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Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs Part I

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Taming the Tedium of Molded Plywood with @one_forty_three

To see more of Logan’s masterfully molded furniture, follow @one_forty_three on Instagram.

When Logan Hendrickson (@one_forty_three) finished building his Henderson, Nevada, log cabin, he began to fabricate lamps and furniture to outfit the space, sharing photos of his creations online. When he opened an Etsy store at the urging of his readers, he says he was “instantly swamped with orders.” All of a sudden, he was in business.

The son of a cabinetmaker, Logan learned carpentry as a kid, and picked up welding, upholstery and other skills along the way. “I try to make things with the least amount of materials as possible while still keeping it functional and original,” Logan explains. The preferred medium for his midcentury-inspired furniture is molded plywood. “It’s a tedious process of trial and error involving layers of wood and glue and molds,” he says. But the payoff — creative flexibility, incredible strength and clean lines — makes the extra effort worth it.


Swedish Apartment with a touch of Mid-Century

There’s nothing not to love about this apartment. It offers a desperate dose of color during these dreary February days and the use of bold patterns and prints really gives the space personality. The apartment has been designed to maximize space–a lot of the storage is off the ground and the hallway doubles as a work space thanks to a narrow desk and sleek shelving.

Photos via My Scandinavian Home