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Religion isn’t a hateful thing. It never once was. Nice, tolerant Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Muslim people can live in peace and all know that, essentially, it’s the same God and let’s be fine and content and live accordingly with each other. The problem is the sociopaths who jumped on religion and thinks it gives them an excuse to do violent shit.

You sad, dimwitted, retarded pricks. You ruined World Peace.

We all know what you did.  What you’ve done to the world. 

Racists are so damn eager to say Tolkien’s Middle Earth was based on ancient Europe and therefore everybody is white but the moment you suggest that might mean The Undying Lands to the West would then be the Americas and therefore be populated with ancient darker skinned natives and everything East to the Shire would then represent ancient Asian civilization they be like IT’S FANTASY DUH

This was just going to be a culture practice but then ended up being Tolkien related? I was reminiscing about my trip to Morocco and then was itching to draw a new female dwarf concept! So here, have a blend of Berber culture (Their inkings+ cloth style) and my attempt at dwarven clothes.
 I can’t really say from where these two are from except from the far east and that they are part of the Blacklock clan due to their position in Middle Earth and their black hair (though I was playing around with it so it came out purple black which looks pretty epic!). Here is what I have so far:

-Abla (the one on the left) is a Silversmith and Isra (the one of the right) is a cloth seller as well as a from time to time street performer.
-They are twins (rarity). They look exactly the same except for styling of their braids, their eye colour and their inkings.
-They dress the same to confuse people (it is the safest way to travel and not to mention fun!)
Abla means and “Woman with a full Figure”
Isra means “Night Journey”

Textures used:

I would definitely encourage you to look at all the Berber gorgeous culture! Here is what inspired me besides my trip.

Um, has anyone told these Blue Lives Matter people that cops are not, in fact, superhero Judge Dredd-type warriors walking through the valley of the shadow of death? 

I mean, I know America has issues and all, but I wouldn’t exactly call it “a Valley of the Shadow of Death”. That seems a bit harsh. 

This isn’t Fallujah, here.

There appears to be a bit of delusional going on amongst these people, frankly.  Like, sanity abandoned them long ago. They live in a fantasy world of heroic cops, demonic black people and hobbits and dragons. 

Only Gandalf the White can reach them now.

hey everybody, maura-labingi here with a brand new blog for you

in an effort to corral all those who, new and old, have been using/are starting to use/want to see more of non-white lotr/hobbit characters, i’ve made hobbitlotrpoc. all art forms are welcome, and the only requirement for addition to the blog is, yeah, that you’re creating something with non-white lotr/hobbit characters!


noteworthy is that this is only for lotr/hobbit characters and not for silmarillion characters (though if there’s a photoset they can be involved). there’s already lots of lovely non-white art for it and i wanted to make a place of gathering specifically for lotr/the hobbit.

there’s actually an in-progress artist list on the blog for a handy go-to ‘i need more of this’ resource, so whatever you post, as long as that includes creating non-white lotr/hobbit stuff, you can be added to the list!


so come check it out!! and make sure this gets to everybody who needs it!

People are angrier at the guy who killed Cecil the Lion more than they are Dick Cheney. Seriously. I would rather not think about people who are more pissed about one dead lion than one million dead Iraqi civilians. To tell you the truth,  you people are a big part of the problem. Please don’t give me that “Well, people can care abut two things at once” thing. Yes, true. And I am mad about both. But answer this: What do Americans care about WAY more? What are they kicking up a fuss about? And what does that say? Let’s be real: for some, PoC will always be second place to animals. The inhumanity is stunning.