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PSA about Aravis

Okay, it’s time for me to address an issue in the Narnia fandom.


Calormens, their culture, ect. Is based in South Asian and middle eastern cultures.

Well, it’s based on “oriental” tropes which is a whole other issue that I won’t deal with right now.

But I get that we all live Aravis, and who wouldn’t? She’s spunky and fun and has amazing character development. She’s an awesome character.

And she is based in South Asian and middle eastern cultures.

please. PLEASE. Understand this.

You all make gorgeous edits of her and I love them.

But please understand that all poc aren’t the same.

I’ve seen Aravis fancast with African models, with Latinx models.

I know you probably mean well, that you don’t mean to do this.

And thank you for not whitewashing her.

But there are a whole host of Middle Eastern and South Asian models to choose from when making edits.

Choosing any poc for Aravis is insulting not only to Middle Eastern and South Asians but to all poc.

Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

Who do you fancast as azriel? I know az is just too perfect to be buman but still, how do you picture him?

Corentin Huard is my current fancast, but he’s just not exactly what I have in my head. I’ve been scavenging a lot of Middle Eastern male models and still haven’t found the perfect one. I will though… I will…


I have amazing friends who help me finish photography projects at the last minute. This upcoming work will be comprised solely of people of color in every day/normal situations and occassions to positively portray us how we should be, while challenging notions, beliefs, and lack of representation in things of these natures.

Model : tumblr | instagram

Photographer : instagram | tumblr

Anonymous Question regarding Middle Eastern Models

For the Anonymous person who asked about Middle Eastern Models.

I apologize I wasn’t thinking when I answered your question.
I do know a few.
Hanna Ben Abdesslem, She’s arab/tunisian
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/Hanna Ben Abdesslem

Hind Sahli & Soraya Azzabi are Moroccan.
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/hind sahli
modelsofcolor.tumblr.com/tagged/Soraya Azzabi

If you would like to possible find more. A great site to check out is www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/

You can search through a model database, they have the models’ Nationality listed in their profile. So you can search models by their eye color, hair color, and nationality.