RSSI Mid Season Sale

ROBINSONS SPECIALTY STORES, INC. mid season sale is here! What does that mean? Well, that means your favorite brands like Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Burton Menswear, River Island, Warehouse, Shana and G2000 are all on a crazy sale!

I’ve actually been to my most loved brand, Topshop, and took advantage of the sale. I got these pieces and oh geez, some of them are on 30% off, even 50%!

The fuzzy cardigan was the perfect cherry on top of my outfit for Wanderland too. No regrets at all.

The sale is until May 10. Head over to the nearest RSSI store and shop til your feet hurt. Don’t let all the good pieces go!

little dceu metropolis things from time out shortlist: metropolis
  • ‘while the neighbouring gotham city can seem insular, metropolis welcomes you with open arms’
  • tourists visiting metropolis always reference the attack, but locals prefer to talk about the rebuilding process or point them to heroes park (where grassy expanses cover the gravity weapon remnants and a large statue of superman has been placed)
  • heroes park is dedicated to those who lost their lives on the day of the kryptonian attack and is an area of remembrance and reflection: a symbol of the citizens resilience (which makes it even more powerful that keefe attacked superman’s monument here, it’s a place of peace)  
  • metropolis grew out of a colonial outpost, leveraging it’s position on the atlantic to become a destination for immigrants’
  • lex corp gentrified the working class area known as ‘suicide slum’. 
  • lex corp is pretty much gentrifying everything.
  • oaktown neighborhood is the ‘immigrant friendly’ enclave. interestingly the only area that isn’t filled with lexcorp employees or under lexcorp charity projects
  • the best restaurants in metropolis has seven month waiting lists
  • lexcorp’s science lab has taken over food: introducing sugar substitutes and fat burning starches to many metropolis diners 
  • during reconstruction of metropolis, the eating habits of it’s citizens changed. they are now more likely to eat at small, local run businesses or prefer a good burger and cold beer. basic menu’s are standard in metropolis and food stands are open throughout the city
  • big belly burger isn’t as popular in metropolis but their burger of choice is the double patty planet special
  • evans pretzel factory has been in business for 75 years
  • the best place to buy superman merch is heroes park or blaze comics (who received a boost in business after superman appeared)
  • sale season in metropolis is end of december to mid jan. second sale season starts memorial day weekend in late may and finishes mid june
  • metropolis is a ‘see and be seen’ city, so don’t be surprised when celebrities mingle in at the club (making it harder for regular customers to get inside)
  • while jazz is more popular in gotham, there are many edm clubs in metropolis and live music is very popular
  • the impact of the kryptonian attack on metropolis’s cultural scene was huge. the theatre district was erased in an instant and the construction of replacement venues is still ongoing. other cultural hubs survived and have since become a venue for the citizens of metropolis to work through their grief and confusion, underlining the cities renewed sense of determination’
  • metropolis is a baseball town
  • metropolis food festival has chef’s from around the world turn up because it’s so famous
  • tomorrow festival is highly anticipated and combines music and free concerts with technological breakthoughs - mostly provided by lexcorp
  • the new years day fun run is attended by thousands as they parktake in a five kilometre run, beginning at 6am to shake off any holiday lethargy
  • lexcorp was the main player in rebuilding metropolis
  • gave thousands of local people jobs and became a symbol of hope in the destruction
  • visitors to heroes park can sign out free audio players and headphones which provide self guided tours and explain the events of the metropolis attack
  • it is a testament to the people of the city that the question of ‘why here?’ didn’t get in the way of decisive action. immediately rescue crews and volunteers descended on metropolis to find survivors and remove the bodies of the fallen. 
  • the epicenter of the shock wave (the kryptonian weapon) would remain undeveloped as a memorial and a reminded. everything was built anew to prove that grief would not be able to paralyze metropolis.
  • lexcorp is not a #selfie spot
  • the daily planet however is
  • ace of clubs bar is owned by bilbo bibowski. hobs bay dock workers call it a lucky charm since bilbo bought the bar with lottery winnings and legend says if you rub its doorknob you will find good fortune. it’s annual st patricks day bash is unforgettable
  • bus trips in metropolis can take twice as long as taxi trip
  • the daily planet app live tweets superman events
  • lois lane’s articles are among the most highly read on the daily planet websites
  • lexcorp dabbles in pretty much everything in metropolis, much like wayne enterprises in gotham

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little gotham dceu things from time out shortlist: gotham
  • gotham is a seafood destination
  • one of the most vital seaports in dceu
  • main tourist food is orange pheasant (night) egg white quiche (day)
  • people in gotham buy jitters coffee more than any other national chain. jitters cups are pm a staple if you see someone commuting to work (get rekt starbucks) and they’re on pretty much every corner
  • bruce never rebuilt wayne tower in metropolis
  • ‘gotham city is vintage to it’s core. no other city seems to revel so much in it’s history and heritage’ 
  • there’s a shop called alice antiques that sells replica 19th century alice in wonderland goods 
  • a shop called 10/6 that survives on sales from a few customers buying top hats and 19th century fashion (lmao was this row of shops built for the mad hatter or…)
  • theres a street in old gotham that has no signs above doors, is super hard to find, and is usually harder to locate when you try and find it again - leading to urban legends about mystical vanishing shops. if you do find them, expect to encounter ‘freak show oddities preserved in formaldehyde bottles, mothers and beetles pinned inside painted gift boxes and masks molded from real life casts of convicted criminals’
  • sales in gotham start just after christmas and last until mid jan, second sale season is june which carries through until the 4th of july
  • live music is a staple of gotham. nearly every genre of music has a venue dedicated to it, or at least a theme night.
  • the most popular underground rave is krankzz, built in an empty chemical tank
  • sionis below is a nightclub that changes it venue frequently to avoid the gcpd
  • gotham city pride is held the last week in june
  • blackgate used to offer tours to the public, which were closed after frequent breakouts. locals know spots to sell to tourists for the best place to spot the batplane
  • arkham is closed to the public, but the gates are an official #selfie spot
  • ‘it’s virtually impossible to spend the afternoon in gotham and not see the wayne logo in your dreams as you fall asleep’ 
  • wayne enterprises is also a #selfie spot
  • big belly burger started in coast city, but gotham citizens has claimed it lmao. they’re the most loyal fans
  • gotham big belly burgers menu items include: the double dent and the wayne steakburger (omg poor harvey)
  • ‘classic look doesn’t required an outdated attitude’ many businessmen show off tattoos with their suits and it’s perfectly acceptable
  • ‘gotham city is impossible to ignore the parade of odd, quirky or downright inexplicable stores that seem to only exist there. don’t worry how these curiosities stay in business, just walk through the door and soak up the strangeness’
  • zatara’s magic shop, 3508 earl street. attention ghost hunters, many unexplained happenings and supernatural energies have been linked to this address
  • the story of gotham city is the story of wayne enterprises’
  • gotham’s hotel tax is 13%
  • ‘feel free to flag down a gotham cab. but gcpd recommends ignoring any vehicle with a suspicious look: such as clown colours or a top hatted theme’
  • parking in gotham is incredibly difficult
  • gotham was founded by mercenaries and assassins lmao