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The Mid-Autumn Festival begins in mid-September, which means that it’s mooncake season here in China. While not a fan of the sweet varieties, here in Shanghai, one of the most famous shops, Wang Bao He, is know for their meat-filled mooncakes. While their crayfish-filled buns are the most popular, the lovely ladies in Disney Corp Comms shared a box of pork and crab roe-filled cakes with me yesterday and they were the easily best I have ever had! Not only because the seafood-scented plump pork filling had a chunkier texture I loved, but also due to the buttery, flaky crust, which I usually find too dry, but melted in my mouth.


603 Fuzhou Rd.

Huangpu, Shanghai


+86-21 6322 3673

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hi im a ftm boy not currently on t but theyve had me on period blockers for around a year now and it really does help!! the first few times (its usually 3 months before u have to get another, and its a shot) it may come back but not a full force period usually just spotty. i havent bled in at least 4 months so id say if you have the opportunity take it its helped me a lot!! (for the last anon)

Thanks anon!
-mod rin

ShukaBlog 2016.08.24: Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou

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Today, we released our new single, Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou
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