middle of street

salem’s hungry all the time cause she’s pregnant, I switch to her and see she’s going to eat some fruitcake. ok what Salem you screamed at dina when she came to greet you to the neighbourhood so you didn’t get one where the hell you going. then I see her ass waddling out to the middle of the street

ITS JUST SITTING THERE ITS BEEN THERE FOR DAYS. and like any respectable pregnant woman she just eats it right then and there right off the ground. wow

look how pleased she is with herself. god help this baby

listen you all know that i love laurel but god, has she been getting on my nerves lately

she was so ready to put michaela in danger

and she thought shooting a guy in the middle of the street was a good idea?? i’m sorry, since when killing people is okay? like, what happened to wes is terrible, but you can’t just go around shooting people (plus she didn’t even know for sure if that guy was the killer)

just… what???? idk i don’t like what they’re doing with her character

So they’ve already put up the Christmas lights at the local shopping center right and one part of the display are these big festive phrases hung between the buildings; y’know standard stuff like “Believe” and “Wish”-- and for whatever reason, “Ding dong”. But the thing is if you stand on one side of the road half of it is blocked from view so it just looks like someone decided to write “DONG” in massive fuck-off glowing letters and hang it in the middle of the high street and tbh it’s the closest thing to a Christmas miracle I’ve ever seen

From someone else:

If I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s burn a building down” I could go to jail for inciting a riot but if I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s kill every single black person” I’m just exercising my first amendment rights.

Welcome to liberal democracy, where property is of more value to our government than actual living people.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemNewt Scamander’s blue coat

The thing is, a lot of [Newt Scamander’s] creatures had sort of luminescent color, and I wanted him to have a sense of being one with them, but not standing out, like he’s in some neon outfit in the middle of the street. I came to this blue with a lot of green in it, and it has a little bit of brown undertones. It’s an interesting blue because in different light, it photographs differently. I didn’t want it to pop too much, and I played with it a little bit.

We played with the shape of it a lot, that coat, because Eddie Redmayne squats down on his case a lot, does a lot of up and down movement and he has a sideways gait to him that he evolved for Newt. It’s almost like an animal walk, in a way. I really wanted something that served him, too, and we did a lot of rehearsals with it to make sure it all worked for him, with his acting. Colleen Atwood

Happiness is 2016 changing into 2017 realizing after a year full of stubborn hearts that when someone loves you they don’t have to send it to you instead of the casual “good morning” text, they don’t have to scream it at the top of their lungs in the middle of the busy highway, they don’t have to whisper it to you hesitantly while you’re having a drink at your favorite bar. When someone truly loves you, you can see it in their eyes. They might not send out some kind of heat to your body but all of sudden when their eyes meet yours the sweetest wave of warmth surrounds your entire being. 
Happiness is eating hot dogs in the middle of the busy, frozen street and them patiently waiting in the cold for you to finish because they know you’re a slow eater. Happiness is opening the gifts you got them even though what made them the happiest was the handwritten note you put in the paper bag. It’s stealing a kiss from you while you’re out with friends and walking you to the subway station so as they can tell you “Goodnight” and “Thank you” and “Take care” without anyone else but you two hearing these plain words that contain so much love.
Happiness is a pair of warm eyes, reminding you that love is not something ideal or extraordinary, it’s not just heartbeats and smiles. It’s trying, trying, trying. Nights you spent wishing you could end this and mornings that found you with the legs of you two tangled up and their smell on your pillow. It’s persistence, understanding, stubbornness, and soft touches in the dark. It’s that feeling you get when your eyes meet and fill your souls with warmth, reminding you that it’s worth it.
—  Happiness is a pair of warm eyes.
Canon #1

Im gonna let you guys know about some canons sometimes

Because yes

1- Refresh calls Tiny “tiny master“ because he can turn into god of hyperdeath when he gets angry. And he gets angry easily. That’s why Refresh always does what he wants. Also, Refresh has an obsession about Tiny and plans to destroy the world with him.