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A spread of traditional mezes photograph by Peden & Munk

  • “Meze, which is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks as a course or as appetizers before a main dish.  A big part of the dining experience in Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Arab countries. The word “meze” means “taste” and/or “snack.” The concept is very similar to the tapas of Spain,”

A Wedding in the War

Photographer: Christine Spengler

1996, Beirut, Lebanon — A Lebanese bride poses next to the flag of Lebanon on a street in Beirut. Life appears to go on amid the destruction five years after the end of the civil war that ravaged the country and left it a political, economic, and physical shambles.

Masada - Israel

Situated on the eastern ridge of the Judaean Desert, this ancient fortification overlooks the dead sea. Herod the Great first built his palaces here, in 31 BCE, after seizing the land from Alexander Jannaeus, the second king of Judaea. The location was a perfect refuge from danger, due to the deep valleys and ridges surrounding it. The cliffs themselves reach heights of up to 400m. 

Masada is the most visited tourist site in Israel, outside of Jerusalem. Of all the structures on Masada, the synagogue and mikvah’s are the most popular. A sunrise hike is a favoured way of getting to the top of Masada, although in more recent times, cable cars have also been added to transport visitors to the top. 


Weaving the Personal into Every Picture with Photojournalist @mrguymartin

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Photojournalist Guy Martin (@mrguymartin) won’t exactly say what he’s doing in a mountain village in Bulgaria photographing ceremonial outdoor wedding beds. He professes, however: “Those pictures and the real reason behind those images will become clear at the end of the year—believe me, those beds are just the beginning!”

Creating a sense of playful intrigue through the images on his feed is par for the course for Guy. Raised in the southwest of England but based in Istanbul, Guy moves fluidly between long-term personal projects and editorial assignments for major publications. One week he’s in Turkey continuing his on-going series on the rowdy world of Turkish soap operas and the next he’s road tripping across Ukraine for a magazine story. In either case, Guy’s unique visual interpretation of the world around him is a constant. “For me, successful documentary photography has to come from a very personal, subjective place. I try, as much as is possible to weave my personal experience into every single picture I take. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Guy’s path to professional photography wasn’t a straight line. He actually used to be a semi-professional bodyboarder. But since his teen years the calling of photography was strong. “I think from about 17 or 18, I knew that my attention was being diverted into the world of social engaged photography, images and visual storytelling,” he says. Coming into adulthood during the early years of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only pushed him further to his calling. “I was too young to cover them professionally, but those wars, and events from the Middle East greatly shaped my outlook and engagement with the world.”

Western Wall - Israel

The Western Wall is an ancient limestone wall found in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is located on the Western side of Temple Mount, one of the most important religious sites in the world. Most of the wall, including a large portion below street level, was constructed around the year 19 BCE, during the rule of Herod the Great. Other layers to the wall have been added from the 7th century onward.

The largest portion of the wall faces onto the main plaza of the Jewish quarter. A smaller section, known as the Little Western Wall also runs into the Muslim quarter. An important place of pilgrimage for Jews, the Western Wall is the most visited location in Israel.


I have amazing friends who help me finish photography projects at the last minute. This upcoming work will be comprised solely of people of color in every day/normal situations and occassions to positively portray us how we should be, while challenging notions, beliefs, and lack of representation in things of these natures.

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