead (E4/Netflix) (might be finished?? idk)*-ish
  • Sense8 (Netflix)*
  • Grace and Frankie (Netflix)*
  • New Girl (Fox/Netflix)
  • Glow (Netflix)
  • Jane The Virgin (theCW/Netflix)*
  • Queen Sugar (OWN)*
  • Little Witch Academia [anime] (Netflix)
  • Dix Pour Cent/Call my Agent [French] (France 2/Netflix)*
  • The Tunnel [Half French] (Canal +/Sky Atlantic)*
  • Any Marvel TV show on Netflix except Iron Fist
  • Critical Role (Youtube)*
  • The Magicians (Syfy)*

Cancelled TV shows still worth checking out:

  • Agent Carter (ABC)
  • One Big Happy (NBC)*
  • Galavant (ABC/Netflix)
  • Faking It (MTV)*
  • The Get Down (Netflix)*
  • Terra Nova (Netflix) (it’s been cancelled for like 6 years idc fight me)
  • Pitch (Fox)

Ended TV shows:

  • Person of Interest (CBS)*
  • Orphan Black (BBC America/Netflix) (there’s only one ep left to air so i’m putting it there)*
  • The Legend of Korra [animated series] (Nickelodeon)*
  • Black Sails (Starz)*
  • Nikita (theCW)

Haven’t watched yet but despite being cancelled, I heard it was good so it’s on my to-watch list:

  • Rookie Blue (Global/ABC)* if i’m not mistaken
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy)* if heavy subtext counts

There is so many I’m honestly probably forgetting a shit ton. Also note that my Netflix is French so TV shows available for me might not be available in other countries, and vice versa! Have fun!

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omg,,, a tickle writer,,, who watches bnha,,, and thinks todoiideku is cute,,, i'm in heaven holy shit (bless you angel) anyways speaking of todoiideku do you have any headcanons of the boys(:

- deku is the lee for the most part only because out of the three of them he actually LIKES being tickled

- todoroki likes it too, just not as much as deku lol. and he likes it more soothing and gentle usually, whereas deku likes it ALL. rough, soft, light, intense, everything in between. deku just likes to laugh and he likes the affection that comes with tickling 

- iida doesnt mind being tickled but he likes to do the tickling mostly. both his bfs are so cute and they have cute laughs (esp. todoroki. it’s a silent agreement that todoroki has the cutest laugh out of all three of them)

- deku usually has to ask for it cause todoroki and iida doesn’t really pick up on all his queues hahaha. deku will flop in their laps all stretched out and stuff and they still wont get it unless he says ‘oh my god u guys. pls just.. cmon…’ 

- one of their fav things is to have todoroki in the middle when they’re all about to go to sleep, and iida will hold todoroki in place while deku slowly and gently scratches at todoroki’s ribs and stomach until he’s giggling all sleepy and stuff ahhhhh

- deku is most ticklish on his sides, thighs and like, his forearms omg. iida will hold one of his arms up and drag his nails down his arm and deku squeals

- todoroki is most ticklish on his ribs/stomach, and his neck. also his feet are pretty ticklish too, especially the tops of his feet

- iida is most ticklish on his neck and his waist. rough digging into his waist makes his knees buckle and he’ll immediately fall to the floor lol

- one time todoroki and iida tickled deku for so long with just gentle touches and nothing more, that deku got so desperate for more he starting whining abt it, these little incoherent sentences as he arched into their hands cause it felt so good but it still wasnt enough, and thats the day that todoroki and iida learned that they can use tickling in more ways than they thought 8)

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But can you imagine maybe meeting Shawn somewhere online (obvs he leaves out the mendes part) and one day he suggests you coming to visit and when you finally meets it's like sparks fly omg hold me

so unrealistic but also exactly something I used to fantasize about in middle and high school.

In middle school all I wanted was Rupert grint’s email address I really thought we were going to fall in love via an email connection also that tells you how old I am lmao who even uses email socially anymore

In high school I thought I would get my fav brendon urie’s attention via twitter because it was SUCh a novelty like damn u can actually talk to celebs????

Favorite Pictures of My Bias (A Namjoon Appreciation Post)

  So I was tagged by gimtajoo, korean-bacon, no-seoks, yoongho and randomactsofawkward (i kno, it’s been a long time since u tagged me but I’ve been busy/lazy so yeah sorry lololol) And y’all know Namjoon is my bias so get ready for a world of pain! :D 


This is also a really fucking long post that took me a week to make so yeah!!!

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doge is in makoharu heaven, just like me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

3 of 5 doujins came!!!! i paid ems for these and the other 2 are coming through airmail…. hopefully they come next week….

omg the middle one “the encounter of makoto the hero and haruka the cat king” is so ridiculous… like…. they meet, instantly fall in love, and have sex
that’s the whole book and it’s hilarious and hot

my fav part is when haru refers to his nipples as boobs

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last year there was a girl in my school who had a prosthetic arm and she got caught sneaking weed in it so the Dean made her take it off every day and leave it in her office. also, someone shit in the middle of the hallway once. i go to an all-girls private Catholic school.

OMG this one is one of my favs so far

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Bokuto for the HC thingy please? :3

1: sexuality headcanon: Straight. He loves girls, they’re cute, and silly, and they laugh at his jokes, but he’s dating Akaashi.

2: otp: Bokuaka, okay wait, hear me out. I’ve always thought of Akaashi as agender, and so Bokuto’s insistence that he’s straight still holds.

He’s just the type to accept things for as they are, he doesn’t like to overthink things. When Akaashi tells him that they don’t want to be called a boy or a girl - yeah okay, he’s fine with that. 

When Akaashi kisses him… He likes Akaashi. Akaashi is neither a boy or a girl. He wouldn’t mind dating Akaashi. He’s still straight. Bokuto logic.


4: notp: Bo is a large child, everyone needs to love and take care of him.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: They have a hard time communicating. Akaashi keeps pushing for more, Why don’t you touch me first? Why do you never want more than kissing? Is it me? If it’s my body, I’ll understand. If it’s a sexuality thing I’ll understand. And Bokuto’s always had trouble explaining. It’s not you, I don’t want to mess this up, I don’t think I’m ready. 

They both exist as characters who have trouble finding a middle ground. One lives from one extreme to the other, and the other is quietly stubborn. I picture it as a very realistic relationship, filled with so much self doubt. But it’s also a very strong connection.

6: favorite line from this character: “HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!”/ “DON’T TOSS TO ME ANYMORE!”

7: one way in which I relate to this character: I’m loud and rowdy with my friends as well

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character:  His fucking symbol is a giant fat owl mascot, omg.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Your fav is problematic: he stops playing in the middle of a game if he doesn’t score consecutively…