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what are your thoughts on issis?

What are my thoughts on ISIS? Gather round, kids. 

Daesh, as we call them in Arabic, are a Salafi terrorist group - Salafi as in they believe in inciting war and murder in a bid to establish ‘true’ Sunni Islam. 

As a Shia  - they probably hate me way more than they hate white christians. They believe Shi’ite Muslims are worse than infidels, they believe we are scum, and they’re happy to commit genocide against us. They have killed, abducted or displaced thousands of Shia Muslims since their conception in 2014 - one example of this is the Camp Speicher massacre, where nearly 1,600 unarmed Shia cadets were slaughtered. When they would invade cities such as Mosul, they would separate the Sunni prisoners from the Shias, and they’d take the Shias and execute them on the spot. They’ve destroyed at least 10 of our holy shrines and hussainiyas, often killing Shia worshippers in their wake. 

As a Shia, I fucking hate the cunts. 

As a general Muslim - they’ve defamed the name of my religion. They’ve made us out to seem like a bunch of barbaric, psychotic sadists from the Dark Ages with no regard for human life and liberty, and made us strangers in the countries that we call home. Islamophobic hate crimes are going through the roof, profiling is through the roof, and of course there’s that time we were banned from entering the US. ‘Muslim’ is synonymous with ‘terrorist,’ and not that this wasn’t the case before, but now it’s a hell of a lot more prominent, and fucking hell, you can’t even begin to fathom how that makes us feel, how that impacts our daily lives. 

As a Muslim, I fucking hate the cunts. 

As an Iraqi Arab - they’ve almost done a better job fucking up my country than Bush did. Aside from the civilians they’ve killed - 27,000 at the BARE MINIMUM since 2014, and that’s just in Iraq, and not counting the people who’ve died to to secondary effects like displacement, lack of healthcare and basic resources - they have destroyed homes, hospitals, shrines, historical and cultural landmarks, artefacts like those at the Mosul museum which are over 5,000 years old, and the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria…I could go on, but for the sake of brevity I’ll stop there. 

They’ve destabilised the Middle East even more than it already was thanks to interventionist foreign policy and war. They’ve destroyed our history and cultural identity. They have murdered thousands and caused the suffering of hundreds of thousands. The future of the countries affected - especially Syria and Iraq - is even more uncertain. I mean, you can imagine how much people prioritise things like education and sustainable economic development at a time when terrorists are knocking down their backdoors. 

As an Iraqi Arab, I fucking hate the cunts. 

As a woman - the most famous example are the Yazidis, a minority ethnic group in Northern Iraq. The men were slaughtered and the women - about 7,000 by the UN’s estimate - were sold into sexual slavery. These pieces of shit would rape girls as young as nine, and pregnant women would undergo forced abortions, and many others would become forced brides. 

And in the places where ISIS has taken over, women’s rights - as you can imagine - are virtually non-existent. You can’t go out unless you’re with a man and you’re wearing a veil, otherwise you either get fined, or you’re subjected to a whipping - yes, a literal whipping. Women have been punished for having holes in their socks and for lifting up the flap of their veils to take a bite of food. 

As a woman, I fucking hate the cunts. 

As a human - they’ve claimed lives everywhere. In the Middle East, in the UK, in America, in France, in Germany, in the Philippines…they know no borders, no morals. They’ve groomed hundreds if not thousands of vulnerable young people, both outside of the Middle East and in it, to joining their bullshit fucking crusade. They’re one of the biggest reasons, IMO, why the Neo-Nazi movement is now a thing again. They’ve given ‘them’, being white Westerners, a reason to hate ‘us’, the Muslim sand-nigger rag-heads. They’re dividing our communities, infiltrating our lives, killing our innocent.

As a human, I fucking hate the cunts. 

I hate them more than the average Westerner. With people like me, ethnic minority Muslims born and raised in Western countries, their effects are personal. Every time an attack like Manchester happens, it’s like a stab to the gut to me. Every time there’s a bombing or a massacre back home, for us diasporas, it’s like an even bigger stab to the gut. I know people personally who have died because of ISIS, or who’ve been forced to flee their homes. 

Fuck ISIS, or DAESH, or whatever you want to call them. I fucking despise them, and I despise the socio-political events that led to their birth. But that’s a whole different story. 

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Name: Jess
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Country: South Africa

I’m actually finding it hard to write about myself, but that’s fine. Ahah, I’ll get over it. I’m really into all good music and crying during the sad parts of movies. I’ve lived in parts of Africa and the Middle East, but i’ve been going to American and International schools for the entirety of my life.
Right now I’m a sophomore at my high school. All in all, I would say I’m not the most intriguing person. But hey, Future Pen Pal, we could share experiences, maybe be friends, and learn something new from each other.

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I can’t stop laughing……. Americans are so annoying.. the red arrow is pointing at the Strait of Hormuz. IRANIAN SHIPS. IN THE STRAIT OF HORMUZ. LOCATED IN THE PERSIAN GULF. AKA RIGHT NEXT TO IRAN.

If the American navy doesn’t want to run into Iranian ships then why not just go home. Like.. literally go home.

Like what’s next…. “Iranian Air Force found minding its own business while flying directly over Iran… could this be a war aggression?” Lmaoooo