Chapel of the Central Military Hospital “Gómez Ulla”, Madrid, Spain.

(Arch. General Juan Cámpora Rodríguez, 1967-75)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.

Mid Century Modern Cocktail Glasses | Palm Springs Style

I love mid century modern anything, but I don’t love the price tag that usually comes with vintage pieces! This is a great tutorial on getting that mod look without the dollars - you can use glasses you already have or grab some cheapies from IKEA or similar - and download the template to make your own sparkly stunners. By the way, if you’re as obsessed with those gumball stirrers as I am, you can get the tutorial here!

Source: AD España

Oh dear god! is that a furry sofa? A furry polar bear sofa? I may have died and gone to mid century heaven (or Hell if you’re not into furry sofas….which is most of you). If you keep in touch with this blog at all then this won’t surprise you. You’ll know my taste is FABULOUS bizarre cool quirky……different. So yep, furry sofas and chevron floors make my hot list.