middle finger dance

Follow My Lead

Anon: Maybe like a continuation? Like Lance is still really embarrassed about his talent, but the others are still in awe and want to learn or something? :D

A/N: A sequel to Dancing For Voltron, written mostly in the early hours of the morning. It got gay.

It started with dancing becoming an alternative to specific workouts. Lance was allotted two training sessions a week to lead the other paladins in somewhat of a dancer-size class.

The first class was what Lance would call a barely-success. It was successful, the job was done and it served its purpose. But getting there was very hard.

“Keith, what are you wearing?”

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So some things happen while we’re supposed to be roleplaying characters.
And myself with ADD starts being ooc.
So this song on the radio starts playing while at McDonalds with [Archie] my friend, and I start dancing and he’s like “Colress the heck are you doing?” and I just start flipping him off while dancing.
Then you gotta wonder what that would like like with the characters in the situation.

The song in question.

Gonna be cosplaying (Alola)Colress eventually.


Sooooo fierce!  Still absolutely loving this routine by the glorious Shabnam and Mandanah. XD 

(Now, pardon me while I go practice my zills. ;D)

Expert - Luke smut

Author’s intro note : Expert Luke shows you what a good orgasm is in the middle of a lecture because what better place than a class to learn? ;)

Bored to death. I had no other way to describe how this class actually made me feel. I had arrived a solid 30 minutes late and sat at the top of the auditorium so I wouldn’t disturb anyone. Seconds later my phoned had buzzed, Y/BF/N was stuck in the metro and wouldn’t be able to make it, probably before lunch. Fucking great, I thought, now I’m trapped here for another two hours or so.

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