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MIES VAN DER ROHE, Barcelona Chair, Latin American Memorial Building, photography by TODD EBERLE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998

MIES VAN DER ROHE, Farnsworth House, Plano, IL, USA 1945-1951. Furnishing consist mainly of design classics by Mies, such as the Brno chair (1929), Tugendhat chair (1929-1931) and Barcelona stools (1929). / Instagram

Slipcover for Eames-style Eiffel Chair

So, in my recent months of searching for decor and accessories for my new place, I came across a picture on Pinterest, showing an Eames-style chair with this gorgeous knitted slipcover. Of course, it being Pinterest, there was no pattern attached 😑

I scoured the internet, trying to find one, but was completely unsuccessful. The original photo was featured in an interior design magazine, so it was never geared toward knitters. So, being the kind of hard-headed person I am, I decided to make up my own pattern! This is the chair I started with -

I measured every dimension of the chair, found the yarn I wanted to use, knitted gauge swatches, and designed the colorwork I wanted to use. I finished the piece last night, and blocked it on the chair after washing -

I essentially knitted it like a sock with two toes. I began at the top, using Judy’s Magic Cast On as if was making a toe-up sock. Then I added ribbing after the curve of the seat, to ensure a close fit -

At that point, I knitted flat, to accommodate the legs, then cast back on to rejoin in the round. I finished it like the toe of a cuff-down sock, with symmetrical decreases and a kitchener stitch to close the seam -

I tried to use ribbing and precisely placed increases and decreases to minimize the need for additional ties or fasteners to hold it in place, but I still ended up threading a drawstring around the perimeter under the seat, just to make it more secure. It may have worked without it, but it also might have slid around any time I sat down, so I decided to play it safe.

I did have some trouble with the colorwork, making it match up with the increases and decreases, and it’s a bit wonky in a few places -

But overall, I think it turned out well. This is the first custom-tailored piece I’ve made, completely from scratch with no original pattern to use as a jumping off point.

I used Plymouth Encore worsted, held double, one skein of each color. Colorways are #1415 and #555. The whole thing was knit on US 10 circular needles.

This was a really fun and challenging project. I’ve really been into knitted home decor and housewares lately, and this is just one of the projects I have planned. I think my next adventure will be throw pillows!

STEPHEN KENT JOHNSON, Interior Photography, New York, USA, 2010s


k this is not directly related to houses but hear me out - there is a whole huge community for miniature mid century modern furniture, especially chairs, and i am deceased. they are so cute and i’m already planning a miniature chair shrine in my house. some of these are paid affiliate links but dear god trust me i would be posting this even if they were not. 

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JOE COLOMBO, Elda Chair, Italy, 1964 ( modern room setting)