Custom mid-bust Victorian corset made for client American Duchess. Corset is broche/spot coutil, with external casings. Internal structure includes a waist-tape, and ¼" spiral and flat steels. Decorative features include white cotton lace, silk/cotton satin binding, and white grommets and lacing. Lining is 100% linen to help wick away moisture.

Serious talk about wearing corsets that are too small:

I wore an midbust Elizabethan corset at a re-enactment event yesterday for about twelve hours. When you’re used to corsets, twelve hours is nothing; that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that I’ve gained some weight since I made the corset I wore, but I figured if I laced it a little looser than normal, that it would compensate for it. I was wrong.

If you can’t tell because of the potato-quality of my camera phone, that’s a bruise under my arm, where the side of the corset dug into my skin. I didn’t notice it at the time because most of my torso was compressed.

This is why you have to wear corsets that fit. Because tight-lacing and waist-training, even with their many, many benefits, can cause injury if done improperly. I should have known better and worn a newer-made corset for my changed body, but sometimes the best way to learn a lesson is to make a mistake, and boy did I. It hurts like a bitch. I won’t be doing that again.


This white corset c. 1900 was donated by the President of Royal Worcester Corset Company to the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1950.  Satin binding and bow at the top.  Single bust and two hip gores on each side.  Gores and bones reinforced with hand stitching.  Flossing at the bottom done by hand.  Bones are all in excellent condition.  Original acquisition tag with accession numbers.  Printing on the center back indicates it is a size 20.


I LOVE this shape…..must see if AtelierSylphe has this pattern…..