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Jily prompt: everyone's born with their soulmate's name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark (found this au somewhere on tumblr cant remember where)

Found a link to the prompt here.

“So your soulmate’s name is Junks?” asks Mary, squinting at Lily’s wrist.

Lily frowns, tugging her sleeve over her wrist. She doesn’t normally have it on display, but since Mary revealed the name she had on her own body, she figures it’s a fair exchange. “I’m fairly certain that’s not actually what it says. They just seem to have horrible handwriting.”

“Or horrible parents,” Mary offers. “‘What a rubbish baby. Let’s name it after what it looks like.’”

Lily laughs, but kicks her. “Stuff it, MacDonald.”

Mary turns her gaze up to the ceiling of their flat. They sit side-by-side on Lily’s bed, leaning against the pillows. “S’pose it doesn’t matter if they’re unfortunate-looking. You’re predestined to love them.”

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She blinked in astonishment, drawing back a fraction with a frown. Bypassing her immediate regard and curiosity for his …. costume?… Azuka tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, taking another deep breath, just to be sure. “Nice guns…do they match your middle finger kitty socks?” If he didn’t recognize her, she had another idea to ‘jog his memory’. She was absolutely certain now. She hadn’t seen him since they were kids!

He stared at her for a few minutes longer, his body FROZEN in place when she mentioned his beloved middle finer cat socks. As a kid they were his FAVORITE pair of socks ever. However, not many people knew about them. Some friends, yes, but only ONE person had ever really pointed them out. Wade dropped his hands, taking a HESITANT step forward. “Zu?

What you do to me


Read Part Two here!

Plot: Dean tells Sam that Y/N isn’t the type to take risks, not knowing that you hear him. You take his words and prove that there’s more to you than meets the eyes. 

Pairing: Dean X reader 

Word count: 1852

Warnings: heated/hot/sexual/intimate scenes, gif and video aren’t mine. Sorry if I missed anything!

Authors note: ok so this is my first imagine that is includes very descriptive sexual scenes. Big thanks to @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for encouraging me to post this and reading it for me! It’s inspired by What you do to me by Don Broco and if anyone remembers The Secret Circle, it’s based off Adam and Diana’s scene involving whipped cream. Hope you all enjoy :) 

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Dean Winchester Smut - Cumming Home

Prompt- Dean is late home from a hunt. He promised you he would be home tonight. You’re pissed, then he puts you in your place. Dom! Dean :)

A/N- I hit a follower goal!! Celebratory smut :) Enjoy my stupid pun also, a lot will be out tomorrow and this weekend 

    Tonight. Dean said he would be home tonight. But where wasn’t he? Home. He wasn’t here. He was gone . Pacing around the house, you had been calling him , always going to voicemail. “Fuck you, Dean.” You let out a heavy sigh, your chest falling. Walking to your shared room in the bunker, you started to strip on your way there. Going to the dresser, you threw on a tight v-neck and lacy underwear. Laying on the bed, you wrapped your legs around the blanket. 


   Heavy footsteps were down stairs. Echoing in the silence, your instincts came through. You sat up, grabbing the Walther P .22 you kept by your bed. Holding up the small pistol, you crept out of your room. Your body was alert now, as were your nipples to the cold air. The floor was cold against your feet, the foot steps getting louder. 

    You turned the corner, only to meet with 2 sets of familiar eyes. “Fuckin’ really?” You sighed, lowering your gun. “Y/N?” Dean looked at you through gritted teeth. Watching his and Sam’s eyes, you realized they were at your chest. “It’s cold in here.” You spoke, putting your gun to your side. Dean glared at you and Sam, stomping to the kitchen. “Damn” you grunted, shaking your head at your boyfriend . 

    “Here.” Sam spoke, handing you his shirt. Reluctantly, you put it on. Looking at him, you smiled and hugged him, walking into the kitchen. Dean’s eyes you, shaking his head . You glared, watching the fire in his eyes grow. “Dean-” you tried to just talk about whatever was wrong, but instead were interrupted. “Y/N. Room. Now.” You were shocked, but you loved this Dean. Dominant, needing, wanting, taking. Walking to the room, you threw Sam’s shirt into his room before stepping into yours. 

    Moments later, Dean walked in, his eyes glazed with lust. “You’re not off to a good start, sweetheart.” Dean said, gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises. “Dean.” you said, your hands trailing up his chest to wrap around his neck. Dipping his head down, he began to harshly suck on your neck and collar bones. “I have wanted you all day, and when I come home, you’re just a tease, half naked in front of Sam…” Dean grunted, shaking his head in your neck. Your whole body was on fire because of his touch. Burning into your skin, marking you with purple bruises. 

  “Please, touch me Dean” you moaned, trying to pull him impossibly closer to you. “Be patient baby girl, I’m taking my time.” he spoke into your ear, kissing under it before kissing to your lips. When Dean’s soft lips connected to yours, you were on fire. Your skin burned and froze at the same time. Grinding your body into him, you felt the tent that was growing in his jeans. “This is what you do to me, baby.” Dean snaked his arms around your waist, pushing your hips into his hard cock while grabbing your ass. Moaning, you suck on his jaw and kissed his lips hungrily. 

     Teasing the waist line of your underwear, Dean pushes them down. Just as you step out of the lacy puddle, Dean’s hands are squeezing the inside of your thigh. Your wetness grows, Dean’s hands driving you crazy. Playing with the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head, Dean cups your pussy in his hand. “Shit baby, you’re soaking” Dean smirks at you as he runs his middle finer through your slit, never entering you. 

   Running your hands over his toned body, you reach his pants. Undoing his belt and pushing your hand to cup his member. The more you held him, the more he stroked your folds teasingly. “Dean.” you warned, rubbing him. “Y/N” he said, lifting and eyebrow and pushing on small circle on your clit. Immediately moaning, you let your head fall back. “I want you.” your voice was raspy, and Dean was entertained. “Take me.” He said, moving his hand. 

   Dropping to your knees, you pulled down his pants and boxers, pumping him a few times before running your thumb over his sensitive tip. Kissing the tip, you licked him base to tip, wrapping your lips around a small amount of him. “Fuck” Dean moaned, wrapping his hand tightly in your hair. You let him take control, fucking your mouth. Immediately, Dean’s wide girth hit the back of your throat. Holding back your gag, you let him continue to use you. Pressing your tongue up to taste him, Dean’s head flew back as he shot hot cum down your throat. Standing up, you were about to put your clothes back on when Dean grabbed your wrist.

   “It’s not over yet, gorgeous. I haven’t cum deep inside your tight pussy, I’m not satisfied.” You almost came at the thought, but Dean made sure to please you too. As his member was hardening, you were basking in the touch Dean was giving you. Dean’s thick fingers were pumping into you slowly, as he whispered into your ear. “Enjoy your pussy while you have it, because I’m about to tear you apart.” Dean’s touch was gone, but he was now moving you to the bed.

   Laying down, you watched Dean climb on top of you. Holding his throbbing dick, Dean set the head in your folds, teasing your slit and clit. Rubbing circles into your clit with his tip, your back arched. Lining himself up, Dean put one of your legs over his shoulder, looking for the deepest angle. Slamming into you then pulling almost all the way out, Dean kept his word, he was pounding you. Your walls were tight around Dean’s thick length, giving him pleasure, euphoria to run through his veins. Pushing on your clit with his hand, rubbing fast circles, Dean drove you to climax. Your walls clenched around him, your back arching as you drug your nails down his back. “Fuck fuck fuck’ Dean moaned as his thrusts seized and you felt him send a splurge of hot cum inside you, coating your walls and running down your leg. “Fuck” you moaned when he pulled out. “What would happen if I was completely naked?” You smirked, but Dean stayed stern, his hand on your clit again. “Let’s test it.”