middle eastern values

“I identify as Eritrean-American. Both my parents were born and raised there and emigrated to America in their mid 20s. Eritrea is a small country on the horn of Africa bordering Ethiopia and the Red Sea. The beauty standards set for Eritrean women I believe are extremely high because Eritrean women are placed on a pedestal and constantly being acclaimed for their beauty. As a result women are constantly being looked at for their aesthetic features. The Eritrean community puts higher value on lighter skin similar to American culture. I constantly remember being told as a child to stay out of the sun along with my sibling to prevent the hyperpigmentation the sun causes. They value Middle Eastern features such as long hair with a loose curl pattern and straight noses. They also value bigger body types as opposed to Americans who value skinny bodies. In Eritrean culture skinny bodies are seen as unhealthy and lacking nutrition. American culture values Eurocentric features more.”