middle earth fashion

Bilbo of Erebor. Bilbo dressed well and doled out the stink-eye in Hobbiton and there’s no reason to assume that would change just because he’d decided to live in Erebor! I’d like to think this is the look you’d get if you talked shit about Thorin or any member of his Company around Bilbo. The Teeny Hero of Erebor faced down a dragon so you can take your smack-talk elsewhere!

I tried drawing him with longer hair but it came out as a mullet… Which he rocks tyvm!

Drawn with a random HB pencil on copier paper, again. This one is definitely getting inked and coloured! I’d like to think Bilbo has brought a love of bright colours to Erebor and his hybrid Dwarf-Hobbit clothing will reflect this!

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Amid you grief, you had fallen into a dreamless sleep and to your dismay, you awoke to the faded blue walls of your teen years. Along the cornflower scape were faded outlines of posters you had hung there long ago and the same dresser with the missing knob sat below the single window. You rolled over awkwardly onto your back, your plastered leg making it difficult, and sighed into the morning light. Your head was still bending against the notion that it had all been but a fever dream.

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Women of Númenor
Númenor was a huge island located in the Sundering Seas to the west of Middle-earth and was the greatest realm of Men. It was brought up from the sea as a gift from the Valar to the Edain, the Fathers of Men who had stood with the Elves of Beleriand against Morgoth in the War of Wrath. However, the inhabitants’ rebellion against the Valar led to the downfall of the island and death of the majority of its population. -J.R.R. Tolkien


Now that the new colour wheel is finally live, I’ve completed my collection of dwarven fandragons from The Hobbit. Obviously they just had to be tundras for the floof!

It’s been entertaining trying to come up with different genetic combinations and outfits of apparel that are at least a nod of the head toward their appearance and assorted outfits in the movies.

I have more Middle Earth fandragons planned (I’d like to get a nice Tauriel fandragon to be Kili’s mate, for example). Still don’t have my Bilbo either; I haven’t found a colour/gene combination I like for him yet. Also torn between making him a fae (because smallest breed) or some other breed.