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Hello! Can you please do a Kyungil scenario? 'His girlfriend is wearing his shirt...'(Shirt options either button up or just a regular t-shirt) And I'll let your imagination flow from that :) if you can, thank you!

History~~~ Dokyun and Jaeho kill me I tell you..kill me ugh lol

Kyungil had just come back to your shared apartment after the recording of the music video Might Just Die. He was placing his keys down on the kitchen table as he turned around and called out for you. “Baby are you here”, he yelled out one last time. He was beginning to think that you had stepped out for a second, but he could have sworn that he saw your car out front. 

His doubts were diminished when he saw you coming around the corner in your mid thigh socks and a shirt that looked too familiar. He eyed the black button up that hung loosely onto your finger. “Are you wearing my shirt”?

“Mhm. I was doing laundry and I saw this laying out and it is so comfy”, you grinned as you pinched the hem of the shirt and swayed back and forth like an innocent child. Kyungil had always loved the innocent side that you possessed and if he didn’t know you so well he would of thought that you were teasing him on purpose because to him you did not look innocent right now, you looked hot and he was having to try his best to not have his way with you in the middle of the kitchen.

“Hmm it looks good on you baby”, he came behind you and pulled your back against his chest, his fingers idly playing with the buttons of his shirt that you were wearing. “Are you wearing anything under it”? You looked over your shoulder at him and immediately nodded. Of course you were wearing a bra and panties under neath, you were not the type to run around during your daily activities in just a shirt and no underwear. You could hear him groan as his lips slowly began to press against your lips. “Let’s change that shall we”, he lightly bit at your earlobe and right before a gasp could fall from your lips a loud beeping noise could be heard throughout the apartment. 

The laundry was done and with a smile and a hop to your step you were wiggling out of Kyungil’s hold and going to check on your finished laundry. 

“She is going to be the death of me”, muttered Kyungil as he leaned against the kitchen counter and tried to cleanse his thoughts.