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tlc fancast

This took like a year and one long hour trying to figure out who I wanted to cast. I did more energy on researching this more than school which says a lot about me. So here is more long awaited TLC fancast.

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Anonymous Question regarding Middle Eastern Models

For the Anonymous person who asked about Middle Eastern Models.

I apologize I wasn’t thinking when I answered your question.
I do know a few.
Hanna Ben Abdesslem, She’s arab/tunisian
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/Hanna Ben Abdesslem

Hind Sahli & Soraya Azzabi are Moroccan.
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/hind sahli
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/Soraya Azzabi

If you would like to possible find more. A great site to check out is www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/

You can search through a model database, they have the models’ Nationality listed in their profile. So you can search models by their eye color, hair color, and nationality.

anonymous asked:

Did you use real people for the book covers or are the people computer made.

Hello. Laia and Helene were real models who did photo shoots for the cover.   

Elias was computer created based off of some MIddle Eastern and South Asian male model pics I sent over. I am a mother to South Asian boys and a sister to South Asian dudes, and a friend to Middle Eastern guys, so I just asked a few of them to give me thoughts on Elias. Once they were like “yes, he looks recognizably like a brown dude” then I figured we were in a good place. 

By the way, looking up pictures of the hottest South Asian and Middle Eastern male models WAS A REAL CHORE, LET ME TELL YOU.