mid week inspiration


|| 20/07/17 - 🎶 Ko Ko Bop 🎶 (is my current jam) ||

So this is how my spread for the week looks so far and it’s really not as busy as it looks, but I’m a lover for a full spread!

On a side note because I have too much time since it’s the beginning of the holidays. I actually ended up collecting materials to create my own traveler’s notebooks/fauxdori. So expect pictures of it when I’ve finished.


While we’re on the subject of CGI people, the Guardian just published an interview with Framestore’s Mike McGee, the creative director behind the Galaxy chocolate commercial featuring a computer-animated Audrey Hepburn. You know, that one we talked about earlier this year

It’s a cool story about persevering when animation doesn’t go the way you want when you start towards your goal. I especially liked how McGee phrased the dilemma his team faced on this project.  

Audrey represents heritage, classiness and elegance. So from a strategic and creative point of view, it made sense for Galaxy to communicate its “silk, not cotton” branding through these qualities. What was less clear, however, was just how we were meant to recreate an iconic and globally recognized face when the original footage exists at a resolution incompatible with today’s high standards.

If you’re looking for a little mid-week inspiration, you should definitely check out the full interview here.

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)