Personal Trainer  Jungkook

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Warning: Cursing, Smut, Slight Angst?

Excerpt: He had never seen you this exposed since middle school at pool parties, your body was a shock to him. The way the leggings hugged every curve and made your ass looked perked up not leaving much for the imagination. As well as your sports bra which left your mid-drift completely exposed and your breasts slightly shoved up. “Um hi uh yeah let’s not waste time, get down and give me thirty push up and then a thirty second plank.” “Wow Jungkokie is bossy when he’s at work.”

Word Count: 2,887

Note: I was actually working out (shocking) when I thought of this bc holy shit imagine Jungkook big ass arms picking you up like a fucking rag doll and his veins just omg yes please bias wrecker!   

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Lately you’ve been in a rut, you weren’t happy with how things have been going since you’ve started university. Being so caught up in school work and actual work at the coffee shop you started to notice yourself drifting away from your friends. Those friends being the seven hyungs you’ve known since middle school. Picking your phone up from the picnic table you were studying at for the moment, desperately trying to get out of this rut you decided to reach out to them in the group chat to meet and catch up on life. 

To Hyungies: “I miss you fuckers, lets chill at the campus fire pit around 8?”

Jiminnie: “Awe guys she misses us, how sweet.”

Me: “I miss you the least Jiminnie.”

Jiminnie: “The lies you tell Y/N ;)”

TaeTae: “I’m down”


Me: “So I guess I’ll go ahead and reserve it so it can just be us.”

Kookie: “I might be there a bit late but for sure, and Hobi don’t bring that wine cooler shit.”

As the rest of the texts came spilling in you couldn’t help but get excited, you haven’t seen the little shits in almost three weeks and last you checked that’s the longest you’ve gone without seeing them yet. 

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Hair (Bucky Barnes x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! As promised, here’s the Bucky x reader fanfic. This is my first ever Bucky one so I hope y’all enjoy it and it doesn’t suck that much.

Description: You’re helping Bucky to cut his hair and things get pretty heated real fast. You end up sharing a romantic moment with him and fluff, fluff, fluff.

Reader Gender: Not mentioned/Female or Male

Characters/Ships: Bucky x reader, mentioned Tony, Steve

Rating: G/PG

Warnings: Not much, crappy fic, a little bit rushed, lap sitting (not the sexual kind?? Idk) and a bit of kissing

Tilting your head to the side, you watched Bucky with amusement, suppressing a giggle and replacing it with an aggravated sigh. “Come on, Y/N! It’s getting in my way when I fight!” Bucky pleaded with you, throwing his arms up in the air as he widened his eyes, his bottom lip protruding outwards. 

It was very unlike the fearsome Winter Soldier to do such an action but since you were one of his best friends, besides Steve, you were always treated to Bucky’s vulnerable side, which was a side the latter only showed to a few people, which you still haven’t figured out whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Although you often saw this exact expression, you always couldn’t help but give in to the Bucky’s pleads, even if it was something you really didn’t support or want to do. Giving an exaggerated sigh, you teasingly rolled your eyes at the soldier before the corner of your mouth tugged upwards, forming a smile. 

Nodding your head, a large grin broke out on Bucky’s face and he stretched out his arms, pulling you in for a tight hug. Feeling the familiar cold metal and warm skin being pressed against the sides of your arms, you returned the hug, burying the side of your face in Bucky’s chest. 

“Come on,” You chided with another one of your smiles as you pulled away from the hug. “Let’s get started.” Nodding his head in seriousness, you practically lunged forward and grabbed Bucky’s wrist, dragging him towards the door that was connected to his room. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I saw that you'd opened requests! Can I ask for hc about RFA, V and Saeran didn't see MC for few weeks, because was abroad or went to another town and MC couldn't go with him or her. And today he or she is coming back. Thanks for your great blog!

Such a cute idea! Hope you like these~


  • Zen was filming his latest movie and they needed him abroad for a few weeks
  • You couldn’t come because of your own work obligations
  • You get a call on the week he’s supposed to return
  • He says his work is delayed for another two weeks
  • You try to sound as supportive as possible, but honestly you’re disappointed
  • You’ve been super lonely
  • A few days later, you return to your apartment and there’s a path of rose petals on the
  • floor
  • You slowly follow it and notice there’s also a few candles and dim lighting
  • Zen is waiting in the dining room where he has take out nicely plated he didn’t have time to cook
  • You just drop your bags and hug him with a small squeal
  • He picks you up and spins you around
  • When he puts you down, he explains that he lied about the extended work to surprise you
  • You’re too happy to see him to scold him for lying
  • You guys eat together while he shares some stories from his trip
  • As the evening comes to a close, you two just cuddle up on the couch and make out make up for lost time


  • He had to attend a family reunion in Japan
  • You couldn’t join him, so you had to bear the few weeks alone with occasional spotty video call sessions
  • Finally the day comes where he’s returning
  • You spend several hours making a large Welcome Home sign with drawings of some of his favorite things all over it
  • When he walks out from the gate in the airport, he looks really tired but lights up as soon as he sees you
  • He tries to do that cheesy airport run, but then he just realizes he really missed you and gives you a kiss as soon as he sees you
  • You take him back to his place so he can drop of his things
  • But you’re in for a surprise when he brings out all the stuff he got you
  • He’s so excited to give you a bunch of little gifts, and he tries to explain some of them…but others he’s just like…
  • “Oh! And I got you this because it reminded me of…of…actually, I don’t know why I got this. It was cute.”
  • He’s still talking even as you two are laying down on the bed
  • After a while, he grows silent and just grabs your arm and pulls you into his chest and presses a kiss to the top of your head
  • You two stay there for awhile until you hear his soft snores


  • She’s abroad meeting with partners and sponsors for the cafe
  • She was supposed to be gone for about two weeks
  • Since everything went smoothly, she got to come back early
  • But she didn’t tell you…
  • She got in early as usual and hid in the closet
  • She waits until you come in and start setting things up
  • She texts you and tells you to check in the closet to see inventory or something
  • You sigh and obey instructions
  • That’s when she pops out with open arms
  • Only…you were holding a bag of flour
  • Which you threw right in her face
  • “Jaehee! I’m so sorry!”
  • She spits out a mouthful flour out of her mouth
  • You think she’s mad but she just starts laughing like crazy
  • There was a mini flour fight before you two hurried home to clean up before customers arrived


  • He went on business trip pretty often, but this one happened to be nearly a month long
  • You were supposed to join him
  • But you got very sick near the last minute and ended up staying home while he went
  • It was a rough time for you since he was barely on any phone calls with you
  • It was only to ask how you were doing and check up on you but that was it
  • Two weeks go by and you’re feeling better but the house isn’t the same without him
  • You wake up groggy and go to the kitchen
  • He asks you, “Chocolate or Strawberry?”
  • You shrug and say, “Chocolate,” before sitting down on the small island staring at him in his apron
  • Then it hits you
  • “Jumin! You’re home?!”
  • You’re mildly confused but it doesn’t stop you from tackling him in a hug
  • He’s laughing that his little trick worked but also asking questions about your health
  • He spends the entire day with you, showing you blurry pictures from his time away


  • He had gotten this one freelance hacking job abroad
  • It paid really well, but the only downside was that it was approximately three weeks and there could be absolutely no communication
  • You still encouraged him to take it, convincing him you and Saeran could handle yourselves
  • You end up with a really bad flu about a week later, so half the time that passes is in a drugged delirium from all the meds
  • Still, you liked to leave your room occasionally to check up on Saeran
  • He’s sitting in the computer room playing some games, so you just casually start a conversation, but he wasn’t responding
  • Then Saeran…another Saeran? Walks into the room and you swear you took the wrong meds
  • But when Saeran starts yelling and brawling with the “imposter” you realize your mistake
  • “Saeyoung!” you cry happily, running to give him a hug
  • “Uh…actually, that’s Saeran….”
  • Oops. You quickly amend your mistake
  • He forgives your mix up, considering your illness, but right away he activates his mothering mode to get you better


  • His therapist had suggested some retreat abroad to help him through some things
  • He didn’t really want to go at first, but you thought it might be good for him to explore a little, since it was only about a week long
  • But once he was there, he was constantly video chatting you in the evenings
  • Even if you two weren’t talking, he would call and just have you there
  • When you pick him up at the airport, he drops his bags in the car and pulls you into the biggest hug
  • It’s odd since he doesn’t usually initiate affection, but he’s holding you so tightly
  • When you two finally get home, he’s clingier than usual
  • He’s just sharing everything he saw and what he did and showing some pictures
  • He’s so tired by the end of the day, but he’s just laying with his head on your lap and still talking
  • Until finally, he drifts off mid-sentence, and you can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing


  • He got a big opportunity for a photoshoot abroad
  • You encouraged him to take it, as he was slowly building up his work after regaining his sight
  • You two still managed to talk occasionally, but your schedules barely matched
  • Because his project was indefinite, neither of you knew exactly when he was coming back
  • One of those rare moments where you could text each other, you asked how his work was coming along
  • He replied that he just took what might’ve been his favorite picture in the past few weeks
  • When you ask him to send it to you, you realize it’s a picture of you…on the couch you were sitting on right then
  • You jump up and run to the open door where he was waiting
  • You throw your arms around him, your legs wrapping around his torso as he spun you around
  • He had already made dinner reservations so you two could spend the evening catching up 

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Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Spell

This chapter was inspired by the song “I Put a Spell On You” by Annie Lennox. I highly suggest you listen as you read. Enjoy!

We turned in part one of our project and now we had the weekend to finish it. Allegra thought it’d be best to wait until then, so we could really focus. Not sure how much focusing I can handle, memories of Mr. Leto from Monday night were still swarming in my mind like hornets in a nest. Nevertheless, she’s decided to spend the night at my house this time because her dad has to go on his routine real estate convention once every other month. Like that’s what I need, a break from Mr. Leto.

Saturday couldn’t come any sooner. The week absolutely dragged. It felt like an eternity since I’d seen Mr. Leto, not to mention, it’s getting harder to look Allegra in the eye at times.

But this Saturday was particularly special; it was our Fall Festival. Every year, our neighborhood throws this big bash in the evening to celebrate fall with a parade, hayrides, magic acts, singers, candy apples, you name it! My mom, my brother, Allegra and I plan to go once her dad drops her off.

I looked at my outfit in the mirror; I had on a cream-colored mid-drift, some earth green slouch pants and a green checkered-pattern shirt.

*Ding Dong*

“Coming!” I yelled. I put my last finishing touches on my messy bun and skipped to the door.

Mr. Leto greeted me holding Allegra’s overnight bag. Forget my outfit, he emulated rugged hot: his faded blue jeans hung from his waste with a fitted white t-shirt was snug around his abs and an open an unbuttoned plaid shirt hung from shoulders, interlaced with brown, red and tan stripes. He looked at me through obscure aviator shades.

“Hey, Kerri. Wow, look at you…” he said huskily as he gave me the elevator eyes, taking me in. The grit in his voice roused my senses.

“What was that dad?” Allegra asked as she ran up to the house as she swung her book bag over her shoulder.

“I was just saying that I didn’t know a rock star lived here!” his voice boomed as he recovered quickly and stepped into the house. The whiff of his cologne tickled my nose as he passed me. He was absolutely intoxicating.

“Yeah, Kerri, you look so hot. Any special reason?” curiosity rang in her voice. I knew she was alluding to Derek. I tried my best not to make eye contact with Mr. Leto.

“It’s the fall festival. I gotta look good!” I paced my hand behind my head and fashioned a pose.

We burst into laughter instantly.

My mom came around the waved Mr. Leto in the kitchen. Their conversation became murmurs as I got Allegra’s bags settled in the living room.

“You know, I was thinking, Raquel…” Mr. Leto began as he entered the living room. “I’ll take the girls and Nico to the festival. Take them off your hands a bit. Before this convention I could clear my mind a bit with some…festivities” He spoke that last word with a resounding firmness before shooting a seductive glance in my direction. His too familiar smile slowly crept on his face.

I could feel my body temperature rise at the speed of light. My face felt flushed. I quickly turned my attention to Allegra’s bags to try and distract myself.

“Oh… well, sure, Jared. Thanks!” She finished tucking in Nico’s shirt and kissed him on the forehead. “And Kerri, I’ll bake start on the first couple batches of cookies you made while you’re out. You all have fun!” She hugged me and vanished into her favorite room of the house, the kitchen.

There were people gathered all throughout the street. The festival stretched five blocks down, but everyone was gathered at the main attraction was the parade.

“Hey Nico, look! It’s Spongebob.” Allegra went ahead of us to get a better view for Nico. I trailed behind them with Mr. Leto behind me.

There was a tug at my shirt. I shrugged it off it because there were so many people crowding around, it was hard for all of our bodies and bags not to graze each other every now and then.

I felt it again and looked to see it was Mr. Leto’s hand sliding against my opened buttoned up shirt. My head made a sudden turn in his direction but that didn’t stop him. His hand found my right side and stoke it gently. His hands were so soft and cool against my bare skin. I looked around, worried someone would see, but everyone’s eyes were fixated on the show before them.

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I’ve seen a few people upset over Blake’s boob window in the manga because it’s “sexualizing” her, and I’m over here like bro, did you forget her original outfit? You know, the one with the corset and garter belts?

Or her alt outfit? That shows her mid drift?

Or her volume 4 outfit? That’s just a fancy crop top and thigh high leather boots?

I hate to be the one to break it ya but a boob window isn’t all that “out of character”

anonymous asked:

What are your: Personal top 4–6 Padmé costumes; Favorite 4–6 non-Padmé costumes; Favorite SW film plot-wise; Favorite SW film music-wise, if you have one; Favorite 1–3 SW spaceships, if you have any; Favorite behind the scenes goofs, gifs, or anecdotes?

I’ve been wondering when I would get asked what my favorite costumes are!

Top 5 favorite Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-The Yellow Picnic Dress (AotC)

This dress changed my opinion on an entire color. I used to hate yellow. Like really hate yellow. But then I saw and studied this dress and it is so beyond beautiful to me. It’s so flowy and feminine and colorful. Also her hair! My favorite hairstyles for Padme are always the curled ones, and plus, she has the side buns which are a little shout out to Leia’s buns. Not to mention I love that entire scene in and of itself because they are in a natural setting of a field of grass and flowers, so different from cold and colorless space, and it’s one of the few time Anakin and Padme are truly and genuinely happy. It’s before the war, it’s before Shim dies, it’s just a happy little moment between them, and the yellow summer dress really evokes that.

-The Blue Tatooine Dress (AotC)

(Or as I like to call it: The Desert Goddess Dress) It’s just really pretty? I like the color and the silver details. I love her hair since it’s also curled and has slight buns on the sides. I love the cape but I’m not a big fan of the cloak that goes over the whole outfit. But I really find it funny that she chose a dress that shows her mid-drift while visiting Anakin’s family (she did the same thing visiting her own family how iconic.)

-The Blue Gloved Nightgown (RotS)

Honestly I love all of Padme’s nightgowns but if I had to choose between them this is my favorite. I like the color, I like her hair, I love the fact that she sleeps in a tiara. Despite the long gloves, it’s a bit more practical than the pearl embellished blue nightgown from previously in the film. It has seashells on it, though you can’t tell unless seeing High Quality stills of the dress. Also it’s worn during a very emotional scene and is one of the last costumes that she wears, so it has an added importance.

-The Parade Dress (TPM)

Honestly the only one of her outfits as a Queen that I like. Her other Queen outfits are too dark and over-the-top for my taste. I mean I get why they’re dark and over-the-top, but they just don’t appeal to me personally. But I really like the one she wears at the end of the film. I love the white dress and pastel pink and yellow of the cloak. I like how it’s somewhat of a slight callback to Leia’s dress during the ceremony at the end of ANH. (In case you can’t tell, I Absolutely love parallels between Leia and Padme’s wardrobes.)

-The Funeral Dress (RotS)

I love this dress so much. I love the colors, I love her hair, I love the flowers, it’s all just so pretty and regal but also very sad. So many sequins! Trisha Biggar (the designer of most of the costumes) said it was supposed to resemble the lakes and waterfalls of Naboo, and Natalie Portman said it reminded her of Ophelia from Hamlet, and I think they’re both absolutely right. And she’s just so beautiful like absolutely the angel that Anakin thought she was. Even in death, Padme is more beautiful than any of us will ever be. No lie, I want to be buried in something like that.  

-Honorable Mention – White Geonosis Outfit (AotC)

One of her more practical costumes (except for the fact that it’s white (I mean really you shouldn’t wear white into battle) (of course the costume department said they made it white so that it would stand out in the red/orange sand) (still, white will get so dirty during a battle) whatever, I digress.) This costume has by far the most amount of screen time than any of her others. I really like the cloak and silver armbands too. It’s also a bit similar to Leia’s Hoth outfit. I actually thought about cosplaying this one but I have no idea how to do that freaking hair.

Top 5 non-Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-Princess Leia’s Hoth/Bespin outfit (ESB)

Like it’s literally just a white jumpsuit but Carrie Fisher made that thing look so regal and badass. I don’t have much to say about it, I just like it a lot?

-Princess Leia’s Ceremony Dress (ANH)

Yeah it’s a plain white dress but it’s prettier and more feminine than the other plain white dress. I love the cape effect of the sleeves even though it’s not actually a cape. I also really like the necklace and hair. I’ve considered cosplaying this one too.

-Luke’s Dagobah Costume (ESB)

I like that it shows his biceps. It’s also dirty and kind of grungy, which you wouldn’t think of as a good Look for Luke but damn does he make it work.

-Lando’s Blue Outfit (ESB)

The lining of his cape is literally embroidered with dragons. Iconic.

-Luke’s Ceremony Outfit (ANH)

I love that it’s so obvious that Luke is wearing Han’s clothes here. Because we all know Luke didn’t pack much when he left Tatooine, so he didn’t have a lot in the way of fashionable clothes. But Han helped him out and donated an outfit. Except for the canary yellow jacket. That was not Han’s and no one has any idea where Luke got it from.

-Honorable Mention – Princess Leia’s Bespin Gown (ESB)

The first time Leia wears color! (even if it is an unfortunate shade of red.) I like the shape and texture of the cape/cloak and that is has a vague floral pattern on it. I really like her hair too. Too bad it doesn’t have much screen time.

Favorite SW film plot wise?

-Lol I don’t watch Star Wars for the plot. But seriously, I think they all have unique and interesting plots (except for TFA)

Favorite SW film music wise?

-They all have fantastic music but I have to say Rogue One had very unique music compared to the others. I guess because it wasn’t John Williams, which I love John Williams! But I really enjoyed the soundtrack for RO.

Favorite spaceships?

-Nubian Ships (Prequels)

(Pictured: J-type 327 Nubian Royal starship) They’re just so shiny and remind me of mirrors. Fun fact: Captain Phasma’s armor is made from the melted down hull of one of Palpatine’s Naboo ships.

-Kylo Ren’s shuttle (TFA)

It’s pretty simple but very intimidating. I love the long V-shape wings, they kind of remind me of a bird of prey.

Favorite behind the scenes stuff?

-So many of the actors make their own sound effects with the lightsabers and blasters.

-Carrie making Mark wear her Leia costumes. (I wonder if she ever got him to wear the gold bikini…)

-All the many times that you can see Hayden Christensen fall down in bts videos. It really supports my head canon that Anakin has bad balance because of the prosthetic arm.

Wow this was a loaded ask. I hope I answered everything to satisfaction!

Never Hide Your Beauty Part 1

Juice/Plus Size OC

Warnings: None in this part….

The moment Juice laid eyes on her it was over. Nothing and no one else mattered. He had never seen someone as beautiful as her. He stood there mouth agape in a puppy dog daze staring through the department store window. He had gone to electronics store at the mall to get a few upgrades for his gaming pc when he stopped mid step and froze.

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Dear Cat,

I’ll be there as soon as I can.  I am as impatient as you are to spend my time on more pleasurable things.  I wish I could blame my delay on a heroic rescue or precautionary quarantine or world-ending crisis.  But the truth is, I have to work.  

We poor stringers are paid by the word and I’m already on thin ice with Snapper having stretched the deadline of my last two assignments.  He was as relieved as anyone to hear you were alright and I think he gave me a pass on some of my slacking off, but I do need to keep my job, waiting lips notwithstanding.  And now he seems to be punishing me for my absence.

I had hoped to address the concerns of your previous letter in person, however since we are once-again forced to be apart, pen and paper will have to do.  So… Sit down and pay attention.

Whether you are recovering or sleeping or running an empire, you are stunning and perfect and breathtaking and how many times am I going to have to tell you this before you own your beauty?  Even without a speck of fancy makeup or an ounce of hairspray, you are everything I could ever want in a woman, so stop fretting and just get better.

You’ll always be safe with me.  And I know we talked about impossible promises, but this one I’m sure of.  When you are in my presence, not a curly hair on that brilliant head will come to harm.   You are mine, just as much as I am yours, and I take care of what’s mine.

I know none of this will be easy and I know we still have much to discuss.  We’ll wait until you’re feeling stronger.  Having you drift off mid-sentence while lecturing me on the complexities of what we’re facing was enough to tell me we have to take our time.  But being accustomed to superspeed makes ‘taking it slow’ a bit of an extra challenge for me.  On top of which, I can feel you beginning to talk yourself out of this, out of some kind of misplaced altruism or societal ageist insecurity.  Don’t.  I’m a big girl, Cat Grant.  Don’t make my decisions for me.  Hold onto that jealous streak, if that’s what keeps you with me, but I won’t let you push me away without a fight.

If anyone should be feeling completely out of her depth, it’s me…

You asked me what I’m sure you think was a rhetorical question.  It’s funny you should mention superpowered kisses.  I do have one, little-known, little-used power tied to my kiss.  Clark had to use it on Lois once, years ago, and he’s warned me of its danger too many times to count.  You have my word I won’t use it on you, unless you ask for it, but if there is ever something you’re desperate to forget, I may be able to help you.  I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Nothing about being with me will be normal, even though that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Yours and ready to shout it from the rooftops,

The Opening Scene to The Lego Ninjago Movie (I hope)

There was a light breeze in the bamboo forest as an elderly man slowly made his way through the moss. The sun beamed from above, filling the forest with light and therefore creating little shadow. There were no sounds of wildlife, in fact it was deadly silent-except for the beautiful shrill notes performed on the flute by the old man.

Step by step the old man trailed through the trees with his eyes shut, trusting that there was nothing endangering his internal peace.

His flute haltered when a quick breeze brushed by him and then vanished. The breeze flew through the trees as they waved and cracked, like the breeze was alive.

With one last deep breath, the master finished his little tune, and then snapped his eyes open.

Within the little shadow of the forest birthed a figure that lunged straight for the old man.

In an expert move, the elder flipped over the back of the newcomer and used his flute to wack him to the ground. He flopped to the ground with a “UMPH”.

As if the first figure was a leader, more masked warriors kept from what looked like no where towards the master. He readied his flute and leapt into action.

He struck the first one with his leg and she flew into a bamboo tree with a crack. The second one he used his flute to rebound him into the air and then flipped and kicked him into the mossy mud. The third came from behind but he masterfully punched him right in the face, and the last one he flipped and twisted over before using his flute as a javelin and striking his head.

The elder gently landed on the ground, his worn down robes fluttering around his legs. He quickly looked around the clearing and counted the defeated enemies before pausing. He quickly whipped his straw hat off and threw it into the tree tops without a glance. There was a pause, but sure enough there was a loud crash as one last enemy dressed in white hit the ground a little behind and next to the master. As the hat fluttered back down the ground, the last enemy in white muttered a muffled but emotionless, “Ow.”

“Alright,” the elder man commanded as he plucked the hat from the air and placed it back on his head. “Get up, all of you.”

Slowly, each of the masked figures rose off the ground, holding their arm, head, or stomach. A sleeveless warrior picked up the flute, brushed off some dirt, and then handed it to the old man. “Was that a new song? I’ve never heard you play it before.” The sleeveless warrior commented, followed by a wink from the master.

“Line up,” the master continued. The six warriors slowly made their way to form a very loose line in the moss. One by one, they pulled their masks off to reveal that they were actually only teenagers.

“Kai,” the old man pointed his flute at a red cloaked spiky haired ninja. “You struck too low. I was able to flip over you and leave you vulnerable. Remember, when you are on the offense-”

“I’m at eye level. Sorry, Master.” Kai looked at the ground.

“Jay,” the master turned to a curly haired teenager sporting a blue suit with freckles peppering his face. “Good idea coming from behind, but you were not quick or intense enough. You need to build confidence when you strike.”

“Yes, Master.” The teen squeaked, glancing at the girl standing proudly next to him.

“Nya,” the master continued to the spiky black haired teen with a samurai styled skirt. “You threw me off guard with how strong and fierce you attacked me.”

“Thank you Master-” she started, but he put his hand up, cutting her off.

“However, you need to harness the strength-not use all of it at once. With a simple move I counterbalanced your effort, but you put so much into it you couldn’t recover.”

“Oh,” she said quietly as her eyes dropped. “Of course, Master.”

He continued with a blonde haired blue eyed teen that wore all white and a frown. “Zane,” the master started.

“My bow string alerted you to my location.” The teen began.

“Uh, yes.” The old man spoke with an eyebrow raised. “Next time make sure you-”

“Pull back the string when there is combat so the enemy won’t hear me.”

“Exactly. Well done Zane.” He said with a small smile. “Now, Cole-”

The sleeveless teen raised an eyebrow.

“I know you like my music, but you can’t let it distract you. I easily caught you mid jump.”

Cole’s eyes drifted downward. “Yes, Master Wu.”

The master nodded then stepped in front of the last ninja. His green eyes gleamed in the sunlight and his blonde hair reflected the sun so he looked like a heavenly teenager in the bamboo forest. “Lloyd.”

The teen stood a little straighter. “Yes, Master?”

Master Wu narrowed his eyes as he stared at the teen. “Your form was good, your camo was excellent, I only detected your presence once.”

The teen cracked a smile.

“However,” he continued. The smile faded instantly. “You fell for the easiest trick in the book. I had a weapon and you-”

“Did not! Of course,” the teen face planted. “I needed to disarm you, not go for the surprise blow.”

“Correct.” Master Wu said as he slipped his flute onto his back. “Ninja,” he called out as he addressed the full team. “I hope you learned a lot from this no-weapon exercise. You must rely more than welded steel to take down your enemies. Your weapons are only an extension of a trained arm and a sharp mind.”

The team all bowed together. “Yes, Master,” they all said in unison.

The master glanced at the sky. “Speaking of a sharp mind, it looks like the hour has come. Training this morning is complete. I look forward to seeing you all at twilight on the Bounty.”

They all nodded then took off into the bamboo forest. Lloyd glanced at his watch. “Aw, crap! Master only left us 10 minutes to get to school! We’ll never make it to first period in time!”

“Well, we could!” Kai snorted as he dashed side by side Lloyd. “Except I don’t think Master Wu would appreciate us showing up at school in our ninja attire.”

Nya joined his side. “Speak for yourself,
bro. I actually think my suit has the punk style I wear to school.”

“Your suit looks great, Nya…” Jay called from behind.

“See, even Jay appreciates it.” Nya smiled as she high-fived the curly headed ninja.

“But Master Wu said we were never to wear our ninja gear in public for the endangerment of our identities.” Zane warned.

“Zane, we are joking.” Cole laughed as he nudged him mid-stride. “Lighten up, dude-we are gonna change.”

“Too bad our ninja suits don’t fit under our school clothes,” Kai said with a smirk. “I guess I’ll never live up to feeling like a true superhero!”

“Besides your only superpower would be your unmatched skill with styling your hair!” Nya snorted. The entire team burst into laughter at Kai as he frowned and said that his hair was “super fly” and “worth the hour of styling every morning.”

As the others laughed, Lloyd mumbled to himself, “I wouldn’t mind wearing my suit to school. Everyone would see me as a hero instead….” he chucked. “But then again, they would never believe that Ninjago’s worst enemy’s son is Ninjago’s greatest hero, wouldn’t they?” He shook his head, then waved his hand to his team. “Alright guys, if we hurry, we might make the second bell!”

You know, I genuinely thought this might be the year I actually finished a thing in time for the #JustFuckMeUp fest. But no. The smoking fic I thought I was writing for @crossroadscastiel and @sherlocks-freebitch, my partners in Let’s Talk About Will Graham and Smoking, is pulling one of those switcheroos on me. You all know the kind. The “this was supposed to be smut albeit mild smut, why is it all TALKING and FEELINGS” kind.

So it will have to be posted at some date in the future when it decides what it wants to be when it grows up.

But I’m gonna offer you all a little taster because I feel badly about failing the challenge, yet again. So, here, have a WIP that isn’t quite sure what it wants to be about yet, except that it’s definitely about that missing time in Wrath of the Lamb between “going my way?” and “my compassion for you is inconvenient.”


Will hasn’t gone far. Hannibal can smell him even before he sees him - the harsh chemical burn of cigarette smoke floating to him on the air. His nose wrinkles automatically, even though he’s smelled far worse these past few years.

“Don’t start,” Will warns even as Hannibal’s sitting down next to him on the stone bench.

“I had no intention of starting anything,” Hannibal responds, only to be met with a look from Will. “I’m only surprised. I didn’t smell smoke on you before. Is this a new habit?”

He doesn’t like the idea of Will having new habits. The thought twists somewhere in his gut.

Will takes another drag on the cigarette and doesn’t meet Hannibal’s eyes when he says, “A very old one. Helped me stay awake, night shifts on the force. Can’t remember the last time I indulged, but I found a pack in the car. If you say a single word about destroying my lungs I’m going to march inside and put this out on the nicest piece of furniture I can find.”

The piano, Hannibal’s mind supplies helpfully. At the same time, it serves up he’ll ruin the meat, even though Hannibal’s long since dispensed with all but the most fanciful thoughts of eating Will’s lungs or any other part of him. No matter. Hannibal would never have survived this long if he weren’t capable of repressing at least a few of his brain’s less helpful offerings.

Instead he asks: “Is it to be a firing squad, then?”

Will shrugs, elusive, and lets out a delicate, acrid curl of smoke. Hannibal wants to cough and turn away from the scent. He wants to inhale it and follow Will’s burning breath back to the center of him. He wants everything: both the teacup whole and the desperate beauty of its shattering.

“I think it’ll be more personal than that,” Will says after a moment’s thought. “He’s been waiting to meet you. Arm’s length isn’t his style any more than it’s yours.”

Hannibal thinks of Will’s knuckles, scraped raw a thousand nights ago. He should have kissed Will’s hand then as he washed it clean: a small chivalry that would have reflected red in the bloodied basin between them.

He doesn’t say: it isn’t yours, either.

Hannibal holds out his hand in silence and Will passes him the cigarette, half-smoked.

He’s rarely smoked. When he has, he’s preferred better tobacco and hand-rolled cigarettes. But it’s the first concrete thing Will’s offered him in so long.

He only coughs a bit, but it’s enough to pull Will’s eyes from the sea and toward Hannibal. Will laughs just once: a bright, brittle sound.

“Give me that,” he sighs, and takes the cigarette back. “You don’t get a last cigarette. You’ll just waste it.”

“A drink instead, then,” Hannibal thinks he says, although he may have drifted off mid-phrase, watching Will’s lips close again around the cigarette where his own mouth had just rested. He’s never found smoking to be an attractive habit, but then he’s never seen Will doing it before. He’s feeling a little lightheaded with the sudden double rush of nicotine and fresh air. “Most of the wine should still be quite tolerable.”

“Lukewarm praise,” Will responds. There’s amusement lurking somewhere under his words, but he’s still looking at Hannibal instead of the water.

It feels like a victory.


Nessian librarian/professor Part2

Ship: Nessian
Type: Librarian/Professor AU
Word Count: 1,231
Rating: T

I would like to say a special shout out to @dr-woodsprite who inspired  a certain someone’s apearance in this fic….your wish is my command 👓😉And also to @tintinnabulary@pharaohleviphantomhive @mara84aelinrowan @rowanismybae @acourtofpainandfeelz @ancientrosetta @luna-colorata for voicing your interest and support! 

This started out as an anonymous ask, but turned into something much bigger. I hope you enjoy!  

Part 1

Dinner had been surprisingly enjoyable given they had only known each other for about fifteen minutes.

He told her all about how he initially went to school to be a business man, but discovered a love for teaching when his best friend had a daughter. Cassian was the obvious first choice for babysitting on date night. Which more often than not turned into a weekend in some cabin they all loved apparently.

As his niece grew older Cassian started helping her with homework. This inevitably led to his discovery for the love of teaching.

Part of her thought he was lying.

Sure, it was a great story, but was it true?

Surprisingly, Nesta opened up a bit about herself. She told him about her two sisters and how her mother had died years ago from cancer. Somehow she managed to keep her father’s death out of the conversation. Those wounds were too new….too fragile.

He ordered steak which wasn’t surprising, but he seemed surprised when she ordered the steak as a well.

He looked shocked for a spilt second before a smirk grew on that sensual mouth of his.

She simply lifted an eyebrow, and sipped her wine.

Watching his eyes dilate, as her tongue flicked over the edge of the wine glass.

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I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 2/??

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you maybe do a scenario of Kirishima and his best friend, who he has a crush on being at his house, maybe sitting on the couch, something happens, and then the bf falls on top of him. To finish it maybe Kiri's parents come in during that moment, and after getting the wrong impression, they give them a little lecture?? Thanks!! I love your last thing about Kiri meeting the s/o's parents and I think it'd be fun seeing this.

I got your other message saying that you wanted this to be with a fem! s/o don’t worry :0

The summer heat wave had driven the two of you indoors after attempting to go out and run some errands. You sighed looking at your popsicle stick, the cold treat had long since been consumed with such fervent haste that you were a little concerned with yourself. The heat sucked, but as you slumped over the arm of the couch you had to admit that your best friends wasn’t the worst person to be stuck with in a summer haze. 

Kirishima had invited you over despite you telling him that you’d be dragging him out to run errands for your mom. The two of you headed out into the summer heat around noon was your first mistake. The second mistake was thinking you had any impulsion control in said heat. After spending thirty minutes walking the heat you were already complaining. Kiri just laughed at you a bit but suggested the two of you pick up some sea salt ice cream from the store. It was a marvelous suggestion, but your over heating butt decided you were going to buy three boxes worth and spend all your errand money on popsicles. So now you were back at his house, shirt hiked up to show your mid drift in an attempt to further cool yourself down while dreading the need to get up and get another popsicle. 

“Eijirou.” You say blankly rolling over so you can face him. He’s in the same position as you but he’s actually watching the tv in the living room, unlike you. 

“Yeah? What’s up?” He asks going to nudge you with his foot. “You better not ask me to get you another one because I finally got comfortable over here.”

“But I’m melting over here. I’m hurt you wouldn’t help your dying bestie.” You huff in mock disdain. “You wound me.”

He responds with a snort and you can see his exasperated toothy grin as he rubs the back of his head. With a nudge of his foot he makes you groan as you roll onto your stomach and gently fall off the edge of the couch. Your friend lets out a short laugh as he shakes his head.

“You’re so dramatic…” He laughs.

You just continued to groan as you stagger onto your feet and zombie your way to the freezer. After rummaging in the second box of popsicles you find yourself in the possession of the last one and go to throw away the empty box. You rip the wrapping off the popsicle with haste and go to bite a chunk of the sweet treat off. Sighing contently you make your way back to the couch and continue to scarf down the rest of it until you’re left with another stick. You throw it into the make shift trash bag you have that’s really just the plastic bag you carried the boxes in. 

Kirishima looks at you with your messy hair and tired eyes as you stare blankly at the tv. He’s tried so hard to suppress his ever growing feelings for you, though it’s times like these where he really finds you most endearing to him. He takes a moment to admire how your shirt is loose but still manages to flatter your form and how your eyes seem to always make his breath catch in his throat. The way you shift your weight from leg to leg to make you sway gently catches his attention and re recalls how it’s been a habit for you since you were little. 

You squint disapprovingly at the horrible joke said by one of the characters and try to stumble your way back to your spot while still trying to watch the tv. He watches as you over shoot and tries to get a warning out to you but it’s just a little too late. You squeak and end up tripping over his leg and end up attempting to prevent your fall only to end up falling on top of your red haired best friend.

The both of you are in shock as you stare at each other with noses touching, lips just centimeters away from each other. Kirishima’s face is just about as red as his hair and you’re still frozen looking at him with your chest flush up against his own. His hands are holding your shoulders and your own are pressed onto his chest. The two of you are too stunned to do anything and you fail to hear the front door open over the tv. His parents walk in and exclaim his name making the poor boy jump up and almost vault you off of him. He covers his mouth and nose out of embarrassment while you’re hiding your face in your hands. The both of you are flustered. 

The two of you continue to sit there as his parents lightly lecture him about doing lewd things in the house while they’re gone. He’s nodding furiously and you’re debating whether or not you should attempt to leave. His parents finish and continue to give the two of you some sort of coy look before they retreat back outside the house, to where you don’t know. As soon as they’re gone, however, Kirishima turns to you with a sheepish look on his face thoroughly making your face heat up all over again. 

“(Y/n), I have something to tell you…”


Additional observations that weren’t mentioned in the style guide, concert outfit and additional details version. 

  • Iris: Loose socks, bows on shoes/peep toe, one shoulder (non-asymmetrical) strap dresses, design on thigh
  • Auriana: Exposed mid-drift, one arm covered and the other is bare, band on skirt hem, ankle strap shoes
  • Talia: Halter top, decoration at the neck, band on top of bust, exposed back, arm bands