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Good Things About Come From Away

- All of “Welcome To The Rock”
- “Excuse me, would you like a Xanax? Cause you are freaking out, and it is freaking me out and we are ALL FREAKING THE F*** OUT!”
- That part in Darkness and Trees (Reprise) where everything is said in the African language (not sure which one) and is echoed in English
- “He just looked like a gay lumberjack”
- Freaking Hannah in “I Am Here” oh my gosh
- The part in “Prayer” where people are singing in three different languages
- The use of traditional Newfoundland instruments in “Heave Away”
- “There’s thirty verses in this song”
- The clapping part in “Me And The Sky”
- Jenn Colella
- “SOMEWHERE in the middle of NOWHERE”
- All of “Something’s Missing” dear lord
- Please listen to this musical it’s so relevant and good

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Scenario with Tsuna, Hibari, Reborn on a mission & mistaking their future S/O's motorcycle for their getaway ride. They tell them to "drive, now" & the S/O glimpses the gun, panics, & races off. Is actually more than half-decent for a first-time getaway driver through narrow streets of Italy & losing angry pursuers with GUNS. Nothing seems to be amiss until the enemy is lost & they stop, nowhere near the Base. They rip off the helmet to meet a fearful civilian, pleading, "please don't shoot me."



“Where the fuck are we?” You were pretty sure you had a heart attack when the attractive man hit your helmet with his gun.

You ripped off your helmet, jumped off your seat and raised your hands, “Please don’t shoot me!”

“Shit,” the man said, pulled out his phone and glared at you, “you move an inch and there’ll be a bullet in your head.”

“I won’t move an inch.  I’ll even hold my breath!” you promised. You sort of wished you weren’t acting so coldly but the man looked he ordered murders for a living.

He walked away and started hissing into his phone. There were a lot of expletives. You wanted to run but it was better to die later than to die right at that moment. He walked over to you when the call ended and he gun lowered when he saw you shivering.

“What’s your name?” The man asked. “And where do you live?”

“No,” you said sharply.

“No?” He asked.

“I don’t care if you kill me- I mean, actually, I do but the point is,” you tried to square your shoulders and look brave, “I won’t let you kill my family as well. So you’ll never find my identity!”

The man’s glare disappeared and he chuckled. “You’ve got some fire in you, don’t you?”

He came really close and his handsome face was just a few inches from yours. “How about this? You come over to my place and be my lover for a few days. If we play around a little, I promise you I won’t hurt anyone as long as you keep your pretty mouth shut about the incident.”

He tugged your hair behind your ear and your face went red. 

You might be his prey now but Tsuna had no idea that he’d end up falling in love with you.


“Where are we, you stupid herbivore?” Hibari Kyoya snarled and you fell off the bike. 

You didn’t know how you ended up driving the Demon of Sicily to the middle of nowhere. Clearly the universe hated you.

“Please don’t shoot me!” You ripped off your helmet. “I’m too young to die! And I didn’t even get my degree yet. All that college tuition down the drain..” You started bawling at the thought.

Hibari froze and you started crying harder. All that ramen and suffering amounted to nothing in the end. You were gonna end up dead in a ditch-

“Can you stop crying, insect?” Apparently, he had decided to lower your status in the food chain. “Else I’ll bite you to death.”

His dreaded catchphrase made you wail more. “Please make my death quick and painless. Don’t do anything to the face-”

Hibari covered your mouth with his hand and knocked you out with a flick of his fingers against your neck. 

“Am I in Hell?” you asked the moment you opened your eyes and found Hibari Kyoya glaring down at you.

“Stop talking gibberish,” Hibari forced you to sit up and then he took a seat across you, “and listen carefully.”

You couldn’t help but notice how expensive the place was. You almost felt like you were sinning by pressing your butt against the cream-colored sofa. And was that your drool on it? Oh, dear.

“Wow. Your office looks so fancy. I bet if I licked the floor, I’d have dust particles in my tongue that would cost more than my student loans,” you said absently.

“Why would you lick the floor-” Hibari’s face twisted into an unreadable expression. “The point is that you know too much. You have two options-”

“What’s the option that does not involve my death?” you asked. “Because that’s my favorite option.”

“You seem educated enough to be a secretary,” Hibari noted distastefully. “If you work for me, for the Vongola and the Foundation, you will be bound to us by omerta and that will ensure that you never say anything that you shouldn’t.”

“What’s my other option?” Hibari remained quiet. “..oh. Then option one it is.”

“You start tomorrow.”

“You must be pretty desperate if you want me to be your secretary. LOL. I bet that glare does not keep the ladies around you for long-” Hibari silenced you with a death glare. “Sorry, sir!”


“What the fuck-” You heard the man say as you accidentally drove straight into a pond. 

You usually didn’t drive into ponds in the middle of nowhere but, hey, it’s not everyday a serial killer demands a ride from you. It was a good thing that the pond was only waist-deep.

“Please don’t shoot me!” You ripped off your helmet and raised your hands. Your sudden abrupt movement made you fall back into the water and you started choking for air. 

Strong hands pulled you out of the pond and you felt lips pressing against yours.. was the Devil sucking your soul out?

“Dame-Tsuna’s got nothing on you-” You sat up quickly when you heard the voice and something warm fell off from you. Obsidian eyes were trained on your.. chest. 

“Where are my clothes?!” You grabbed the blanket and pulled it over you. You were lying on a bed.. in some hotel room? 

“Relax,” the man (crazy gun dude!) said. “I just took them off to make sure you didn’t get hypothermia. You should thank me instead of fussing over your nakedness-.”


“I will ask the questions here, love,” the man was suddenly inches away from you and you tried not to curl up when his hot breath fell on your neck “so don’t try anything funny.”

“What do you want to know?” You were pretty proud of yourself for not stuttering.

“Well, for starters, how do you feel about being a gateway driver for the Vongola? If we remove your fear of guns and your tendency to crash into ponds, you’d make a decent ride.”

“I don’t want to-”

The man flashed his gun and smirked at you, “You should think twice before saying ‘no’ to the greatest hitman in the world, love. This isn’t really a choice.”

Stranded [M/F/A] - Mark Tuan

I loved this request and had to do it ASAP. Hope you enjoy your moodboard and imagine. (((:

You watched with careful eyes as your friend opened the door, allowing the men she invited to the week vacation you both planned together. You recognized a couple, but there was no time for introductions, given the fact that (F/N) was in a complete rush for a reason unbeknownst to you.

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You and your team barged into Sebastian Moran’s mobile home, up in the middle of nowhere. 

[Y/N]: Wake up, sir. Put your shirt on, and please follow me outside. 

You then turned to the woman next to him, “Ma’am, I would strongly suggest you to stop screaming or one of my men will have to knock you out.”

Minutes later, Sebastian walked out, not even asking you any question.

[Y/N]: Good morning, Colonel Moran. I am [Y/FN] [Y/LN], sent by Mr. James Moriarty. He is alive and has requested your return. You can say yes, or you can say no, but I will be back the day after tomorrow with more men if your answer is the latter.

SM: Moriarty is dead.

[Y/N]: Ah yes, that. He had told me to answer with “Don’t be daft, tiger.” and here, he gave you a new phone. He said the password is the same as your old one.

You lowered your voice, “He also said he missed you.”

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011 film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I'm not kissing you."
  • "Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. "
  • "That you will stay who you are."
  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "I thought you were smaller."
  • "Is this a test?"
  • "I don't want to kill anyone."
  • "I don't like bullies; I don't care where they're from."
  • "What do you think?"
  • "Yes. I think it works."
  • "There's not gonna be a safe landing, but I can try and force it down."
  • "Right now I'm in the middle of nowhere."
  • "Do you want to kill Nazis?"
  • "Please don't do this."
  • "We can work it out."
  • "If I wait any longer a lot of people are gonna die."
  • "This is my choice."
  • "I'm gonna need a rain check on that dance."
  • "I'm here."
  • "I gotta put her in the water."
  • "(S)He'll know what to do."
  • "Eight o'clock on the dot. Don't you dare be late. Understood?"
  • "We'll have the band play something slow."
  • "I suppose that's the only question that matters."
  • "You will make us strong."
  • "(S)He has become convinced that there is a great power hidden in the earth, left here by the gods, waiting to be seized by a superior man/woman."
  • "The serum was not ready."
  • "Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone on Coney Island?"
  • "Yeah, and I threw up?"
  • "No matter what lies ________ told you, you see, I was his/her greatest success!"
  • "How do you feel?"
  • "You don't have one of those, do you?"
  • "I wasn't just THINKING about it. ________ is a clear choice."
  • "You put a needle in that kid's arm it's gonna go right through him/her."
  • "I am looking for qualities beyond the physical."
  • "This isn't payback, is it?"
  • "You don't win wars with niceness, doctor. You win wars with guts."
  • "________ told me you were insane."
  • "I know this neighborhood. I got beat up in that alley. And that parking lot. And behind that diner."
  • "I joined the army."
  • "You've been asleep, ________. For almost 70 years."
  • "Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it best to break it to you slowly."
  • "GRENADE!"
  • "You can't give me orders!"
  • "You gonna be okay?"
  • "Break what?"
  • "Is this permanent?"
  • "I couldn't call my ride."
  • "You're late."
  • "Yeah. I knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times."
  • "The moment you think you know what's going on in a woman's head is the moment your goose is well and truly cooked."
  • "Wait. You know what you're doing?"
  • "Seems harmless enough. Hard to see what all the fuss is about."
  • "Shut it down!"
  • "Fondue is just cheese and bread, my friend."
  • "Sit down."
  • "It's probably too late to go to the bathroom, right?"
  • "We barely got out of there alive, and you want us to go back?"
  • "Well, that was easy."
  • "And they will, personally, escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of Hell."
  • "That was penicillin."
  • "I don't eat meat."
  • "Who are you supposed to be?"
  • "You'd be ineligible on your asthma alone."
  • "I can swim."
  • "I'm a great fan of your films!"
  • "You cannot control the power you hold."
  • "You will burn!"
  • "I'm doing it. I'm saving your life."
  • "I had some ideas about the uniform."
  • "I thought he'd be taller."
  • "Your metabolism burns four times faster than the average person."
  • "You could have the power of the gods!"
  • "Cut off one head, two more shall take its place."
  • "Hail Hydra."
  • "I have not come all this way for safety."
  • "If you have something to say, right now's a perfect time to keep it to yourself."
  • "I asked for an army and all I got was you."
  • "Yeah, I just... I had a date."
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yes, you’re probably thinking “wasn’t writer appreciation day a couple of days ago?” but it can be everyday!  also I was literally in the middle of nowhere, please forgive the late post :3 

Without further ado: I want to appreciate some of my favourite writers on this website, who put their time, creativity, and brain power into writing such great stories that we, the readers, get the privilege to enjoy. Every time I see a new piece on my dash or get a notification from you it’s so exciting. Thank you for being you, and keep up the incredible writing! Much love! 

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I’m forgetting many but please know I’m so grateful for your effort as well! 

The Joker x Reader 2

         “Enchantress!!!!” you scream from the top of your lungs. “Enchantress!!!! Show yourself!!!!” You know she can hear you.

          She suddenly materializes in front of you, eyes glowing in the darkness that surrounds her.

      J lies on the floor in a pool of blood. You are holding his hand, caressing his forehead with the other. He groans in pain. “Enchantress” you say nervously, “heal him”.   She doesn’t move.    “Do you hear me?” you shout. “Make him better!! NOW!!!”    No reaction.    “You owe us; we helped you get your heart back!”

         “My child”, she suddenly replies in out worldly voice, “I can only bring back the dead. He’s still alive.”

          “What?! If you can bring back the dead, you sure can heal.” She smirks, revealing her white teeth. “It doesn’t work that way, my child”.

       J opens his eyes, his gaze meeting yours. He smiles, but the pain is too much. His smile turns into a grimace as he attempts to lift his head. “Fuck, I think I’m dying, baby” he whispers with labored breathing. “It really hurts, don’t try it.” He starts laughing, clenching his fists.

         “You’re not funny, Mister J” you say through tears, pressing on his chest wounds. “I’m always funny”, he grins, closing his eyes again.

       “June,” you say softly, putting your blood covered hands together, like in a prayer. “June, please help him. We’re in the middle of nowhere, we barely escaped the ambush. You were my best friend, please heal him.”

        “June’s not here!” the sorceress answers, giving you an evil glare. “She’s gone…Why don’t you try to heal him?”   

           “You know I only have the power to destroy, how could I heal him?!” You swallow the lump in your throat, despair taking over.

        “Baby doll.” J lifts his hand, faintly touching your face. “Baby doll, you heard her. You know what to do.” You look at him in disbelief. “What…what are you asking of me?” “Do it, you’ll have me back in no time. You can only bring back the dead, right?” He points his finger at her and Enchantress bows her head in agreement. “See?” he sights, “she’ll do it. I just have to die.” You bring yourself near his ear. “What if she’s lying?” He pulls you closer so only you can hear him. “Then joke’s on me, I’m dead anyway.” Your heart sinks as you try to control your sobbing. You press your cheek against his while you take the dagger out of your pocket.

            Your hand shakes badly while you place the knife on top of his heart. “What’s wrong, baby doll?” J mutters. He grabs your trembling hand, bringing it to his mouth and kisses it. “Save me, ok?” You nod in acceptance and press your lips against his while plunging the dagger in his heart. He lets out a deep breath, his green eyes remain fixed on yours.

          “You killed him!” the Enchantress gives away a sinister laugh, her face enlightened.

          “He’s dead, now bring him back! Do it…”, you mumble, heartbroken, as you slowly lift your face. Tears are falling from your eyes and you can’t control them. “Bring my puddin back…” Her burning darkness engulfs you as she crawls on top of J ’ s body to get really close to you. “I LIED!” she hisses before she disappears with a satisfied smile.

             “You bitch!!!” you shout, trying to snag her, but all you touch is ashes and smoke. You cover your mouth in fear, inhaling the smell of his blood. Every fiber of your being is crushed and defeated. What are you going to do now? Nobody can help. You put your head on J’s chest, your hair soaking in the red blood. You slowly take out the dagger and toss it to the side.

           There is only one thing left to do, there’s no choice, and you have to take the risk. Nothing to lose at this point. You lift Joker’s lifeless body so his head can rest on your shoulder. You start concentrating, calling forward the forces that possess you. Rays of dark energy start pulsating from you, turning to ashes everything they touch. The cabin slowly starts disintegrating into thin air as you try very hard to control the destruction,because his body needs to be protected.

“Murderer” you start hearing the voices, “you killed so many and now him. How could you kill HIM?”.

         You try to ignore the malicious whispers, concentrating on J’s wounds. His flesh starts to melt and you let out a loud, frantic scream. You cannot heal, only kill and destroy. “June!!!! June, please, please help me!!!!!” you start yelling, feeling you are going to die from the agony and remorse you feel.

        The Sorceress appears in front of you, kneeling to the ground. She has June’s eyes. “Quickly, I can control her for too long”, June chokes as she tries to fight the evil inside her.

         She touches the Joker’s body, muttering a spell in a language you’ve never heard before. She suddenly twitches, her eyes starting to glow again and she takes your hand, struggling to maintain control. “It’s done! I’ll take her away now,before she realizes what  I did”. The Sorceress’s body dissipates in thin air.

          You hug J’s body really tight, lovingly caressing his face with your right hand, whispering in his ear “puddin, wake up…wake up please.” You hear a low moan and you feel a faint movement. “Baby doll” you hear the familiar deep voice barely loud enough to understand : “I had the weirdest dream… You were darker than the darkness…” You start whimpering, squeezing him even closer to you. “You’re back", that’s all you manage to say before you feel his arms reaching around your waist.

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New to Suwon: prologue

Soooo, it’s not exactly Mafia AU (more like underground agency) but I was slightly inspired by the power teaser so hope you like it :) This is basically an introduction the the ‘universe’ so yea not a lot of exo in this one.

♥ Thanks for the reading ♥

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The city of Seoul was always busy. People walking through each other in big crowds, like hordes of insects needing to bring their earning back to the nest. It was a controlled chaos. Everyone had their time and place, everyone knew the way of getting through. Every single person, part of the seemingly chaotic swarm.
Between them was no one really significant for once.
Everyone looked the same if you looked at them from a far enough distance.

This girl always had a knack for the poetic.

“Quinn.” She heard her boss sigh through her earbud. “Don’t you think it’s slightly suspicious to have someone comfortably hanging of the side of a skyscraper.” the woman’s tone seemed bored and sarcastic as it usually was, causing her to let out a chuckle.

“Oh, I don’t know. I feel like that’s a day to day thing to see in Seoul.” She said but climbed her way back up to the roof.

“So, where’s the deal?” Quinn asked, holding her bud firmly against her ear so the wind didn’t affect the sound.

“Half a mile south, you should be able to get there in time. I’ll send you the exact location.”

The map soon appeared at the left side of her view. “I’ll be there in no time.” She stated, disconnecting.

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Let Me Protect You Chapter 10/?

Pairings: Chris Evans x OFC Emilia

Word Count: 2,131

Warnings: Swearing, LOTS OF ANGST!  This chapter is pretty much PURE ANGST

Trigger Warning:  Self-harm. This chapter is heavily descripted with self-harm, so please read at your own risk if that triggers you!

Rating: R

Summary: After Emilia’s fiancé cheats on her, she moves to California to live with her brother Eric, who just so happens to be good friends with Chris Evans.  Follow Emilia and her roller coaster life through heartbreak, love, and emotional trauma. Will Emilia choose to let Chris into her heart, or will she remain broken and alone forever?

Could it be possible for someone to become more broken then they already were?  How could someone manage to live like this?  The constant roller coaster of life; one day life is great, and then it’s terrible for a week, then amazing for a month.  It’s just too much for someone to handle.

You were all alone, literally and figuratively.  You left Charlie because he cheated on you, you had to put your dog, who was your best friend, down because she was sick, your brother left for a month because of work, and now it looks as if Chris went back to his ex.  His ex, the girl who pushed you into the pool at your brothers’ party.

Maybe it was planned all along.  Maybe Chris knew all about your emotional trauma and planned this with Minka. That’s a possibility right?  But Chris doesn’t seem the type of person to do evil like that.

“AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH” you screamed as hard as you could.  You moved out to LA to get away from this shit!  To heal yourself!  And now you were in an even worse position!  

You needed the dark of your bedroom; the blackout curtains will give you shelter.  Your head was pounding from all the tension of emotions filtering in and out.  You tried to breathe through it as much as you could.  Sweat was starting to bead on your neck from your life crashing down around you.  

You shuffle into your bedroom with what little energy you had left and collapse on the bed.  All you wanted to do was take that razor blade and dig deep somewhere on your skin.  But it had been a week since you had done it, and you didn’t want to resort to that anymore.  You wanted to pull up your big girl panties and handle this like a normal person; cry for days.

You were jolted awake a few hours later from your dream, well, more of a nightmare.  A nightmare of memories you would have rather never had to think of again.  Trying to regain your breathing, you look at the clock to see it was almost 6pm. Fuck, you slept the whole day away; but as your mind becomes less foggy, you realize why that happened. Chris.  Chris and Minka.  Pictures of them sitting in his car, smiling at each other.  Charlie.  Charlie texting you to come home because he misses you.

Whimpering at the throbbing pain inside your head, you grab a cup of water.  All that crying and screaming in frustration really dried out your throat; it felt really hoarse.

After quenching your thirst, you start searching for your phone, afraid to see if anyone had texted you. Of course they had.  

Chris: I’m so sick of interviews!! What are you up to beautiful?

Chris:  You still sleeping?  It’s after 1pm silly

Chris: I have so much gel in my hair I’m going to have to take a three hour shower to get it all out haha

Chris: Ems it’s after 3pm now, I’m starting to get nervous. Did you get lost driving around LA? Are you stranded somewhere?

Chris: I really don’t want to pull this card but if I don’t hear from you soon I’m gonna give Eric a call.  I’m really worried Ems

Eric: I’ve called you a few times but you’re not picking up. Chris called me.  Emilia why won’t you answer him

Eric: Emilia damnit answer your phone.  You’re making me nervous now

Knowing you didn’t want Eric to call the cops to the house to check on you, you called him immediately to calm him down.

“What the fuck Emilia! Don’t pull that shit with me, why are you ignoring everyone?” he says anger and concern lacing his voice.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t feeling good so I have been sleeping all day” you lied through your teeth.  

“I call bullshit Em. Chris called me.  He’s stuck at his photoshoot and interview and is a nervous wreck.  What’s really going on?”

You blow out a sigh, knowing there’s no point in lying to Eric because he’ll get it out of you sooner or later.  

“Ugh, fine!  There is an article I happened to see on Twitter this morning saying that Minka and Chris might be back together.  There was also a fucking picture of them together in his car, and I know for a goddamn fact that it was from this morning, and not the past” you huff out in annoyance.

“Emilia, you listen to me. I can promise you they aren’t back together.  Chris wouldn’t get back together with her even if she was the last woman on Earth. It’s the tabloids Em, this is what they do.”

“I don’t care Eric. I’ve realized I’m no good for him anyways.  I’ll just drag him down in life, and I don’t want that for him.  Look, I gotta go.  Love you bro.”  You quickly hang up the phone, not wanting him to hear the heartbreak in your voice.

The second you hang up with Eric, you get an incoming call from Chris.  Not wanting to deal with that open wound, you ignore the call, letting it go to voicemail.  


“God fucking damnit. LEAVE ME ALONE!” you scream to nobody but yourself as you unlock your phone and dial your voicemail.

“Hey Ems it’s Chris. I just got done with my photoshoot and interview and I’m heading home.  But if I don’t hear from you by then I’m coming over.  Emilia I’m really fuckin worried about you.  I don’t know if you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere or at home injured.  Please call me back ok. Bye beautiful.

The tears are like waterfalls on your face.  Never ending. How do you even have tears left to give?

You heard it all in his voice.  The concern, worry, and fear was all there.  He was worried about you.  Why would he be worried about you if he was back with Minka?


“PLEASE STOP!! PPLEEEAASEEE!!!!” you wail as you slide down against the wall.  

Eric: I pulled the big brother card and told Chris why you weren’t answering.  He’s on his way to talk to you now.  Give him a chance to explain Em.  It’s not what you think.  I love you. I’m only a call away if you need me.

That’s it!  Fuck your big girl panties, your taking matters into your own hands now.  

Heading into your bathroom you turn to lock the door.  You turn your blue tooth on, put your playlist on shuffle, and turn the music all the way up.  You needed to drown out as much noise as you possibly could.

Stripping your robe off, you’re immediately met with goosebumps all over your body.  Luckily because of your late night shower, all your bracelets were off.  That was something you didn’t think you had time to do; taking each one off your wrist.

You start digging around your cabinet for the only thing that can hopefully give your mind a break from everything.  Once you finally reached what you were looking for, you sit on the cold tile floor, back leaning against the cabinet.  

Avril Lavigne’s “Nobody’s Home” starts over the speaker, and you can’t help but roll your eyes at the irony. The song is everything you’re going through right now, everything you’re feeling.

As the song starts, everything but the lyrics fades away as your left there with a razor blade clutched in your hands.

I couldn’t tell you

Why she felt that way

She felt it everyday

And I couldn’t help her

I just watched her make

The same mistakes again

The razor blade slices into your wrist.  The blood barely trickling up to the top of the open cut.

What’s wrong ,what’s wrong now

Too many, too many problems

Don’t know where she belongs

Where she belongs

You still felt everything. Every single emotion and feeling swirling through your head, your body.  It needed to stop.

She wants to go home

But nobody’s home

That’s where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside

You drag the blade against your wrist again, putting more pressure down this time.  You welcome the pain that you receive from the cut.  The burning and stinging sensation pulling you from all your thoughts.

Open your eyes

And look outside

Find the reasons why

You’ve been rejected

And now you can’t find

What you’ve left behind

There is more blood than the first cut as it pools to the surface.  The feelings and emotions fading from your head.  You start feeling more relaxed.

Be strong, be strong now

Too many, too many problems

Don’t know where she belongs

Where she belongs

More and more fresh cuts start to litter your wrist.  The blood and pain freeing you from your thoughts; you even felt a bit euphoric at this point.  

You sit there and think and feel nothing, nothing but the burning from the fresh cuts.  This was your happy place.  Void of feelings.  This is why you used this distraction over anything.  

You sit there for a while, savoring the pain.  You start to feel a bit light headed and look down and realize why.  You couldn’t even see your wrists, they were covered in blood.

Slowly getting up, you turn the water to warm and rinse your wrist, bringing on even more pain.  It seemed sadistic you realize, but you were afraid something worse would happen if you weren’t able to contain it.  

The doorbell rang and you froze.

“Shit fuck damnit!!” you curse to yourself, trying to clean up everything as fast as you can.  You knew it was Chris; it slipped your mind earlier that your brother told you he was coming over here.  Pausing, you also remember Chris mentioning he still had keys to the guest house from when he lived here.

“Emilia?” Chris questions as you hear him walking around your house, your music long ago turned off. You become stiff, holding your wrist in your towel and looking at your door.  

“Ems, you in there? Listen, Eric told me what happened. Just open the door, let me explain myself.”

You were frozen.  You could not move.   Your feet were stuck to the floor, and you were utterly terrified of seeing Chris.  Talking to Chris.  You couldn’t do it.  

His knocking continued becoming rather persistent.  “Damnit Ems don’t make me break down this door.”

“I’m naked” you blurt out, not even thinking about it, “I mean I’m taking a bath”, you say putting your right hand up to smack your forehead.  

Damn it!  You had planned on completely ignoring Chris in the hopes he would just give up and go home.  But no, you crack under pressure, like you always do.    

“I guess I will just wait right outside the door then until you come out.”

“That could take all night Chris.  Just go home, please”, you say, a hint of anger in your voice.  

You look around your bathroom.  You’ve got the toilet, and water from the sink, you could very well spend the night in here.  You were stubborn when you got things set in your head, and you weren’t going to budge on this, at least not for a few hours.  

“I’m not going anywhere Ems. You need to hear what I have to say.”

“Then just say it, so you can be on your merry little way Christopher.”

That’s right, take that. You said his full name hoping he would get the hint that you were pissed off.  Hell, it was more like enraged.  At least the two of you didn’t start an actual relationship before this crap with Minka and him happened.  

“I’m not having this conversation with you through the door beautiful”, you could hear the playfulness in his voice.

“Well get comfy Evans, you’ll be out there all night.”

You started to get a little chilly, seeing as you were actually naked in the bathroom.  You had fallen asleep in just your robe last night, and hadn’t bothered to change since then.  You put your robe back on, being extra careful of your wrists.  You were able to stop the bleeding for the most part. There was still a little bit coming through your wounds, but it would be fine; it wasn’t enough to run down into your palm.

You grabbed a bunch of towels from the cupboard and made your own makeshift bed.  You laid down on them, trying to get comfy.

As you closed your eyes, your heart broke even more when you heard Chris sigh heavily from the other side of the door. 

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Charles Xavier- “We're in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere.”

Request:  Could I please request a Charles Xavier X reader with “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure your right. Nothing could possibly go wrong”

Hello hello. This fic did not go where I thought it would but I enjoyed writing it none the less. The prompt was so cute though. Hopefully this is all good for you my lovely requester. Enjoy your day :)

~Much love, Ive

It has been less than a week since the incident. It was a mutant with similar powers to Charles who had gotten inside your head and forced you to relive all of your worst memories and with your past there were plenty. You’d been held hostage as bait in hope they could lure Charles out to come and get you, this factor had pissed you off too, you refused to be the damsel in distress but it was exactly what you had become. You weren’t sure how you had gotten out of there becasue even when the mutant was out of your head you couldn’t stop replaying the memories that had been dug out of your brain. You had been so emotionally damaged from that day Charles felt it was best to take you away for a while until you had your head together again. He’d taken you up to the safe house way up in the mountains, where there was nothing but trees around for miles.

Things were picking up now though, it had only been five days but the days were almost pain free it was just the nights where the horror flashed back though you during your sleep but you were coping. You were curled up in a blanket on the couch when Chalres made his way in with two huge hot chocolates. He passed you one and curled up next to you. There were three marshmallows floating around in your mug and you couldn’t help but smile at the pink and white blobs.

“Thank you.” You rested your head in his shoulder. The fire was roaring in front of you and you suddenly realised that this was pretty romantic. Why hadn’t it occurred to you earlier? The cute little log cabin, the hot chocolate, the red fire and not to mention the gorgeous guy who had done all of this for you was the only person around for miles.

“Did you sleep any better last night?” he asked playing the concerned card, for some reason it just made the whole situation even more romantic.

“A little.” You lied as you reached your hand up to play with his hair. He inclined his head and let you knot your fingers into it. You wanted to kiss him so badly, but he looked as if he was about to say something. He parted his lips to speak but you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer, you brought your lips to his and kissed him and kissed him until something hot burned your legs. You pulled back and cried out looking down at your legs. The hot chocolate you were holding had spilt all over you and ruined what was about to be the perfect moment. The boiling liquid was starting to burn and without thinking you jumped up and pulled your sweatpants off, leaving you in your underwear. A laugh escaped from Charles as he put his own drink on the coffee table so the sea thing didn’t happen to him later. There wasn’t a washing machine here so you rinsed off the chocolate and marshmallows in the sink. Charles came up behind you, making you jump as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He laughed as you got your revenge for him scaring you by splashing some water on his face, which was resting on your shoulder. He wiped his face on your next before leaving a row of kisses that lead up to your jawline sending shivers down your spine to your bare legs.

“I’m just going to go and hang these outside somewhere.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He jumped up, suddenly worried about you.

“Charles, there is no one around and I’ll only be a second. Nothing is going to happen.”

“"We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure your right. Nothing could possibly go wrong.” He said almost sarcastically.

“What? Honestly, it’s going to be fine.” You shook your head at him.

“Y/N,” He gave you a look, you had no idea what it was about so you raised your eyebrows at him waiting for an explanation, “You aren’t wearing any pants still.”

Welcome. First time with BTS?

A/N: Annyeong! Part 2 is here! Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’m enjoying writing it! I’m working hard on improving, so hopefully things will get better. Characters are based on this post. Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

Story Summary: You wish your life was normal again, but you know it will never be the same. Not with what you’ve experienced since joining one of the most dangerous Gangs in Seoul: Bangtan.

Genre: Gang/Mafia!AU

Included: Reader, Namjoon, Hoseok, Seokjin, Taehyung, Yoongi, Jimin, Jaebum

Word Count: 2237

Part 1Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Warnings: Violence (towards all characters – including reader), Murder, Blood, Kidnapping, Strong Language You have been warned.

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Imagine after Dean comes back from Hell, and when he calls Bobby, he asks for him to put you on the phone, but Bobby tells him you’ve been missing for as long as he’s been dead.

A/N: Chocolate tequila and coffee and no sleep nets you this. Let me know if it’s a winning combination.
AU, where Dean manages to convince Bobby over the phone that he’s the real deal.
Warnings: Sexy times. Angst. 
Rating: NC17
In which, the reader and Dean have been together since before the fire at Stanford.

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bangtan badguys!au - 01

“i honestly don’t think this is a good idea,” seokjin says, trying to keep up with namjoon’s stride. “using criminals to catch criminals? what are you thinking? what is police chief bang thinking? they’re in jail for a reason.”

“and i’m taking them out of jail for a reason,” namjoon replies. he levels a look at seokjin. “sometimes the good guys can’t catch them all.”

seokjin stares incredulously at him. 

namjoon smirks. “and that’s where the bad guys come in.”

“so you’re not going to tell me where you’re taking us?” jimin drawls. the driver ignores him and jimin’s eyes narrow to slits. “ayo driver! i’m talking to you!”

“you’ll know in due time,” the driver says. 

“will i know if i beat the shit out of you now?” jimin sneers. 

“no. and then you’ll never know where i’m taking you. so you best just wait quietly.”

“just wait it out.” jimin turns to look at the only other occupant in the car, dressed in the same blue prison uniform jimin’s in. 

“who’s this bastard of a blondie think he’s talking to,” jimin mutters but he sits back anyways and looks out the window. 

jimin steps off the bus and into the middle of nowhere. blondie follows him off and jimin is vindictively pleased that he and blondie are about the same height. 

that is, until he comes face to face with three other guys taller than them both. inwardly, jimin gives them all nicknames. black hair, brown hair, smiley face.

“what are you fuckers doing out here?”

smiley face shrugs, smile never leaving his face and jimin wants to punch it with a good right hook.

black hair blinks at jimin.“same thing you are, most likely.”

“you’re here for the same reason,” a voice cuts in and they all turn to see who. “i’m officer kim seokjin.” he eyes the group of them. “now, follow me.”

“why should i?” blondie asks and jimin jumps, having forgotten that blondie had been there at all. 

seokjin quirks his lips. “do you have a ride back home?” 

“fucker,” jimin grumbles before shoving past black hair, brown hair, and smiley face to follow after seokjin. 

the five of them follow seokjin to what looks like abandoned church out in this middle of nowhere. seokjin walks straight up to the heavy wood door and pushes it open. it yawns wide and even with the bright sunlight shining in, the inside looks entirely dark and black.

“in you go,” seokjin says dryly and after a quick look at each other, the five of them step inside. seokjin follows at the rear and the door slams shut behind them all. 

“have a seat,” seokjin gestures at the rows of pews.  

they each pick one, nobody sitting anywhere near anyone else.

seokjin positions himself near the door. 

“so now what?” jimin asks crossly. 

“now, i welcome you,” a voice says and goddammit, these weirdoes better stop melting out of the shadows or someone’s going to get hurt. courtesy of jimin. the man that comes into view smiles at them all. “welcome. you may be wondering what you’re doing here.:

“no shit, sherlock,” jimin mutters under his breath. 

“i’m detective kim namjoon. and you’re here for one reason and one reason only.” namjoon grins. “to help me catch criminals.”

“and why would we do that?” blondie asks. 

“to lessen your own sentences. how much time do you have left to serve, min yoongi?” blondie stiffens. “couple more decades? half a century, maybe more?” namjoon smiles. “that goes for all of you. you all are the people south korea worked so hard to put behind bars and now i’m giving you a chance to escape those bars.”

“for what purpose?” this time, it’s smiley face. he’s still smiling and it’s weird.

“criminals know best how other criminals think,” namjoon replies. “we’re trading one evil for the other.” he looks at the five of them. “whoever catches the criminal we’re chasing will be the one whose sentence will be reduced. you’ll be let out each time we have a case and put back in when it’s over. nobody in the legal chain of command will know about this team.”

there’s a silence as everyone takes it in. 

namjoon gives them a moment before spreading his arms. “you’re allowed to walk away right now and we’ll put you back in your cell, nice and cozy. so,” he eyes them all. “what do you guys say? any objections?”

the church is silent and namjoon smiles. 

“excellent. then our team is formed.”

“what kind of team is this?” jimin asks. “the criminals team?”

namjoon laughs. “mm…let’s call it…”


seokjin roves his eyes over the room. 

park jimin. mob boss.

min yoongi. contract killer.

kim taehyung. scammer and thief.

jung hoseok. drug lord.

jeon jungkook. serial killer.

the worst of the worst all gathered here together. to catch other criminals.

“a team of bad guys,” seokjin says bitterly. “you guys are out of your minds. both you and chief bang.”

namjoon grins. “maybe we are. care to join us?”

“i’m out of my goddamn mind,” seokjin mutters under his breath. 

one time when tim was sick, dick was trying his best to make him happy and comfortable and he was like

“what do you want to do tim?? what can i get you??”

“i want…” tim answered thoughtfully, “to watch ALL THE STAR TREKS”

and from the middle of nowhere all the rest of the kids are like “OH NO PLEASE NO STAR TREK please FOR THE NEXT TWENTY FOUR HOURS ALL WE WILL HEAR IS ‘KEPTIN KEPTIN KEPTIN KERK’” and even damian’s like “’AND HAILING FREQUENCIES OPEN SIR’”

and tim throws pillows at them and shouts as loud as he can “IF YOU DON’T LIKE UHURA AND HER FREQUENCIES YOU CAN JUST GET OUT OF MY LIFE”

and bruce is sighing somewhere and he doesn’t know why