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Ladies of your choice (+ Pharah pls) reactions to their crush complimenting them for something? :DD


  • She probably wouldn’t realize what they said at first, not that she isn’t used to compliments. Just never really paid much attention to them before.
  • After hearing what they say a second time around, expect a soft blush and smile, also her trying to shrug it off as if it were no big deal
  • Genuinely gets flustered (and a bit of a confidence boost) the more compliments they give her, and will try to alleviate it (the flusteredness) by complimenting them back
  • Doesn’t help cause crush looks really cute when they themselves are flustered, so it makes her even more so
  • Will 8/10 probably ask if they wanna see something cool? Like a mid-air trick she knows just to get those nice little chest butterflies seeing her crush awed and such~


  • She gets a little bit flustered at first, a light dusting of blush on her cheeks and maybe on her ears and doesn’t really make eye contact. Says thank you anyway
  • Once she cools down a little, she’d probably start getting a little cocky and ask if they wanna see some cool stuff, then will proceed to show them her best tricks
  • She will even pull the ‘hang onto my arm’ trick and lift them up with just her strength (if they’re smaller than she is that is)
  • If they’re bigger, she’d probably have them lay across her shoulders and do a round of squats with them still up there!
  • By the end, she has successfully covered her blush with that of training exhaustion (though, really, does she ever really get exhausted from her fave activity?)


  • 9.5/10 will probably dodge the compliment by saying it was nothing or just something that’s normal for her
  • But, even as she denies their affection as necessary, she will look either like light pink cotton candy, or a tomato, depending on how far her crush goes with the compliments
  • Though she hears similar things being said by others, it boosts her confidence more in herself when her crush says them
  • Would totes do a 5-man rez to impress them and then say its all in a days work, even though it really wasn’t too hard to keep everyone alive (depending on the situation of course)
  • Will get even more flustered than usual if they decided to wrap an arm around her shoulders or hug her whilst complimenting her

A/N: Faceclaim for young Remus Lupin is Andrew Garfield.

Remus was watching your hands intently as they manipulated the cards. He was determined to figure out how you did this one before you told him. For the past hour you’d been showing him Muggle magic tricks, not wanting to spend time by the lake because the heavens had opened.

‘Wait, wait,’ said Remus, waving his hands around as you stopped mid-trick. You looked up at him to see the concentration etched onto his features. ‘Slow it down a bit, please.’

‘OK then,’ you said, obliging. The tricks were almost a part of  you now. They were something that your cousin had taught you when you were little. They were your first taster of magic, and even though you were now practicing the real thing, there was nothing like keeping in touch with these old tricks.

Remus made little sounds as he watched you, as if he was making mental notes about the whole thing.

‘Get it?’ you asked when you were finished, raising an eyebrow and idly shuffling the cards.

His eyes seemed to widen as you shuffled, and you soon realised that teaching him magic tricks was going to be a more permanent fixture in your timetable.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

“Is this anyway to treat a cute girl?” Seriously, what was with this guy? It hadn’t even occurred to her that interrupting someone who was in the middle of work might not be the best idea, or even if, had their situations been reversed, and she was being interrupted mid magic trick that she might react somewhat similarly. In her head, it was downright criminal to ignore her when she deigned to give someone attention. She was so beautiful she could be a model! A goddess! 

How dare he act like there was something better to do than give her attention when there was attention to be had.

Then again this was Taiyo she was talking about. It was strange, it wasn’t like he wasn’t attracted to her, as every man should be, but he still only occasionally showed interest. 

“You realize most guys would be tripping over themselves to trade places with you?”

the ultimate night-shift survival guide.

Congratulations! Someone out there trusts you enough to manage a hospital full of sick patients overnight! You will be the first port of call for cannulae that slip out of veins, for patients in post-operative retention that need catheterisation, and for urgent reviews of chest pain and shortness of breath.

Nights are long. There is the cacophony of bleeps (why is everyone hypertensive at the same time?) punctuated by long stretches of silence where you find yourself afraid to fall asleep because the moment you do, your patient will crash and a code blue will be called.

But there are a few simple steps that will keep your night manageable and your sanity in check.

1.    Get a proper handover from the evening shift. Yes, it’s tempting to encourage your colleagues to get out of the hospital while they still can, but not getting a proper handover screws you over at three am. Does this patient need more fluids? Why is this patient fasting? This patient is hypotensive, is this there baseline? Asking your colleagues for a brief rundown of each patient’s plan and any expected issues overnight will let you anticipate any major (or minor) dramas.

2.    Caffeinate early. By all means, come prepared with a large coffee at the start of your shift. But more than one or two will leave you wide awake at the end of your shift and unable to sleep. Drink your coffee during handover, and then swap to herbal tea/fruit tea. Or better yet…

3.    Water. Drink lots and lots of water. I am for at least 1L per shift. Are you writing notes? Fill up your water bottle and drink as you do. Running between wards? Take your water bottle with you. Clerking patients? Drink while you write up their admission notes.

4.    Resist the urge to devour chocolate and candy. Yes, I know it’s hard when every ward has a selection of tasty treats at the nurses’ station. But too much sugar leads to the dreaded sugar crash and makes fatigue worse. Stick to low-GI, high protein snacks and you’ll feel much better. My personal favourites are sunflower seeds, pepitas, and nuts. Easy to munch on and don’t weigh you down.

5.    Try and eat a proper “lunch”. Having some sort of meal mid-shift tricks your brain into thinking you’re working normal hours. If you have a breakfast before your shift, a lunch during, and a dinner afterwards, it’s almost like working during daylight hours, except not really.

6.    Prioritise. Try and do bloods and cannulae in a round before patients go to sleep or when they wake up. Unless they have antibiotics due at 2am, there’s really no need to wake patients up unnecessarily. Also, if they need an IVC for 8am antibiotics, leave it until the morning. They will inevitably tear it out in their sleep otherwise.

7.    Ask for help. If you’re not sure, ask. Don’t worry what others will think – it’s better to ask and feel like a fool than not ask and not be able to sleep later.

8.    Keep a list. Write down what you’ve done for every patient you see overnight. It makes handover a lot easier, you won’t miss things, and it allows you to keep track of what you need to follow up on. Saw a patient with chest pain? Better write that down so I remember to repeat trops at 6am. Patient had pain? Better remember to ask the home team to review that.

Night shifts are a rite of passage for almost every junior doctor. Hopefully this list makes them a little more bearable and gets you through the night!


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Usually you liked your mutant ability. Freezing objects in place has saved you from many a broken glass or dirty food. However, you used it so often that it’s become habit, and you didn’t think much of it when you froze a piece of a pretzel that dropped.

Unfortunately, someone nearby didn’t think so little about it.

Before you even realized what was going on, a bag was placed on your head, and you were dragged into some sort of van, tied up. Eventually the van stopped and you were pulled out of it. You had no idea where you were.

You figured out quickly that the people who captured you were an anti-mutant group. Soon after, you realized that they weren’t all that organized and disagreed on what to do with the “mutie scum” that they captured. Considering a frequent option was “kill it,” you didn’t exactly like your chances.

A few hours later, however, and you heard an explosion. It made you jump, and some of the people who had kidnapped you screamed.

“Get out of here, Mutie,” one of the men shouted.

“Kidnapping a mutant in broad daylight? How stupid can you be?” a new voice scoffed. It had an accent that sounded like some strange blend of French and Southern. “Let me take her and maybe I won’t blow up this entire building.”

“Fine, you can have her,” one of the other men said, despite protests from the others. He pulled you up to your feet and gave you a shove in your rescuer’s direction.

He pulled the bag off your head and you blinked against the light, before looking up at your rescuer. He was rather handsome, with strange red and black eyes.

“Hey, you alright, Cherie?” he asked, concern showing on his face. He reached behind you, and suddenly the ropes binding your arms fell.

“Relatively, yes,” you replied. You were shaken up, but unharmed beyond bruising on your arms.

“Good. Run,” he said, taking your hand and running with you in tow out of the building. He threw a few playing cards behind the two of you, which exploded. However, one of the men fired a gun. You spun, stopping the bullet mid-air.

“Nice trick. Ever heard of the Xavier Institute?” he asked, again taking off towards what you hoped was safety.

“No, but if you’ll be there, I might consider going,” you replied. “Thank you for rescuing me.”

“You’re welcome. People call me Gambit, but you can call me Remy. And I’m usually around the Institute, so I can save you from any future kidnappings.” He gave you a wink.

You blushed, almost forgetting to introduce yourself in return.

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So my friend had a dream about vampire!Akaashi, and I came up with an idea; vampire!Akaashi X vampire hunter!Kuroo. Bonus: wizard!Bokuto who tries to help Akaashi hide X psychic!Kenma who help Kuroo track down vampires. Help me. (Riot)

Help you… Sink in further into rarepair hell? In that case, we got you fam.

Imagine Psychic Kenma trying to read Bokuto’s thoughts to find Akaashi (he can only do that when touching someone) and so he asks Bokuto out on a date. The entire time, he tries finding an opportunity to grab his hand or something but he just can’t!!! Find it!!!
At the end of the date, Bokuto kisses him, but he’s way too flustered to even think about reading his thoughts.

And as for Akaashi and Kuroo… They play cat and mouse for a long time, and they start seriously appreciating each other’s skills because none of them can one up the other. They start exchanging tips and tricks mid battle, one secret for one secret. That’s how they get to know each other better, and at some point Akaashi just blurts out, “Why are you hunting me anyway? I only drink animals.”

And Kuroo just blinks at him like, “Oh. Well. Wanna grab some coffee?”

Akaashi just stares at him really hard.

“Oh. Right. Vampire, blood, yeah, sorry. Was that offensive?” Kuroo asks.

Akaashi shakes his head at this nerdy excuse of a human being, but he goes with him to the coffee shop anyway and just… hangs around while Kuroo drinks his coffee.

So word on the street is Disney’s developing Frozen 2. While I’m sure it’s gonna be up there with the sequel classics such as Space Chimps 3, Shrek 4 and Ice Age fucking 11, I thought I’d suggest a couple of story ideas for Frozen 2 to the mouse house.

WinterStellar: Frozen in Space- Elsa’s ice powers teleport her to Pluto and it’s up to Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Olaf’s estranged Father to build a magic troll spaceship to save her.

Frozen Forever AfterRumpelstiltskin tricks a mid-life crisis burdened Shre- I mean Elsa into allowing herself to be erased from existence and cast in a dark alternate timeline where Rumpel rules supreme.

Frozen: Big Trouble in Little China - After a bad crop season Elsa decides to emigrate her entire kingdom to California, wacky antics ensue.

Frozen One and a Half - The Classic Frozen story we all know and are tired of is retold from the perspective of Timon and Pumba.

The Queen’s New SchoolSpin off TV show where Elsa needs to go back to high school in order to become queen. (Guest Stars: Gabriel Iglesias, Alex Hirsch and Danny Devito)

Frozen: Olaf Uncut - Olaf goes to nude snowman beach in Florida, where he reunites with an old flame. Every song is a reprise of “In Summer” from the first film.

Frozen: Frozone’s Origins - A steamy affair between Elsa and a mysterious man occurs. Elsa’s baby pops out of her so fast he’s warped into the future. After his orphanage burns down in an ice fire he meets a young Mr. Incredible. Oh yeah it’s also an Incredibles prequel happy?

The Frozen Book of Life - Disney tries to cater to the mexican audience by kidnapping Jorge R. Gutierrez and forcing him to write an animated crossover between two reasonably good musicals. Featuring the voice talents of El Tigre, Puss in Boots, and Gabriel Iglesias.

Frozen Mansion of the Caribbean: Unleashed  - Kristoff wins a mansion in the Caribbean, filled with Ghost, Pirates and other monsters. Anna on the other hand if accused of murder or some shit. Together along with Luigi, Eddie Murphy, Jack Sparrow, and Scooby and the Gang they must stop Satan from taking over earth.