midday thoughts

You asked me

What my favourite book is

It’s an old collection

Of leather bound pages

Untouched for many years

It is titled “Us

You open it cautiously

As it appears delicate on the out

But the pages are empty

As we have only just begun

To scribe our story

For generations to come

- memoirs-of-a-fool // Us

I hate this situation, and how we are. I am like Icarus, and you are the sun, all I want is to soar towards you and feel your warmth but in the end all you do is cause me to melt, to make things more difficult for me in the end. Should I continue to soar towards you and feel the warmth I crave until I melt completely, or should I fly too low and get swallowed by the sea, with its cold and unimaginable size?

While writing this, an image I saw from one of my favorite artists, Picolo-kun popped into my head, so please feel free to check out his stuff. While I did draw inspiration from him, I still kept the concept and the whole message original, so I hope you enjoy!

Black Lives Matter.

Trayvon Martin. John Crawford III. Eric Garner. Dontre Hamilton. Michael Brown. Ezell Ford. Dante Parker. Tanisha Anderson. Akai Gurley. Tamir Rice. Rumain Brisbon. Jerame Reid. Tony Robinson. Sandra Bland. Alton Sterling. Phillip White. Eric Harris. Walter Scott. Freddie Gray. Oscar Grant. Orlando Barlow.

“Let’s be clear, we said BLACK LIVES MATTER. We never said only black lives matter, that was media. Not us. In truth, we know that all lives matter. We’ve supported your lives throughout history. Now we need your help with BLACK LIVES MATTER, for black lives are in danger.”

*If you can’t see why we are exclaiming BLACK LIVES MATTER then you are part of the problem.*

I will never be silent about this.

She’s that feeling of having a
pink-n-fluffy cotton candy in
a carnival under
the midday skies with
puffy little clouds.
All jolly and vibrant
like the lights
from a carousel.

Gleeful, Shikha Singh

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You are no longer,

Absorbed within the shadow.

Clutching at memories, a

Punishment you bestow.

Your presence hidden,

Obscured by the shade.

If only you listened!

If only you stayed!

A vestige of your fragrance,

The only evidence you exist.

Embellished by the cuts

Appearing on my wrist.

I bleed a new scent,

One that steals all breath.

A pain my nose knows.

Before me, a beautiful death.

- memoirs-of-a-fool // Reaper’s Pheromone

I don’t want to get married. I don’t believe that love actually lasts forever. I wouldn’t want to wake up one day and find divorce papers next to me instead of my husband.
This thought would haunt me everyday if I did get married. I’m a broken person held together with tape and glue. A divorce would shatter me completely beyond the point of healing.
—  J.M // Midday thoughts.

I don’t want to be the girl you miss at 3am.

I want to be the girl that you miss at 3pm.

At that time, your mind will be lost in thoughts of the day. Cluttered with plans and ideas.

If you think of me when your mind is lost in daily life. I’ll know I mean more than the girl whom you think of in the dead of night when you are lonely.

—  Midday Thoughts
The Coldest Kiss (Ch.1)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Summary:  Based on a tumblr imagine: What if Jon and you were friends, but he wanted to be more. Jon sees you flirting with Robb and preferring his company. So, Jon thinks you don’t care about him at all. That is until a certain, mischievous Stark tells you the true feelings that Jon has for you.

Words: 1147

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9296567/chapters/21069737

            The day was going on as usual. Merchants sold their wares, and commoners were doing their daily work. You weren’t wearing much of a coat considering you already felt warm from the unusually warm day in Winterfell. You just finished the last of your daily chores and it was midday.

           ‘Not bad,’ you thought to yourself. You were the baker’s daughter. You didn’t do much of the heavy lifting because your brothers took care of that, but your father knew how talented and creative you really were. You loved baking and creating new pies for him and his shop. The shop has been busier than usual due to the upcoming feast the Starks will be having in three days’ time, so creating pies was not a priority.

           Instead, you were stuck doing the usual daily chores. Heating up the ovens in the early mornings, collecting eggs from market, and other things were your sole responsibility. It took you till the early afternoon to get things done, but since you had extra time on your hands, you decided to go see one of your dearest friends in Winterfell.

           Walking through the castle gates always put a certain rush through you. The castle itself was massive and thick. It was as warm as it was intimidating. People were bustling about and talking about either daily gossip or the warm day. Two children rushed past you. It wasn’t until three seconds later you realized it was Ayra and Bran. You chuckled and shook your head.

           “They’re fast, aren’t they?” Jon said as he snuck up behind you.

           “I swear they get faster every time I see them,” you smiled.

           “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be doing chores?” Jon gave you a concerned look.

           “I finished them early,” you smiled at him again. “I thought I would come and see you.” Jon gave you a big grin. Usually he frowned and sulked, but when you are around him he smiled more. It made you feel special.

           “I’m so glad you said that because there’s someone I want you to meet,” Jon grabbed your hand and both of you weaved through the servants of Winterfell. Dodging left and right, both of you moved like a team. Each of you responding to each other’s slight touch. It wasn’t too long ago that you ran around like Ayra and Bran did. However, you both learned how to move around people unlike the Stark siblings.

           You had been friends with Jon since you were children. Lady Catelyn was always welcoming of other children playing with her own, however Jon was swept aside. When there was ‘proper’ things to do, you snuck Jon out of the castle (as if Lady Catelyn noticed) and you both stole some bread from your father’s shop (that he did notice) and explored where you could. Now, you both didn’t have time for childhood fantasies. Jon and you were growing up and fast.

           Confused, but excited you followed Jon inside the kennels. He ran to the second to last kennel and motioned for you to come over. As he opened the cage, you eyed the bigger dogs kept inside the cages. They looked hungry, but you knew they meant no harm to you. You turned towards Jon and you saw him holding a ball of snow fur in his arms.

           “(Y/N), I want you to meet Ghost,” Jon said. The small direwolf pup lifted his head. Your mouth dropped to the floor.

           “Is that? Is it really a direwolf? Where did you find him? What? He’s so cute!” You said that all in the same breath. You held out your hands to hold Ghost. Ghost’s white fur was warm in your hands and his cold nose nuzzled your face when he sniffed it. You started giggling at the sensation. He wriggled and squirmed in your arms, but he was easy to manage because he was so small.

           “We found a whole litter in the forest today. Six of them. Ghost is the runt of them,” Jon said.

           “You mean there’s more?” You instantly replied back, eyes wide. Jon chuckled.

           “Yes,” Jon’s smile turned into a frown. “It is a shame though. When we found them, their mother’s body was lying dead next to them.” You gasped.

           “No mother? That’s awful,” you cuddled Ghost closer to you. “Good thing, you found them. Lord Stark is letting you keep them right? He’s not going to make you turn them loose all by themselves is he?”

           “No, he’s not. We do get to keep them,” Jon lowered his voice. “As long as we walk them, bathe them, train them, and feed them ourselves.” You chuckled in response of Jon’s mockery of his father. Jon scratched Ghost’s ears. You looked down into the direwolf pup’s face. Ghost licked your cheek. You smiled, but frowned while you thought about the mother this pup and its siblings lost. Jon put his hand on your shoulder. You looked up to him and saw a serious face.

           “It’s life,” he said. “But, if you still feel bad, you can be his mother.” Jon smiled at you the way he always does, and you felt your stomach flip with joy.

           “And you can be his father right?” You smiled at Jon with the same enthusiasm. Jon stepped closer to you, and he reached for your right arm.

           “(Y/N)!” Robb came strolling into the kennel with his direwolf trotting behind. Jon dropped his hand immediately. “I see you’ve met our new family members. This is Grey Wind.” You set Ghost down, and opened your arms for Grey Wind. He was much bigger than Ghost with grey hair. As you scratched his ears, he rolled onto his back for you.

           “Oh, he likes me!” You exclaimed.

           “He sure does,” Robb smiled. It seemed the Stark boys were happy with their new furry responsibilities. “You’re here early, don’t you usually come around the afternoon?”

           “My father has kicked me out of the kitchen to prepare for the feast coming up. It seems he only wants serious bakers in his kitchen today.” You responded. Jon scrunched up his face and responded.

           “Wait, your father kicked you ou—

           “But you are a serious baker, (Y/N). Surely, your father knows that right?” Robb interrupted. “Sansa adores your lemon cakes. It’s a shame he kicked you out today.”

           “I’ll be alright, Robb,” you said as you touched Robb’s shoulder. Jon felt his heart sink.

           “If you say so. Now, Theon and I were going to go teach Grey Wind how to fetch. Would you guys like to come along?” Before Jon could answer, you spoke.

           “Of course we would!” You started. “Let’s not waste today. Come on, Ghost. Come to mommy!” Robb and you left the kennels with Grey Wind and Ghost trailing behind. Jon took a deep breath and followed in annoyance.

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fluffy stephew au where one of them works at a flower shop, please?

Matt thought the new tattoo parlour across the street was… odd at best and completely incompatible at the least. The neighbourhood was about as edgy as one expected a place that boasted a cafe, bookstore, and Matthew’s flower shop to be. All in all, it lacked the kind of mood he’d associate with a tattoo parlour. But ever since the place opened last week, he’d seen countless people walking in and out of the building as he set about arranging bouquets and, well, spying on his new neighbour. Sue him, it was the closest Matthew had ever been to anything that didn’t directly relate to pastel flowers and satin ribbons. So clearly it had to be doing well?

An explanation for the success came in the form of a customer. A man had come in two days ago to get some flowers (soft blue daisies with baby’s breath, a nice choice in Matt’s opinion) and had shown him the tattoo he’d gotten at the parlour a few days earlier. Even with his limited experience, Matthew could tell it was beautifully done. The sketchy outlines of the crows seemed to flap off the man’s skin, their eyes were dark and full of intelligence and he half expected the feathers to rustle as he leaned in to take a closer look. ‘Maybe I should get a tattoo.’ He’d quietly mused after the man left, only for a ringing phone calling for a birthday arrangement to steal his attention away from the mysterious tattoo parlour.

Speaking of, Matt found his scattered midday thoughts whisked away as his front door opened and the cheery alert bell went off. “Welcome to The Garden, how may I-?” His usual mindless greeting was cut short as he saw who had walked in; she was about his age, dressed in paint splattered jeans, a black tank top, and leather boots. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled back into a messy bun and studded with pencils. Almost immediately, Matthew was captivated by the vibrant tattoos that covered her arms and arched across her shoulders. Carefully coloured drawings of Zelda characters and beautiful swatches of backgrounds he recognized from the franchise decorated her skin and drew his eye to the triforce emblazoned on her collarbone that was so detailed, it almost looked as if she has somehow inked herself with actual gold.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The gentle tease made Matt tear his eyes away and he felt the floor under his feet shift as he saw dark red lips quirked in a smile, a nose wrinkled slightly from the strong scent of pollen and soil that he barely noticed anymore, and two brown eyes outlined in thick, smudged eyeliner that were brimming with laughter. ‘Oh.’ Matthew thought, his heart beating a little harder and his palms sweating.

“Sorry! I don’t mean to stare I just… I like your tattoos.” He managed to stammer out, his heart rate skyrocketing as she approached his counter and seemed to lazily sprawl her upper body across it. “Zelda fan?” The woman asked, raising an eyebrow and resting her chin on the palms of her hands. It was all Matthew could do to nod mutely as she nodded in approval. “Cool. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Stephanie Cordato, I run the new parlour across the street and I wanted to come grab some flowers to spruce the place up.” Stephanie held out a hand and Matt took a moment to admire her red nail polish and multitude of rings and bracelets before he shook it, praying she could feel how sweaty it was. “Matthew Patrick. Nice to meet you.” He said, his mouth going dry as she smiled wider. “I think I have some cool coloured roses you might be interested in.”

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No one's talking about how Phil says he doesn't like talking to people before he's eaten breakfast but he and Dan wait to eat breakfast and watch anime together

hahaha i mean the top thing in the dan and phil tag rn is @huphilpuffs‘s amazing gifset that is literally alluding to this exact facterino :) it’s def been cute every time phil has mentioned being grumpy/hangry in the mornings (and dan has mentioned it too) to imagine that these anime breakfasts just involve them sitting in silence and watching their show while allowing themselves to wake up, and that phil isnt really a fully functioning person until they’ve got at least a few episodes under their belts each day. and of course dan knows this full well and cant hold an actual conversation with him till about midday lmao