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Ok but you know what, Zayn was right. No, no. Like HE WAS RIGHT. I’m just sitting here thinking about that time when zayn said that liam is brave, and i’m like, YES YES. because, liam is brave, he’s literally so brave, i mean, he was young and he was bullied and he has to learn to box so he could defends himself at his own, he was young but he attending at the same tv show TWO times because he was rejected the first time. He saved his best friend of the fire, like literally. He was the first in comes to us when zayn left the band in the middle of the storm and makes us laugh with a silly picture of him. He’s always with us. He fight for his dreams so much. He attending today to the brits with his own new team in front of simon cowell and he WAS PROUD OF IT. LIKE YES BITCH I’M HERE. He fought with alcoholism, depression and eating problems, as well as tobacco addiction. He was through it, is not that bravery? And he’s in love with his ex band mate who at least the half of this fandom hate, but that doesn’t stop his love. He’s always the most unpriced of the band, but no matter how bad you trated him, he’s always nice with you. He’s always so gentle and lovely with the fandom, even when not all of the people appreciated him or his big heart, but, at the end, that is what bravery is no? Be nice no matter what. Bravery also is a big heart, and be kind even if other people can’t see it. So, yeah. He’s fucking brave. And i’m so SO proud of him. And yes, zayn was right. Liam is brave. So brave.

ok but i’d really like to set up a big 100 ‘rp convention’ usa style. like rent out a hotel conference room, catered food, maybe a dj ? and all of us just set up our laptops and write together / have a fucking fun time. like make it a 3 day thing or something? make a go fund me page for people to donate for the shit. honestly i would really love to do this .. 


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A - Age: 21

B - Biggest fear: … just being a huge disappointment in life, failing as a human being. And just losing people, I care about. ( those are all things I fear equally. )

C - Current time: 7:50pm

D - Drink you last had: Monster lol

E - Every day starts with: me having to force myself to wake up and wanting to go back to sleep.

F - Favorite song:I have so mannnny omfg. Right now I’ll say it’s Cough Syrup by Young the Giant 

G - Ghosts, are they real: fuck yeaaaah

I - In love with: food tbh.

K - Killed someone: naww bruh 

L - Last time you cried: two or three days ago? xD IDK.

M - Middle name: Diane. the story behind it? I have NO idea. It was someone in my dad’s, or my mom’s side of the family name ???? xD 

N - Number of siblings: one younger brother and one older sister. 

O - One wish: just for my family to win a ton of family, so I can give that to a couple of friends—– cause fuck all the STRUGGLES. Like praise that shit. just win money so we wouldn’t have to worry. Me, my family — friends. HONESTLY

P - Person you last called/texted: last called was my mom/ and texted was Colleen xD

Q - Questions you are always asked: ‘How can you be Mexican? Your skin is white” or “Are you Mexican?” or “Who in your family is Mexican.” ( every person who meets me or comes to eat at my work ) 

R - Religion: I believe in Buddha spiritually. 

S - Song last sang: an Applebee’s birthday song tbh xD LMAO at work of course. 

T - Time you woke up: 10:00am

U - Underwear color: blacccck like my soul

V - Vacation destination: anywhere not El Paso. 

W - Worst habit: biting my nails. 

X - X-Rays you’ve had: NONE — lol xD — i don’t think ?

Y - Your favourite food:  SOUP *SOBS* 

Z- Zodiac sign: virgo liiifeeeeeee


Alfred F. Jones    //    United States Marine Corps


I’m yelling I had never thought to google my first and middle name evn tho thats always what i use for social media and people r quoting my emo post like I’m a poet or something

  • me meeting adore delano: oh my god you mean so much to me i love your music and you're like a huge fashion inspiration
  • adore: aw tha--
  • me: never rap.
  • adore: what
  • me: you know that shit you do when you like talk-rap in the middle of your songs instead of using the good voice God (the lord, Jesus Christ, our savior) gave you? yeah stop doing that
  • adore:
  • me being carried away bridle-style by security: CANT WAIT FOR ALL STARS 3
Academia Tips

Okay, but here are some pro-tips or strategies for people who have to read a lot of academic articles w/in a short period of time and/or who don’t like reading and/or who aren’t looking for “mastery” when they read:

Read the first sentence or paragraph of each section, and then read the last sentence or paragraph of each section. If you don’t know what it’s about/can’t fill in the gaps still, then go back and read the middle. If you can, move on. 

This is useful if you’re already familiar with the topic, but you need to read the article for an assignment or class discussion. The first sentence or paragraph introduces the topic, and the last tends to summarize it. 

If you’re not concerned with analyzing all the data and charts on the page, then cross them out. These take up a lot of space, especially in older academic articles where a chart might break up the paragraph you’re trying to read. 

If you already have a digital copy of an article, you already have a list of sources. Print out the article, and cross out the citations in the article. They take up a lot of space and it can be hard to read a sentence w/ citations in it. 

It is okay to skip the abstract. Really, it’s okay. The abstract essentially gives you a road map to what the research article is going to be about. On the other hand, read the abstract if you think it’ll help you comprehend the article quicker. 

Read in “reverse.” Go to the end of the article, and read about the findings and implications of the research. Sometimes this helps you build enough interest to read the meatier middle part, and sometimes it just helps you move on. 

Sometimes seeing the length of an article for the first time can be a shock. If this really stresses you, before you start, remove the abstract, remove the data charts, and remove the citations page. This makes the article look shorter. 

Give yourself a limit of citations or quotes to find per page, if you’re asked to reference the articles in class. For example, say “I’m only going to find two quotes per page.” Highlight the quotes. Move on to the next page. 

As far as quotes go, make sure you understand them. Don’t choose randomly. You don’t need to know everything about the topic in order to talk about it. Pick quotes you can personally relate to or that you can connect to prior knowledge. 

If you have to come up with questions after you read and you’re stuck, stick to the W/H questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Why and How are often more complex, which your professor may appreciate more. 

For articles that are broken up into sections, choose to read sections that interest you. Read the headings first, then read under those headings that interest you or make the most sense. Don’t worry about the other stuff.

Reading academic articles can be very stressful, but most of the time you don’t have to master all the information in an academic article unless you plan on carrying out some intense research on your own. 

For your typical college class, your professor is trying to introduce you to critical concepts to their field. They are not expecting you to have a complete mastery of the content, especially in the beginning stages of your college career.  

You might even just want to highlight key concepts you run into in the text, and create a working dictionary of terms by googling the concepts for more information rather than solely relying on the academic article. 

If you have more questions or comments, feel free to message me! I’m not a fan of reading, at all, but I’ve been able to be successful in college using some of these strategies to get me through stressful work!

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I put Shostakovich and Katy Perry into Spotify's Boil the Frog and somehow Ultravox came out in the middle

I don’t use spotify and I am very confused

Ebony is an ebony statue that was brought to life and enchanted by a witch for the sole purpose to steal artifacts for the witch. He was never loved by his creator and he was never given any the loot he stole for her. He was treated merely as a slave, and thus, he ran away. All he knows is how to steal and infiltrate. Wielding two curved daggers, both sheathed into his shoulders, he only stole for himself, constantly adding treasure to his secret stash somewhere to treat himself after two years of enslavement. Eventually, his stealing spree leads him to a special hotel.

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Leeteuk Gives Update On Progress Of Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently revealed more about the group’s imminent comeback!

On February 22, the idol co-hosted the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards alongside MAMAMOO’s Solar, where he was asked about Super Junior’s activities.

“We are planning to make a comeback at the end of the year,” Leeteuk started off, much to the audience’s excitement. “Those who are interested, please contact us. We are in the middle of collecting songs [for our album].”

The singer previously teased fans to get ready for the second half of 2017, and both civilian and enlisted members have been spotted holding a meeting for their comeback.

Super Junior was last active as a group back in 2015, when they were promoting their eighth Korean-language studio album “Devil.”

Who else is excited for new music from Super Junior?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEEEEE!! Just a little collage here of my favourite pics you’ve sent me + some i know you’ll like + a cute little photo of us,,,(hint hint, middle right)

How does it feel to be 128 years old? 
Jk, but i just want to say that you’re probably the person who’s positively changed my life the most, and if you hadn’t become my friend and gotten me to open up about my struggles, i don’t know where I would be now, and i love you to bits because of it ❤🌼

ps I scheduled this to post at midnight for you so,,,,toodles


NCT 127 “Another World” - Dance remix