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survived the first part of the Very Fancy Event! it was not as awesome as I hoped it would be in my head, BUT the people that did come had a great time, everyone looked v cute, i posed for group photos, and nothing caught fire. success?

  • things i've considered in picking my name: does it sound nice, does it flow well with my surname and potential middle names, do the initials look okay, does it connect in any way to my birth name, can i see myself being called it on a regular basis, do i like its meaning(s), does it relate back to my family history and origin in any way, what history/pop culture connections does it have, do i know anyone else with the name, is it too common or too rare, can it be explained away in situations where i'm not ready to come out to everyone i'm with, is it easily misspelled/mispronounced, does it adequately reflect my gender identity in its entirety
  • things my parents considered in picking my birth name: is it pretty

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So I guess it's a pretty standard thing for parents to bust out their kids middle name whenever they mean business, I know mine did and man was that always scary to me as a kid. So like imagine the batboys just freezing whatever their doing when they hear across the manner, "JASON PETER!" Or "TIMOTHY JACKSON!" Etc. I think Richard would be enough to get Dick's attention but since Damian doesn't have a middle name, maybe he gets the ol' "DAMIAN AL'GHUL WAYNE!" And boy oh boy is he running.

LOL yyeeeesssssss excellent headcanon!! This is the quality I’m talking about~

And that seems to be a pretty prevalent parental behavior. So OF COURSE Bruce is a domestic dad and does it!!! 

I feel like he does it differently for each one. Like with Dick, he just is point-blank “Richard” very sharply. So Dick just backs off and is like “okay, okay, geez. Oscar the Grouch over here…”

Jason’s is the pretty typical “JASON PETER!” because Jay is smart enough to be far away during the fall out. 

But with Tim, he gets really quiet and his jaw is tight as he grits out, “Timothy Jackson” and Tim’s grin immediately disappears and he’s like “hahahahaha gotta g o”

Damian likes to pretend that it doesn’t scare him one bit, but the minute Bruce bellows his name, Damian is in Jason’s abandoned room and hiding, hahaha. 

Of course, neither Damian nor Cassandra have middle names, which has to be remedied. Cassandra consults Bruce frequently, and he always listens to her wishes and they go to the court to change her name together. 

He’s not as merciful to Damian. Bruce teases Damian with the most awful middle names. Damian is always like “or I could just choose one” “Your mother chose your first name, I get to choose the middle one” “I was an infant then I was hardly cognizant of reality” “that is a real pity. I’m still choosing your middle name.”

Thanks for sharing this A+ headcanon, it’s the best!! ^.^

some alec and magnus headcanons:

(and more headcanons since i guess i can’t stop)

  • magnus is 100% the type of person who has a song for every occasion. alec knows almost none of them, but you’ll still catch him singing the lyrics he’s learned from magnus sometimes. he doesn’t have nearly the same sense of timing that magnus does though.
    • after alec leaves sometimes, magnus will sing the line “i’m outta my head hopelessly devoted to you” at the door behind him and alec catches him at it once but doesn’t let him know until he surprises him with a (terrible) rendition of the full song with the lyrics rewritten to be positive on what would have been his anniversary with lydia, if magnus hadn’t asked just once more. this is excellent timing. magnus cries.
  • magnus introduces alec to pop music. and to sex music – both the concept and his own playlist. alec thinks that maybe jace wasn’t always wrong about getting more familiar with the mundane world but he doesn’t regret putting it off til now for a second.
  • in addition to saying his full name as though it were the only word that’s ever mattered as a term of endearment, magnus calls alec “dear heart.” alec loves this more than anything.
  • magnus finds alec’s enthusiastic inexperience to be devastatingly charming in bed.
  • it helps also that alec takes direction well. extremely well.
  • alec, for his part, loves direction. loves knowing without doubt how to make magnus feel good. loves making magnus feel good. also he learns so much. soooooooo much. he had no idea there were so many positions for this type of thing. so many uses for hands and tongues. so many reasons to laugh in breathless, boundless joy while gettin’ jiggy with it (a phrase magnus bans him from using, can hardly believe he even uttered in the first place).
  • alec likes whiskey sours and pretty much no other kind of alcoholic beverage. (he can be talked into amaretto sours and will take orange juice in either – the latter is how magnus excuses their occasional breakfast drinking: “it’s just a variation on the mimosa theme, alexander.” he looks up at alec from over his own full glass, coy in full effect. “drink with me.” alec’s weak for this and he’s fine with it.) it takes them an entire day devoted to finding alec a drink he likes to discover it and as soon as magnus sees alec with it, he thinks “duh” and never offers him vodka anything ever again.
  • alec does get righteously drunk on vodka once – straight vodka, on his own. something goes bad at the institute – magnus never does find out quite what – and neither izzy nor jace are speaking to alec, for their own reasons, and alec shows up at magnus’ loft drunk off his ass. he chose vodka because it seemed faster and painful – magnus sees him gazing at his raw hand on the fire escape – and he pukes over and over and over again with magnus leaning over him feeling murderous towards everyone who had anything to do with alec feeling this way. they get through the night in magnus’ bathroom, alec telling him painful, incoherent things the whole time. magnus does not cure his hangover the next day, though he wants to, because he does not do things to alec’s body without permission – bar instances of immediate threat to alec’s life or someone else’s – and he does not have permission.
    • (there’s one particular story that alec tells about how proud his mother was of him taking a punishment doled out when he was a child, for being too good at something – “no one even knew it hurt, i couldn’t lay on my back for a week, but no one knew,” he tells magnus proudly. magnus thinks seriously that he’s going to be the one puking now. he also thinks that someone should save all four of maryse’s kids from her and save her from herself if that’s at all possible at this point. he thinks he’s gonna have to not be in a room with her for a very long time.)
  • after that alec decides that talking to magnus while sober is always a better dealing-with-shit strategy if he doesn’t want to wake up to his boyfriend insisting that he unpack some of the emotional issues he accidentally spilled to him and holding an overwhelming plate of the world’s fluffiest pancakes, saying, “you’re gonna wanna eat sooner rather than later, alec. yes i know this sucks, dear heart, but trust me. also, try to drink your body weight in water, starting right now.”
  • magnus has little to no concept of alec being just as gone on him as he is on alec and when alec figures that out, he spends a lot more time staring lovingly at magnus when they talk. he also gets a lot more handsy in public and magnus has had to pull him off of more than a few people who make snide comments about a warlock with a shadowhunter. soon, the spell where he pulls alec back by the fist is so familiar to them both that alec routinely takes it into a full backwards somersault and pops up on his feet at magnus’ side, where magnus has stepped to give him room to stick the landing.
  • magnus has a thing for ’90s bollywood. alec is still trying to figure out which songs are imaginary and which are actually happening in the story. he learns how to say “i love you” in hindi though and uses it a lot. he also uses the pet names he picks up, though he hasn’t quite grasped the pronunciations for most of them yet. he’s trying and honestly, most of the time magnus can’t hear it past the pounding of his pulse in his ears anyway because alec doesn’t do terms of endearment lightly so magnus doesn’t hear them lightly.
  • the first time magnus saw alec without his pants on he said, “boxer briefs, thank god.”
    • he followed this up by licking just above the waistband where it rested on alec’s stomach, hands on alec’s hips. this set off the biggest stutter spell in alec to date, which only calmed down after magnus kissed him on the mouth three times, i.e. once he had no choice but to use all his air for recovery.
  • magnus buys a punching bag for his loft. for shirtless alec reasons.
  • using it is alec’s version of “come hither” at least half the time.
  • they get caught fooling around in alec’s room at the institute – by clary, of course, because she, like jace, has no concept of knocking – exactly once before they never do that again. jace actually has to pay raj off to get him to stop talking about it. raj was passing by when clary spooked them and they started grabbing clothes and pulling on the wrong ones (magnus too frazzled to magick them clothed again which has never happened in his life but being intimate with alec just. throws him the fuck off his game) and he regards it as the best moment of his life. alec and magnus regard it as one of their worst. although that thing with his tongue that alec had figured out how to do just before that moment was pretty special, in magnus’ opinion.
  • alec is drifting one morning, laying against magnus’ chest in their bed, when he asks about the name magnus’ mother gave him. magnus tells him. “mm,” alec buzzes. “i think we should offer that name to the first child we adopt. they can take it as a middle name maybe.” and then he’s gone, completely asleep. magnus’ heart trembles.

elympions + middle names


Hmm, seems like Isabella’s middle name isn’t the only secret she’s keeping from Phineas. Will he ever find out either of the secrets? We’ll see ;)

a list of obscure shit ive forgotten at some point

  • what my house looks like
  • if i have any siblings
  • how spiders look. it was if i’d never seen one. i started questioning my past experiences with “spiders”
  • that im ticklish
  • how to ride a bike. while riding it. it took me several months to relearn
  • both of my middle names, at the same time

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Conspiracy: Harry's new tattoo reads, " Arlo Jackson." Its all in the same font and size, and it looks like it could lead into one another. Maybe it's possibly Arlos first and middle name??

Maybe? But I just….. wanna know who tf Arlo is

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Messalina is the name of a Roman Empress, first wife of Emperor Claudius. She was infamous for her promiscuity: apparently, she wanted to have sex so badly that organized an all-night competition and won with 25 partners in 24 hours (this is probably a work of fiction, but she did have lovers, and she secretly married one of them, thus she was killed by the Emperor). "Messalina" is therefore used as a synonymus of "whore". May I suggest another middle name for Luna? Maybe Mary (or Maria)?


Messalina is also the name of the Catholic Saint- a consecrated virgin martyr who refused to submit to the pagan gods of Rome even upon the threat of death. A personal favorite of mine, if you will.

When Victoire gave birth to a little ginger boy he was named Wesley Peter Lupin in honor of the families who had so readily accepted Teddy into their own.

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Prompt: One shot AU- Riley and Lucas are single parents and they meet each other at a playground with their kids. They decide to go on dates + “I’m falling for you and I hope you’re falling for me.”

Word Count: 2,801

For: @josiebearx Thank you for waiting. I hope you’re pleased. :)

“Riles, you two got divorced two years ago. I think it’s time to move on.”

Her blonde best friend was right, but the wounds of her divorce from Charlie Garner were still fairly tender. In high school Riley was swept of her feet when Charlie asked her to homecoming by being a cliche romantic. He filled her locker petals, made balloons fall from the ceiling, and even got her classmate Yogi to rollerskate to hand her bouquet of flowers. After the dance they began dating through the rest of high school and two year of college before he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Everything felt perfect to Riley. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian Ryder. Riley’s fairytale soon came to halt when she found Charlie and some red haired woman in their bed. 6 years of marriage down the drain.

“Hon, are you still there? Listen, I know you feel like you can’t trust another man after what happened, but you can’t give up on love, Maya said sincerely through the phone.

“I know, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back in the dating world,” Riley confessed.

“You don’t have to right now. Just get out of the house and take a peek at the other fish in the sea. And I have the perfect idea on how you can: take Sebastian to the playground,” Maya suggested.


The best thing that came out of her marriage with Charlie. Riley was allowed to gain full custody of him because Charlie’s new girlfriend didn’t want kids. Sebastian was currently the only boy that could make her smile and filled her heart with so much love.

Riley looked over to her 5 year old son who was currently playing Jurassic World with his dinosaurs in the living room.

“I guess that’s not a bad idea. Sebastian could use some fresh air,” Riley agreed with her friend.

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What’s that, vintage 80′s calculator watch that conveniently shows the date too? It’s Headcanon Wednesday? 

(Ok headcanon wednesday isn’t actually a thing but it’s wednesday and I’ve got ideas to go on about, so)

So, most of us have seen the fake Marty McFly driver’s licenses floating around that I guess you can order as a prop if you want to. Almost all of these list his middle initial as ‘J’, even though his canonical middle name was later established as Seamus. The out of universe reason for this, afaik, is that it just wasn’t established early on so they just ran with J because, hey-o, Michael J Fox.

(I don’t even want to hear about the 67-draft giving him the middle name Hopkins, A) it was an early draft that bears no resemblance to the actual canon and B) IT’S DUMB, shut up)

So it’s really easy to just write it off as the canon establishing something later that people were guessing at before, but I have A MORE CREATIVE THEORY.

The theory: Marty STARTED OUT with a middle name beginning with J, and his shenanigans in 1955 caused his middle name to change to Seamus.

How can this be? It all hinges on this otherwise throwaway moment:

“Marty. Such a nice name.”

Yeah, it’s a nice name, but you were already gonna name your third kid Marty, so what gives with this moment? 

Here’s the thing. It’s pretty common for parents to switch off naming kids or, if one parent chooses the first name, the other chooses the middle name. 

So picture the original timeline: George names Dave, Lorraine names Linda. When Marty’s born it’s George’s turn again, and he wants to give this kid a family name, and he’s heard the story all through his family of the first McFlys to journey to America, real adventurous bold types, and that feels like a nice legacy to hand to your kid. But when he traces the documents back to his own great-grandfather, the guy was named Seamus. And that’s a ‘weird’ name to saddle a kid with. But hey, Seamus’s brother came with him, and that guy was named Martin, which is a nice normal name, so there you go. Meanwhile, Lorraine picks some generic J-beginning middle name. Maybe someone from HER family, who knows. Voila: Marty J McFly, named after his great-great-great-uncle and some random person in Lorraine’s family.

Now here comes the revised timeline. It’s supposed to be George’s turn to pick a name, but Lorraine is all, hey, remember that kid back in high school who helped us get together? He had such a nice name, and he meant a lot to both of us, so can we go with that? And George is like, sure, but then I get to pick his middle name. And he does the same thought pattern as before, does the same research, but since this is just a middle name and the kid’s less likely to get teased over it, George just goes with Seamus. This time, Marty is named after HIMSELF and his great-great-grandfather.

So, that’s the theory. No, it’s not specifically supported in-universe, and I don’t even always adhere to it myself when I’m writing pre-movie timelines, but I am too amused by the idea of how confused Marty would be the first time, after the time travel adventures, that Lorraine gets pissed at him and whips out his full name.

My boyfriend is Icelandic so I can clear this whole thing up! Boys have -son added to their dad’s name as a surname, so my boyfriend ends up as Ævarsson, cause his dad is Ævar. If he was a girl, he’d get -dottir (meaning daughter). And if he has kids, they’d be Hinriksson or Hinriksdottir respectively. The extra “s” will be added with some names for grammatical reasons.

But Icelanders don’t use surnames like other cultures do. You’re generally referred to by your first name and maybe middle name if there’s two people with the first name in the room. Even teachers and politicians are first name only. Some people adopt family names like former Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr or the author Halldór Laxness, but this is rare. There are legal rules regarding naming convention in Iceland and unless you’re from a Danish family and have kept a family name for generations, or you can argue your case against the Naming Commitee, you’re gonna be a -son or a -dottir. This is why when Iceland was doing well in the Euro 2016 soccer, you had foreign commentators saying “Gunnarsson has the ball” and the Icelandic ones saying “Aron has the ball”. This is also how you end up with a fuckton of dudes called Jón Jónsson.

This isn’t an entirely unique concept, old Gaelic naming conventions are similar. Incidentally, this is why names like Pritchard and Price are common in Wales; the old naming conventions in Welsh involved “ap Richard”, meaning “son of Richard”, which was later shortened to Prichard.

Icelanders generally don’t have an issue with Patronymic naming conventions anyway, they have one of the best records for gender equality and surnames are only used for bureaucracy shit anyway. And Icelanders are very proud of the fact they retain so much of original Norse culture.

Also from an anon

Hi, I’m an actual Icelandic person and I’m gonna explain the Icelandic naming system. The tradition is that the father takes the priority hence why people’s “surnames” are always their fathers’ names + “son” or “dóttir” depending on their gender. In some cases their mother’s name will be used but that happens very rarely. Some people also have family’s surnames, (like Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving who’s usually referred to as Magnús Scheving) but that’s also very rare

Both of these are very informative, so thank you both!

@taylorswiftville, check this out.

Money Isn't Everything Part 3

This was highly requested so I hope you guys love it! :)

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Your husband asked sternly as you stood on your tippie toes reaching up to get the crackers from on top of the refridgerator.

“Uhh getting crackers. I’m starving.” You said reaching up even higher.

“Sit down and stop doing that! Marcy get in here!” He yelled to the worker that he had hired to watch over you.

“Yes sir Mr. Hood?” She asked obediently.

“What the hell is Mrs. Hood doing up?” He asked sternly.

“Uh sir…” she started to say.

“Because I can get my own damn crackers! Seriously Calum you’ve got to let me do something, I’m going insane just sitting around all the time! I’m surprised you even let me piss by myself ” you said rolling your eyes and putting your hands on your hips.

“Well excuse me for wanting you safe!” He said getting pissy.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s crackers Calum I’m fine.”

He scoffed. “Something could happen. You could lose your balance and fall or something. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said defending his actions.

You softened and smiled at him.

“Come here.” You said motioning your finger for him to come closer.

He folded his arms across his chest and walked forward-sulking.

You ran your fingers through his hair and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

“Baby I appreciate all that you do, but you are smothering me. I’ll take care of myself and our baby boy, I promise. Please baby let Marcy go home for a bit, the poor girl has been under my feet for months now. I won’t do anything to harm us. We are safe honey and we love you.” You said hoping he’d believe it.

He softened up and looked down at the ground, placing his hands in his pockets.

He shrugged. “I just love you, that’s all.”

You smiled and grabbed his hands, placing them on your belly. “I know baby and I love you. We both do.”

He smiled and rubbed your belly before placing a kiss to it.

“Marcy, babygirl please go home and get some rest. Thank you so much for everything.” You said smiling politely at the young girl.

“Are you sure mam? You don’t need anything else?” She asked confused - but relieved.

“I’m sure. Enjoy the week off.” You said nodding and smiling kindly at her.

“A week?” Calum asked with concerning eyes.

“A week.” You said sternly.

He pouted and huffed.

“Mr. Hood is it okay?” She asked nervously.

“I guess. Enjoy your week, kid.” He said shrugging.

She smiled and gave you a hug.

“Thank you.” She said before walking out.

Once she was gone Calum sat in his favorite kitchen chair and ran his fingers through his hair.

“A week y/n? I don’t like this. I have meetings all week. Who will be here to watch you?” He asked very concerned.

“I will. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of me and our child. I’m a big girl. A VERY big girl.” You said giggling as you protruded your belly out.

He chuckled and shook his head.

You sat on his lap and he made a face.

“Sorry.” You said quickly hopping up.

“No, no baby you’re fine. I just got through with my morning jog and my legs are sore, that’s all.” He said grabbing your hands and trying to make you feel better.

You smiled a forced smile and held his hands.

“See, I need to get up and do something before I break your legs. I’ve gotten huge Cal.” You said giving him a sad look.

“No you haven’t. That’s just our baby inside of you.” He said defending you.

“No it’s fat. Some of it is the baby, but most is all that good food Marcy fixes.” You said trying to stifle a giggle.

“She is a great cook. Might have to keep her even after the baby is born.” He said winking at you.

“Hey if she makes that cinnamon-apple strudel everyday then I’m down.” You said smiling.

He looked at you with wide eyes.

“What?” You asked.

“Shit. I’ve been so busy I’ve completely forgot. Have you come up with any names yet?” He asked practically panicking on the inside.

“I have a few that I want to run by you.” You said smiling.

He pulled out a chair and motioned for you to sit.

“Okay I’m ready…go!” He said excitedly.

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I've had every detail of him etched into my mind for years but today, for a few seconds, I forgot his middle name. Maybe it doesn't mean anything but maybe I'm starting to heal

This is amazing and I’m so proud of you.