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french: school vocabulary  📚

♡ Basics:

  • une école - school (in general), grade school
  • un écolier, une écolière - grade school student
  • un collège - middle school, junior high
  • un collégien, une collégienne - middle school student
  • un lycée - high school
  • un lycéen, une lycéenne - high school student
  • une université - college, university
  • un étudiant, une étudiante - college student
  • un professeur, un/e prof (informal)* - teacher
  • *In France, the word professeur is always masculine, even if the teacher is a woman. 

♡ School Years and Ages: 

  • Cours Préparatoire (CP) = 6 years old
  • Cours Elémentaire (CE1) = 7 years old
  • Cours Elémentaire (CE1) = 8 years old
  • Cours Moyen (CM1) = 9 years old
  • Cours Moyen (CM2) = 10 years old
  • Sixième = 11 years old
  • Cinquième = 12 years old
  • Quatrième = 13 years old
  • Troisième = 14 years old
  • Seconde = 15 years old
  • Première = 16 years old
  • Terminale = 17 years old

♡ Equipment - Le Matériel

  • un bureau - desk
  • un pupitre - student desk
  • un cahier - notebook
  • une calculatrice - calculator
  • un carnet - notebook
  • une carte - map
  • un classeur - binder
  • une craie - chalk
  • un crayon - pencil
  • des devoirs (m) - homework
  • un dictionnaire - dictionary
  • une gomme - eraser
  • le rétroprojecteur - overhead projector
  • un livre - book
  • la trousse - pencil case
  • le papier - paper
  • une feuille de papier - piece of paper
  • recto verso - front and back, both sides
  • un sac à dos - backpack
  • un stylo - pen
  • un tableau - chalkboard
  • le cartable - school bag

♡ The School:

  • classroom - une salle de classe
  • library - la bibliothèque
  • librarian - le/la documentaliste
  • hall - le hall
  • staff room - une salle des profs
  • cloakroom - le vestiaire
  • toilets - les toilettes
  • laboratory - un laboratoire
  • workshop - un atelier
  • gym - le gymnase
  • the playground - la cour de récréation 
  • sports field - le terrain de sports
  • headmaster - le directeur
  • headmistress - la directrice
  • secretary - la secrétaire
  • dining hall - la cantine
  • corridor - le couloir
  • caretaker - le concierge
  • school yard - la cour

♡ Subjects - Les Matières

  • English - l'anglais
  • Mathematics - les mathématiques
  • Modern Languages - les langues vivantes
  • French - le français
  • Spanish - l'espagnol
  • German - l'allemand
  • Greek - le grec
  • Latin - le latin
  • Physical Science - les sciences physiques
  • Physics - la physique
  • Chemistry - la chimie
  • Biologie - la biologie
  • Technology - le travail manuel éducatif (TME)
  • Woodwork - le travail sur bois
  • Art - le dessin
  • Computing (IT) - l'informatique
  • Music - la musique
  • Geography - la géographie
  • History - l'histoire
  • Physical Education (PE) - l'éducation physique et sportive (EPS)
  • Religious Education (RE) - l'instruction religieuse

♡ School Life

  • lesson - un cours
  • pupil - une élève
  • to spell - épeler 
  • to learn - apprendre 
  • to discuss - discuter
  • essay - la rédaction 
  • school uniform - l’uniforme 
  • bell - le sonnerie
  • homework - les devoirs
  • timetable - un emploi de temps
  • to take notes - prendre des notes 
  • term/semester - un trimestre
  • detention - le retenue
  • study period - l'étude
  • un examen - test

♡ Classroom activities and instructions

  • lever la main - to put one’s hand up
  • poser une question - to ask a question
  • écrivez - write down 
  • écoutez - listen to 
  • regardez  - look at 
  • regardez attentivement - look closely
  • lisez - read
  • lisez attentivement - read carefully
  • …le texte - the text
  • …l'enregistrement - the recording
  • …la conversation - the conversation
  • …la vidéo - the video
  • …l'écran - the screen
  • ouvrez - open
  • …votre cahier -  your workbooks
  • …votre livre - your (text) books
  • …le manuel - the textbook
  • cochez la bonne réponse - tick the right answer
  • je vais vous donner un devoir - I’m going to give you some homework
  • c'est pour - it’s for
  • il faut le rendre - you’ve to hand it in
  • …demain - tomorrow
  • …la semaine prochaine - next week
  • …après les vacances - after the holidays
  • allez, c'est parti! - come on, let’s start!
  • faites moins de bruit, s'il vous plaît! - quieten down, please!
  • taisez-vous! - be quiet!
Reminder to people in school!

Kii says:

We’ve been getting a lot of asks about people wearing binders to school, getting injured or sick, and not having another undergarment to change into.

So, this is a reminder that you should bring your preferred thing to wear when not in your binder (loose sports bra or regular bra) with you to school from now on. Keep it in your locker, backpack, or wherever you keep your other school supplies. It is very unsafe to wear your binder if you feel like you are getting ill or you get injured. Please do not putyourself at risk by thinking this won’t happen to you.

stardeathkiller  asked:

When i found your account through some voltron i realized you liked homestuck and i immediately was like "omf if i get back into homestuck im gonna scream" because i loved it in middle school (im a junior now, dont hate it. Just not back in the loop). But whenever you post homestuck i have that one part of me that says "HEY YOU. GO READ HOMESTUCK" and I'm always conflicted. So thank you marcia. I may be getting back into homestuck again because your art makes me miss my past. Love your art sm❤

Wahhhh!! Thank you! :D 
Brush off the dust, feel the hiveswap hype, c’mon!

College and school in general

What’s sad about the educational system now is its not about learning anymore, it’s about making the grade. As long as you make the grade that your parents expect from you, it doesn’t seem to matter how much you learn in the process. And that’s what I find sad. Yes you may make a bad grade but it may not be for the reason that your parents or anyone else thinks. It may be that you don’t have enough time to learn and fully understand the material because your professor or teacher is trying to rush through the material to get through the school year. There is something seriously wrong with the educational system today if the grade matters more than understanding the information. But that’s the world today and the world we live in. The world that our children are going to live in. Well okay then. The worlds just more messed up than I thought.

yesterday a kid was rolling his eyes at me and doing intense dragon breath huffing and puffing, so i took a beat and then said, “you know, the faces you’re making and the tone you’re using leads me to believe you think i’m an idiot. do you think i’m an idiot?” because you know…sometimes a 12 year old doesn’t know what his face is doing.

so i’m like, “do you think i’m an idiot?” and he was like, “well NOT ENTIRELY.”

i died laughing inside

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Girls Need Heroes, Too: In Defense of Magical Girls

Of all the different types of anime, the magical girl anime is probably the sub-genre that is most looked down upon. Magical girl animes are bright and colorful, they always involve middle- or junior-school-aged girls gaining superpowers and having dramatic transformation scenes, and there’s plenty of fan service in terms of skimpy outfits and simpering looks.

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People, even the more open-minded anime watchers, have a tendency to dismiss magical girl animes due to what they perceive as a standard storyline and stock characterization; they’re blinded by the plethora of pink, the frills and short skirts, and the girlish laughter, and they miss the more serious and frequently dark side of these shows.

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Like any television show, anime or otherwise, magical girl animes have stories and messages that are both entertaining and relevant. Few shows have as much optimism and determination as magical girl animes, yet these shows also provide a realistic (at least as realistic as you can get on shows where girls are granted magical powers to fight the forces of evil) look at the sacrifices and pain that heroes must face. Magical girl animes are able to blend important lessons with joy and levity, and there are a number of reasons that they’re worth watching.

One of my favorite things about magical girl animes is the way they portray friendship. Even if a magical girl starts out on her own, it’s inevitable that she’ll end up surrounded by a team of other magical girls and occasionally a token magical boy. Like any story involving teamwork, there’s going to be some conflicts and some drama, but ultimately, it’s the strength of the team and their friendship that helps them save the day.

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Magical girls don’t always start off as friends-in fact, they sometimes start off as annoyances at best and flat-out adversaries at worst-but there are few things that bring people together quite as well as having to save people (or the city or the earth or the universe or all of space and time; you get the idea).  

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But despite the task of working together to save the day, the friendships in magical girl animes are always realistic. As I said, magical girls don’t always get along with one another. Becoming a magical girl is rarely a choice; it’s typically the result of some outside circumstance such as a perceived aptitude for being a hero, an accident, or a grand destiny, and as a result, the chosen girls are very different types of people with different personalities, motives, and attitudes towards their new role.

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The resulting clashes are typically the direct result of these differences, yet as the girls work more and more as a team, these conflicts become less and less common. It’s hard to rely on someone to have your back without forming some sort of more personal bond, and eventually, even those magical girls who would rather work alone find themselves forming friendships with their fellow magical girls. There are still plenty of ups and downs, but that’s true of any friendship, magical or otherwise, and these shows aren’t afraid of portraying the good times along with the bad, giving viewers a well-rounded look at the personal relationship of magical girls. Yes, there may be more makeovers or shopping trips or sleepovers than other animes, but these types of scenes go to show that magical girls and other heroes have lives outside of saving the day, and they enjoy the time they have with their friends doing things they enjoy.

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But that doesn’t mean these magical girls don’t enjoy kicking some bad guy butt. They’ve got superpowers and awesome weapons and they know how to use them. Magical girl animes are really at the top of the list in terms of girl power. These ladies can fight, they can strategize and plan, they can work as a team and take down any villain or monster that stands in their way, and they look cute while doing it.

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In the world of superheroes, there are infinitely more men than women, leaving young girls at a bit of a loss in terms of role models. Magical girls provide female heroes for people to look up to and admire. Magical girls fight for a cause, they don’t compromise their values, and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save others. They’re just as capable and worthy of admiration as any guy hero, yet they’re often brushed aside because of their girlishness.

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Which is really a shame, because these magical girls are proof that you can be girly and still totally kick butt. Whether it’s straight-up physical combat, mastery of weapons-everything from guns to swords to archery to a yoyo- or actual magical powers such as control over an element, these ladies are fearsome and powerful. 

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But sometimes they’re powerful enough to hurt more than they help, particularly when it comes to getting hurt themselves. Magical girls sometimes find themselves in situations that their weapons and skills can’t overcome, and they must sacrifice some part of themselves, be it their magical girl status, a physical ability, or their humanity itself. These are frightening and painful decisions to make, yet magical girls never seem to back down from making them. They know what has to be done, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. 

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Knowing that being a magical girl of any kind would have its downsides might deter some from accepting such a role, but those who do become magical girls always do so because they believe in what being a magical girl embodies. Even more, they have hope that their sacrifices and pain will make the world a better place. No matter how dark things may get, it seems like magical girls have an ability for endless hopefulness: hope that evil can be overcome, hope that people can change, hope that their choice to do the right thing will be enough.

Their hope is not always realistic and it’s not always rewarded, yet their unfailing willingness to hope for something better even when all seems lost is admirable. Just seeing magical girls pushing back against their enemies no matter what makes viewers believe that their own problems can be overcome. Even when everything seems to be falling apart, there’s hope that tomorrow will be better, and people have a tendency to forget that. Luckily we have characters like magical girls to remind us to be hopeful and to do whatever we can to bring hope to others.

Magical girl animes truly have a lot to offer everyone. There are complex characters, twisted and dramatic storylines, and epic fight scenes. Many of the shows have fantastic animation as well, along with great scores and visually-stunning transformation sequences.

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Critics aren’t wrong when they say magical girl animes are usually fluffier and more lighthearted than other animes or other animated shows, but that’s not what makes these animes so good. These fluffy moments provide a brief respite between the truly hard choices, the sacrifices and the losses.

Magical girl animes show that girls can be just as good as the boys. They can be just as tough, just as powerful, just as heroic. And they can do it all while wearing a combat skirt and heels, something I’d love to see their male counterparts attempt. Magical girls and magical girl animes deserve the same acknowledgment and appreciation as their contemporaries for being unabashedly what they are: celebrations of the great things girls can do with hope, determination, and a bit of magic.

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finally an official intro wow

i’ve had this blog for around a month or two now so i should have probably done this sooner oops

hello friends!! my name is kip (yes, like the pokemon, shh). i’m currently not in school but starting in january i will begin my first term of college! i plan to pursue a career in the medical field and i am especially passionate about pathology and immunology. my other interests include choir, theatre, and language, especially vocabulary and etymology. seriously, i love words and i have no clue why lmao

i am 18 and would be a senior in high school, but i was forced to drop out in the middle of my junior year. i was a straight-a student til sophomore year saw many personal and mental hardships, leading me to eventually switch to online school and finally quit school altogether. however, i have since received my GED and i am eager to start learning again! i have a longer post talking about my experience here.

i want everyone to know that no matter what you’re going through, you will get through it and come out even stronger. you’re on the up-and-up, friendo!

some of my favourite studyblrs are @studyblr, @studie-s, @studypetals@studywithinspo, @jhonstudies, @intellectus, @educatier@etudiance, @einstetic, and @zebramildlincr! there are many others of course, these are just a few :>

i look forward to meeting, following, and learning from all sorts of new people! if you like this post i’ll definitely check out your blog and maybe say hello~ c:

anonymous asked:

Hello ^^ Could I pretty please request a scenario of Tsukki having a sleepover with his close friend for the first time. Little does she know that he has a secret crush on her :33 Thank you <3

I hope this is what you had in mind! I added some things in the scenario that weren’t in your request!

Tsukishima Kei x Reader

Kei and you have been close friends since the middle junior high, so the two of you weren’t as close as Kei and Yamaguchi - who have known each other since elementary school - which means that the two of you had never had a sleepover.

Sure, you’ve been over to his house and he’s been over to yours, but sleepovers just weren’t a thing with the two of you. In fact, you weren’t sure if your parents would allow you sleeping over at a guys house, so you just never brought it up.

So how did you end up sleeping over on a school night you ask?

Your parents had a business trip that day and although you were pretty responsible, they wanted you to stay over at someones house so that you wouldn’t be alone. You did have other friends beside Kei, but they’re parents didn’t allow them to have sleepovers on school nights, plus most of them were quite busy with tests the next day and such. The only other option was Kei, and lucky, his mom said yes.

“No shenanigans, okay? You do as told by Kei’s mother and go to bed on time, no staying up late because there’s school tomorrow. Got it?”

You could still remember the cold glare your father had given you as him and your mother walked out the door, he emphasized almost every word, wanting you to remember that for as long as you could.

“Are you alright Kei?” You asked the boy, who was acting strangely, he fiddled with his fingers and his gaze fell on the ground. In fact, if you recalled correctly, he had been acting this way since you stepped into his house.

“Hm?” He paused for a moment, thinking about what you had previously said, “yeah, I’m fine.” He still spoke in his fairly monotone voice, giving you a slight feeling of relief.

“Okay, so what would you like to do?” You asked, trying to break the tension in the air.

“I know!” Mrs. Tsukishima chirped, she had been walking down the hallway and overheard your conversation, thinking about how she had just purchased some movies a week ago for the family to watch together.

Kei glanced over at his mother, “mom? you weren’t eavesdropping were you?”.

“Of course not! I was just remembering that I got some movies recently, you guys could watch one of those.”

You nodded your head, looking over at Kei who shrugged, agreeing with you and his mother.


About an hour into the movie you had become sleepy. At school you had tests and had some makeup work to do during lunch, causing you to wear yourself out over the course of the day.

Unbeknownst to Kei, your eyelids had slowly fallen and shut, sleepiness washing over you.

You rested your head against his shoulder and the boy looked down, flustered at your actions.

He didn’t want to wake you. He couldn’t help but find you cute while sleeping, not that you weren’t while you were awake.

Soon Kei too became tired, softly mumbling “I really like you” as he fell asleep.

Would he ever say that aloud to you? That’s a story for another time.

The Signs in Middle School

Aries: thinks axe is a good idea

Taurus: starts a fan club for that one actor

Gemini: wears blue eyeshadow and choker necklaces

Cancer: dramatic goth

Leo: draws penises everywhere


Libra: face is a minefield of blemishes

Scorpio: that one kid who disturbs lessons and annoys teachers

Sagittarius: non-stop talking about how excited they are for high school


Aquarius: total geek

Pisces: jerk who likes messing with other students