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Part ½: Keith is shocked and excited to find Lance who has been presumed dead for years, on a random island planet in the middle of a bartering district. But before he can celebrate he realizes that there is a slight issue

From my Lost!Lance au 


Police can search your BitTorrent files without a warrant, judge rules

  • A court in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ruled on Thursday that authorities can search an individual’s files on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks without a warrant, reports Motherboard.
  • According to Judge John W. deGravelles, making files publicly available means a person cannot expect privacy.
  • The case at the United States District Court for the Middle District in Baton Rouge involves Justin Landry of Prairieville, who allegedly used BitTorrent to disperse child pornography.
  • Police cracked down on Landry, 36, in 2015 using Torrential Downpour — a software that is sold exclusively to law enforcement — in an undercover operation where he shared explicit images with a Plaquemines Parish detective. Read more (3/10/17 2:30 PM)

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If it’s spring, it’s flea market time in Helvetiaplatz! Pretty much in the middle of the redlight district of Zurich, every Saturday starting in March will bring together professional or amateur hagglers for another happy round of exchanging valuables. I’m not saying the stuff there comes cheap, no way, yet still the market is filled to the brim with almost everything you can imagine (except tanks or livestock) and the lookers are pouring. I must have missed the market for too long but I noticed a new category of visitors - the young hipster and/or boho looking for vintage extensions of their selves or just browsing through shabby vinyl covers. Which I did as well thank you very much.

I’m not sure what’s the best Swiss beer match but a Perla Nera from Flims brewery shall do it. A wonderful toffee caramel nose with a rather disappointing watered down taste (and looks), this imperial stout with its great start only managed to confuse me.

“Y/n! Y/N” Finnick was screaming, his usual controlled demeanor gone without a trace of ever existing. Your heart was pained at the terrified tone of his voice. You were the only one that ever saw Finnick in this state and now he was on display for all of Panem to see. 

You could feel the sympathetic looks that District Four was giving you now but you couldn’t look away from the screen that had been set up in the middle of your District. For an agonizing hour you watched Finnick grapple with his sanity at the thought of losing you. You distantly prayed that the rebellion would succeed and you and Finnick could finally be free from Snow. Many of your friends had circled around you to lend their moral support. 

You watched Finnick carefully after that, thankful for Katniss, Johanna and Peeta for unquestioningly giving him the space you knew he needed. Hearing Johanna speak of the love you and Finnick had for each other gave you the strength you needed to continue watching the Games. Everything had changed. You would never have to hide from the cameras again, your District would never have to help you hide. You and Finnick would soon be free.

hamilton characters as things i've done

warning: dumb shit ahead
hamilton: stayed up the entire month of January to finish culminatings and to prove a point
burr: clamped someone’s lips together and told them to shut the fuck up
laurens: held a grudge for two years (even after she apologized i will never forget)
mulligan: sewed a pair of shorts out of pure spite
lafayette: went up to a french transfer and said hon hon hon oui oui baguette
angelica: punched a guy who used a racist pick up line on me
eliza: got cheated on and destroyed his car with an egg, some jolly ranchers, and a knife
peggy: got left in the middle of toronto’s financial district by my school
king george iii: unironically called someone a peasant
washington: led a class of kindergarteners who literally just wanted to fight each other
jefferson: panicked and made box mac and cheese
madison: got sick and wrote 3 page essay about it for math because the doctor didn’t give me a note
philip: avenged my friend by head-butting some guy

ask me about these and i shall respond
it’s really a wonder i haven’t been suspended yet

#BookishMayFlowers | May Book Photo Challenge

Day 9: A Book You Read in School (National Teacher Day)

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I didn’t technically read this book in school but I read it for a class. When I was in middle school the school district had this points system and you had to reach certain points to pass that grade. I read this as it counted toward all the points I needed. You had to take a test on it and I passed it with flying colors which surprised my teacher as I was in sixth grade at the time. I however did fall in love with this book and find myself constantly going back to it.

Translation: Joker Game Go For It!! 2nd Year D-Class, Sakuma-sensei!!

So this is a translation for the 1st track of the Joker Game drama CD,  Go For It!! 2nd Year D-Class, Sakuma-sensei!!

I gave in and bought the CD, so here we are. Guess who’s broke now. Tehe.

I am posting this as a birthday gift to myself. ww
And since family trip this weekend, I’ll post the next tracks either Monday or Tuesday.

Warning: VERY LONG. Also, eating or drinking is not recommended while reading this. LOL 

Also, if you’re going to post this on other sites, please just link this post directly or give some credit. That would be very much appreciated.

Translation right after the cut!

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Me and my friend just found out our favorite 6th grade teachers are leaving (due to I guess 6th grade being moved up from the elementary schools to the middle schools in my district) tomorrow.

I was supposed to go home and finish up cleaning my house for ze partay, but me and him are like “NAH WE ARE DRIVING OVER THERE AND SAYING GOODBYE INSTEAD”

stella, basil ✦ walk, walk

Stella had remembered that one time when she had almost ran into Gorou after a moment of panic. Or more rather, he had almost ran into her. She decided to follow his methods of stress relief of walking around… in the dark… You know, calming? She guessed. It’s not like the scenery wasn’t pretty, but it was fair that with recent back stabbings that Stella felt a little bit on edge.

Just a bit. 

She eventually stopped when reaching towards the middle of the Downtown district, by the fountain. Not to admire the view or anything, but when seeing a figure in the distance. A taller, much much more larger than her figure, and her heart sped up as she began to assume the worst of the wor-

“Oh God you’re Basil.”

Good one. The words kind of tumbled out of her in a moment of relief, but then regret set in when it dawned on her that she invited this as a moment of social interaction. Not that she was against the idea, but…

This was embarrassing. 

“A- Ahaha! I- I’m sorry, I thought. I saw you and… You were. Uh.”

She was doing great.

Volleyball Fever

@sound-of-inspiration Happy B-Day *hugs you*

As usual he follows the words of their teacher with utmost care while the blond seems to be distracted. Mostly it ends up his best friend and room-mate begs him to hand over what they went through in their classes so that he could do the given assignments in due time. ‘What is it this time?’ is he thinking right now after their class is over. Right now all he thinks to do is drive home, take a nice hot bath and relax since he has no classes left for today. Sure, there are some activities to join even here on college, but he hasn’t found anything suited enough for his mind. “Rogue, wait up” is he picking up the voice of the adorable and attractive dork he simply calls his best friend. They are together since Primary School, only separated while they were on Middle School in different districts. So he simply stops and gazes at him while the blond smiles at him.

“Do you have time next week?”
“Depends on what you’re planning, Sting”
“I just wanted to ask if you’d come along with me”
“Where to?”

is Sting now answering with a radiant smile plastered on his face while he shortly frowns. Ok, next week they have off for a couple of days since there is a very important staff meeting announced. But why would Sting plan to go to a place far way just for a few days?

“Why do you even want to go there?”
“Because of the finals of the Beach volleyball contest”

is Sting now answering and a sigh escapes his lips. Since his friend had joined the College Volleyball Team he seems kind of obsessed with this sports. ‘Why wasn’t he asking Yukino in the first place? She’s on his team as far as I know’ is he thinking right now while laying a hand on his chin to think this over. Could it be, Sting just wants to spend some alone time with him, Rogue Cheney? But why?

“So, Rogue, are you coming along?”
“Allright, but I need to talk with Skiadrum about this first”

is his response right now as he gazes in these trusted sapphires and a short rose dust appears on his cheeks as Sting hugs him right now. After this, the blond head over to the hall where the daily training is taking place and he walks now to his little bit beat up Ford Bronco in order to drive home.


Two days later both of them are right now at the Minneapolis Airport, from where they are heading all the way to Klagenfurt. Kind of interesting how Weisslogia managed to book a flight so fast for the two of them. He had used the given time to learn about their travel destination and he’s actually surprised Sting is willing to visit with him such a beautiful country. Even if it is just for a couple of days they are staying, he’ll use the chance to relax. They have for sure a very interesting route to fly: from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam to Klagenfurt. Actually this is his first long-distance flight. Before he only flew with his family to Seattle or Portland to spend the holidays there. It’s close to noon as they arrive in the capital city of Carinthia since they had taken a plane leaving in the evening Minneapolis.Due to the long flight he’s quite exhausted, so both agree to go to their hotel first to rest. Once they arrive in their room, he simply heads to the bathroom in order to take a shower first. Because right now he has the urge to refresh himself. ‘Still I wonder why he just asked me to come along and not Yukino’ is he thinking right now while stripping down his entire clothing and walks now under the warm water. Closing his eyes a sigh of relieve escapes his lips while he can feel the muscles no longer cramping up. After the shower he feels for sure better. With a towel wrapped around his waist he returns back into the room, his worn clothes in his arms.

“May I ask you something, Sting?”
 "Sure, what is it?“
"Why me and not Yukino?”

is he asking right now as he’s putting the worn clothes into his bag and pulls some fresh ones out while gazing to the blond sitting at the bed. For him this is truly awkward, since he knows about the timid young woman having a major crush on his best friend since they started with College.

“Because I just wanted to be with the most important person in my life” is Sting now answering with a soft smile resting on his lips and he has to blink before he’s able to comprehend the situation he is.

“You haven’t answered correctly my question”
“Of course I did, Rogue. I’d even take you with me to Mars or wherever just to avoid someone else hitting on you”

is his response right now and he’s truly taken by surprise while watching the adorable blond dork pout right now.

'So all of this is, because he sees me as being a vital part within his life? Idiot’ is he thinking right now while he’s getting dressed again. “I’m serious about this. But the thing is, everytime I try to confess to you how I feel about you, you find a way to avoid the topic or you are too busy with studying. That’s why I asked you to accompany me to the finals of the annual Beach Volleyball contest. So that I have finally the chance to do so” is he hearing Stings words right now, as strong arms are wrapped around his waist and a soft rose dust appears now on his cheeks, wondering how long he had overlooked the obvious signs Sting tried to emit to him.

“Just why…?” is he starting to ask as a nice shiver tingles through his body due to the effect of Sting nuzzling along his neckline. “Simply, because you’re the only one triggering this nice warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach everytime I can be around you” is Sting now answering and if he has to be honest to himself, it’s just the same for him. But he wasn’t so sure if he only imagines things or not. That’s why he had avoided to talk about the topic relationships with this adorable blond. As he turn his head so, that his forehead rests on Stings all he can see in these trusted sapphires is love and the deep devotion to care for him.

Before he can react or say a simple word Sting leans now forward, capturing his lips into a careful placed kiss. The fuzzy and warm feeling spreads quickly through his entire body. Right now he has to admit, it really feels not only nice, but also right.

“So how do you plan to explain our fathers, we’re more than friends now?”
“Simply, Weisslogia knows already and he approves”

is Sting now saying with a radiant smile to me and without being able to avoid it I start to blush. Using this moment Sting leans in again for another kiss and I allow it to happen. Wrapping my arms now around him while closing my eyes I really enjoy this moment. The reason I never spent a single thought about me being with Sting this close is due to Yukinos crush on him and his obvious flirteasous behaviour around women with big breasts. 'For thinking like that, I truly was a big Idiot’ is now going through my mind as we remains standing like this, forehead touching forehead.

“Now let’s go and watch the match. Afterwards I treat you to dinner” is he saying right now to me and I nod in agreement. Taking Stings hand into my own I have to agree I truly start liking the idea of us being in a serious relationship beginning with today.

So what did Amalfitano’s students learn? They learned to recite aloud. They memorized the two or three poems that they loved most in order to remember them and recite them at the proper times: funerals, weddings, moments of solitude. They learned that a book was a labyrinth and a desert. That there was nothing more important than ceaseless reading and traveling, perhaps one and the same thing. That when books were read, writers were released from the souls of stones, which is where they went to live after they died, and they moved into the souls of readers as if into a soft prison cell, a cell that later swelled to burst. That all writing systems are frauds. That true poetry resides between the abyss and misfortune and that the grand highway of selfless acts, of the elegance of eyes and the fate of Marcabru, passes near its abode. That the main lesson of literature was courage, a rare courage like a stone well in the middle of a lake district, like a whirlwind and a mirror. That reading wasn’t more comfortable than writing. That by reading one learned to question and remember. That memory was love.
—  Robert Bolano, Woes of the True Policeman 
The Beginning

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Request by: Anon

Prompt:  Can you please write a Joshaya famfiction where Maya is disappointed and crying over Kermit Coz she saw him with his new family. She runs away and coincidentally meets Josh over there and later Josh comforts her even though he was busy with his friends. Maybe it can be a day after Maya’s 18 bday. I know it’s really specific but I hope you accept my request.


It had been only two days since Maya’s 18th birthday, and her birthday money was already burning a hole in her pocket.  Itching to spend it, Maya hit the streets of New York’s shopping district.  

She checked out a few vintage clothing stores and a couple music shops, then took a break to grab a smoothie.  As she walked down the street, slurping up the ‘Very Berry’ goodness, she glanced through some more windows.

One store in particular caused Maya to slow to a stop.  It was a jewelry store.  She loved to spoil herself with some bling every now and then, so she couldn’t resist taking a closer look.  As she peered through the window, deciding whether she wanted a pair of shooting star earrings in silver or gold, something else caught her attention, causing her to drop her smoothie on the street, splattering purple liquid everywhere. Her father.

He was older, his hair was a bit shorter, and he no longer had a mustache, but it was definitely Kermit Hart AKA runaway dad.  The dad she hadn’t seen since middle school when he tried to reconnect, but she turned him down.  That day was one of the worst days of her life right after the day he actually left, and today was quickly heading in a similar direction.

Her heart raced as she watched Kermit intently as he smiled down at the little girl next to him.  The girl was about 8 or 9 years old, had long blonde curls, and Kermit’s piercing blue eyes… the same eyes Maya had.  The girl beamed at Kermit, admiring the silver locket he had just clasped around her neck, mouthed something like “Thanks, daddy!”, and jumped into his arms.  As they hugged, Maya felt a wetness on her cheek and started to hyperventilate.  When he went to place a kiss on her forehead, Maya couldn’t take it anymore and turned away, running down the street the way she came.  If she had had bags she would have dropped them in her mad dash, but luckily nothing caught her interest until the earrings, so she used her free arms to her advantage and used them to wipe away her tears and move faster down the sidewalk.

Maya managed to weave her way through the people pretty well, until her tears blurred her vision too much causing her to smack right into someone.  As she wiped her eyes for the umpteenth time, she felt a pair of strong arms, wrapped around her, holding her in place.

“Sorry.” She said with a sniffle, then tried to move, but the person wouldn’t let her.

“Maya?” Said a familiar voice before she felt the arms around her extend and push her back a step as if the person was trying to get a better look at her.  "Maya what’s wrong?“

Finally looking up and meeting the eyes of the person in front of her, she saw the boy of her girlish, childhood dreams and close personal friend: Joshua Matthews.

"Josh, I- I’m so sorry.” She apologized, quickly smoothing out the front of his leather jacket.

“It’s fine.  I’m more concerned about you.  What happened?”  He asked again.

“Josh?  You coming, bro?” a deep, masculine voice called out.

Following the voice, Maya saw Josh’s college pal, Andrew, and another guy she’d never seen before crossing the threshold of a nearby comic book store.

“You two go on ahead, I’ll meet up with you guys later.” Josh said with a nod then returned his attention to the blonde in front of him.

“Look, Josh, it’s nothing, really.  You should go with your friends.” Maya told him.

“They’ll be fine. Like I said, I’m more concerned about you.”  He reiterated his former statement, taking in her puffy, red eyes and sad expression. Clearly something was wrong and Josh wasn’t just going to leave her like this.  He was more mature than that.  Plus, she was a friend.

Maya tried to smile, but it only cause more tears to trickle out the corners of her eyes, which cause her to relapse into a full out sob.  In response, Josh pulled her back into his chest and rewrapped his arms tightly around her.  As she soaked his grey tee shirt that peeked out from his jacket in tears, Josh rubbed soothing circles on her back, silently encouraging her to let it all out.

Once Maya’s tears and breathing slowed a bit, Josh led her across the street to a 50s themed diner and got them a booth in the back corner for privacy.  Sitting next to each other, Maya attempted to fix her smudged eye make-up while Josh ordered some drinks.  It wasn’t until the hot chocolates were sat in front of them, that they actually spoke.

“So… you wanna talk about it?” Josh asked.

Maya was silent for a long moment as she stirred her hot chocolate around in her mug, then finally she said, “I saw my father.”

“Oh.” Josh said, not knowing what else to say.  He knew that her father had left when she was young and that things were complicated where he was involved, but he didn’t know any of the details. Therefore, he figured it best to remain silent and let her elaborate.

“He didn’t see me.”  She went on. “But I sure saw him… with his new daughter.” She finished, keeping her eyes focused on the warm drink in her hands.

“Are you sure–” Josh began, but Maya cut him off.

“Yeah, it was definitely his daughter.  She had his eyes.  My eyes.” Maya confirmed.

“Wow.  That couldn’t have been easy for you to see.” He surmised.

“What hurt most about the whole thing was that he was actually being a good father.  He bought her a necklace, hugged her, kissed her… and I just… I lost it.”  She explained, then met his eyes  with her own tear-filled ones and asked, “Why couldn’t he be that father for me? Why wasn’t I good enough?” A tear came loose and streaked down the side of her face as she added, “What’s wrong with me, Josh?”

Sliding closer, Josh took Maya’s face in his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumbs.  As he did so, he looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Listen to me.  There is nothing wrong with you.  Nothing.  Okay?  It wasn’t you that wasn’t good enough for him, it was him that wasn’t good enough for you. He couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a father and husband, so he left.  But that’s on him, not you, Maya.  You can’t blame yourself.”

She nodded her understanding and he dropped his hands, moving them around her once more for another hug.  After a long moment, he pulled back and rested his hands on her upper arms.

“Thank you, Josh. You really are a great guy.” She half smiled, still clinging on to his leather jacket clad forearms.

“And you’re an amazing girl, Maya.  I don’t know how anyone could ever want to leave you.” He said sweetly, offering a small smile of his own.

“Yeah, well, I guess I just have that effect on older men.  They tend to distance themselves from me.”  Maya said somewhat pointedly, the comment clearly not just referring to her father, but to Josh too.

“Not anymore.” He whispered huskily, then leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was short, but also slow and full of promise.

Josh new this probably wasn’t the best moment for their first kiss, but he just couldn’t help himself. He had to show her just how important and worthwhile she was, despite what her father’s actions might have insinuated.

“Wow.” Maya said pulling away to look into his eyes.  "That was–“

"Just the beginning.”  Josh finished.

“Of what exactly?” She queried, arching one of her thin blonde brows.

“Of us… an official us.” He clarified.  "If you still want that.“

Hecks yeah she wanted that, but she didn’t want to answer until she was sure it was what Josh really wanted too, and that he wasn’t just saying and doing these things to  be nice and make her feel better.

"Wait… do you really mean that?  I mean, you aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and realize that this moment was a mistake and try to take it back, are you?” Maya asked seriously.

Josh answered quickly, wanting to set her straight and put her mind at ease.  "Look, Maya, this moment may not have been planned or expected, but it wasn’t a mistake.  I promise you that.  You could never be a mistake, and that kiss… that definitely wasn’t a mistake, it was–“

"The beginning” Maya finished with a sweet smile and a hopeful twinkle in her eye.

Josh’s boyish grin appeared at her words and he retorted, “Exactly.”

Maya’s smile grew, then she released Josh,  raised her mug and said, “to beginnings.”

Josh mimicked her movements and replied, “To beginnings.” then clinked his mug against hers.

She took a sip of the warm, brown liquid to seal the deal, then nuzzled into Josh’s side and placed her head on his shoulder.  His arm came up and around her back in response, welcoming her closeness as he took a sip of his own.

And just like that, they began to be them and began their beginning… sipping on hot chocolate in the middle of a 50s diner in the middle of shopping district in the middle of one of the worst days of Maya’s life that she would from now on also consider to be one of the best.  Yes, it was definitely the best worst day of Maya’s life.

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Normally the City was quiet at this time of night, especially considering curfew had just taken effect, but in South District the rules were much different. Curfew wasn’t observed, and what should have been commonplace was actually very foreign in concept. The only thing that mattered was the strength that one person possessed to hold their own in battles that - eventually - took place. Every night, at least one all out battle happened, and anyone who was willing to participate was highly encouraged to do so to secure another night of being left alone.

A group of young men had gathered in the middle of the District, and the battle was already underway. Several of them were already down for the count, being taken out of the battle and set up so that others could take care of their injuries. Just like the daytime hours, anything could happen, and with all the punches being thrown it was nearly impossible to avoid being hit.

Which made it rather impressive that a certain blond near the middle of the group was avoiding nearly every single jab and uppercut that was being thrown his way, without even looking in the direction they were coming from. He was also landing every single hit he was dishing out, moving over the fallen fighters to keep from losing his footing.

The dark, eerie streets were a familiar sight to Dingo, and one he would have preferred to forget. He knew that nothing good would happen from wandering into these parts of this unknown city, yet his curiousness pushed him forward, along with another of his main traits - his undying desire for a good fight.

And a fight Dingo indeed found, giving him the occasion to throw some good punches around. It was all fun and games, until Dingo took notice of the great number of opponents that surrounded him. He was overwhelmed.

The short moment of distraction was Dingo’s downfall. A first punch caught him straight in the nose, and another one in the jaw. He tried to kick his opponent away, but a strong hand caught his leg, and he was ruthlessly thrown to the ground.

Stars danced in front of the boy’s vision, and he could tell that his nose was bleeding. More kicks landed onto his limbs and back, as his opponents made sure that he stayed down. Dingo couldn’t even hope to stand back up on his own.

Yowamu--... AmaHata Pedal
Middle School Spy Boys
Yowamu--... AmaHata Pedal

Another excerpt from the drama CD. Because Yowamushi AmaHata Pedal.

My darling, oh my darling Amari. Why are you like this?

Full translations are here:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Sakuma: I–… I’m Sakuma. For the meantime, you two go to your seat–

Kaminaga: What the hell happened to you two? You’re both a mess!

Fukumoto: Hatano, you have leaves in your hair.

Hatano: It’s all this guy’s fault!


Hatano: Ahh~ having no club practice in the mornings mean I can take my time~!

Amari: Hatano! Hatano!

Hatano: Huh?

Amari: Thanks for stopping!

Hatano: What are you doing in this place?

Amari: I’m hitch hiking.

Hatano: Huh?! What happened to your bicycle?

Amari: One of the tires got flat yesterday, that’s why I thought I’d hitch hike to get to the school, but there aren’t any cars that pass by. I was starting to worry~

Hatano: This is the shopping district! Of course no car would pass through here this early in the morning! Why are you even hitch hiking in the middle of the shopping district!?

Amari: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, can you let me ride on the back?

Hatano: Eh?! You’re heavy, so no.

Amari: I’ll make myself lighter, so come on~!

Hatano: Huh?

Amari: I’ll make my body float for a bit!

Hatano: What the hell are you talking about?

Amari: I’ll just store my power like this, and I’ll float for about 3 centimeters from the ground!


Amari: Of course I can’t~! It was just an expression!

Hatano: What the hell is up with you?! Ah!!! Talking with you is gonna make me late as well!

Amari: Ah! I know a shortcut! The usual 30 minutes to school would amazingly, just be 10 minutes!

Hatano: Are you for real?! Get on the back!

Amari: Thanks a lot!

*Hatano pedaling the bike with Amari riding at the back*

Hatano: Oi… are…. you… sure… that…. this… is… a… short… cut…?! It’s… just… a… mountain… road!!

Amari: It is, it is! The school’s just at the end of this road!

Hatano: There… isn’t… even… a… road… here… anymore!!!

Amari: Ah Hatano! Look in front! Front! We’re gonna bump into a thicket!



Hatano: Seriously, nothing good comes out of getting involved with Amari.

Amari: But I really thought that was a shortcut~!

Fukumoto: Your button is missing, I’ll sew it back on for you.

Hatano: As expected of mom! You’re a great help!

Fukumoto: Huh? I’m not Hatano’s mother.

Tazaki: He just meant that you’re just like a mom.

BREAKING: The Murderers Of #KendrickJohnson Break Their Silence [LIVE FACT-CHECKING]

Fact #1: Branden Bell had blood on his sleeve from #KendrickJohnson on his white jacket. The surveillance video at Lowndes County High School caught him with the blood on his coat, then with the coat conspicuously off, having disappeared.

Fact #2: Kendrick Johnson had abrasions on some of his fingertips, indicating a sort of struggle that took place before he was found in the wrestling mat. There were also abrasions on his head, and string that looks to be tied around a leg. An independent autopsy conducted by a private pathologist in the service of Johnson’s parents came to a different conclusion, finding that his death was caused by blunt force trauma. 

Fact #3: An independent autopsy confirmed that Johnson died of blunt force trauma, such as from a head injury. After the opinion of the private pathologist was released, Johnson’s family stated that they believed Johnson had been killed.[5] The family retained the services of attorney Benjamin Crump.[7] On October 31, 2013, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia announced that the office would open a formal review into the death of Johnson.[4] The Federal Bureau of Investigation is participating in that review process.

Fact #4: The surveillance videos from the time of the incident do not have time codes, so they are essentially useless in identifying when certain events transpired.

Kendrick Johnson’s family waited months for hundreds of hours of surveillance video, hoping it would answer their questions. It raised only others.

Rather than showing how their 17-year-old son’s body ended up in a school gym mat in January, the four cameras inside the Valdosta, Georgia, gymnasium showed only a few collective seconds of Johnson, jogging. The camera fixed on the gym mats was blurry.

Compounding the family’s suspicions was the nature of the gym videos. They’re jumpy, with students intermittently appearing and vanishing, and they bear no obvious timestamps.

The Johnsons’ attorneys were not shy in stating their suspicion that someone could have tampered with the videos.

“They know their child did not climb into a wrestling mat, get stuck and die. Where is that video?” Benjamin Crump asked.

Attorney Chevene King questioned why time codes weren’t shown in the videos.

“We don’t have any time code with which to synchronize the events that are shown in the video. … Either the cameras did this on their own or a human being interacted to make these cameras do these things,” King said.

More updates will be shared throughout the evening.

The Stage Was Set (Part 1)

Words: 1,460

Summary: The reader uses Jacob to keep from blowing their cover during a personal mission after Jacob nearly messes it up. 

Warnings: Fluff, light swearing, 

Author’s Note: So this was meant to be a quick drabble to help me get into character with Jacob but it turned out to be a bit longer and I decided to use it to lead into a second part, which was a request! As I was writing this I imagine Jacob in his original ‘Simply Jacob’ outfit. I don’t know why, but that one is my favorite! Enjoy! Requests/Feedback appreciated :)

On any normal given day you wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. They were extremely inconvenient with the restricted amount of movement they provided – not to mention there weren’t many places to hide any of your weapons. It was just a pain, and if you hadn’t promised your father you would look into a potential Templar lead, you wouldn’t be here. But you had, so you stood dutifully near the entrance to a relatively decent sized park. Today’s objective was to remain unseen, to limit the amount of conflict while you looked into the possible lead.

The lead hadn’t exactly been difficult to track; dressed in something that probably cost more than any amount of money you would ever have, he had stood out like a sore thumb in the middle of the poorer districts. Following him to the park where he had met up with another man, whom wasn’t dressed nearly as well, had been the easiest thing you had done all day – even with Jacob trailing behind you.

“I think you’ve been spending too much time with Freddy, love,” Jacob joked lightly as he stood off to the right of you, gesturing to your dress.

That signature devilish smirk of his danced lightly across his lips as his sharp hazel gaze caught sight of the target. The smirk grew even wider as you scoffed unhappily at him, your fingers gracefully pulling up the hem of the dress as you stalked past him.

“I have not. I’m only doing this because my father asked, and this was the only way to keep from drawing attention – something you’re not doing very well,” you shot back, keeping your voice even and low.

“Now hold on a minute-” he went to protest a bit too loudly as you quickly grabbed his arm, turning him so his back was to the target.

“They’re coming this way,” you muttered, forcing your gaze up to Jacob’s bewildered face.

Your mind began to race, trying to think of anything that could possibly avoid giving you away as the pair drew closer. If Mother finds out those acting lessons went to good use I am never going to hear the end of it you thought bitterly to yourself as you let out a quiet heavy breath.

“Thomas, you promised you wouldn’t go back to the factory,” you said, allowing your voice to raise an octave as you schooled your expression into something that closely resembled a mixture of hurt and outrage.

“What-” Jacob started to speak, but you quickly cut him off.

“The last time you went back there you nearly lost your life. You promised you would never go back, and now you want to go work for that bloody snake?” you cried, forcing your eyes to tear up as your gaze darted subtly from Jacob’s confused and shocked face to your target.

“I don’t-”

The target drew even closer, making your stomach drop as you decided to go with a more drastic measure. Jacob’s bracer was now painfully obvious to anyone who might have been drawn in by your little spat, and that was certainly going to tip off any Templar or Blighter in the area. Seeing as Jacob wasn’t exactly subtle in his approach with either party, it wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was terribly inconvenient.

Praying that Jacob would at some point catch on to your little charade, you quickly threw yourself against him, your arms coming around his neck as your lips pressed firmly against his. Almost immediately you were engulfed by the warm scent of stale alcohol, mint, and a hint of leather and gunpowder. His lips were just as sweet against yours, a feeling you could have easily lost yourself in if you allowed yourself the opportunity.

His surprise thankfully gave you the reaction you were hoping for as his arms moved out to steady you, obscuring his bracer behind your back. There was no hint of hesitation as he returned your affections, relishing in your soft lips as he deepened the kiss. Around you the scoffs and scandalized gasps never sounded so good, the target now clearly losing interest as he ushered his partner away.

Relief began to wash over you as you pulled away for air, your breath coming in light pants as that smug smirk returned to Jacob’s face. You completely ignored him as you glanced over your shoulder, pushing yourself away from him to see your target slipping away in a carriage.

Damn it all.

You couldn’t suppress the unladylike words that slipped out underneath your breath. “Not a word of this to anyone. If my father finds out it’s going to be more than our heads,” you grumbled.

Jacob chuckled, his hand coming to capture yours as you tried to walk away. With a swift motion he pulled you back against his chest with ease despite the slight struggle you put up. Your eyes betrayed your irritation as you shot him a frown.

“Oh, don’t be like that, love,” he teased. “If anything you should be thanking me.”

“And why would that be, Mr. Frye? My target is probably halfway across the city by now and aware he is being watched,” you forced out.

There was another hint of that smug smirk despite the pleasantry you had just bitterly used. It wasn’t unusual for you to revert to calling him ‘Mr. Frye’ when you were upset with him; in fact he found it rather endearing along with the way your lower lip would just out when you pouted, or the way your scrunched up your nose when you frowned. Neither of those things deterred him as his lips hovered inches above yours.

“Because I have this,” he whispered, holding up a neatly folded piece of paper.

“Where did you-?” you began to ask, but cut yourself off.

“Ah,” he said, holding it behind his back as he stopped you from reaching for it.

You sighed begrudgingly as you folded your arms against your chest. “Thank you,” you said, your tone anything but grateful as you went to grab the piece of paper.

“Not quite what I’m looking for, love,” he teased, grinning as you became increasingly frustrated with him.

“I don’t-”

It was his turn to cut you off as he captured your lips in another intoxicating kiss. The light layer of stubble he had neglected to shave that morning brushed along your skin as he tenderly took what he wanted from you. Your nerves felt as if they were on fire beneath your skin as you trembled with excitement. It had been a long time since you had been kissed like that, and Jacob Frye was just the sort of man you wouldn’t mind having against you.

It seemed like an eternity before he finally broke away, pressing the paper into your hand as he did so. There was going to be no living with him after this, especially with the way his eyes glinted with confidence and glee.

“Jacob Frye you are positively-” you started, your tone exasperated.

“Amazing, yes, I know,” he finished for you. Before you could even think of a witty response he held his arm out to you, resuming the role of perfect gentleman. “Care for a drink as you look over your note, miss? My treat.”

All of the irritation you had felt moments before melted away beneath his charismatic grin. He may not have been perfect, but you didn’t want anyone else as your partner in crime. Without him life would have been awfully dull, and you didn’t think you could live with that. With that thought lingering in the back of your mind, you reached out, taking his arm.

“I would love that, sir,” you said, offering him a small smile.

“Excellent! I do believe there’s a pub close to here with what is supposed to be an exquisite ale.” He could barely contain the excitement in his voice as you walked towards the entrance to the park.  “Now, why a factory worker?”

“Well, you do look the part,” you replied, biting your lip lightly in amusement as he scoffed.

“How incredibly rude,” he jested, feigning offense.

“Jacob, you have another hole in the sleeve of your jacket,” you retorted, not quite noticing the joking undertone in his voice.

“Yes, well, if you would help me repair it that wouldn’t be a problem,” he defended, offering you a smirk.

At that you couldn’t help but sigh, your mind drifting back to the exact moment that hole had come to be. Maybe you were going to need more than just a pint.