midcentury signage


Here’s a fun little project I’ve been working on the last few days. On top is a rare photo of the original entrance and sign from the Carousel of Progress as it opened in Magic Kingdom in 1973. For some reason, high-res photos of this sign are hard to come by. (Probably no one thought to walk around take pictures of random signs back in the 1970s, haha). It’s a cool sign though, with an icon that depicts the theater’s layout of six scenes and six seating areas, and kinda foreshadows the EPCOT Center’s pavilion logos that made their debut nine years later. 

The middle image is a “clean” recreation I created in Adobe Illustrator to the best of my ability, and then I took it into Photoshop to give it a grungier, vintage-y look for the bottom image… maybe how the sign would’ve looked if left out in the Florida rain for a few more decades. :P